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natitty on. the tali: and if thorn were any laws
eflablifhed by colons for the regulation of this gatot

in public, yet private pinks might be at libcrty sa
innovate at plodure, and agree upon whatever terms

of play were molt agrecable to their inclinations or circumllances. In this light (according to ( ts) Erg:

mus) wc are to confider the account, which 4o.
gullus gives of himfelf and his friends, in an epittle to Tiberius (13): kW,' fantaIN lainnun ,aresaeas.

herr et Wier tali; earn jallatii, at pin'


rut Jetties.. Nyirat, in jeweller false fingalas Americo coefferelua, pros toVedat aniverjos, rei Ventre.' jectrat. And it is obvious to remark, that (upon this hypothefis) the critics, perhaps, need not have
been fo much embaralred (as we find they have bem)

in endeavouring to reconcile this paffige of Sumonius with that other of Perfius (14) produced above.

1 awl) conclude with noting, that in order to prevent any fraud or flight of hand in managing the tali, it was ufual to put them into a box ( tir), and, after ()taking them together, to throw them ow
Thus Martial introduces one of theft tarriesaa, as recommending its own ufcfulncfs for
upon a table. the purpofe above-mentioned : kyereit ecentofirce mamas impreba nitre, taker,

Qpji;rr me outfit, nil nefi vat, part (16).
(1.) ma.
araplf. (s3) Swam C. Aug t. lab Marc L.eie. erg. se.

S. 3.. at Sm nst. oat. it. of. Dash. is loc.

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