Issue No 23 June 2017

Cousland Courier the CVHA newsletter

Welcome to our second edition
Gin-tastic! of 2017.
Remember the Courier is now
Thanks to the organisers of an innovative, informal and informative event, thirty or so
villagers and friends enjoyed some very fine Edinburgh and Lothians’ gins, on the only produced four times a
evening of 20 May. year.
The new members of our team
Led by Andrew, from Eskbank Trading, we sampled five different gin experiences, have settled in and are getting
mixing the spirits with tonic water and various garnishes, and learned fascinating to grips with the technicalities of
snippets from the story of gin. Did you know: editing and desktop publishing.
 It originated in North Italy? We are also enjoying receiving
 It came to the UK (mainly London) via the Netherlands? and reading lots of interesting
 It provided the proverbial “Dutch courage”? articles and information to
 That “navy strength” gin is based on an early health and safety principle? include in the Cousland
Courier. Thank you.
 Plymouth Gin was born to give the naval officers a more sophisticated drink
than the ratings’ rum ration? Contributions are always
There were lots of other, wee, throw-away lines, but you’ll need to hear them for welcome from any of our
yourselves when, I hope, there’s a repeat performance for those who missed this great readers on all Cousland related
time together. matters. The deadline for the
next edition is the 20th of
No longer will my bottle of gin linger at the back of the drinks cabinet! September. Don’t miss it!
Lesley, Jean, Kathleen, Fiona, Lindy
and Gordon

Lifelong Learning Taster Sessions Cousland Film Club PRESS RELEASE Some things inside this issue
The film club was given the Green Light by
Discussions with Midlothian villagers, following an invitation to each
Council’s Lifelong Learning and household to join the film club pilot. The Allotment News 2
Employability Team have led to great news is that we have the critical
plans for some outreach number of people we needed to justify the Local History Project 3
opportunities across Tynewater. investment in film technology, making it
financially viable. The pilot will run from SWRI 4
The first of these will be a October 2017 – March 2018 and will show six
Family History Taster Session films selected from a range of genres. Cousland Walks 5
at Important dates for your diary.
Cousland Smiddy Cottage on Subscriptions will be collected during the Greening the Village 6
27 July 2017 from 1-3pm first week in September (£30/person).
Ironman 70.3 7
Hopefully, other topics and “Cousland Gaumont” Film Nights:
venues will be trialled soon and,
 Saturday 7th October 2017 Library 8
if there’s a demand, we might
see a range of evening and day  Saturday 4th November 2017 Community Planning 9
classes being offered in venues  Saturday 2nd December 2017
like the village hall. CVHA 10
 Saturday 13th January 2018
 Saturday 3rd February 2018
Welcome to new arrivals 11
If you’ve any ideas for topics,  Saturday 3rd March 2018
please let Gordon Brown know.
Village Services 12
7.30pm (welcome drink)
Just text or call 07803 94 06 30. Village Day 2017 13
Dr Brian Ellis
Diary Dates 14

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Page 2 Cousland Courier

are not only beneficial for our own health, but they also
Allotment News
favour the local environment and wildlife. We are keen
on promoting the use of organic practices to the
Midlothian Heritage Week, 1-7 May 2017, drew a fair few
visitors to the Smiddy Open Day. Alongside the Smiddy,
the allotments were also open to visitors to roam around
and explore. The family that I met were keen to learn
about the different varieties of crops grown on the plots,
with particular interest in how tender crops fare in our
climate. Obviously, for Scotland, we do tend to favour the
more hardy varieties, but sweet corn has been known to
do well.
The visitors I have spoken with have all been impressed
with the plots and that we are organic growers. I have had
many questions about what 'organic' means and how the
crops fare against pests. However, I was pleased to
confirm that we are very successful and explained that we visitors, but also hope this will be adopted in the
have done away with inorganic chemicals and use gardens of Cousland Village. So if you would like to
differing organic methods, ranging from beer slug traps learn more about how to become organic, please feel
to companion planting to fight the thugs. free to come down on an open day for a chat.

Being organic is very important to the plotters. The pros
of ditching carcinogenic chemicals and toxic weed killers Claire Poustie

Cousland Real Ale and Poetry Society (C.R.A.P.S.)
Our local outings took us to the Levenhall Arms
Youth Club
(Musselburgh), the Tyneside Tavern (Haddington) and the
Justinlees Inn (Eskbank). If you know anyone who would like to come
along, please contact one of the organisers
We had arranged a Brewery tasting from Cross Borders below.
Brewing, Hardengreen, who unfortunately called midday on
the Friday on the excuse that their mobile broke down and
they did not have enough stock.
We shall try for another Brewery later. (If only we could Eileen 07851 297142
replicate our visit to Archerfield, Knopps Brewery, earlier).
Jude 07976 657968
There is no membership required and attendance is when Sandra 07751 505152
you can make it.
Tracy 07403 318395
One proviso, it is essential that I am informed if you will be
attending, by the Monday prior to the Friday visit, in order
to book the correct size of coach and also inform the inn of
our numbers.
Ken Carnie

If you would be interested in helping at
Rainbows please contact Eileen on
07851 297142.

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Page 3 Cousland Courier

2017 – Schooldays in Cousland, inspired by the final
News from Cousland Local History Project demolition of the most recent school building last year.

It’s been a busy year so far for CLHP. At the end of February Trying something new this year, the display even includes a
four of our intrepid members went to Haddington to take quiz – come along to an Open Day and give it a try. When do
part, by request, in the East Lothian Heritage Day. you think, for example, the school had almost no pupils
present because of an outbreak of mumps?
(I can hear you saying “Cousland isn’t in East Lothian – that
just shows how intrepid we were.) All the Project Team had
worked together to prepare a display on the Smiddy and In the Smiddy Cottage
Cottage, Saving our Heritage.

Everyone visited each other’s displays and we were
surprised when a representative of the John Gray Centre in
Haddington asked if she could refer to our display in her
speech. When she singled out our display from the 15 or so
present as an example of the “ideal” we were delighted!

At Haddington

The café we held in March raised much needed funds which
help us to create displays and keep the collections in the
cottage in archival storage.

This May we held an Open Afternoon on a Thursday, as part of
Midlothian Heritage Week. Even with this being midweek,
and an Election Day, we were pleased to welcome 18 very
keen visitors. Open Days for the rest of the season are on the
There was no time to rest on our laurels, though, as the Team website -
then had to set up another display on our chosen theme for Gillian McGovern

Now you need to be busy too.
The closing date for submitting photos for the 2018 Calendar Competition is 31 July 2017.
Not far away, you need to get snappy and get snapping.

Send entries to or pop them in to 5 Stewart Park.

Carberry News
I'm writing in support of Ronnie Weir's efforts to get the SEPA to take action against Hamilton Waste, as detailed in his article
in the March issue of the Cousland Courier. I have twice driven onto the site myself to ask them to clean up the rubbish asso-
ciated with the site. The rubbish blows over the bunds and from the lorries, littering the roads and surrounding areas. I fully
support Ronnie.
Barbara Wood

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Page 4 Cousland Courier

Cousland SWRI Cousland Majority Group
We started our outings in October; North Berwick Museum for a leisurely
The Rural celebrated their 99 Birthday at visit to view the town from days gone by, followed by refreshments.
the Laird and Dog, Lasswade and are now Our next few Mondays took the shape of speakers telling their stories, of
looking forward to their 100th Birthday. fishing, villages, railways, all with slides. The story of the Borders Railway
We would like as many ladies as possible was rather illuminating of what might have been.
to join us in our 100th year at the Rural in Our Christmas lunch was held as usual in February, this time at the Mercat,
Cousland. in Whitecraig. We were pleased to welcome everyone who attended,
including Laura and Bryant Hodkinson, one time of the Post Office/Shop and
now living in Haddington.
A fund raising Coffee Event will be held
to raise funds for this occasion in the Our last visit was in May, to the Town House in Dunbar, and this proved to
Hall. be very interesting as it also served as the local jail, as well as being used
for council meetings. The exhibitions were varied, so there was something
Date T.B.A. Open to All. for everyone, and refreshments were enjoyed at the Garden Centre on the
Dunbar by-pass.
Success was achieved at the Federation Meetings are pick and mix, so no need to attend all, but all very welcome.
Show again and hopes are high to maintain
this winning edge.

Next on the Agenda is the Dalkeith Cousland Real Ale and Poetry Society (and Cousland Majority Group)
Agricultural Show on Saturday 8 July at
Dalkeith Palace.
Annual Away-Day on 13 May 2017
31 villagers enjoyed the annual outing on Saturday 13 May, ably organised
The theme this year is Fruit and
Vegetables in Crafts. Work is well in as always by Ken Carnie.
hand. Our first stop was Robert Smail’s printing works in Innerleithen, where
Paul, Chris, Bill and Tony led us on a fascinating tour of the Office (a
The AGM was held on Tuesday 16th May veritable time capsule), Case Room and Machine Room. Some of the
and the New Committee is as follows: Courier editorial team were able to try their hand at print setting, selecting
President Jean Adam letters from the UPPER and Lower Cases, and minding their ps and qs when
Vice President Betty Anderson putting them in place upside down. When Smail’s published the local
Secretary Jennifer Torry newspaper, it took an experienced compositor 13½hours to set one page.
Treasurer Ann Kay In the machine room we discovered that ink used to be made from soot,
Members’ Tea Ladies Andrea Carnie lard and urine, and that each page had to dry overnight before it could be
Kitty Johnstone printed on the other side.
General Committee Carol Mitchell Next to Glentress, for an excellent light lunch in a very pleasant rural
A move upmarket took us on to Bowhill, one of the Duke of Buccleuch’s
Smail’s Print Works - the Case Room many properties. Sarah, Gillian, Judith and Carol led us on a walking tour,
treading on computer replicated carpets to save wear on the originals
underneath. Among the many works of art, the romantic depictions of
Dalkeith Palace and Country Park were particularly interesting. After a
quick scone and tea it was back to the bus for our last destination.
We arrived at Born in the Borders near Jedburgh in late afternoon. Some
toured the brewery and sampled its wares, some visited the ginnery and
did likewise. The hardiest did both, and the most sensible neither! We then
shopped and enjoyed a sumptuous meal in the restaurant, at a private
evening opening especially for us.
Many thanks to Ken and Andrea for once again organising such a sociable
and interesting day out.
Jean Kirk

The composting area at the Pocket Park has been closed for a short time to allow us to gain more space. Please do not use
until further notice.

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Page 5 Cousland Courier

COUSLAND WALKS - Ormiston Outer Circle
Walkers – Please show respect for the farmers’ fields and crops. Please pick up after your dog in the Countryside.

An 8 mile circular walk on quiet roads, tracks and paths. Time approx. 3.5 – 4 hours. Descent/ascent approx. 900 feet.
The route starts and finishes in Cousland Village and takes you through rich farmland and wooded estates passing recent
and ancient reminders of the area’s rural, wartime and industrial history.
Parking available, on street, in Cousland Village. Your starting point, the village of Cousland, has a long and varied history
documented as far back as 1110, when William St.Clair became first Baron of Cousland. In the 1690s, the Dalrymples of
Oxenfoord and Stair took possession of the lands of Cousland. The origins of a new life for Cousland date from this period,
with the construction of a model village, blacksmith’s workshop, windmill, pottery and walled garden. To find out more
about the history of Cousland and village life today, please visit or come back for a history tour of the
village and Heritage Hub at the smiddy.
Walk east through Cousland village and downhill past Hadfast nature reserve. At Pardivan Cottage, where the road bends
sharply right, go straight ahead through the gate. Follow the recently restored path, a daily shortcut previously used by
local miners going to and from the coal mines at the present railway walk. There are views of the Lammermuir Hills to the
right, and of Cousland Park house and stables to the left.
Turn left onto road at gate at the
bottom of the hill; go straight on at
Cousland Park entry, then straight on
again onto path. On reaching the
Pencaitland Railway Walk, turn right.
Along the way there are memorial
stones to the Bellyford, Oxenford
and Limeylands coal pits and
Memory Boards recalling details
from their working lives.
At the stone bridge, turn right,
signposted to Ormiston.
After the Cockburn Halls, turn left
and cross the road (shop & café on
left) onto High Street. Turn right at
the T junction (History Boards) and
follow the pavement out of the
village to the A6093. There are
benches for a rest and another
History Board here.
Cross the road to enter woodland,
slightly to the right. Follow the track
into the former Ormiston Hall estate.
On the left is a memorial to Polish
servicemen who were based here during WW2. The White Eagle of Poland and Lion Rampant of Scotland are faintly carved
into the stone and someone still regularly leaves fresh roses here. Keep left where the track forks, to reach the remnants of
Ormiston Hall, which burned down in 1944. Around the remaining walls and old walled garden are several restored or new
After the modern Great Yew Cottage, turn right along a track with a large tree trunk across its entry. About 100 yards along
on the right is what looks like a Yew hedge. Follow the tunnel into its centre to the Ormiston Great Yew, reputed to be 1000
years old. There is a record of a parchment signed here in 1474. John Knox is said to have preached below the yew, and a
flowery poem, written in 1824, speculates “Perhaps thy earlier shoots might form the trusty bow on Flodden's plain”.
Rejoin the path and follow it through woodland. Turn left on reaching a track and almost immediately right onto the B6371 to
Humbie. Take the first road on the left. Turn right at the T junction and follow the B6367 back down to the Pencaitland Road,
passing the North Gate to Preston Hall, which dates from about 1740. Cross the A6093 and follow the verge along for about
100 yards, past the old road bridge. Take the unsignposted road to the right and follow it to Airfield Farm and then take the
cart-track over the last hill back to Cousland village.
Pause at the top of the hill for a last view back over the rich farming country to the Lammermuirs with their 21st century

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Page 6 Cousland Courier

Greening the Village
Report on the proposed tree planting in Cousland Park (football pitch)
Villagers at the east end of the village had noticed a few trees had appeared in our park. These had been planted by
Midlothian Council and members of our community had been in touch with Midlothian Council regarding their position, as
well as the possibility of further “greening up the village”. A public meeting was called.

Notes of the Village open meeting held on Thursday 20 April 2017 in the Village Hall are outlined, below.
In attendance Justin Venton (Land and Countryside Division, MC) and sixteen villagers.
The meeting was chaired by Brian Ellis.

The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting, introduced Justin and gave a brief synopsis of the issue: the planting of five
trees in the football park without consultation of CVHAMC or residents. Justin then discussed the rationale for the planting
of the trees.
There followed an open and frank discussion about the planting of the five trees, some of which would grow to over 90 feet.
There was a diverse range of views expressed by villagers both in support and against the planting.

Justin advised that there would be trees planted within the football park, but agreed to allow the villagers to select smaller
native trees and for the village to come up with a plan of how and where they would like trees planted.

It was agreed that that we would meet again and draw up a plan for the park. This would then be forwarded to Justin.

The following principles for the plan were agreed:

– identify best location in the park

The meeting also discussed replacing a missing tree in the line of trees outside the post office and strategies to stop
villagers parking on the grass outside the Post Office.
While Justin could not resource major projects he could supply trees and some plants.

The meeting closed and the Chair agreed to circulate notes of the meeting and invite all to a park planning meeting.

The date of next open meeting to discuss and agree future planting in the park will take place on:
Thursday 15 June at 8.00pm in the Village Hall.
Dr Brian Ellis

Road Safety Tips
Please avoid parking on pavements in the village. It is hazardous to pedestrians.
Roadside parking, on alternate sides of the road, can create a chicane that helps to stop traffic from speeding through the
village. Care must be taken not to block access for large vehicles, though. For example, bin lorries, gas tankers,
agricultural machinery .
As Hadfast Road is a school bus route, all drivers should be aware of the current speed limit of 20mph.

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Page 7 Cousland Courier

Scotland to host newest Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh race
Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh Scotland will take place on Sunday July 2nd, 2017. Registration is already open for this exciting new
event and entries are selling fast. Some 2,000 athletes are anticipated to head to the country’s capital and the surrounding
Lothian countryside for this inaugural race.

IRONMAN 70.3 Edinburgh will start from Prestonpans and will feature 1.2 mile (1.9km) sea swim from Preston Links on the
Firth of Forth. Upon exiting the swim, the athletes will then embark on a one loop 56mile (90.1km) bike ride on closed roads
through the rolling countryside of East Lothian, Midlothian, through the outskirts of Edinburgh to Holyrood Park.

The athletes then have the spectacular setting of Arthur’s Seat to switch to their running gear and head out on a multi-lap half
-marathon of 13.1 mile (21.2km) within the Park, before crossing the finish line, having completed the 70.3 mile course.

With six events in the UK, Ironman has become a major spectator event, with local volunteers acting as marshals and feed
station staff, creating a real buzz in the villages and towns the courses visit. Ironman organisers provide donations to local
clubs who support the event with volunteers. More details are available on the website.

An event of this scale can only be delivered safely within a closed road environment, which will be delivered in a manner to
limit local disruption as far as possible. An overview of the course along with localised plans are provided with an indication
of the rolling road closure schedule. It is IRONMAN policy to communicate information as widely as possible to enable
residents and businesses to plan ahead of the event weekend to avoid unnecessary delays or diversions.

Information on specific queries can be answered via the email address ( or phone
number provided. A series of community group communication events will be held in conjunction with Edinburgh City
Council, East Lothian Council and Midlothian Council.

Whilst the race itself is one day (Sunday 2nd July 2017), the event is effectively 3 or 4 days for most participants and their
associated spectators as it is a requirement that participants register in the days prior to the event.
This extends their stay in the local area and therefore the direct economic impact of the event.

The Dalkeith and Cousland Overview Map has been delivered to all households, with details of the road closures.

Dalkeith and Cousland Overview

It is worth noting that the A6124 can be used for access to Cousland from the North and the South, but you will not be able to
cross the cycle route during race time.

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Page 8 Cousland Courier

Midlothian Council’s Community Team
The team works with local community-based groups and organisations across Midlothian to support
them to develop services within their area.
This work includes:
Supporting and managing a small & large grants programme, including supporting community
groups with funding applications.
Supporting Neighbourhood Planning across Midlothian
In addition to coordination and support of the Federation of Community Councils, the team also
support local community councils.
Armed Forces Community Covenant.
The Communities Officer for the Tynewater area is: Paul Johnson
He attends Community Council meetings and is happy to meet Tynewater residents there. He is also
happy to meet groups in the venues where they normally meet.
If your group needs support (setting up a new group, governance etc) or help with completing
funding applications, please contact Paul.
Tel: 0131 270 5675.

Winter Walk Caption Competition … What about ......?

“The infiltration by so many Mafiosi unsettled the dogs.”
Jack Kirk
"The three Britain's Got Talent judges didn't think much
of Gillian's Max Bygraves impersonation. David Walliams
was unavailable."
Gillian McGovern

Village Clean Up Day

Thank you to all who came along on Saturday 18 March to help with the tidying of our village and surrounding road verges.
What a load of rubbish! One of our keen litter pickers even discovered a dead snake in a box! Thank you to John and
Beate Buxton for taking it away and disposing of it. It really was a “hummer”!.
Thanks also to the young ones who came and picked litter from around the Hall and Beechgrove footpath. In the end, 27
folk came to help and we gathered 6 tons of junk and 13 tyres. Those who stayed to eat at the end of it all were very
grateful for the variety of soups and bread provided by Carol, Lesley and Kathleen.
CVHA are now supporting “Have you got the Bottle?”. This is a Scottish deposit returns system for drinks packaging.
Please help by supporting it, too. Here’s to next year and a tidier Scotland.
Robin Donald

Support our Mobile Library - Every Friday Morning - 09.45 to10.30

A gentle reminder that the Midlothian mobile library comes to Cousland every Friday from 09.45 to 10.30 a.m.
Mike, the new driver-cum-bookman, is friendly and welcoming. In addition to book borrowing, the library van
offers visitors free dog-poo bags and some services for those with hearing impairments, e.g., free replacement batteries
for all types of NHS hearing aids and, perhaps in the near future, a hearing aid repair service.
The mobile library service will be reviewed soon, and unfortunately, it’ll be a case of “use it or lose it!”
So, please help us to keep this excellent service and drop in on Fridays.
Lindy Feneysey

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Page 9 Cousland Courier

Updating Cousland's Community Plan

The current Cousland Community Plan Housing needs: Gordon Brown and Kathleen Donald
was published in 2014 (after Small single-storey houses or three/ are keen to keep our Cousland
consultations carried out in 2012/13). four bedroom family homes were Community Plan active.
It runs until 2019 and it can be seen seen as the types of houses needed
through the following link: https:// to keep the community balanced If you'd like to be involved, please let and sustainable. Gordon or Kathleen know.
Cousland-Community-Plan-2013 Further comments and statistics Your help will be greatly appreciated.
The process of updating Cousland's suggest that:
Community Plan and preparing for the Affordability is a major factor people Drop a note to
next one is underway! would like to be taken into account
The recent questionnaire survey about in determining developments to or speak with them.
people’s housing likes and needs was a meet future housing needs in our
first step. village. Their intention is to continue
Thank you to all those who responded. Some felt young residents had to to consult people on a range of
We think the results, from a 64% return move away when they needed a issues and give feedback on progress
of questionnaires, gave the following home of their own. made with the existing plan, to date.
major messages about housing in Some respondents felt that the
Cousland: current lack of village amenities, Help us to support our village's
Housing styles: e.g., no bus services, no mains gas, aspirations in the current plan
Single storey homes and one and poor road conditions, and shape the next Cousland
a half storey homes in low density possible oversubscription to Community Plan.
developments are clearly the preferred medical services and schools,
styles for any future housebuilding. poor wired-broadband connections Your assistance in this process will be
and lack of a shop might make the hugely valued.
community unsuitable for social
housing developments.

New Constitution for Cousland
Village Hall Association

At the AGM in February, a new
constitution was
discussed and agreed.

A copy of the revised constitution
follows on the next page.

This map (Appendix 1) shows the
geographical area within which all
residents are automatically deemed
to be members of CVHA.

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Page 10 Cousland Courier

Constitution of Cousland Village Hall Association 6. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM)
(As amended 23rd February 2017) An Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year.
1. NAME All members of the CVHA shall be entitled to attend.
The name of the Association shall be Cousland Village Hall The business of the meeting shall be to receive and
Association (CVHA). approve the minutes of the previous AGM and to
receive and approve the Reports of the Management
2. MEMBERSHIP Committee.
Membership shall be automatic to all persons-
An open discussion may be held on matters of local
Residing within the boundary as defined by the OS map in interest and guest speakers may be invited by the
Appendix 1 or Management Committee.
By application to and acceptance or invitation of the
The business of the meeting shall also be to elect a
Management Committee.
new Management Committee who shall stand for one
3. PURPOSES year.
(i) The advancement of health, citizenship, community
Twenty members shall form a quorum at the AGM,
development, arts, heritage, culture, science, and
including members of the Management Committee.
environmental protection and/or improvement.
Members who are 16 years and over will be eligible to
(ii) The provision of recreational facilities, or the vote.
organisation of recreational events.
(iii) The promotion of inclusiveness, equality and
diversity. All funds raised by, or on behalf of the CVHA shall be
applied to further the objectives of the CVHA.
The financial year of the CVHA shall be from January
(i) To establish or to secure maintain and manage a 1st to December 31st.
Village Hall and to co-operate with any statutory authority
in the maintenance and management of such a hall for The treasurer shall keep proper account books of the
activities promoted by the CVHA and village hall user finances of the CVHA.
groups. Two signatures from three nominated persons shall be
(ii) To promote the well-being of the members without required for signing cheques.
discrimination in order to enhance the quality of life of A public statement of accounts and finances will be
members through engagement in village life, and in available at the AGM.
particular those with special needs by reason of age or Accounts are to be examined by a competent and
other circumstance by working with local and statutory independent person.
authorities, voluntary organisations and the community.
The examined accounts shall be received and
5. MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE approved at the AGM.
The Objectives of the CVHA shall be carried out by the 8. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING
Management Committee.
A Special General Meeting may be called by the
The Management Committee shall be elected at the Management Committee or on request in writing by at
Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall stand for one least ten CVHA members.
Notice of such a meeting shall be fourteen days
All committee members may offer themselves for re- (excluding public holidays) and shall be given by
election at the next AGM. displaying the date, time and place of the meeting in
The Management Committee shall have three principal the Village Hall and at least two other areas of
office bearers: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. prominence within the CVHA area.
The Management Committee shall elect the office bearers The Notice must state the purpose of the meeting and
at the first Management Committee Meeting to be held no no other business will be transacted.
later than four weeks after the AGM. 9. DISSOLUTION
The Management Committee shall have the authority to co The dissolution of the CVHA shall be decided at a
-opt members to the Committee to replace any member Special General Meeting called as above and decided
who demits office between AGMs. by a two-thirds majority of those present.
The Management Committee shall also have the authority Any funds are to be distributed among recognised
to engage specialist assistance as it considers necessary. charitable body or bodies.
Management Committee meetings are open to 10. AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION
contributions from all members of the CVHA.
This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds
There shall be at least nine Management Committee majority of the members present and voting at any
meetings including the AGM per year. AGM.
Four members shall constitute a quorum at Management The Constitution will be reviewed every 5 years at the
Committee meetings. AGM.
The minutes of the Management Committee Meetings will Chairperson (signed) Date
be displayed in the village hall and made available on
Secretary (signed) Date

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Page 11 Cousland Courier

Cousland Smiddy Trust
Scottish Charity Number SC 00 94 49
Welcome to Castle View:
Derek, Louise and
Trudie and Millie
The Smiddy Trust is a purely voluntary charity that's been working in and Phoebe, the
Cousland for nearly 30 years. There are lots of ways you might be dogs
able to help.
The many local volunteers who've helped over the years are warmly
thanked. The Smiddy Trust really appreciates your efforts. Victoria and Mark
Radley and Alfie,
the dog
The Smiddy Trust normally meets in The Smiddy Cottage, 31
Hadfast Road, Cousland, on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.
However, the next meeting of the Smiddy Trust will be the Annual Jules Drake
General Meeting on Tuesday 6 June 2017 and it will start at 7.00pm.
A "normal" meeting will follow that at about 7.30pm.

Further meetings are scheduled There are many opportunities to get
for 1 August, 5 September and 3 October. to meet neighbours over the
coming months. We look forward
Anyone interested in helping us to look after Scotland's oldest to getting to know you.
continuously working smiddy is welcome to come along and find out
more about what we do.
Please think about coming along, even for a wee while, and learn a
bit about the heritage gem sitting at the heart of our community.
Congratulations to:
Andrea and Ken Carnie, proud
If you'd rather have a chat about getting involved, please contact us
grandparents of Isla June Carnie born on
at or phone/text 07803940630.
5th May, in America.

Gordon Brown

Phonebox A lovely daughter for Natalie and Adrian
Adoption Carnie .

Midlothian Council are working through
the responses to the consultations and will
contact any organisations that have Ideas for what will happen to
expressed a wish to adopt in due course. our village phonebox will be
This is very much a long term project and it discussed and shared over
is likely to take some time, due to the scale the coming months.
of the consultation being carried out across
the UK . For any that Midlothian Council has
been advised there are adoption requests I wonder if the Phonebox
for (I believe there are 7, and Cousland is Fairy will cast her magic spell
one of them), you can rest assured that on it again this year?
nothing will happen to the kiosks in the
meantime. I wonder what her name is?

ON: 0131 654 2370

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or 19 Hillside Cottages or 1 Hadfast Road or put them in the red post box in the Village Hall
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Clubs and Societies - Meeting Days Bowling
Majority Group 1st Monday in the 2.00pm If you are looking for an outdoor activity
that’s a lot of fun, why not try lawn bowls?
Circuit Training Monday 7.30pm Pathhead Bowling Club welcomes new
Carpet Bowling Tuesday 7.00pm members.
SWRI (Rural) 3rd Tuesday in the 7.00pm If you have never tried bowling, that's fine,
there is always someone to help you get
Parents & Tots Wednesday 9.15am started.
For more information please contact:
Youth Club Wednesday 6.30pm
Jean Adam 0131 663 6290
Girl Guides Friday 6.30pm Ernest Hourston 0131 663 5717

History Group 2nd Saturday in the 10am-12pm
month Anyone for Tennis?
There’s a great tennis club in Dalkeith, by the water
Rainbows Thursday 6.00pm
Milestones Thursday 6.30pm New members welcome. Coaching available.

Smiddy Trust 1st Tuesday in the 7.30pm More information at:

Village Trades and Services
B & B (Twin/Double Room) Kathleen & Robin Donald 0131 663 1821

Beauty Treatments Claire Wilson 07849 717 291

Blacksmith/Forged Metalwork Sean Cockburn 07392 791 202

Builder & Plasterer Clark Millar 07812 780 017

Child Minder Carol McArthur 0131 660 2315
Computer Services & small DIY jobs Tom Morrow 07884 125 126

Fencing, Railings & Metalworker Steve Gilhooley 07702 188 692

Hairdresser Christine Bolton 07909 059 905

Painter/Decorator Stuart Naysmith 0131 454 9707

Personal Trainer Phil Calvert 07525 046 436

Personal Trainer Gemma Chapman 07783 941 723

Physiotherapist Dougal Coward 07921 618 568

Plumber /Heating & Boiler Servicing Gordon Dunn 07850 246 810

Vet Beate & John Buxton 0131 654 2266

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning. Lisa Kerr 07759 101 099

Cousland Post Office, Hadfast Road. Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-12noon

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Village Day Competitions
Village Day on 26 August
Get ready to be a prize-winner on 26th August!
The children’s fancy dress parade will
Mrs Brown’s Bake-off
leave from the Hall at one o’clock.
This year, Mrs Brown’s Bake-Off competition for
the adults will be a Ginger Cake and a Plaited Loaf.
The official opening of the event will be For the children, there are two categories of under
at the playing field, as soon as possible 5 and over 5 and prizes will be awarded to the best
after the fancy dress parade arrives. Decorated Biscuit in each category.

Please could all completion entries for Mrs Brown’s Bake Off,
The day promises to be just as good as Jam Jar Decoration, Stems and Veg be taken to the judging tent
village in the park by 11.30 for judging.
last year, with lots of games,
competitions and all the usual stalls.
Growing - best three home-grown stems

Come and join the fun! Growing - the wonkiest vegetable

Best decorated jam jar

Dog agility

Children's fancy dress

2018 calendar photos

Throw the Welly

Catch the Egg

Children’s Races

Adult Races

Stalls at the Village day include:

 Greasy pole  Coconut shy
 Bottle tombola stall  Teas/refreshments
 Bouncy castle  etc, etc

The BBQ will be lit at 6pm at the village hall.
Come and enjoy delicious hot food and great company.

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or 19 Hillside Cottages or 1 Hadfast Road or put them in the red post box in the Village Hall
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Dates for your Diary Your CVHA
June Management
3 Plant Sale (Smiddy Trust) 10.30am Village Hall
3 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall
5 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall
5 Majority Group 2.00pm Village Hall Caroline Pearson

6 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage Norrie Brown
10 Cousland Local History Project 10am-12 noon Smiddy Cottage Tom Morrow
10 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy Brian Ellis
13 Tynewater Community Council 7.30pm Callander Pavilion Andrew McGovern
15 Open Meeting Re: Trees in Park 8.00pm Village Hall
Stuart Buchan
17 Summer Party and Games Night from 6pm Village Hall
Alison Vikis
20 SWRI 7.00pm Village Hall
24 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy Darren Sweeney
TBA CRAPS Friday Outing 7.45pm Outside Village Hall Richard Taylor
1 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall
The Village Hall
2 Iron Man Challenge 8am-1pm Hadfast Road Association Management
2 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy Committee meets on the 1st
3 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall Monday of each month in
8 Dalkeith Show the Village Hall.
15 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy
23 Petanque vs Tweed Valley (Away Match) Kailzie
Members of the community
27 Family History Taster Session 1-3pm Smiddy Cottage
are always welcome to
29 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy
31 Closing Date for Cousland 2018 Calendar Photograph Competition
1 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
5 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall Your Tynewater
6 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy Community Council
7 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall representatives for
19 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy
26 Village Day 1pm Football Field
Cousland are:
TBA Youth Club Returns Kathleen Donald
September Gordon Brown
2 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall
3 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy
The Tynewater
4 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall Community Council
5 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage normally meets on the
9 Smiddy (Midlothian Doors Open Day) 10am-4pm Smiddy second Tuesday of each
19 Tynewater Community Council 7.30pm Cousland Village Hall month at various venues
23 Smiddy Open Day 1-4pm Smiddy within the Tynewater area.
October Please check the diary.
2 CVHA Management Committee 7.00pm Village Hall
3 Cousland Smiddy Trust 7.30pm Smiddy Cottage
7 Community Café 10.30am Village Hall Members of the public are
7 Film Club 7.30pm Village Hall
17 Tynewater Community Council 7.30pm Callander Pavilion

EGGS FOR SALE At the Kiln on Quarrybank Road
Contributions by 20/09/2017 for next newsletter to:-
or 19 Hillside Cottages or 1 Hadfast Road or put them in the red post box in the Village Hall