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Deciduous Forest:

Prince William Forest Park

Winterberry Red Squirrel
Timber Rattle
Snake Northern Virginia
Red Fox By: Julia Ellen, Maggie
Vanmeter, Mya Yorke,
S Songbird
and Nick Fields
U White Tailed Deer

Environmental laws that protect the deciduous forest:

Wilderness Act of 1964 helps to protect wilderness in the United States, therefore it protects the deciduous forests
Flowering Dogwood Tree American Beaver Oriole Coyote from being destroyed. It prevents trees from being cut down which will prevent deforestation and allow the
deciduous forest to flourish.
NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act.) prevents the government from building on land that occupies
wildlife. This act is a proactive approach to protecting the forest and the wildlife that lives in it.
Keystone Species
White Oak Tree Gypsy Moth Bull Frog White tail deer are a keystone species because they are a valuable resource enjoyed by many, meaning that a white
tailed deer is a prey for many other animals. If you were to take it out of the food web then many animals would
be affected and it could possibly lead to destruction of the ecosystem.
Symbiotic Relationship
Black Bear
Phytoplankton Zooplankton Largemouth Bass Mutualism- Coyotes eats the white tailed deer, and the white tailed deer eat wiregrass.Therefore, there is a
mutualistic relationship between the coyote and the wiregrass. The wiregrass is able to survive because the coyote
eats the wiregrass predator.
Invasive Species
Asian Gypsy Moth- a pest that eats trees and therefore breaks them down, dismembering the deciduous forests.
Resource Partitioning
Resource partitioning can lead to more biodiversity within the deciduous forest, but it can cause niches to overlap.
This could be a problem because if different species are sharing the same habitat then competition will increase
Dogwood Anthracnose Ceratocystis and resources will decrease. This could possibly lead to endangerment of a particular species involved in this
Fungus-decays flowering Fagacerum-decays Proteobacteria- decays dead competition if they are having difficulty with survival due to this limitation on resources.
dogwood tree white oak tree organisms