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Proven Coatings Performance

for Wave and Tidal Assets

International Paint and High Potential Wave and Tidal Locations Located to best support the growth of the industry Maintaining Efficiency.Preventing Corrosion. with our customers in mind as partners local support • Product range for any • World-class technical • Among the leaders in wave or tidal asset support structure corrosion protection • Single source – increasing • Global locations and • Global product range cost effectiveness ISO certified manufacture • Simplified specification • Local support and advice • Environmental leadership process • Tested to the highest standard • NACE and FROSIO qualified • Over 40 years track record including to Norsok M-501 technical sales in the offshore industry • Helps you maintain • From specification writing • Experts in offshore your asset efficiency to maintenance and repair asset protection . MANUFACTUR ING L OCAT IONS OF F ICE L OCAT IONS Supporting Industry Growth Complete Coating Total Customer Peace of Mind Solutions Support A product range developed The benefits of working Global competency.

” has been able to use extensive expertise in marine and subsea generation devices. We specify our coatings system to meet a design life of 20 years. this knowledge to wave and tidal hinged flap assets and devices which In offshore wind we are using our devices. Testing for offshore and submerged structures offshore wave energy converters that harness the movement of ocean waves to generate electricity.Offshore Protection Case Study: Pelamis P2 International Paint has a long history in offshore asset protection. This has helped us to generate significant in-water testing. and experience to understand the indeed members of our technical team marine environment. many of our designed with long term corrosion Our long history in the offshore oil and coatings systems have been rigorously protection for offshore environments. Our experience using their products on previous machines was good. The main coatings system that we use on the Pelamis P2 machines is based around Interzone 954. develop suitable have been involved in the development Pelamis P2 Protected by International Paint “Pelamis Wave Power uses Protective Coatings from International Paint on our Pelamis machines. and this was also an important influencing factor in our selection of paint system. standard to offer what is currently the environments should be ISO 20340. International Paint is now transferring devices. and one that would also allow in-service repairs to damaged zones. Our NORSOK-approved systems assets in some of the harshest include products from our Interzone® environments on earth. International Paint has device coating lifetimes and future an enviable record of protecting maintenance requirements. Intersleek® was used on some sub-sea systems that require to be free of marine fouling for reliable operation. gas industry gives us the knowledge tested to ISO and NORSOK standards. and by consulting International Paint we were provided with Offshore Renewables a suitable coatings system to meet our design needs. the coatings provided will give attempting to mimic real life conditions. Pelamis Wave Power of offshore structures in a new floating oscillating water column (OWC) industry – offshore wind. most encompassing view on requirements Previous coatings systems considered by Pelamis required specialist application systems and locations depending on the paint type used. We also appreciate that in the offshore environment there may be a In the 21st century. are currently . NORSOK M501 uses the ISO 20340 The baseline for standards in offshore with the coatings available being both robust and easily repairable. a reliable and robust As with structures in all environments which includes cyclic testing of salt for corrosion protection of offshore assets. testing to qualify suitable systems. structures. condensation and UV exposure. however O&M work. Forty Years Offshore With over 40 years track record products and systems and to help of these standards and we continue to coating offshore and submerged advise our customers on specifications. This experience could be invaluable to you when considering protection for wave and tidal assets and this can give you the advantage. offshore coating. in this area includes tidal turbines. For its specific use on the Pelamis WEC. We chose International Paint as they are a worldwide company with an extensive product range that is widely used recognised NORSOK M501 standard. We required a non-site specific paint system that could be readily applied in both our facilities and those of a sub-contractor. for application for our sub-contractors in order to produce a reliable coatings system. International Paint produced a specific painting specification it is important to be confident that spray. and specified in the offshore industry. have input on new standards today. Our long track record has pump water onshore for pumped hydro experience to protect submerged been selected as the coating supplier power generation. Having been involved in the offshore and Intershield® ranges and were industry from its outset. These standards should be used the necessary protection for The high regard for the ISO 20340 as a guide to the most appropriate International Paint’s Intergard® is also applied to the insides of the power modules to keep them bright and clean for ongoing the lifetime of the asset. requirement for repair of any coating system. of choice for a range of devices typically foundations and transition which have either already undergone pieces. or are planned next. standard has led to its adoption as specification for your asset. to the expansion of offshore wind in the 21st century. International Paint a greater wealth of knowledge and in production. through the rapid growth of the North Sea oil and gas fields from the late 1960s. a fundamental part of the internationally nothing can compare to real life The offshore industry uses accelerated track record and experience. Our experience knowledge of the protection environments. wave energy convertors. assets and those in the splashzone. moving from the birth of the offshore oil and gas industry.

for long term protection of your assets. mechanical and moving parts. then International Paint’s System for Submerged and Splashzone Areas Intersleek range can provide a value-added solution. however Interzone 954 @ 300-500µm when considering coatings for moving parts such as tidal turbine blades or water intake channels on OWC devices. For static structures this is not as great a concern. Intersleek® Tie Coat @ 100µm Dependent upon the device type and the type of biofouling present. giving it outstanding performance in the protection of sub-sea System for Topsides / Ambient / Non-immersed structures. In fact even biofilms can lead to a 10% increase 15+ Years Anti-Corrosive Performance in drag. Intersleek can maintain buoyancy by minimizing weight gain from marine organism growth and can help with significant savings on maintenance costs by its easy clean characteristics. with a resultant effect upon torque and more importantly an Interzone 954 @ 200µm adverse effect upon the financial performance of your asset. foundations and static Interzinc® 52 @ 50-75µm underwater assets. Lower section Intersleek Tie Coat @ 100µm delivering best in class performance whilst considering the environment. be it submerged or splashzone. The Interzone series from International Paint has been protecting steel in an offshore environment Below are a selection of our tried and tested solutions offshore for over 30 years and should be the coating range of choice for atmospheric. Interzone 1000 contains a high proportion of chemically-resistant glass flake in the dry film. . an ideal coating for turbine nacelles. ideal for of Interzone 485 and 954 to the glass flake epoxy of Interzone 1000. saving you time and money in cleaning operations. Interzone 954 @ 200µm The Intersleek range has been designed with smoothness in mind. Intersleek Foul Release @ 150µm we estimate a 2-5% increase in drag can lead to as much as a 20% reduction in torque. utilising cathodic protection Its exceptionally smooth. these low VOC coatings provide excellent corrosion. however Intersleek Systems for Steel and Composite for moving parts. From the high build epoxies including our ultra-smooth Intersleek range. slippery. splashzone and submerged environments. please contact your local International Paint office. Interthane® 990 @ 50-75µm Asset Efficiency Submerged Static Steel Interzone® 954 @ 300-500µm The Interzone range can give fantastic corrosion protection. has the potential to attract marine life. abrasion and chemical resistance. when combined with its outstanding long term track record. Intershield® 300 @ 150µm Intershield 300 @ 150µm Smoothness is the key. low friction surface prevents organisms Intersleek Foul Release @ 150µm attaching.What’s important to you? Recommended Systems Our experience offshore has enabled us to develop Asset Protection a range of coatings systems suitable for most offshore Interzone 1000 after nearly 30 years and marine situations. For help creating any specification tailored to your needs. Intershield 300 @ 125-150µm and in addition to its excellent foul-release performance it is biocide-free. In addition to maintaining efficiency. Intergard® 475HS @ 100-200µm should make your coating choice an easy decision. marine life or biofouling can significantly reduce the efficiency and buoyancy of a power generating device and can increase cleaning and Up to 15 Years Anti-Corrosive Performance maintenance costs during servicing. for up to 30 Years Why a different coating for the moving parts? Interzone 1000 @ 500-750µm Interzone 1000 @ 500-750µm Anything located in the water. Interzone 1000 has been extensively tested to NORSOK M-501 and.

.com pc. Please contact your local International Paint’s Protective Coatings business representative if you have any Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.Highlights of Our Track Record AR1000 | Atlantis Resources Corporation Aquamarine Power | Oyster 800 Products: Interzone® 954 Products: Intergard® 269 Interzone 954 Seagen Twin Tidal Turbine Marine Current Turbines Marine Current Turbines – A Siemens business Products: Interseal® 670HS Intershield® 300 Interzone 954 Intersleek® Tie-Coat Intersleek Foul Release HyTide | Voith Hydro HS1000 | Andritz Hydro Products: Interzinc® 52 | Interline® 975 | Intershield 300 Products: Interzone 954 | Intershield 300 | Intersleek Tie-Coat | Intersleek Tie-Coat | Intersleek Foul Release Intersleek Foul Release www. any contract to purchase products referred to in this brochure and any advice which we give in connection with the supply of products are subject to our standard conditions of sale. © AKZONOBEL 2013. International Paint’s Protective Coatings business has used its best endeavours to ensure that the information contained in this publication is correct 02/13 at the time of printing. or licensed G8_WAVETIDAL_UK AN02801_141209 and and all product names mentioned in this publication are trademarks of. AkzoNobel.