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Process Papers

Joshua Bozarth


Period 3

Graded: 44/50

Juvenile Justice

Crimes are committed everyday; whether or not we hear about them is an entirely different

story. Crimes are often times committed by adults, but do we pay attention to the children who

are on trial; or do we turn our heads to avoid upset in society? The sad truth is that children are

being put on trial as adults for the crimes they have committed. Often times the decision to put a

child on trial as an adult is up to the discretion of a judge or prosecutor. There are many problems

with our juvenile justice system today including this idea of putting children on trial as adults; a

justified way to determine this is to have this decision be that of a doctor's.

Our adult prison system today is in very poor condition; there are many things that should be

done to improve them. The life behind the walls of a prison has declined to captivity rather than

rehabilitation, which is what they were intended for. Due to financial losses, because of the

economy, less rehabilitory programs are used in prisons today. A decisions was made, ...because

of cuts in the state budget, Tatum and thousands of other inmates and parolees in California are

about to lose access to many of the programs the prison system has offered to help them turn

their lives around. (Rothfeld) With all of this being an issue in our prisons many children who

have been tried as adults do not get the right help, and if they are to ever make it out of prison

they would not be ready to enter the real world and live on their own. These prisons are simply

not safe for our country's population of minors as they are in danger everyday. Some, ...studies
show that placing children in adult prisons leads to more suicide, victimization and

recidivism (Editorial), thus not being a safe environment for minors. Minors are exposed to

multiple unsafe things in adult prisons such as rape, violence, etc. There is one case where a

minor was out on parole and was suspected of robbing a drug store so when he was arrested they

sent him back to prison for violating parole. In the end this minor eventually committed suicide.

This part of his life was explored by The New Yorker, which uncovered some information and

some experiences that were quite saddening to hear in regards to how he is thinking at this point

of his life. This explanation describes,

Browders mother visited every weekend. In the visiting room, he would hand her his

dirty clothes and get a stack of freshly laundered clothes in return. She also put money in

a jail commissary account for him, so he could buy snacks. He knew that such privileges

made him a target for his fellow-prisoners, who would take any opportunity to empty

someone elses bucket of snacks and clothes, so he slept with his head off the side of his

bed, atop his bucket. To survive inside R.N.D.C., he decided that the best strategy was to

keep to himself and to work out. Before Rikers, he told me, every here and there I did a

couple pullups or pushups. When I went in there, thats when I decided I wanted to get

big. (Gonnerman)

This alone is shocking information to hear when it comes to things a juvenile should have to

worry about in prison. To feel like you are obligated to hide the things his parents provided for

him is outrageous and shows just how dangerous our adult prison system is. Another example of

surprising behavior is that, Browder told me that, one night soon after he arrived, a group of

guards lined him and several other inmates up against a wall, trying to figure out who had been

responsible for an earlier fight. Browder said that he had nothing to do with the fight, but still
the officers beat him; the other inmates endured much worse. (Gonnerman) This is simply

inhumane; our prison systems were meant to be a place of rehabilitation and have turned into a

place of violence.

The prison system in America can improve; if we add the programs that are used to help

inmates find jobs in the world, and trained staff that can help inmates rehabilitate their mental

state. I truly believe we can return our prison to what they were meant for, rehabilitation. Starting

with juveniles, These minors should not be put on trial as adults unless a medical professional

decides they should be based off of their mental state. For the minors that are charged as adults

and adults in general, if systems of rehabilitation improve then they can eventually return into

our world as a better person. These improvements can help people improve their health as well as

their mental health. Putting more funding into rehabilitation, and programs for children in the

world we can help children and adults understand what they did wrong; implementing programs

for children in the world can also help reduce the amount of the population that become

criminals. A professor of psychiatry was explaining his findings on his explanation as to how

rehabilitation helps prison in our judicial system with the statement as follows,

It would be beneficial to every man, woman and child in America, and harmful to no

one, if we were to demolish every prison in this country and replace them with locked,

safe and secure home-like residential communities what we might call an anti-prison.

Such a community would be devoted to providing every form of therapy its residents

needed (substance abuse treatment, psychotherapy, medical and dental care) and every

form of education for which the residents were motivated and capable (from elementary

school to college and graduate school). Getting a college degree while in prison is the

only program that has ever been shown to be 100 percent effective for years or decades at
a time in preventing recidivism. Prisoners should be treated with exactly the same degree

of respect and kindness as we would hope they would show to others after they return to

the community. As I said, people learn by example. (Gilligan)

This information goes to show that in a professional's opinion we need to do something to

improve our prison systems quality of living and this looks to be a reasonable solution. Also to

help in the juvenile portion of our justice system, a Doctor to determine whether a child was

acting with full mental capability or not, is the more reliable and correct source of judgement as

to whether a child deserves to be entered into the adult system; especially with the conditions

present today.

These problems and conditions seem to be able to be solved; its a matter of how far are

people willing to go to have these problems fixed. To reinstate these programs would be

expensive, so the question is whether the public is willing to help support such a big movement

and transition. These transitions should be required as the quality of our prisons have declined so

much. This would help re establish the rehabilitation aspect of our prison system, and give

minors a safe place to learn from their mistakes while being placed in incarceration.
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Joshua Bozarth


Period 3

Graded: 47/50

The Young Generation and Becoming the Scapegoat

My generation faces a criticism that seems to have made the older generations bind to the

truth behind us. The common misconception is that our generation is made up of a bunch of

children and teenagers who are antisocial, dont communicate, rebel against authority, and

simply dont work for what they want. This misconception has damaged many of our reputations

as we are assumed to be unreliable. This idea is very much false. Like any generation there are

different types of people. The ones who excel at everything naturally, the privileged who have

everything handed to them, the ones who work hard to earn what they desire, the people that

struggle to make it through everyday, and of course the majority that put out the effort needed to

succeed in the world and make it by. The main problem that exists is that the older generation

only focuses on those of us who slack off, which is not a big majority of us rather a minority.

This group of people existed in every generation, however werent noticed as much; social media

has brought much of this to peoples attention. People focus on the bad not the good, so when

someone is acting out and it ends up online everyone pays attention to it. There are the minority

of the older generations who dont fall for this misconception, however there is that majority that

believes some if not all of the things I have listed above.

I myself am a very hard worker, and I have worked very hard to get to where I am today.

I have had many experiences in my life alone where other people have been surprised or shocked

that I get good grades. People have also been surprised that I put as much effort and time into my
school work and extracurricular activities that I do. I believe the reason this has happened

throughout my life is, because people take the black clothing I wear, my humor and comedy

towards a lot of what I do, and the people I like to associate myself with as a way to stereotype

me as slacker. The truth is the people I hang out with may have less than or average grades, but it

is what happens in their life that shapes their personality and causes them to struggle in life.

Many things happen in a persons life and when it comes to teens they may or may not be aware

of it depending on how their parents decide to raise them. These events can impact the amount of

time a student can spend on their work in school; these event also cause a person to be more

mature. Personally I feel I have matured faster than the average teenager in my generation and

therefore I get along with students who are more mature as well, but may not be seen as the

hardest workers. This really bothers me; many of my friends have hard lives outside of school,

and yet they are still judged solely on the fact that they struggle in school. All of this ties back

into society today focusing on the negative rather than the positive. Social media seems to be a

big problem in the world due to the amount of attention it gets especially when talking about

negative situations. These issues have become the highlight of the news, social media, and all

aspects of our society today. This negativity has affected many of the people in the older

generations of today, causing many of these misconceptions.

My generation is called Generation Z also known as the Centennials. My generation is

referred as a generation that heavily relies on technology which is actually one of the main 6

characteristics; these include, [Cynical, Private, Entrepreneurial, Multi-tasking, Hyper-aware,

and Technology-reliant.] (Six) These characteristics are just the main focus point of my

generation. When it comes to being cynical I have witnessed many people belonging to the older

generations completely disregarding this trait that we have. Privacy, the common misconception
is that we put our entire lives on the internet, which is not at all true. I personally avoid posting

my personal information and life on the internet as I have other things I need to worry about such

as school. When it comes to being entrepreneurial many of the people in my generation are very

creative and would love to create and build their own business. It is shown that, 72% of current

high school students want to start a business. (Six) However, we are regarded as job hoppers;

people who will take a job for a short term, then take a different job a few months in. Many say

that we are constantly distracting ourselves, but it is simply that we are big on multi tasking.

With the expectations we are held to in education; if you dont multi task then it will take much

longer to complete assignments. I find that I dont have much time to complete assignments at

home, because I go to school until 5pm; therefore I will often times multi task in class and do

assignments for other classes. We are regarded as people who are disconnected from the world,

when we are really hyper aware. I use technology to make myself aware of the situations

occurring with my family and friends, and with the news of the world today. Which brings us

back to technology; it is true that we heavily rely on technology, but what most people dont

understand is that with technology our expectations in school have been raised. Without

technology, if I were held to the same standards as I am in class today, I would fail in High

School. There is a study that was used to show the majority of students placed, ... technology in

the same category as air and water. (Six) The course work I am required to complete in many

classes would take much longer to complete and many people if not everyone would become


So the next time you decide to judge someone based off of their activities, really take a

deep look into their life. What is going on in their life that could possibly affecting how much

effort they can put into education, or their job. Look at the amount of time they dedicate to their
education and extracurricular activities befor you judge someone for not having a job. Look to

see if someone is working on their schoolwork, trying to find a job, trying to find a way to pay

for education, or even just trying to catch up with the news of the modern world, before you

judge someone for being on their phone for a long time. Assuming things will get no one

anywhere in life. The most important thing to remember out of all of this, is everyone is

different, and everyone leads a different life with different responsibilities. The idea of trying to

characterize an entire generation based off of misconception and the actions of few people needs

to be abolished. This idea is false and only leads to the false characterization of many people.
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Joshua Bozarth


Period 3


Technology and its Impact on Todays World

Our world today is highly reliant on modern technology. Technology has become the

center of attention for the entire younger generation, and a tool that the older generation has

adapted to and utilized. Many advancements have been made. Over the course of a couple

decades we have greatly advanced in the world of technology and have moved towards the

future. Most people believe that this advance in technology is a good thing. Some people think

that this technology is all just an illusion and a method of surveillance used by the government.

The technology used in our modern age is very similar compared to 1984, because most of the

technology we use has the same capability as the technology in 1984; and while it can be used

for surveillance, our privacy should never be allowed to be violated by the government unless it

is a matter of national security leaving them no other choice.

We have become a society that highly relies on technology, and with that comes the

responsibility of knowing what you do online is not private. Many people understand this

concept yet still use the internet, and modern technology. These people believe that technology is

a great advancement for humanity, and that we should continue to form more evolvements of it.

However, these people do not realize the capability this technology gives the government; this is

where some people become worried. Being put under surveillance by the government is the

worry of some people, with all the modern technology that is being put into the world. 1984 is a
notable example of how the government can spy on the entire country, from the traffic lights that

have cameras to the smartphones that everyone carries daily, and uses to record their entire lives.

The government has the capability to keep their eye on us daily, and at almost every point of the

day. Many people have iPhones. An iPhone 7 comes with a new, All-new 12MP wide-angle and

telephoto camera., it also comes with a microphone to allow, FaceTime audio[,] iPhone 7 Plus

to any FaceTime audio-enabled device over Wi-Fi or cellular[,] Voice over LTE (VoLTE)[, and]

Wi-Fi calling. (Apple) These options alone combined with a phones capability of holding a

Nano-SIM, (Apple) shows how easy it would be for the government to listen in on your calls,

and see what youre doing at any time of day. This technology closely resembles that of the

telescreen in 1984. Both have the capability of projecting an image on a screen, and recording

you. The telescreen was a piece of hardware that existed in the world of 1984. The telescreen

could, be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely. (Orwell, Pg. 4) Like the

telescreen our mobile devices are almost always on and can be used by the government to watch

our every moment and collect data on our lives. This idea of the government watching us to

some people is preposterous and is looked at as an invasion of privacy. Some people also feel

that we have already surpassed the government of 1984. For these reasons a substantial portion

of our countrys population believes that their personal data should not be used for surveillance

by our government.

There are always two sides to every story. Despite privacy being important, there is the

other half of the public that believes the government should be able to look at anything about our

lives. The reasoning behind this ideology is that the government can then work harder to protect

us from threats to our lives and national security. These threats have become a national problem

as of late, and many people believe anything should be done to stop crimes from happening
against our country. There was a recent case where the government was requesting that Apple

use their coding to unlock one of their cell phones that belonged to, Syed Rizwan Farook, a

gunman in the December shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., that killed 14 people (Lichtblau)

The government has sense then dropped the lawsuit against Apple forcing them to open the

phone due to the government being able to finally crack its encryption. It is situations like these

that present an obvious reason for the government being able to use modern technology for

surveillance. Many people with this opinion also do not believe we have reached a state of being

like 1984. In Oceania, people were watched constantly; and while this is capable in todays

world, it is not carried out to this extent. In Oceania people are watched by,

the Thought Police It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time.

But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live

did live, from habit that became instinctin the assumption that every sound you made

was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized. (Orwell, Pg. 5)

This is not even close to being true in our world today. The government does not watch us to this

extent, and does not restrict our freedom such as Big Brother did in Oceania. For these reasons,

this portion of the people do not believe we have reached the level 1984 is built on nor should

the government be restricted completely from accessing your personal information, as it could

benefit us in the future.

The book 1984 has been interpreted by generations of people in the world. However,

every interpretation is different. Some people believe the government should not be able to use

technology to spy on us, and something that they have every right to. Like every argument there

is always a gray area; and I lie in this area with all those who compromise in complex situations.

Many people like me believe that the government should have limited access to our personal
technology and information, so long as it is a matter of national security. The government needs

to be careful with this capability, because this power should never be abused.

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