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Chapter 3

Research Methodology

3.1 Overview of the Chapter

The study was conducted to evaluate the ___(purpose of study dito byy and gawin
mo lang na mas wordy and detailed guro byy same sa binigay ng teacher niyo)

This chapter clearly defines the research methods used to conduct this study and
aims to outline the research strategy, research method, research approach, methods of
data collection, and the research process. In this chapter you will find the explanations of
how the necessary data and information to address the research objectives and
questions are collected, presented, and analyzed. Credibility of conclusions and results
are dependent on the quality of research design and data collection. Reasons for the
justifications for the research design, research instruments, data sources, and data
collection and presentation methods are given.

3.2 Research Methods

This study utilized the descriptive method of research. Descriptive research,

according to the Fluid Survey Team (2014), is conclusive in nature, which entails that
this method of research gathers quantifiable information that can be used for statistical
deduction on target respondents through data analysis. As a consequence, this type of
research incorporates closed-ended questions, which limits its ability to supply unique
insights. When used properly, however, it can help better define and calculate the
significance of notions represented by a population, which is why this method is highly
appropriate for this research. Utilizing the descriptive method, the researchers will be
able to analyze and describe the benefits of using the school library and school books to
enhance and aid in a students learning process. The procedure that was being used
under descriptive method was the survey approach, which is employed to measure the
existing phenomenon among the population and involves determining information about
variables rather than about individuals.
Type of data being used (meron kayo nito byy? Saw it sa handout niyo)
The study employed a quantitative approach by way of the utilization of survey
questionnaires in order to gather numerical findings. The quantitative approach is highly
appropriate for this study because _____

3.3 Direct-data Survey

Describe direct-data survey_
Aim of this survey is to reach the research objective by gathering relevant information
and statistical findings.
The respondents will be selected from Pax High Schools Grade 11 sections. Survey
questionnaire is used as the main tool for collecting data and information from the
selected population. Survey questions will focus on the determined research problems
and questions.

3.4 Respondents of the Study (tentative paragraph pato byy since di ako sure kung
ano method gamitin mo byybyy) (also byy past or future tense to sa inyo by???)
All the questionnaire respondents of the study will be the students chosen from the
two (2) Grade 11 sections, namely sections Saint Paul and Saint Peter, in Pax High
School/Kindergarten Inc. Sampling for the students will be determined through a random
sampling method. This method is being used due to its feature of entailing that everyone
is given an equal probability of being chosen and its quality that repudiates any prejudice
or bias that the researchers might have. In order to conduct this sampling strategy, the
researchers first acquired a list of the population of the possible respondents, assigned a
number to each, and chose the respondents using a random number generator to
determine the sample. The chosen respondents are then given surveys to answer.
There were a total of __ respondents for the questionnaire survey who were given
ample time to complete the survey. After collection of the completed questionnaires, the
responses were then tallied, analyzed, and recorded.

3.5 Instrumentation


2. Statistical Treatment
To analyze and interpret the gathered data, statistical tools were employed in this
study. These include the Likert Scale.

3.6 Ethical Considerations

As the research involved human participants to acquire the necessary information,

precautions and ethical standards were established. Such precautions and
considerations were administered to ensure the security and privacy of the participants
involved and were implemented in advance so as to avoid any future problems. The
researchers asked for the respondents consent. All participants in the study have
voluntarily agreed to engage in this research and were, by no means, forced to do so. In
matters of confidentiality, the researchers made it optional for the respondents to provide
them with personal information. Any personal information used in this study were given
freely by the respondents.
Ideas for this paragraph (because i have no brains to phrase it now) : Common courtesy
like permission, respect of privacy, confidentiality of answers, assurance that answers
were used only for research purposes, gratitude for cooperation, uuuuuuh loading
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