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Do not wear certain types of clothes

Do not travel alone
Give up your career for marriage
Learn household jobs perfectly
Adjust and continue if you are not happy in your marriage

These are refrains that you hear frequently if you are a woman in

Deep rooted patriarchy makes it difficult for most women to live a

life of freedom and choice, or explore their lives to their full

Since most people take it as a societal reality we have to live with,

there is a dearth of critical conversations and alternative
perspectives about the issue. Patriarchy isnt only about men or
boys. Rather it is a subtle system of social norms, beliefs and
attitudes in which we all participate

Our Mainstream Cinema and Media is severely lacking in

female perspectives and stories, while our movies portray
and perpetuate the same limiting and harmful ideas and norms.

Change is only possible when we provide alternative

perspectives, and when our cinema reflects female voices
too - telling their stories through their own eyes and in their
own words.

We need more stories about women: Honest, open and strong

stories, narrated by women. We need more stories about issues that
affect women, because stories have the power to change the world.

Cinema is the most powerful medium of storytelling today. It

has the power to raise critical questions, make people
think and alter perspectives on a massive scale.

Nazariya Film Festival, therefore, is envisioned as a platform for conversations

and discussions on issues related to women and gender through an open
confluence of art, activism and cinema.

The festival seeks to bring together artists, filmmakers, activists and thought
leaders, who through their creative work actively increase awareness, provide
alternative viewpoints, address complex social issues, and inspire audiences
through their cinema and art.


Nazariya festival follows a unique format where film screenings are

interspersed with panel discussions and talks. The films are slotted according
to the themes that they explore, and the themes for the 2017 edition of the
festival are :

-Women, Bicycle and Freedom

-Beauty, Women & Stereotypes
-Patriarchy, Nationalism & Women
-Women, Cinema & Censorship
-City & Women
-Sex Work & Women
-Gender & Humor.


Nazariya is spearheaded by a bunch of passionate

individuals and artists who believe that cinema and the arts
can be instruments of social change. We are on a mission to
change the world, one conversation/story at a time.


Every time youve watched a movie scene glorifying stalking

and cringed; all the times you saw the film industry
portraying a woman falling in love after the hero basically
corners her into it; every line, attitude and gesture that has
made you want to scream - knowing that these ideas are
harmful and are putting your loved ones in danger, you must
have wished you could do something about it.

We now have a chance to change that, to highlight the

issues, to bring to the fore and celebrate the other voices.
The Nazariya IWFF is the first of its kind in India, and promises to be
a unique experience not just in its format and structure, but also in
terms of the perspectives it brings in, and the variety of art forms
and themes explored. You can join us to make it a reality, and help
us highlight and celebrate the voices that are most marginalized.

We are an Independent Film Festival with very limited

monetary resources, and we need your help in executing the

We see our efforts as an attempt towards creating a world

where every woman lives up to her full potential, and not to
prove a point, but to be. Simply to be. And we want this not
just for women - but for Men, homosexuals, transsexuals
and everyone.