the water, when boiled and filtred front its oohed*, parts, the milk was in the fame

manner coagulant&
as before elixation.

2. One part of fwect milk being added to fowlparts of the mineral water, the milk fublided, and formed a cloud in the bottom of the glafs, leaving the upper parts of thc water clear. This mixture king heartily fltakcn, the milk mixed fo well with the water, that it appeared to be but a very little

23. When a larger quantity of milk was added
to a (mailer quantity of water, end even when equal

parts of the milk and mineral water were mixed
and fhaken together, them could be no curdling or
coagulation obCcrved.

24. An equal quantity of the water and milk being boiled together, the greateft part of the milk
was coagulated into a thick white curd; and the remainder, with the mineral water, turned of a pure

white milky colour, which drank like whey, and
was very agreeable.

ay. Eight gutts of &met milk being added to four ounces of the water, and the mixture boiled, pert of the milk was thereby curdled, and fwarn upon the top of the water. The ochrous parts of the
water were likewife Ceparated, and falling to the bot-

tom, their colour did not appear of a clear yellow, as ufual, but was fomething milky.

All their experiments limn& indicate the enitianor of alurn in this water. lt retains its aluminow idle, and coagulates milk, after the chalybelt parts arc ;Arndt all expelled by elixation. The coagulation

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