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When I fa* it, it ismfilled of two timings, offdd were very well ordered by Mr. Williamfon, fo mat run front two wooden (pours, immediately at dna rife out of the 'kids ; which indeed matt be of wap
greet advantage to all mineral waters: and Jan. pis leaded them are many, whofe medial qualities wa greatly impaired by falling inns refervoirt, and COIF rinsing in them for fome time after they fpring from the earth. Thc one of their fprings was future abow

ten or twelve yards fotther op rho brook than the other. ; and dwy were then diflinguifhed by the names of the upper and lower fpruag : but 1 hvie been liner informed, that their (hawker is now altered. Each of there fprings did at that time run

nearly the fame quantity of water, which, as I
thought, was above an Englifh quart in a minute, and that during a feafon of very dry weather. As there are many inflances of mineral watew

Iptinging out of the earth very near each other,
which at the fame time arc impregnated with voy different principles; it therefore Waned not at all improbabk, that as thefe waters did appear to me, for (once part of their courfc, in different channek, they might in finnan refpeiffs be different firm
each other.

And this furpicien I found not to to

altogether groundlefs with regard to their fixings, as will be thewn afterwards. For which =Ion rt may be obferved, that the following trials were all made upon the water of the upper fountain, except where the other is particularly mentioned ; and ago that they were made within 24 hours after the watts was taken from the fpring, being carried to Moffat in bottles carefully fated.A coordieg

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