Scotland or elfewhere, that afforded anima& black

and Mkt colour with-galls. From which, J think
%se may.yenture an conclude, that the yam"( this Spaw contains a far larger proportion of iron than

moll, or p.a.,n than any, other chalybeat water
hitherto thkorered
and for this malion, I -dere (aty,

-it will liketvill ho fo much the more prthrable to
molt of: lets in medicinal virtues ; which has indeed already appeared by many Jeep-if-in cares it has

polorm, mod which, I urn reloaded. will MOM fully approx., when its medicinal areas (hall bc
better known. There mat needs be a very great quantity of iron

in this water, when it yields as deep a cOlour with galls as firong iblution of Cal Maras. 1 was-indeed atAril apprehenfiye, that dais roller -might not be
owing fo much to a large acid uncommon-proportion

-of chalybeat parts, 25 to the commixture of alum, which I judged to bc in the water. But we fee the contrary appears by theta trials : for alum of idelf affords no tineture with albingents, and, inflead of
-rendering a folution of Cal Mattis with galls of a more intenfe colour, rather makes it lighter and more dilated. Wafer hare,thalthoferwagineous matter is intirely

fereated fram the maser by an infufion of galls.
The like silo happeas by elitation ; after which it is

&loath &rived of its tinging quality.

let other

thalybeat waters haletlats quality by a much lefs degme of heat.

As these is an ochrous -earah-fernated foam all fletl waters, when copal-ad to the air, which (oblides to Ra

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