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God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Ps 46:1

June 2017

For people serious about getting well!

Traveling Here and There

Dear Fellow Travelers, There is a similar process we see here at the
Womens Refuge. The scared and broken women
In September of 2015, my husband surprised me who contact our ministry are looking for a safe
with a three day painting workshop to be held on place to journey to. They travel from all over the
Marthas Vineyard. I had never been part of an world seeking healing from the emotional wounds
intensive workshop much less in such an exclusive theyve experienced.
location. I was completely thrilled at the idea and
admittedly, a bit nervous. Thrilled at the adventure First, they have to make a decision. Am I ready
that lay ahead and nervous I may not be up to for a different life than the one Im living now?
snuff to join this group of accomplished artists. I Am I willing to trust that God has a better plan for
refused to let intimidation creep into my thoughts my life?
and dove into the delight of planning the trip.
There was a lot to do: decisions to be made, time Next, they need to make a serious commitment.
commitments to keep, the financial investment to
consider and of course, making sure we arrive at Additionally, there is an investment to be made.
the right place and on time. Do I have enough funds for tuition? Do I have a
family member, a church or a close friend who will

Finally, there is follow through. Am I willing to

persevere so I can live a victorious life?
Our desire is to give these women a clear direction
for what the Lord has to offer them and where He
wants to lead them. We show them a roadmap for
life, the Bible. We offer them an exclusive, peace-
ful setting where Gods word is the true healing
factor. We guide the residents step by step, to
persevere through the power of the Holy Spirit, a
free gift given to us by God.
The first day of my workshop, I was intrigued by
the process my teacher, Kathleen, explained to us Some may look at the Christian walk as a long
in order to obtain an interesting, finished painting. drawn-out journey but I proclaim it to be a lot of
She equated the steps as like traveling to an little travels, short trips along the way. Yes, we set
unknown destination. Without a map and clear our sights on heaven, the highest goal we seek to
directions, she said, youll never know where obtain but it requires a daily decision to follow
youre going to end up. Instead of randomly Gods leading, a daily commitment to stay focused
slathering color onto a canvas, she introduced us and on track and a daily
investment of time in His Word
and in our relationship with Jesus.
It was interesting to see how the travel and paint-
ing processes were so similar. Both required a Traveling with Him,
decision to make. Where do I want to go? What
type of painting do I want to achieve? Then I had Diane Ludwig
to make a commitment to stay on task in order to Director of Administration
reach my correct destination or compose the paint-
ing I desire. There were finances to invest as well
as being deliberate to follow through with the
plans we decided upon.

Sarah Finds Hope
Through the help of my counselors I have seen
God really soften my unforgiving nature. I have
seen God point out the people and things I need
to let go of in order for Him to break me. I have
seen my dire need for humility. I have also seen
God placing it on my heart to let go of control in
my life and release it to Him. I am very hopeful
this experience will help me take the pressure
off others to meet my needs and I look forward
to seeing how this experience will affect my
relationships back home. ~Sarah 2 week resident

Bridge Tournament & Luncheon

We had a wonderful turnout for our 11th Annual

Charity Duplicate Bridge Tournament & Luncheon
held Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at Sea Oaks Beach
and Tennis Club. I am thrilled with the success
of the bridge tournament this year. We had
more participants, more sponsors and more
prizes than any other year, said tournament
director Gail Reams. Along with us, she is thank-
ful to everyone for their great support.
The heart of our community
May 11th brought over 45 Keller Williams Asso- Our Ongoing Needs!
ciates and volunteers to the campus of the
Womens Refuge. This is a service initiative Sue, our groundskeeper, is looking to purchase a
where the organization gives back to the local used long bed truck for our landscaping and
community. We see a need, discover who can maintenance needs. Please contact her at the office.
meet it and get it done, said Michelle Fare, 772-770-4424
office manager at Keller Williams Vero Beach.
And get it done, they did! The crew, with their
bright red shirts, looked like busy red ants You can make a difference!
proclaimed Donna Robart, our Co-founder and While philanthropy is a way of life
Executive Director. A few of the projects they in our Indian River community,
completed were: staining our office deck and
summer months seem to be the
ramp as well as planting flowers at our entrance
most challenging when trying to
and residential house. Also, the main house
meet our operating expenses.
sidewalk was repaired, pressure washed and
stained. They left us with a big surprise: a gift Please help us help others.
of a new patio table and six chairs for our Your financial gift this season is
meditation garden. Every item needed for the much needed and appreciated. Please consider
projects were donated through Keller Williams. donating your best gift today! A donation of
We were overwhelmed and blessed by the $25, $50 or even $100 will make a significant
entire crew of willing and smiling volunteers. impact in the lives of hurting women and fami-
Our grounds look amazing and beautiful, thanks lies. Look for our insert in this months newslet-
to the help from the Keller Williams team. ter.