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troops from Poland, a state of

Britain Until now, our great country

has responded to Germanys
war would exist between us. I
have to tell you now that no
such undertaking has been
actions with peace. It is now
received, and that consequently
to take well known that Germany has
been remilitarising since 1935,
though a condition of the
this country is at war with
Treaty of Versailles was that

up this was forbidden. Now,

thousands of tanks are moving
towards Warsaw and it is

Arms! unclear whether Poland has the

force or organisation to
withstand this surprise attack.
Government sources suggest
By Cynthia Martins that Germany and their ally,
the Soviet Union, intend to
share the spoils of Poland Prime Minister Chamberlain declares
between them, dividing up the war.
Shortly before 5am, on Friday
the 1st of September, Germany country.
showed its true colours,
invading Poland. They stormed Local London woman, Betty
the frontier with tanks, dive Thatcher, stated, I worry for
This morning, the 3rd of
bombers and motorised troops. my sons. I lost one son and one
September, Prime Minister
At present, numbers are daughter, a nurse, in the Great
Chamberlain officially
unclear however, early War. I have but one child left.
declared Britains commitment
estimates put the number of We must defend our country,
to protecting our allies. It is
German soldiers currently but we must defend our sons
now certain we will be going to
engaged in combat on the right to life as well. I fear what
Polish border at approximately this will mean for my family
one million. The casualties are
Prime Minister Chamberlains It is not yet clear how Prime
broadcast rang throughout our Minister Chamberlain will
homes this morning, filling our muster the necessary troops to
ears with a death knell. The defend our allies. But one thing
Prime Minister was heard to is clear: Britain is once again at
say, this morning, the British war.
Ambassador in Berlin handed
the German Government a
final note stating that, unless
we heard from them by 11
Many of Polands buildings have oclock that they were prepared
suffered damage.
at once to withdraw their