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rommillion I fay misfortune ; far fuch you will
perhaps think it, when you have read this letter. It is now about 25 or to years finer ',Cry parti-

cular dikak (hewed itfill in many perfons in this
Aland Grande MR. It6 beginning is imperceptibk : there appear but few lived-red fpots upon the fkins

of the white people, and of a yellowilk red upon
the blacks Theme fpots in the beginning arc not accompanied with pain, or any other fyrnptom ; but nothing Cal2 take them way. The difeafe inereaka infenfibly, and continues feveral years in fhewing ity fell more and more. Thek fpots increak, and ex-

tend indifferently over the lkin of the whole body. Sometimes they are a little prominent, hut flat. When the dikak makes a progrcfs, the upper part of the ode fwells the nofirils are enlarged, the stole becomes foftened ; tuberofities appear upon the chak.bones ; the eyebrows arc inflated ; the ears grow thick ; thc enils of the fingers, and even the feet and tow, kvell ; the nails become fcaly ; the joints of the feet and hands feparate and mortify
ulcers of a deep and of a dry nature are found in the

pahns of the hands and Inks of the feet, which grow well, and return again. In fhort, when the
difeak is in its Jail Rage, the patient becomes frightful, and falls to pieces. All there fymptonss come on by very flow degrees, one after another, and fumetinws require many years to thew therm-elves: the patient is knfibk of no (harp pain ; but feels kind of numbnefs in his hands and feet. Thele people perform their natural functions all the while, eating and drinking as ufual : and when even the mortification has taken off the fingers and toes, the only ill


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