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Volume II, Issue 30 Stephens City • Middletown • Kernstown July 28 - August 3, 2010

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Renowned UVa Political Analyst Sabato Shapes Students’ Lives

“He’s certainly been following prised when Sabato would answer for UPS Asia Pacific and chair-
Virginia politics for a long time his e-mails with paragraphs-long man of the American Chamber
so he can put what seems like a answers once he became a stu- of Commerce in Singapore.
momentary trend, he can put it dent in Sabato’s popular Ameri- Sokun served with the U.S.
in context, which I find the most can Politics 101 class. Department of Transportation
helpful. He’s very good at draw- “A lot of people find him to be under President Bill Clinton as
ing comparisons between the arrogant, and seeking attention,” deputy general counsel from
political dynamic now to, say, the said Sill. “It’s mixed on campus. 1994-1999
nineties or the eighties or the sev- Some people hate him, some “Professor Sabato was able to
enties.” people like him. I think overall blend academic research with
Sabato and the Center are valu- he’s appreciated.” real world applications and then
able to the Republican Party of Part of this appreciation is for communicate in such a way to
Virginia as well because of his Sabato’s help in landing students
ability to “spot trends before oth-
er people do,” according to Gar-
ren Shipley, spokesperson for the
jobs and internships. Steve Sokun
said Sabato’s recommendation
letter helped him get an intern-
New Town
Republican Party of Virginia. ship with a political campaign.
2nd Time Treasures
“He’s like any other invalu- “I have tried to follow that Consignment
able Virginia resource: he’s in my model and look to offer advice & Retail Shop
Twitter feed, he’s in my Google and guidance as new student and
Reader,” said Shipley. “It’s some- recent graduates look to get into 540-869-3005
thing when Mr. Sabato has some- the realm of government and Located in Sherando Town
thing to say — we always look up public policy, especially here in Center. Suite 108.
and take notice. We might not al- Asia,” said Sokun, who serves as Accepting consignments.
Lightweight Fall items.
ways agree with it, but if he’s talk- vice-president for public affairs
ing about it, it’s probably worth
listening to.”
As a student at UVa, Sabato Small Plumbing Jobs
served on student council begin- Drain Cleaning Over 50
ning with his sophomore year and Water Heaters Years
was eventually more notable on Experience!
Garbage Disposals
campus as the president of stu-
By Elizabeth Hillgrove teach how government can work, dent council than the university’s Sump Pump
Virginia Stahouse News and have the positive outlook on president, Edgar F. Shannon Jr. Plumbing Fixtures & Faucets
politics. To have that across the In a 1973 student opinion sur- 571-436-3900 Gas Hook Ups & Repairs
In a country that is currently country is probably something vey, fellow UVa students called Don Brown FREE ESTIMATES
politically spliced, Virginian Lar- he’s more proud of.” Sabato the “Council workhorse,
and one of only two or three
Owner VA Licensed Master Plumber & Gas Fitter
ry Sabato provides highly regard- Sabato declined an interview
ed punditry and political predic- request. Council members who has the
tions to both sides of the spot-lit Center for Politics’ Chief of initiative to do more than pitch

The Sherando Times

forum of politics. Staff Ken Stroupe told Virginia platitudes at their weekly con-
His motto, politics is a good Statehouse News that Sabato says fabs,” in the student paper, the
thing, has attracted and propelled he wants his next profile to be his Cavalier Daily. There are few is-
decades of University of Virginia obituary. sues of the Cavalier Daily from
alumni to politically involved po-
sitions on both sides of the spec-
In 2005, at the age of 52, Sabato
made himself the record-holder
the early 1970s that don’t include
a quote from Sabato or mention
Angie Buterakos
“He’s very collegial,” said former
for the largest donation given to
the university by a faculty mem-
his name.
That notoriety exists in 2010,
Advertising Sales
student Logan Pugh. “He’s not
just a pundit, but he’s a pundit
ber, committing $1 million for the
Center for Politics. Sabato made
where his upper level classes are
competitive to enroll in and his
Cell: (540) 683-9197
who would rather be in the class- the donation seven years after American Politics 101 course in-
room. He’s in his element there.” founding the university-based vites prominent politicians and
Pugh graduated from the UVa in political analysis organization at experts to campus for speeches
2008 and worked for Sen. Olym- his alma mater. in class. UVa senior, Chris Sill,
pia Snowe (R-Maine) on Capitol
Hill. He says students would an-
swer questions and Sabato would
The Center’s Crystal Ball, a na-
tional political race analysis fea-
ture that predicts outcomes of
says he’s “a name-brand profes-
“In his textbook, which he co-
The Sherando Times
respond with new questions, presidential, Senate and House wrote, he talks about different
keeping political debate hot. races, lands near perfect accu- controversial issues like taxes and
“As far as influence goes, it’s racy rates in several cases. the war in Iraq,” said Sill. “He did Alison Duvall
an incredible job of staying apo-
what he’s doing with the Center
for Politics: he’s more of a public
“You can always count on Larry,
for the most part, to be very ob- litical.” Advertising Sales
servant than is recognized,” said
Pugh. “At the Center for Politics,
jective and analytical,” said David
Mills, Executive Director of the
Sill, an economics major, said
he has wanted to take classes un-
Cell: (540) 551-2072
he encourages civic education. To Democratic Party of Virginia. der Sabato for years. He was sur-
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make the subject come to life,” bato was on Fox News or MSNBC about five classes from him and for his students and the larger
said Sokun. that night, he would stick around worked under him for three years public,” said Wasserman.
This approach to teaching poli- for hours to meet with students as a political researcher. With these witnesses saying his
tics caused some students who and chat about politics,” said Da- “There are those outside of UVa classes and enthusiasm brought

The were undecided majors and new

to the department of politics to
major in politics, said Caleb Ver-
vid Wasserman, former student
and colleague. “He was not only
the most high profile, but the
who believe that he is simply
out for a quote or for attention,
but that hasn’t been my experi-
undecided college freshmen into
the world of politics and even-
tually jobs on Capitol Hill or on

bois, a former teaching assistant. most accessible professor I had at ence,” said Wasserman. “I think campaigns, it’s no surprise he is
Verbois said that from behind UVa.” his willingness to be accessible to one of the most recognizable fac-
the curtain Sabato was “fairly Sabato introduced Wasserman, students is unrivaled at UVa and es on UVa’s campus. That is also
energetic and fairly organized,” U.S House of Representatives ed- that’s the real Larry Sabato.” attributed to the face time he gets

Times but his unique draw was how he

spent time after class.
“It’s not unusual for him to be
itor of the political analysis fore-
cast the Cook Political Report, to
his current boss during the three
“If I had to give you two points
about Larry, number one is that
he’s achieved what no other aca-
in broadcast and cable news and
in newspapers.
The university has also granted
there for an hour or hour and a years Wasserman was working demic really has, which is ubiq- him a notable privilege for a UVa
Stephens City half after class ends just to an- for Sabato in the Center for Poli- uity, and he’s one of the nation’s professor: a spot on the Lawn, a
Kernstown swer questions,” said Verbois. tics. He said his friends teased leading political pundits and it’s grassy place in the middle of the
Middletown “He’s very much a student’s pro- him because he chose to attend because he has an uncommon UVa campus that houses ten Jef-
fessor in that respect.” UVa so that he would learn un- knack for making politics acces- fersonian-style, two-level brick
Press releases should be “It didn’t matter if Professor Sa- der Sabato, yet he eventually took sible, relevant and entertaining buildings or pavilions. As a resi-
emailed to: dent of one of the pavilions, Sa-
bato lives his life the same as he
does in the classroom, said for-
Publisher & Editor mer student Nicholas Feucht.
Daniel P. McDermott “In his pavilion on the Lawn,
he has a big screen in a room and
(540) 692-9636
he’s always watching politics, al- ways watching the polls,” said
News Reporters:
“I sat in what he called the front
row club,” said Feucht. “He would
Sharon Hinkle say, ‘Now these people are going
(540) 336-7872 somewhere.’ But I always sat up there so I wouldn’t snooze off. I
had to sit up there to pay atten-
Advertising Sales Representatives: tion.”
Now an employee in the City of
Angie Buterakos Richmond Economic and Com-
(540) 683-9197 munity Development Office, Feucht remembers Sabato’s class
as an introduction to the “way
mass media and politics overlap.
Alison Duvall At the end of class, he would say
(540) 551-2072 “Come on down and meet me, people,” said Feucht.


Another former student of
Sandy Larrick Sabato’s, Phil Cox, says even his mother remembers Sabato.
“He is a great teacher,” said Cox.
Layout and Ad Design “He did something unique. He
was the only professor ever who
Jeff Richmond
I’m saving $280 a year sent a letter to my parents to no-
tify them I got an A in his class.
Terri Schuyler just by programming my I’m sure my mom still has that
hanging on the refrigerator.”
Billing Coordinator: thermostat. What can you Cox ran Republican Robert
McDonnell’s successful guber-
natorial campaign and felt com-
Cartoonist: do? Find out how the little fortable calling Sabato to speak to
Ryan Koch the new Virginia cabinet after the
changes add up at 2009 elections.
If you are interested in “He knew more about Virginia
contributing articles to our politics than anyone in the room,
including myself and McDon-
paper, please e-mail: nell,” said Cox. “His depth of
knowledge is unparalleled.”
Stephen Groves contributed to
this report.
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2nd Amendment Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

Virginia’s congressional delegation split on gun shows

By Stephen Groves of Democratic Virginia Sens. week. vate sellers to perform back- an opportunity for a clear vote on
Virginia Statehouse News Mark Earlier this year, Virginia Del. ground checks at gun shows is the background checks issue. The
Mark Warner and Jim Webb, Jennifer McClellan, who spon- a hot issue, and a bill is almost bill failed on vote of 280-147.
Virginia’s congressional delega- both who have “A” ratings from sored a bill in the state legislature perennially introduced, but it has
tion is split over whether the fed- the National Rifle Association, to require all gun show vendors not been clearly voted on in over
eral government should require provided noncommittal respons- perform a background check, a decade. In 2004, a bill protect- Irina’s Gift Shop
private gun collectors to perform es. said the divide is more geograph- ing firearms manufacturers from Authentic Russian/East European
background checks before mak- “Sen. Webb has long been a ic than philosophical. lawsuits also had an addition to Gifts & Food
Mon. - Sat. 10:30 - 6:00 • 3349 Valley Pike
ing a sale at a gun show. vigorous defender of American’s “Here in Virginia, your views on require the background checks. Winchester, VA 22602 •

Last year, three Virginia Demo- Second Amendment rights,” said guns fall on an urban, suburban, But this bill was voted down by 540.450.8600
crats in the U.S. House of Repre- Will Jenkins, a Webb spokesman. rural split,” the Richmond Demo- both gun-rights supporters and Christmas
sentatives – Reps. Bobby Scott, “He will carefully study any gun crat said. gun-control advocates because in July Sale
3rdDistrict , James Moran, 8th
District, and Gerry Connolly,
show legislation which comes up
for a vote in the Senate.”
The Virginia Tech shootings are
frequently used as a rallying point
it conceded too much to either
10-50% off
good until July 31st
11th District – co-sponsored the Warner’s office shared a simi- to require the background checks. In 1999, a House bill presented
“Gun Show Loophole Closing Act lar sentiment. “Sen. Warner has While the shooter, Seung-Hui
of 2009” that would have man- a record of supporting Second Cho, did not purchase his guns
dated the background checks at Amendment rights and he will from a private collector, he was NOW HERE FULL TIME
gun shows. The effort later stalled weigh any future proposals that deemed mentally ill by a Virginia Jessica
out after it was referred a House come before the full Senate,” said special justice. Laws have since
subcommittee. Kevin Hall, Warner’s spokesman. been passed that would prevent With any Hair Sevice
choose: 831 Green Street
Meanwhile, a similar “Gun Requiring background checks someone in Cho’s condition from
10% off Service Stephens City, VA 22655
Show Background Check Act of at gun shows has become a di- purchasing a firearm from a li- or
2009” also was bottled up in the
Senate after it was sent to com-
visive issue in Virginia politics
– both on the state and federal
censed dealer. But the families of
Virginia Tech victims have taken
Free facial wax
Jessica only 540-869-7411
mittee. Neither of Virginia’s sena-
tors co-sponsored the bill.
However, Scott last week revis-
level. That’s because the issue of-
ten pits the pro-gun sentiments
of the rural coal-mining areas of
the fight to gun shows.
“Following the tragedy, im-
provements to our nation’s back-
Tangles Salon
Appointments & Walk-ins are always welcome
ited the issue, hosting a forum on the southwest against the anti- ground check system were en-
Capitol Hill for advocates of re- gun sentiment that often domi- acted. But a gaping hole in our
quiring background checks for all nates the urban population cen- nation’s gun laws still remains
buyers at gun shows. ters in the north. The memory of and it’s putting our communi-
“We would like to see people the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting ties and college campuses at risk,”
vote on this thing,” said Andrew adds to the emotion, creating a Moran said on the three-year
Goddard, an advocate of the divide that can be treacherous for anniversary of the tragedy. “At
background checks, told Virgin- politicians to walk. gun shows across the Common-
ia Statehouse News. “Bring this “A lot of lawmakers have a lot wealth, anyone can walk in, buy a
thing to the floor.” of things on their plate, and they semi-automatic weapon without : $ 5 5 ( 1  & 2 8 1 7 <  )$ , 5  $ 6 6 2 & , $7 , 2 1
Asked Monday whether they don’t want to take on any ex- so much as a background check.” 7KH:DUUHQ&RXQW\)DLU$VVRFLDWLRQZRXOG
support such efforts, the offices tra risk,” Goddard told VSN last The debate over requiring pri-
“Serving The Valley with High-tech 0RQGD\$XJXVWWR6DWXUGD\$XJXVW
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Lyme disease Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

Lyme Disease here, there and everywhere

The mystery affliction – symptoms, diagnosis and prevention
symptoms they are experiencing. and swollen lymph nodes are some of getting Lyme disease is less. To
Early treatment is advised at the of the many signs of infection. prevent infection, people need to
outset of any potential Lyme symp- If it is not treated, the infection check daily for ticks. If you can
toms. may spread to other parts of the see one, and if attached, remove
Differences in reporting systems body after several weeks. This can it immediately. The tick should be
in individual physician’s offices can produce a number of other symp- pulled gently away from the skin
also be a factor state entomologist toms that may appear separately, with tweezers and pulled straight
Gaines says, though he points out, including loss of muscle tone on up, not twisted. Don’t use petro-
“Doctors have been legally required one or both sides of the face, se- leum jelly or a hot match to kill and
to report their cases to the local vere headaches and neck stiffness, remove a tick.
health departments who report to shooting pains, heart palpitations, These methods don’t get the tick
the state, since 1989.” dizziness and pain that move from off your skin, and can cause the in-
joint to joint. sect to burrow deeper and release
How to spot it After several months about 60 more saliva which increases the
percent of untreated cases begin to chances of disease transmission.
First of all, you may not even see have intermittent bouts of arthritis You may want to save the tick in a
a tick but you may see a circular with severe joint pain and swelling jar of alcohol to show your physi-
rash called erythemamigranse or and up to five percent of untreated cian.
From left to right: The deer tick (Ixodes scapularis)
EM, also known as a bull’s-eye or cases may develop neurological If there are any signs or symp-
adult female, adult male, nymph, and larva on a cen- target. complaints. toms of Lyme disease, though, call
timeter scale. Note: Tick larvae do not transmit Lyme According to the CDC, the rash The CDC cautions you to contact your physician immediately. There
disease Photo courtesy of CDC. occurs in approximately 70-80 per- your physician if you have been in is currently no vaccine for Lyme
By Carol Ballard The disease has been called “The cent of infected people and begins an area that may contain ticks and disease. There is one for some ani-
The Sherando Times Great Imitator” because of its abil- at the site of a tick bite after a delay experience any of these symptoms. mals, however. Check with your
ity to mimic other diseases. A huge of 3-30 days. The rash can gradu- State that you may have been bit- veterinarian about the vaccine and
Unsuspecting, otherwise healthy number of people, “tens of thou- ally expand over a period of several ten by a tick. This is extremely im- what symptoms to look for in pets.
humans are being brought down by sands” according to a documentary days, and may reach up to 12 inches portant because the diagnosis of Dogs, cats and horses also can get
Lyme disease carried by a tick no called “Under Our Skin”, have been across. However there is the chance Lyme disease is usually based on Lyme disease.
bigger than the head of a pin. And undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with you may not even see a rash. symptoms and a history of tick ex-
some of these ticks live in Frederick such ailments as arthritis, fibro- In many cases since the nymph posure. Prevention
County. myalgia, chronic fatigue, ALS and stage is so small, you may not be If a tick is attached to the skin
When contacted recently in Rich- multiple sclerosis. aware of its presence or bite and for less than 24 hours, the chance These guidelines from the Virginia
mond, David Gaines, PhD, State Controversy remains about the outward signs like the bull’s-eye
rash may not appear before un-
Public Health Entomologist agreed
we have a problem.
most effective blood tests and types
and length of treatment. So, poten- comfortable or painful physical ef- Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate
“Lyme disease is rampant in tial patients should educate them- fects are felt.
northern Virginia and that includes selves and be very clear with their Symptoms of fatigue, chills, fever,
Frederick County, which includes health care providers about what headache, muscle and joint aches,
Winchester,” he said.
Gaines, Virginia’s top entomolo-
gist gave some statistics on the
presence of the disease in our area.
Statistics from the Virginia Depart-
ment of Health’s Division of En-
vironmental Epidemiology reveal
that reported cases of Lyme disease
were down in Frederick County in
2009, with 53 reported in 2008 and
only 16 in 2009.
Even though statewide there START WITH A NEW CAREER!
has been a decline in case counts, • Easy Monthly Payments Plan
with 959 cases in 2007, 933 in 2008
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03* %HWWHU*DV0LOHDJH Walk-Ins Tues.-Fri. 9-8pm; Sat. 9-2pm
disease patients on record are not 0DLQ6WUHHW‡6WHSKHQV&LW\9$
always an accurate indication of the
actual number of cases due to sev-
eral factors, including a failure to
seek early medical help, missed di- 0RQ)ULSP H Tuition w/Coupon
agnosis, or a failure to report pos- 6DWSP
they seek treatment for symptoms New Students
often masking other conditions.
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Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 Lyme disease
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Department of Health can also be agent, or transmit the LD agent to a For example, if there is a heavy ters for Disease Control reports The National Capital Lyme and
found on their official website: mouse. acorn production in the forest that more people may unknow- tick-borne Disease Association: “Even if an infected tick fed on one year it could result in a plenti- ingly contract Lyme disease annu-
a lizard as nymph stage, the main ful harvest of ticks two years later ally than AIDS, West Nile virus and
• Avoid tick infested areas, such contribution of the lizard is acting because of the ticks’ two-year life- avian flu combined, many doctors The following physicians have
as tall grass and dense vegeta- as a substitute for the human or cycle. and insurance companies still insist been identified as specialists who
tion in forests and along forest mouse that the nymph tick could The black-footed forest ticks and that it is easily detected and treat- are treating patients with Lyme dis-
margins. have fed upon. The bactericidal white-footed mice, which are great ed. The film examines how this of- ease in northern Virginia:
• When in potential tick habitats, property of lizard blood probably transmitters of the bacterium that ten misunderstood disease has left
tick-specific repellants may be contributes little since ticks that causes Lyme disease, eat acorns tens of thousands undiagnosed or Fairfax
used according to manufactur- feed on lizards while in their lar- and their population explodes be- misdiagnosed with such ailments Leila H. Zackrison, M.D., P.C.
er’s instructions, such as those val stage will not be carrying the cause of the plentiful food. as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Contact lhz@zackrisonmd,com
containing DEET and/or per- LD agent because the lizard will be The most common infected ani- ALS and multiple sclerosis.
methrin. (apply permethrin their first blood meal. mals are deer, field mice, raccoons,
to shoes and clothing only, Also, tick nymphs that feed on liz- possums, skunks, weasels, foxes Other sources include: Winchester
not skin) Be sure to follow the ards would be unlikely to ever bite and squirrels. Lyme disease bacte- The Lee Clinic
label’s instructions when using a person because their next meal ria can live and grow in these hosts The Virginia Department of Health
any repellent. would be as an adult tick, and adult without causing them to die. Larval website
• Wear light colored clothing so ticks do not normally feed on peo- and nymphal ticks become infected Other specialists may be found at
that ticks are easier to see and ple anyway. Adult blacklegged ticks with the Lyme disease spirochete The Center for Disease Control and
remove. prefer to feed on deer and do not when they feed on these small, bac- Prevention website
• Tuck pant legs into socks to commonly bite people. Incidental- teria-infected animals. They then
prevent ticks from crawling up ly, deer blood is also bactericidal to transmit it to humans, but it is not
under the pants. the Lyme disease agent, but this is transmitted by humans.
• Wear long-sleeved shirts but- probably inconsequential to the LD
toned at the wrists. transmission picture because after More info
• Conduct tick checks on your- a tick feeds on a deer, it will lay its
self, your children, and pets eggs and then die.” One excellent informational source
within a few hours of exposure on Lyme disease is the award-win-
to a tick infested area. Environmental factors ning documentary film “Under our
• Remove any attached ticks Skin” available at www.underour-
promptly by gripping the tick Gaines adds that it’s hard to pre- or http://www.snagfilms.
with tweezers as close to the dict the number of ticks annually com/films/title/underour_skin The
skin as possible and using a because of environmental issues. film notes that although the Cen-
gentle steady pulling action. By Samantha Mazzotta
• Protect hands with gloves,
cloth or tissue when removing I do
ticks from people or animals. Sliding-Glass Door The door should roll more smoothly
now, but if it still doesn’t seem right or
The D
Won’t Glide Freely is jumping out of its track, you can
Friendly lizards claim
Q: I have a sliding-glass door adjust the height of the sliding door so
On t
leading to my porch, and it the roller moves more easily. An
According to Wikipedia, it is of pap
sticks very badly on opening and adjustment or mounting screw should
thought that the presence of west- every
closing. How can I fix this? — Joyce be located where the door is mounted
ern fence lizards, mainly found in VA is
in West Palm Beach, Fla. to its frame. Turning the screw coun-
California, diminishes the danger the ta
terclockwise will lower the door
of transmission of Lyme disease by
ticks. The incidence of Lyme disease
is lower in areas where the lizards
A: Sticking or even hopping out of
its track is a common problem
for sliding doors, and one that can be
slightly; turning it clockwise will raise
the door (although due to its weight,
On t
you will need a helper to carefully lift
occur, and it has been found that prevented with regular cleaning and ers. “
the door upward, using a pry bar while
when ticks carrying Lyme disease maintenance. handy
you turn the screw).
feed on these lizards (which they Get in there right away with a vacu- The
commonly do, especially around um (small handheld or a small vacuum record
hose attachment) and suck up all the Sliding-glass Look
their ears), the bacteria that cause
loose dirt and debris that is cluttering doors are quite appoi
the disease are killed.
up the metal track running under the heavy, so if you it had
When questioned about the west-
door. This is the groove in which the need to lift or But
ern fence lizard theory, Dr. Gaines, remove a door
a State Public Health Entomologist door slides, and if it’s dirty or gunky ging
the door won’t slide smoothly. Use a for any reason, “gam
from the Virginia Department of always have one
toothbrush and a damp cloth to scrub so the
Health’s Division of Environmental or more helpers to assist.
away gunky spots. it take
Epidemiology in Richmond, said,
Next, inspect both the track and the emplo
“Yes, and it is also true of the
door rollers. If the track is bent, it can data. T
blood of the eastern skinks and Send your home repair and mainte-
be straightened by placing a thin but ing ap
fence lizards that serve as a source nance questions to ask@thisisaham-
sturdy wooden block in the track over vetera
of blood for immature blacklegged, or write This Is a Hammer,
the bent area, bracing it with a foot or the ap
ticks. The southern variant black- c/o King Features Weekly Service,
your hand, and then hammering the make
legged ticks only feed on lizards P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-
area until it’s straight. Worn or bent a fast
while in their larval or nymphal 6475. Remember, when in doubt as to
rollers need to be replaced. Still
stage, and this mainly contributes whether you can safely or effectively
If everything looks OK or has been right t
to a reduction in Lyme disease complete a project, consult a profes-
fixed, lubricate the rollers (an all-pur- millio
transmission because if they are sional contractor.
pose spray lubricant like WD-40 autom
feeding on lizards they will not be should be fine) and slide the door open system
feeding on mice, so they will be less and shut to work the lubricant in. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Shins
likely to ever be infected by the LD claim
cell le
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Library Closings Poker run Scholarships for senior athletes at 3rd Annual truck and tractor show Awards: Best in class, Best in show
Sherando High School. Registration & Top 20 participants pick. Dash
Due to budget cuts, Clarke County August 7, 2010. To benefit Sheri begins at 8 am and the shotgun start Aug 14, 2010 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. plaques for the first 100 vehicles.
Library, Bowman Library, and Handley Redden. Registration 10 to 11am is at 9 am. Contact Ken or Maureen Stephens City Commons Music by The Valley Cruisers.
Library will close at 1 p.m. on Big Daddy’s BBq, Stephens City, VA. Salvatore at 869-5750 or salvatorek@ across from Clems Garage Kids-completed model car contest.
Thursdays. In addition, all libraries Last bike in at 4pm Big Daddy’s BBq. for more information. Registration 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Ages 6 to 10 & 11 to 15, prizes awarded.
will be closed for an unpaid staff fur- Stops include Valley Cycle, Rainbow Entry Fee: $8.00. All registered All proceeds go to college
lough from August 21 through Au- Road and Lone Oak Tavern. Sheri Softball team tryouts will receive $3.00 meal ticket. scholarships. (Rain Date Au-
gust 27. Redden, friend and colleague at
Winchester Pediatric clinic was diag- Tryout are on August 10th, 2010.
A Taste of the Valley nosed with colon cancer on May 10,
2010. Sheri is a loving single mother
Attention softball players who will be
11 or 12 as of December 31st 2010. 
(540) 678-TAXI (8294) 24hr
young performers
of four. She is also a veteran of Des-
ert Storm.
Come try out for the Valley’s newest
travel softball team. The Valley Rap-
Jul 5, 2010 - Aug 6, 2010 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. tors will be holding open tryouts for Anywhere in the town limits for $11.00*
Youth Development Center. Golf Tournament the 12U division on August 10th &
Wayside Theatre’s Young Per- 11th from 6-8pm at Clearbrook Park. 
13.50 to Middletown
former’s Workshop
will be held July and August.
Camps Saturday, August 7 at Bowling
Green Country Club, North Course.
Contact us at valleyraptors@yahoo.
com with any questions.
18.00 to Winchester
Registration or further information The cost is $300 per foursome or $
25.00 to Front Royal
is available by calling 869-1776. $75 per person. All proceeds go to Daily trips to Dulles, Reagan National and BWI *Discounts for daily riders

Safe place-safe child ride poker run

Saturday July 31, 2010 at Grove’s
Harley Davidson to benefit the Win-
chester-Frederick County child ad-
vocacy center. $24.00 donation per
hand. Registration begins at 9am.
Take a 60 mile cruise through Fred-
erick and Clarke counties with celeb-
rity guest rider, Michele Smith. For
more information call Mike Vande-
Plumbing/Heating Inc.
velde at 540-533-8228.
“Your plumbing and Heating Specialists”
To benefit Chelsea K. Kanatus Me- SPECIALIZING IN: Well Pumps & Water Softeners
morial Scholarship and Meningitis
Awareness fund. Drain Cleaning • Water Heaters • Toilet Repair • Faucet Repair
Saturday August 7, 2010 6 pm at
McCoys Dairy Bar 320 Fairfax Pike
Water Filters • Waste Line & Water Pipe Repairs
Any and All Plumbing Needs Call
Stephens City VA Licensed Today!
& Insured
Raffle for prizes, 50/50 drawing,
Enter your bike for a chance to win 7 DAYS A WEEK • 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE S ee The
prizes. Registration is $10.00 per
bike. Judging at 7pm. www.mccoys- P
Lucky Star Front Royal’s Come
FAVORITE check out
July 28 - Ralph Fortune Spring &
Lounge Summer
July 29 - Ricky Wilkins menu!
Open July 30 - Dave Pepper Monday Night
Trivia at 8pm
through Trio
at 11 AM
Check out our Patio!!!
July 31 - TBA
at 1 August 2 - Ralph Fortune
Join us every

Lunch and Dinner Specials THURSDAY for

and Live Entertainment CRABCAKES!

205A East Main Street, Front Royal

Patio Visit us online at
Dining or
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gust 22, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) & DRINK! COST: $25.00 Pluses: – September 13th 4-5pm resources or manpower.  This year’s from area industries and organiza-
540-662-7349 or email pamshiley@ AN AUCTION & DOOR PRIZES! Day of Caring is chaired by Mary tions, tackled more than 150 proj- Limit 300 People so order tickets United Way day of caring and Bill Nordman. The volunteers, See NEWS, pg. 12
NOW Call Chuck Pearce: 540
SPCA benefit dinner at Castiglia’s 888 3007 Plans for DAY OF CARING 2010
are underway and we hope that we
Castiglia’s Italian Eat- United Bank collecting school can count on business/company/or-
ery on Pleasant Valley Road supplies ganizations to send a team of vol-
Come out and enjoy a delicious meal unteers this year on Wednesday,
at Castiglia’s and help animals at the UNITED BANK, will be collecting September 15th.  Last year we saw
same time! Enjoy a delicious buffet school supplies at all branch loca- 500+ volunteers reach out to their
dinner including a pasta bar, spinach tions in Winchester, Frederick, War- neighbors to lend a helping hand in
manicotti, chicken fettuccine, pizza, ren and Shenandoah County now celebration of DAY OF CARING.
and much more! Tickets are $20 for through August 13th., for distribu- These volunteer teams accomplished
adults and $10 for children and can be tion to area schools. many projects that would otherwise Offering: • Student Classroom
purchased at the Winchester SPCA. Mondays July 12th have gone undone due to a lack of • Behind-the-Wheel
Rebecca Miller 540-247-1049 • Re-Examinations
Rally in the valley
Sharp Cleaning Services Next Driving School Beginning Aug 2-12
August 28th at 1 pm. Elks “Quality cleaning at an affordable price”
(Accelerated Course: Finish in 9 days)
OPEN 24/7
Lodge on Rt, 522 South Winchester
Guest Speaker:  Congressman New Students and Re-exams
Frank Wolf Invited Guest: Gov.
Mc Donnell, Lt Gov. Bolling,
Commercial and Residential Cleaning Call for more info
At Gen. Cuccinelli, State Sena-
tor Vogel, Del. Sherwood, Sena- Rates start at $25 residential and $295 Commercial 214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA

540-671-1065 540-622-6900
tor Allan, and many more.
Menu: BBQ Sliced Beef and Chicken
& All the Fixens. Beverages include
Beer and Soda. All YOU CAN EAT
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Houston, we have a problem, a teen problem

Danger signs - From eating disorders to illegal drugs and household solvents
By Adrienne Hickerson and weighing themselves fre- one of the most abused drugs. odorizers, and cleaning products spend more time with your kids
The Sherando Times quently and obsessively. It is smoked in blunts, joints, or are often an unexpected, at least and talk to them openly about
If your teen is showing several bongs, so teens can get a more to parents, source of abuse. Teens drug use and potential problems
Do you have teenagers? If so, of these signs it is imperative to lengthy ‘high’. That high is often abuse these products by huff- with school, lifestyle and health.
you might be facing some prob- get to the root cause or causes characterized by a change in per- ing them, to get an instant high,
lems with them like eating disor- of the behavior. Sometimes that sonal priorities. which only lasts a few minutes.
ders, drug use, shoplifting, preg- takes professional help. If your teens grades start to Huffing these products is very PINOCCIOS
nancy, and peer pressure, just to These eating disorders are very drop, and they seem not to care, dangerous and can cause instant CLOCK REPAIR
name a few. All of these prob- dangerous and can cause stom- or get a very bad attitude about death, along with many other ■ Authorized Service
lems are common in teens, and ach problems, heart problems, questions about such changes health problems. They are poten- Center for Howard Miller
& Sligh
if you catch them early, there are kidney problems, dry scaly skin, the “pot” alarm bells should start tially radical problems stemming ■ Licensed and Insured
many avenues to get them on the and dehydration. In worst case ringing. Often with marijuana from these products demanding ■ House Calls Available
■ Antique or Modern
straight and narrow path. Parents scenarios and without adequate those changes may be character- immediate and focused treat-
■ Serving the valley for
should be aware of what signs or treatment death is possible, as ized by accentuated emotional ment, as with many of the harder over 36 years
signals their children are giving in the case of 1970’s pop singer distance or a desire to avoid illegal drugs discussed above.
them and have access to the re- Karen Carpenter. If you discover discussion or confrontations (540) 636-7369
sources available to help them your teen has an eating disorder, about the potential problems. Booze
– and such programs and links to make sure to treat it immediate- If the reaction is more accentu-
them are out there for the atten- ly. ated, hostile and even violent the Underage drinking is a major 1998 Toyota Camry
tive and concerned parent. drug problems may be worse, issue too. Alcohol is very addic-

Food fixations
Illegal drugs as in amphetamines (uppers) or
cocaine. These drugs are often
tive and dangerous drug, it just
happens to be legal (if your over SOLD!!!
From this
A major issue in teen girls is
A now very common problem
in teens is drug use/abuse – but
characterized by hyper behavior
and over-emotional reactions to
21) and liquid in form. To pre-
vent alcohol abuse in teens, try to
eating disorders. Some girls feel it is nothing new. The most com- almost any given situation.
they have to be skinny to fit in, monly used drugs are marijuana,
or to look good. There are three
main types of eating disorders
household products, and alcohol.
While the medical debate on the
Legally around the house
Black Rose
most common in teen girls - An- consequences of marijuana use Household products such as & For Sale by owner.
Gift Gallery Good condition, runs great, new
orexia, Bulimia, and Binge eat- rages over decades dating back nail polish remover, gasoline, inspection, new brakes, great gas
ing. to the 1930’s, it is illegal and spray paint, paint thinners, de- Olde Town Mall mileage, interior clean and GC,
Anorexia is when people 15 S. Loudoun Street A/C,AM/FM/CASS, T/C/PWR-W-
starve themselves to lose weight
quickly. With Bulimia you eat
On the Road Driving School, LLC 10% OFF
L, Auto, 4-cyl, 117,500K, full size
spare, Kelly blue book valued @
Garland T. Williams, Owner $5,700... available now for $4,500!
large amounts of food in a small
amount of time and purge im- 5336 Water Street, Stephens City, VA 22655 With this coupon! Call 540-551-2072
Professional Skincare.
mediately after. Binge eating is Ph: (540) 869-6105 Cell: (540) 247-3197 Jewelry, Houseware and Clothing.
when people eat large amounts
of food at once, and then don’t Driver Improvement Clinic Driver Education Class
Sun. August 15, 9:30AM - 6:15PM August 2 - 12, 8:00 - 11:30 daily
eat for a long period of time. Sat. August 28, 8:00AM - 4:45PM September 7 - October 19, Tues. & Thurs. 5 - 6:45PM, Sat. 8 - 11:30

Some warning signs your teens Sun. September 12, 9:30AM - 6:15PM
Sat. September 25, 8:00AM - 4:45PM
October 19 - November 10, Tues. & Thurs. 5 - 6:45PM, Sat. 8 - 11:30
Classes at 153 Narrow Ln.
might show if they have an eating Classes at Holiday Inn Express Mt. View Christian Academy
142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601 Stephens City, VA
disorder are a dramatic change
in eating habits, bad self image,
depressive moods, feeling out of
control and feeling guilty about
eating. Other symptoms may be
Warren County Fairgrounds
Adults $10
self-harm or self-injury, drastic 7-12 $5 Front Royal 540-635-5827
weight loss, excessive exercise, 6 & under FREE

irt Truck
ATV D ing T r a
ra c c tor pu
drag ll

Wednesday, August 4
Friday, August 6 Saturday, August 7
Registration opens at 4pm
Show start at 7pm Show start at 4pm
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Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197 Teens
or Alison Duvall: • 540-551-2072

Be open, honest and willing to shoplift, they will get into trouble gest issue with teenagers today taking too big a foothold, if any the KEY to keep a healthy family
listen. Try not to just preach, this and that shoplifting is a crime and and can impact many of the oth- foothold at all in their lives. relationship.
will often further alienate your punishable by law. One very rare ers we have discussed. It effects A major key to keeping your There are many local resources
teen and draw them away from reason teens steal is because of a all the decisions they make, and teen safe is to set a good exam- available to parents and teenag-
you and your attempts to address disease called kleptomania. This all too often peer pressure effects ple and take the time to listen ers if you suspect something is
the problem. is where teens can’t resist the im- teens in a negative way. If their to them. Having weekly family not quite right or if you just need
pulse to steal. Usually kleptoma- friends are doing drugs, they will nights, so you can talk about your to talk to someone.
Fixes across the board niacs steal items of little value, most likely do it to, so they can week and what’s been going on in · Concern Hotline (540)667-
and need professional help to get fit in. Peer pressure affects how everyone’s life is a good way to be 0145
As with some of the above their disorder treated. people dress, act, and talk. If a involved. The family dinner is too · National Suicide Hotline
methods of reaching your teen best friend asks you to try a drug, often a lost art – away from TV (800)784-2433
who seems to be drifting away, Sexual awakening or to do something because they and other distractions, together · The Alcohol Hotline (800)AL-
try to have more family time do it, and they think it’s cool, you for a while sharing what is really COHOL
such as dinner together and/or a It happens to every generation shouldn’t do it – teens should al- important in the home – each · Pregnancy Help Center 24
movie night that will carry their – children growing into puberty ways look for a better reason for other. hours (800)395-HELP
interest. Be willing to find out and the awakening of human sex- behavior than “Well, so and so is Having family dinners every ·
what are the “hot” topics with uality. Consequently pregnancy doing it and so and so is so cool.” night is a great thing to do as · www.troubledteenconsultants.
your teens and their contempo- and sexually transmitted diseases If a friend ever tried to pressure well. It gives everyone a chance com
raries – maybe you’ll even enjoy are also and always a big problem you to try a cigarette, then they to talk about their day. So keep
them too, or at least gain an add- with teenagers yesterday, today aren’t really your friend. You talking to your teen, honesty is
ed perspective on their thought and tomorrow. Since many teens don’t want to choose your teen-
processes. The more open and
honest you are with your teenag-
become sexually active before
gaining true emotional maturity,
agers friends’, but you should
try to make sure your teens
Salon Cesura
Experience...time for You!
Electric Guitar, Bass
Setup and Repair
ers, the sooner you will be able to
recognize if something is bother-
a quest often lasting well into
adulthood, many aren’t protected
are hanging out with the right
crowd. Be aware of who your
Nails • Tans • White Smiles!
ing them – and be on the road to against the most immediate con- teenagers friends are, meet their Guitar lessons, Band and
Equipment Consultation
fixing those root issues that are sequences of sex, pregnancy and parents. Ask questions and be Express Mani/Pedi
often lead to alienated behavior sexually transmitted diseases. involved. Teenagers need to be Combo 540-539-6142
and consequent drug abuse or If your teenager is thinking of taught how to make good deci-
abusive eating habits. becoming sexually active you sions when they are with friends,
$ “Don’t get fed up, Get Setup!”
(Reg. $37) Sandy Larrick
should encourage them to wait, even if it means calling a parent
Stealing but make sure they are protected to them up to avoid a bad situa- Call Now! 540.869.7653
Stephens City, VA
and informed – don’t turn a blind tion. Making a good decision can
Another issue with today’s eye to the issue. Explaining the be hard for a teenager, but easier
teens is shoplifting. We are in a importance of the different types if they have the support of their
recession and people don’t have a of birth control and using con- parents.
lot of money, so of course teens, doms can help keep them safe. Don’t always judge on looks,
like some adults, are going to The percentage of pregnant teens try to engage your teens friends
shoplift. Unfortunately they get is increasing, with many of them in discussion as you would with
away with it most of the time. having abortions, or putting their your teen. Judge them and their
But not having money isn’t the babies up for adoption. Always friends on the content of their
only reason teens do this, get- talk to your teens about safe sex, minds, not solely on the trap-
ting away with stealing does give and make sure they are well edu- pings of fashion.
teens a rush, or they could just be cated about it.
doing it to rebel. As in life generally, in sexual ac- The bottom line
To prevent your teen from tivity knowledge is power. Teens
shoplifting, talk to them about the are becoming sexually active at an Teenagers do make bad deci-
issue, and try to get them to re- earlier age and it is important to sions sometimes – after all they
flect on the impact of stealing on start discussing these issues at an are teens and only think they
those being stolen from, whether early age and help them to make know everything and can control
it’s a person or store – and always good decisions during these try- all consequences of what is to
stay open with them and less ing years. come. But as long as you are open
arbitrarily judgemental. If they with your teen, and spend lots of
do get caught shoplifting, make Peer pressure time with them, that should de-
sure that your consequences are crease the possibility of any of
severe so they know if they do Peer pressure is one of the big- these destructive habits from

• PC & Mac
• New & Used Sales
• In-Home Repairs
• In-Shop Repairs
510 N. Royal Ave. • Front Royal
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The news Angie Buterakos: • 540-683-9197
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NEWS, from pg. 9 ways and windows, cut down trees, non-profit agencies and the clients Social Services’ (VDSS) Energy As-
For Sale? Yard ects at 60 locations in Winchester,
mulched, laid vinyl flooring, cleaned they serve. In today’s economy, we sistance Program. 
gutters, visited the homebound, will probably have an even greater Assistance is available to house-
Sale? Frederick, Clarke, and Shenandoah
washed windows, cleaned uphol- number of people in need of help holds that include a child under age
Counties. These energetic and en-
Wanted? List them thusiastic teams scraped, painted,
stery, shampooed carpet, scrubbed
floors, cleaned a stream of debris,
this year. DAY OF CARING offers
employees an opportunity to work
six, a disabled individual or an adult
age 60 or over who meet income and
cleaned, trimmed, mowed, planted,
here for FREE! built wheelchair ramps, built door-
and numerous other chores for local together as a team outside the work- eligibility requirements. Cooling as-
place.  Each DAY of CARING team sistance can be used to assist families
Send your ad to: will be assigned a project or projects and individuals with: 
for the day at one of the local non- payment of electric bills up to $100 to profit agencies site location, or at the operate cooling equipment; payment
P.O. Box 789 home of an agency client. of security deposits for electricity to
Stephens City, VA 22655 operate cooling equipment; repair
FOR SALE 540-869-2004
2010 Cooling assistance of a central air conditioning system
or heat pump; purchase of a whole-
2002 Lincoln Continental, When temperatures and humid- house fan, including ceiling or attic
ity soar, staying cool is not a luxury, fans; and purchase and installation of
52,000-K, Exc. Cond., 4-
Some of the services but a necessity for health, safety and one window unit air conditioner for
New Michellin tires, Load- quality of life. Aid is available to help households without a working one.
ed!! $10,000.
offered by Prosperity
Virginia’s low-income families and To qualify for cooling assistance,
Call 540-465-8846
Landscaping most vulnerable individuals stay safe the maximum gross monthly income
• Landscape design and in sweltering heat. Now through for a one-person household is $1,174
installation Monday, August 16, local depart- before taxes and $2,389 for a house-
2007 Ford Focus SES • Patios, walkways, and ments of social services throughout hold of four. Assistance is available
walls of all types the Commonwealth are accepting until funds are depleted. The Energy
Black, 50K, PW/PL/PM, cooling assistance applications as Assistance Program is funded by the
Sunroof, Leather interior, • Planting of trees and part of the Virginia Department of federal Low-Income Home Energy
30 MPG shrubs
$12,000 or best offer. • Grading, sod and
Call (540) 877-1217 seeding I-66 & Rt 522
• Lot clearing and clean up North of
Front Royal

2008 Kia Rio 10% off any project over $500.00

Auto, air, 32k miles. 28,000 by presenting this ad Great Deals at
miles left on warranty. Ex-
cellent condition. $7,900. Immaculate, 4 bedroom home on a cul de
Call Don at 571-436-3900 sac in Canter Estates. Enjoy the beautiful,
wooded lot, backing to trees and small
stream, while relaxing on the covered
97 Pontiac Sunfire deck! Open floor plan in the kitchen & the
Needs work. Body and inte- family room area. 2002 FORD FOCUS SE 2007 MAZDA CX-7 SPORT
rior. Good condition. New $294,500 54K, AUTO, AIR, CRUISE, PL, PW 30K, AUTO, MOONROOF, BOSE
tires. $500. Sheila Pack
WAS $9,995
Call 540-683-9197 Search like the Realtors do! 540-247-1438 Cell #T7017A #R1008 WAS $20,995
RE/MAX Team Realty, 440 W. Jubal Early Drive, #200
Winchester, VA 22601 • 540-667-2400 Office, Each Office Independently Owned And Operated
NOW $8,452 NOW $16,950
Like new Wheelchair.  Used
very few times.  Bargin
priced.  Call 869-1805.

Front clip for 89 Ford
Ranger XLT. Reasonably
Call 540-683-9197 )

Our names are Alexandra

and Ashely we are looking
for a mini/small sized fridge
for a college dorm.  Please
call (540) 631-0283 or email
us at oraetlaborapermar- or jesusitrusti-  Thanks in
advance and God Bless!
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Assistance Program block grant.  program is every other Saturday be- Sunday, May 16th at 5:00 pm and ev- Faith Baptist Church of 635 Dou- about the Egypt Joseph knew. Kids
The cooling assistance component ginning June 12th through July 24th. ery Sunday (except the 1st Sunday) ble Church Road , Stephens City is can make “Senet” – an authentic
served nearly 70,000 Virginia house- Hours are 1 to 2:15 p.m. Contact: until September 5 p.m. at Faith Bap- having their annual Vacation Bible Egyptian board game and learn all
holds last year.  To learn more visit Donna Hughes 540-869-9000 ext. 21 tist Church located at 635 Double School on August 8 – 12, 2010 from sorts of things including the art of Church Rd. There is a playground 6:30PM to 8:30PM. Children, ages 4 mummification, brick making, hi-
ea/cooling/index.cgi. Families and CHURCH BRIEFS for the kiddies. Whether you like to through 12, are invited to take a jour- eroglyphics, basket weaving, jeweled
individuals must apply at their local play volleyball or just sit around and ney with Joseph in Egypt .  The Mar- usekhs and more. For more informa-
department of social services by Au- Faith Baptist Church Family Vol- have a few laughs we’d love to have ketplace provides incredible prom- tion, contact Faith Baptist Church
gust 16, 2010. leyball for folks of all ages, beginning you join us. ise to engage and teach the children at  (540) 869-0497.

Kernstown Battlefield summer

 

Sat., July 31 Second Battle of

Kernstown & Impact of the Civ-
il War on the Pritchard Fam-

ily: Guided Walking tour with
prof. Jonathan Noyalas- FREE!
Sat., August 14 Pritchard House
open for tours. $3 per person over 12
Sun., August 15 Pritchard House

open for tours. $3 per person over 12
Sat., August 21 First Battle of Kern-
stown: A Guided Walking Tour
with Dr. Bob Hileman, Jr.- FREE!
Directions: From I-81 take Exit 210 to 
US Route 11 North (Valley Ave). Turn
West onto Battle Parke Drive at the
Mazda/Subaru auto dealer. Proceed 
one block straight into park entrance.

Charity clay shoot to benefit Cheers
School Family
Join us as we gear up for our 10th
Annual Charity Clay Shoot on Satur-
day, September 18 at Prospect Hall
Gun Club! Accepting registrations
and sponsorships now!
9am Start 7:45am Registration.
8am 5-Stand opens for Warm Up -
closes at the end of the Shoot  Music
by Bobby Cunningham & the Canyon 
River Band(Country/Rock).
Non-Cash Prizes and more Shoot-
er’s fee Includes:  *100 Clay course *
Continental Breakfast  *  Gourmet 
BBQ Lunch * Non-Cash Prizes * Soft 
Drinks * Thank YOU Gifts * AND 
the opportunity to make a difference
in the lives of families and children
in the Northern Shenandoah Val-
ley and Eastern Panhandle areas.
Saturday, September 18. 
Early Bird Registration of $75 due
by 8/18/10 or $85 registration due by
9/8/10 or $100 day of the event 
Spay today

Local low-cost, non-profit spay and
neuter program for cats and dogs in
this area. Spay Today works with
local vets to obtain lower prices for

spaying and neutering cats and dogs
+ initial tests and shots at the time
of surgery. To find out more, please
call: 304-728-8330 or go on-line at
Read to a dog

Read to a dog at the Bowman Li-

brary! Come to Bowman Library and
read your favorite story to a willing
listener--a specially trained dog! Our
dogs love to listen to stories. The
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July 26, 2010

KFWS • MindGym
to your work schedule.
LIBRA (September 23 to October
22) Your sense of humor can brighten
any dark period, and your laughter can
dispel those gray clouds swirling
around you. The weekend presents a
surprising but welcome change.
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Avoid SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
adding to the tension around you. Even ber 21) Be careful about the words you • On
a well-meant reaction against some- use, especially in touchy situations. author o
thing you perceive as unfair could be The old Chinese saying that the spoken colm X
misunderstood. Let things calm down, word is silver, but the unspoken gold Haley’s
and then talk about it. could well apply here. was a fi
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) It’s a SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to ily’s his
good time for romance for unattached December 21) Some facts could eration
Bovines, and a good time for reinforc- emerge to shed light on unresolved 37 lan
ing the bonds between partners. Chil- past problems. What you learn also Pulitze
dren’s needs are important during the might help explain why a once-warm
latter part of the week. relationship suddenly cooled down. • On A
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A CAPRICORN (December 22 to Jan- was rec
compliment from a surprising source uary 19) Don’t let your pride get in the Patent O
sends you wafting way up into the way of checking into what could be a No. 2,0
clouds, where — sorry to say — your great new opportunity. Get the facts an inst
view of what’s going on is obscured. first, and worry about procedure and backer
Come on down and face some reality. protocol later.
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Even AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- • On A
a family-loving person like you some- ary 18) A health problem in the family recorde
times can feel you’re at the end of the might have other relatives assuming and-blu
line with contentious kinfolk. But that, as before, you’ll take over the Mama”
things can work out. Remember that health-care duties. Surprise them and gomery
it’s better to talk than walk. insist they share in the caretaking. sional c
LEO (July 23 to August 22) A job- PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Four ye
related move might hold more positive A series of changes can be unsettling, a hit wi
surprises than you’d expected. Go into but in the long run, it can pay off with • On A
it with confidence, and look for all the new perspectives on what you plan to promot
advantages it offers. Then decide what do. Keep your mind open to the possi- recordi
you’ll do with what you find. bilities that might well lie ahead. Woods
VIRGO (August 23 to September BORN THIS WEEK: You might be biggest
22) Driving yourself too hard to get under a “royal” sign, but you have a ever se
something done on a deadline you set wonderful way of embracing everyone expecte
up can backfire. Ease into a more real- as an equal. ple; in
istic finish date, and add more breaks © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. and Ar
• On A
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final most recent Indy vic-
four races. there are thinking.”

Posting date August 17, 2009

King Features Weekly Service
tory occurred
“We’re in 2004.
just going to haveIn to
bet- Only
working --as Richard
hard as we project.

July 26, 2010

King Features Weekly Service
racessaid Biffle.
since “We
then, know that.
though, We’re
Jimmie can every
Petty, David week to bringBobby
Pearson, the bestAl-
race Make sure any contract you write is
Johnsonabouthas getting in (the times
won three Chase), cars weDarrell
lison, can to the track,”and
Waltrip said Cale
and anything can happen. ... There are “It’s important that we have the best for a fixed price that includes materi-
and Tony Stewart twice. Forty- Yarbrough -- have ever won
some races we’re concerned about
eight races have
possible equipment right now. als and labor. That way you know the
leading up to the cutoffpassed since
(end of the reg- more
“We’re races at NASCAR’s
racing as hard as we high-
Gordon’s last victory anywhere. est level than Gordon. Three bottom line. If you sign a standard
He won at Texas Motor Speed- more victories would put him contract, read it carefully. Remember:
way on April 5, 2009. ahead of everyone except Petty If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist.
Still, a winless Gordon is better and Pearson. But it’s been “82 Former NASCAR champion
than most drivers who have won and holding” ever since the 2009 Jeff Gordon (right, with team Don’t agree to any clause that can
NASCAR THIS WEEK multiple races this year ... liter- Texas victory. owner Rick Hendricks) is sec- change the deadline, price or materials
By Monte Dutton Is Racing ond in the standings despite on your job.
ally. Gordon, 38, ranks second in Some have speculated that the
as Hard as He Can
High hopesbeen
This hasn’t for Jeff Gordon
the season
the Sprint Cup point standings,
Greg trailing only Kevin Harvick, and
end of Gordon’s career is near.
He disputes this.
not winning a race. (John
Clark/NASCAR This Week
Hiring Contractors While it’s tempting to save money
Biffle expected, though he certainly has more top-five finishes (10)
has Gordon’s
to pick up hometown
the pieces. could
“Man, I do (feel old) when I get photo) for Remodeling by acting as your own general contrac-
tor, you may be happier in the long run
than any other driver. out of that race car and every-
Theconsidered Vallejo,didn’t
39-year-old Biffle Calif.,
win If you have a remodeling project in if you hire a residential general con-
season, but “Our team’s to your
been work schedule.thing aches,” he said, “but no, Monte Dutton has covered mo-

July 26, 2010

King Features Weekly Service
where thehe was2008born,
regularor Pittsboro, torsports for The Gaston (N.C.)
after making the Chase,
Ind., where he grew up. proceeded to running up front, LIBRA ” said (September
Gordon. I 23
mean,to October
I’m still enjoying the
Gazette since 1993. He was named
mind, late summer is a good time to tractor with the expertise to order sup-
win its first two races. He wound up “We just haven’t 22) had sense
Your the caroftohumor sportcanvery, very much. I feel like
brighten line up your contractors. Construction plies and hire and schedule sub-con-
Based onSprint
his record there, In- writer of the year by the National
third in the Cup standings. win or all the pieces as a team to I’m way more comfortable with
dianapolis Motor first
For now, Biffle’s Speedway
priority isis get ourselves any dark period, and your
into victory lane.
laughter can
where I’m at in the sport today.
Motorsports Press Association crews are coming to the end of their tractors.
anothertheplace Chase,where Gordon dispel those gray clouds swirling in 2008. His blog NASCAR This
making but that doesn’t
“At times we’ve had the car. For That’s fun. I like all the years Week (
busy season and looking for work to Remember that while the general
feels he’s
mean rightgoing
at home.
to backHe off.has won around you. The weekend presents a
“We’re certainly
NASCAR’s annualnot racing
visit conserv-
to the
whatever reasons -- blame it on of experience that
Roush Fenway driver Greg Biffle says his first priority is making the Chase,now I get to features all of his reporting on keep themselves going over the cooler contractor will be responsible for a lot
atively,” he said. “We’re four to win, me,
racingtimes. blame
but that surprising
it onmean
doesn’t incidents, but
he’s goingwelcome
I don’t change.
to backbenefit
off fromfrom.
trying to win races. (Photo: racing, roots music and life on the months, especially the winter. of things, you can’t step completely
Brickyard a record
we’re not (March
going to do21 to April
anything stu-19)like
Getty pointSCORPIO
toImages) fingers -- but (October
we 23 only
“The to Novem-
thing I’d change right road. E-mail Monte at:
(As an aside, Gordon has won
pid. Before you begin: Take written bids out of the process. With liability insur-
to atthehave
know we
Infineon around
to stayRaceway,
in (the top ular
Even gotten to
we Be
lane. ...about
know we’re on
now theisnot
some of those

big risks, but, On
at theAug. 11, 1921, Alex Haley, from at least three contractors. Be ance and workers’ comp, for example,
a inwell-meant reaction We
against thesome-think we’ve
bubble, it’sgot
so some things
important wins
in touchy
to have back.
same time, It’s racing
we’re tough.forIt’s very
the win.”
12 track
order to closest
qualify toforhis
the birth-
Chase). author
up our gotof “The (c)
Autobiography ofInc.Mal- detailed in your specifications when it all crews who step foot on your prop-
It’s tight you
place.) ... andperceive
we’re doing asallunfair good
we can could be sleeve
right old
Indy, but I’m
a lotChinese saying
that the DuttonWehas
know we’ve
motor- 2010 King Features Synd.,
X” is born in Ithaca, N.Y.
misunderstood. Letput
sure that’s
Biffle, what
from Vancouver, of guys
Wash.,out is to pickfor
sports upThetheGaston
pace.” (N.C.) Gazette comes to the type of wood you want, erty need to produce a copy of their
Roush Fenway Racing Bifflecalm
in onedown,
of only word is silver,
two drivers to havebut
1993. Hegold was namedHaley’swriter of next novel, “Roots” (1976),
the model and color of cabinets, the certificate before they begin work.
and was
what thenthen
about it.
the Winston Cup championships could wellthe
in both apply here. the year by the National Motorsports
World Truck Press Association in 2008. aHis was fictionalized account of his fam-

July 26, 2010

KFWS • MindGym
Series (April
back in 2003. He 20 to May
finished wide
sec- 20) It’s and
a Camping
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to Thisily’sWeek number of coats of a specific paint, When new materials show up, be there
ond in the Chase standings two years series. (Johnny Benson is the other.) blog NASCAR history, traced through seven gen- etc. when it’s being unloaded and look for
later. timeago,
A year forthree
romance for unattached
Roush Fenway December
Biffle also was rookie of the21)
year Some facts could
in ( features
erations. all The novel was translated into
drivers and aCarl
— Biffle, good time for
Edwards and reinforc-
both series. emerge
He cametoupshed lightofon
through unresolved
his reporting on racing, roots music Ask for references of any contrac- damaged or missing material. The
Matt Kenseth — between
made the partners.
Chase. NASCAR’s developmental system, and life on the road. E-mail 37 Montelanguages
at and won a special tors you interview, of course, and call general contractor also is responsible
ing the bonds Chil- past problems. What you learn also
They could do it again, but the posi- winning track championships early in Pulitzer Prize.
tions needs
of Biffle andare important
Kenseth are hardlyduring the at Tri-City
his career might Raceway
help explain
in West why a once-warm them. Ask if the project was complet- for paying the sub-contractors, so you
secure the of the week.
regular season enters its Richland, Wash., and Portland
relationship (Ore.) cooled
suddenly down.
© 2009 • On Aug. 10, 1937, the electric guitar
King Features Synd., Inc. ed on time and at the promised cost. need to require a performance bond to
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A CAPRICORN (December 22 to Jan- was recognized by the United States But don’t stop there. While it’s still be in place for all levels of contractors.
compliment from a surprising source uary 19) Don’t let your pride get in the Patent Office with the award of Patent warm and crews are out, drive around David Uffington regrets that he can-
sends you wafting way up into the way of checking into what could be a No. 2,089.171 to G.D. Beauchamp for your area and make note of the not personally answer reader ques-
clouds, where — sorry to say — your great new opportunity. Get the facts an instrument known as the Ricken- addresses of homes where work is tions, but will incorporate them into
view of what’s going on is obscured. 1. ADVERTISEMENTS:
first, and worry about procedure Whatandwas backer Frying Pan. being done, as well as the company his column whenever possible. Write
Come on down and face some reality. protocol later. of the finicky eater in the
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Even
the name
AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru- • On Aug. 13, 1952, “Hound Dog” is name and phone number of any work to him in care of King Features Weekly
NineA Lives 1. Nameforthethe
group thatbyhadrhythm-
a No. 1.vehicles
SparkyinAnderson was the
the yard. When the first
projects Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando,
a family-loving person like you some- ary 18) healthcat-food
problem commercials?
in the family recorded time
times can feel you’re at the end of the might 2.have
LITERATURE: Who assuming
other relatives is the author 1 hit with singer
and-blues “Will You StillMae
Ellie Love “Big
Me manager to win approach
are complete, a World Series with
the homeown- FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to
line with contentious kinfolk. But that,ofasthebefore, Mama” Thornton, a native of Mont-
Tomorrow?” ersanand
both A.L.askandwhether
an N.L. they
best-seller “Roots”?
you’ll take over the
gomery, Ala., who started her profes- fied with the work. They might even
things can work out. Remember that health-care duties. Surprise
3. TELEVISION: What them andset-
was the 2. “Standing in the Shadows of
sional career in 1941 at the age of 14.
the years.
to see the completed © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
it’s better to talk than walk. insist they share in the caretaking. Love” waslater,
a hit for which group? 2. In 2008, Mike Mussina became
LEO (July 23 to August 22) A job- ting for(February
PISCES the “I Dream
19 toofMarch
Jeannie”20)TV Four years Elvis Presley also had
related move might hold more positive show?of changes can be unsettling,
A series 3. with
a hit Namethethesong.
artist who was in both the oldest major-league pitcher to win
surprises than you’d expected. Go into but in 4.theGEOGRAPHY:
long run, it can What
pay offwas
withthe Megadeth
• On Aug.and 15,Metallica.
1969, a press party to 20 games in a season for the first time. • When groups of shrimp end up with

July 26, 2010

King Features Weekly Service
too few males to sustain the population,
it with confidence, and look for all the new Netherlands’
perspectives basic
on what you plan
currency to it
before 4. Whothereleased
promote building “Walk Like an
of a professional How old was he? some of the females turn into males.
advantages it offers. Then decide what do. Keep your mind open to the possi- Egyptian,”studio
recording and—37—
in the vicinity of 3. Who is the only two-time winner
you’ll do with what you find. adopted
bilities the euro?
that might well lie ahead. Woodstock, N.Y., Thomas
turns into the
• Michael Crichton is best known as an
VIRGO (August 23 to September BORN 5. ABBREVIATED
might What
be 5. Who is Robert Velline, of The Associated Press’ NFL Come- author and screenwriter, and most of his
biggest music festival the world had fans are aware of the fact that he was a
22) Driving yourself too hard to get underis an M.P.? sign, but you have a
a “royal” and how
ever seen.didThe
he get his start?
outdoor concert was back Player of the Year Award?
medical doctor, as well. It’s interesting to
something done on a deadline you set wonderful
6. way of embracing everyone
ARCHITECTURE: Who 6. Whotohaddraw
expected a hitless
Ya Think
peo- 4. Which twoBy teams hold the NCAA
Samantha Weaver note, however, that as an undergraduate
up can backfire. Ease into a more real- as an equal. I’m Sexy?”
ple; instead,Whatthe was the year? Music
Woodstock mark in men’s basketball for consecu- student he majored in anthropology.
istic finish date, and add more breaks designed St. Paul’s
© 2010 King Features Cathedral
Synd., Inc. in Lon- and Art Fair attracted a crowd of • It was American actress and comedian
• It was American actress and come-
don? Answers tive
Tomlin who
Lily Tomlin made the following
who made the fol-
• If you’re like 80 percent of Americans,
500,000 over three days. you will experience some kind of back
7. HOLIDAYS: What holiday is cel- 1. The Shirelles, in 1961. The song 5.lowing
age When wassage
observation: the“Man
last time beforelanguage
observation: the
“Man trouble at least once in your lifetime.
• On Aug. 9, 1974, Richard M. Nixon to invented
satisfy hislanguage
deep need to to complain. ”
ebrated on July 14? 2009-10 NHL season that the
his deep • Businesswoman Mary Kay Ash, be-
officially resigns as the others,
was covered by many includ-
37th president. •needAccording
to Henry Heimlich, the
to complain.”
inventor of won the aabdominal
division title? fore she founded the Mary Kay Cosmetics
8. MOVIES: In “Forrest Gump,” ing Lesley
Minutes later,Gore,
Vice Neil Diamond
President GeraldandR. • According to Henry Heimlich, the
thrust tech-
empire, sold encyclopedias door-to-door.
what was the nickname of Forrest’s Roberta
Ford was Flack.
sworn in as the 38th president 6.inventor
nique Name two
known asof the
of the the three drivers
abdominal totech-
thrust •••
in food
both upon
the which
Indyas 500 people
and the most
Coca- com-
best friend in the Army? of 2.
Four States.
Tops inAfter
Though the nique known the Heimlich Maneu- Thought for the Day: “To err is human,
ver, choke
the foodis upon
peanut butterpeople
which straightmost out
9. ASTRONOMY: What is the first oath of office, President Ford spoke to
the nation
song made Cola 600 the same day. but to really foul things up you need a
in aRolling Stoneaddress,
maga- of commonly
the choke is peanut butter
the television 7.•straight
Entering computer.” — Paul Ehrlich
planet beyond Saturn in our solar sys- zine’s list“My
declaring, of 500
fellowgreatest songs, our
Americans, it out2010,
Astronauts ofonthewho
the jar. held the ATPSpace

tem? nevernational
long climbednightmare
higher than No. 6 on
is over.” record
Station for
see most
the sun
• Astronauts winsrisethe
on by
90 minutes. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
You’ve probably heard that Eskimos
10. MEASUREMENTS: What does the charts. combination?
Station see the sun rise
50 words for different types of snow,
every 90
• On Aug. 14, 1985, Michael Jackson minutes.
• You’ve Answers
the Mercalli Scale measure? 3. Dave
takes controlMustaine was a guitarist
of the publishing andto
rights but you might not realize that their lan-
probably heard that Eski-
the vast majority of groups.
the Beatles’catalog guage doesn’t have a word for just plain
Answers songwriter in both 1.mos
snow. ThehaveCincinnati
50 words Reds for (1975,
different ’76)
for $47 million, outbidding Paul and of snow, but you might not realize that
1. Morris 4. The Bangles, in 1986. YouDetroit
•their might Tigers
recall (’84).
language doesn’t have a word Ford, anfor ac-
McCartney himself. In the years that
2. Alex Haley 5. BobbytheVee.catalog
followed, He was—asked to fill into
estimated 2.just
tor He
fromwas 39.
plain snow. Golden Era, from
such films as “3:10 to Yuma,” “Blackboard
3. Cocoa Beach, Florida beat worth
the lastinminute
excessonofthat $1fateful
billionday — 3. •Quarterback
You might recall Chad Glenn
Jungle” and “The Big Heat.” You probably
PenningtonFord, an
allowed (2006,actor from
2008). Hollywood’s Golden Era,
4. The guilder (Feb. 3,Jackson
1959) whento remain
Valens,by didn’t
such though,
films as that “3:10 when he was
to Yuma,”
serving as collateral for several enor- 4.“Blackboard
Kentucky (1945-50) and “The Mem-Big
5. Member of Parliament Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper
mous personal loans.
born in Quebec he was
Jungle” and named Gwyllyn
Samuel Newton Ford. The didn’t inspiration for
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