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together with a plan of the whole, aa he believes it appeared in its original fplendor and perfedion ; that pofterity may not be deprived of informations, which are of fo great benefit and importance to all lovers of milked:um. It is tlfo raid, that the engineer [carpenter], who invented the folffolding, has made

an erad model of it for him ; which he intends to
publifh as a part of the work before-mentioned.

XVII. An Arcot., of a nem medicinal Well, lately dViovered near, Moffat, in Annan-

dale, in the Colony of Dumfries.



Mr. John Walker, of Borgue-Houfe, near Kirkudbright, in Scotland.
THIS mineral fpting was found

ma. out by one Mr. Willimnfon, a few years ago, when he was overfeeing a mine,

which was at that time carrying on in its neighbourhood.

It is bunt about frau miles diftant from

Mofikt, in the bottom of a deep fcar, which is on the weft fide of a large mountain called Haiti-ell, (tom which it has acquired the name of Hartle& fpaw. This fcar is a part of the mountain, thro' which a final! ftresm of water has worn its way to a confiderable depth ; by which it has laid open,
and expofed to view, the ftrata of the earth on each

ficle: snd in the bottom of this fru, and near to the brink of this fault brook, thc mineral water
fprings up.


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