creator, whkh appears on arl infufion of ken the teafon of which teems to be the lois of the fukthureous parts of the chalybcat minerals by avolation, during the operations of the fire, whkh.thermacka. go in refining, It appears from the fifteenth exptriment, that the water of theft two 1prings contains a very different proporti. of this ..,mor : and from the that it o precipitated along with the ochrous parts, which happens upon the affufion of thck alkalint

Thc next trials were al quefl of alum.

Eq. 17. A quantity of the water being kept far fonk talle in a boiling heat, and after it vras cool being filued quite clear from its ochrous matter, it lbll retaincd a lubacid and 'luminous tafie in a ray
thong degree.

tI To an ounce of common fpring-water there scat added two guns of froth forret milk. This mixture being lhaken, the milk mixed intimately
with thc water, without any kind of coagulation.

The fame cap:rims-mixing truck with the
mineral WilCr, the milk, Upon its affufion, was fo curdled, or fcparated into clouds, that the greateli fhaking could mot mix or incorporate it with the
20. This experiment being alfo rnade with a weak folution of alustrin fpring-wamr, its effelbe upon the milk were not in the kafl different front thafelof the mineral watts. al. Andthe fune trial being again repeated with Sa

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