March 2017

Kathy’s Visit Two Week Come and See
Vanessa: “I came to the
Many of you will
Refuge out of obedience to March 2017
remember Kathy
the Lord. At first I wanted to
who first came to the
run back home but God
Refuge for a Week-
taught me that it is necessary
end Retreat 3 years
to depend on Him. Through
ago and accepted
Christ. She had
the structure and discipline I For people serious about getting well!
learned the importance of
battled depression
waking up early and taking
for most of her adult
life, survived several
care of my responsibilities. Today!
The Lord taught me who I am in Christ, and that I am
suicide attempts and Dear Friends, “We are the people He watches over; the flock under His
saved by His grace and not my works. He loves me
was a cutter. She care. If only you would listen to His voice today!”
just the way I am. I learned to appreciate the little I recall the harrowing experience of teaching my daugh-
completed our Nine Month program and returned home (Ps 95:7).
things and to trust in Him. I learned that it is neces- ter to drive in our great big, full-sized, van. Not wanting
to Pennsylvania where she has become self-supporting
sary to forgive those who hurt me, to release my to take her out on the busy highway, I directed her down In 1997 when the Refuge first opened its doors, I doubt
and continued to grow in the Lord. She recently returned
bitterness, and to let God in so he can heal me. It is narrower side streets where the van took up almost the anyone was looking 20 years down the road, and yet,
to the Refuge for a weeklong visit. She said: “This week
a process that I will continue.” whole right-hand lane. Looking back, I’m not so sure that here we are planning our 20th Anniversary Gala Event!
was another time of growing for me. My desire is for
was the wisest thing to do because she was so afraid of
others to be encouraged by what God has done and is We listened and obeyed His voice then, and we are still
hitting the oncoming traffic in the left-hand lane that she
doing through me.” listening and obeying His voice today. He has guided and
Emily: “The Lord has shown me that for most of my kept veering off the side of the road onto the sandy
directed our every step. Our mission was and is to
Christian life, I have relied on my own resources shoulder. It’s amazing we did not end up in the canal that
provide a Christian program where emotionally and spirit-
and depended upon people and things to meet my ran parallel to the road!
ually wounded people can find healing through biblical
needs. He has taught me what true submission is,
I don’t know how you learned to counseling.
and that I am to come to Him first for all needs in
drive, but I’ve met many people who
my life. He has shown me that I will be much more Today, the Refuge is a debt-free,
try to move forward in life while look-
effective in ministry going forward if I abide in Him, thriving ministry situated on 1.3
There’s Still Time—Don’t Miss It!! instead of doing it in my own power. He has given
ing in the rearview mirror. Somehow
acres in beautiful downtown Vero
they think the past will change if they
me strength and endurance that I never thought I Beach. Through the development of
keep revisiting the old wounds and
had.” both the residential programs and
mistakes. Instead, it keeps them stuck
the community counseling services,
in the mud and spinning their wheels.
Your Support is

over 1,500 women and their families

MAKING A Other people, like me, concentrate
more on looking at the map instead of
have been healed from their past
and received hope for the future.
the road. I tend to focus way ahead while trying to deter-

Today, the Refuge continues to rely solely on you, the
mine the destination, and which direction to take to
faithful ones, who listen to His voice and offer prayers,
reach the destination. The pressure and anxiety gets
time, talents, gifts, and financial resources to further His

One Life
worse when I think thoughts like: “Where am I going?” “I
mission. We cannot do this without you!
can’t do this!” “Am I going the right way?” “How much
longer?” We praise God that “Jesus Christ is the
same yesterday, today, and forever.”

I’m getting to the place where I just want to enjoy the
Hebrews 13:8
drive, today. In fact, it would be way more enjoyable and
less anxiety producing to let God have the wheel each Praising and Serving Him,
and every day.
Cheryl Wood
Director of Counseling Services

Finding Hope
Every day people come to the Refuge in search of hope in born again to a living hope through the resurrection of
a broken and fallen world where their lives are crumbling Jesus Christ from the dead.” Peter’s hope became alive
under the devastating effects of anger, abuse, miscom- again through intense suffering. Without Christ, those
munication, infidelity, pornography, and more. who are experiencing hard times today, Local church volunteers help with campus cleaning
Without hope, elderly suffer alone in their homes, hope is a fantasy, like going to Disney.
The debris at the Women’s Refuge was picked up early
addicts return to their habits, parents give up on
Let’s face it, suffering is not fun! Charles this month, the fence around the side of the campus is
their children, stressed and strained marriages never Swindoll said in his book, Hope Again: weeded, and trash, brush and leaves have been
reconcile, the sick and disabled and lost and lonely “We Christians are not living on this removed, all thanks to the crew of volunteers from
people lose the reason for fighting the battle to earth as care-free tourists. We are not
First United Methodist Church and staff at the Refuge.
survive. Hope is necessary for life. vacationing our way to heaven. We are
The project was led by Groundskeeper Sue Sergeant.
soldiers on raw, pagan soil. Everywhere
We define hope beyond just receiving healing from
around us the battle rages. The danger “The whole team from First United Methodist and our
cancer or money in the bank or our loved ones is real, and the enemy is formidable. staff was a great help, giving us a big jump on our
coming back to us. We see hope from a failure in the Christ died not only to gain victory over spring landscaping," said Sergeant. "We were over-
Bible who literally could not undo what he had Volunteers from First United Methodist plus Ted and Sue
sin’s dominion but to equip us for that joyed and grateful for their help, which gave us more
done, and yet was miraculously forgiven and com- fight—to give us the inner strength we time to tackle other pressing needs around campus.
missioned to go out and help other failures like him- need to stand against it. Therefore, we
are to arm ourselves with the strength that Christ gives Volunteers continue to be the heartbeat of our organi-
self. Peter said in his first letter, chapter 1, verse 3:
because our purpose in life is the same as His.” zation. In Colossians 3:23-24 the Scripture reminds us Every little bit helps
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that everything we do, we must do it unto the Lord.
~Donna Robart
who according to His great mercy has caused us to be Please join us in this important work – to lift up those Two of our residents recently received a generous
who are emotionally and spiritually wounded. donation from an anonymous donor. Because some the
Volunteer at the Refuge today! women who come through our program may be already
Today’s Prayer on a limited income, donations like cash, gift cards to
movies and/or local clothing stores help lift their morale
Dear Father, for many of us who are afraid, our voices and add a little sunshine into their world.
tremble saying those words: Dear Father. When we’re
Our needs:
If you’re out and about and feel led to pick up a gift certifi-
praying to You we are testifying that we belong in Your cate, just bring it by the Refuge. Every little bit counts!
family and You are our Father who not only loves us but “Remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small
Commercial Refrigerator is ever wasted…”
You will protect us from our enemies all around us. You
give us hope. Like King Jehoshaphat prayed when mighty Full Sized Freezer
armies were coming towards him, we pray his words: “O Stacked washer and dryer
our God, will You not execute judgment on them? For we
are powerless against this great hoard that is coming Protective fencing and signage
against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are Volunteers for workdays
Volunteers with office skills
on You.” 2 Chron. 20:12 There are times when we don’t
have the strength to continue, but we have faith and It ALL adds up!
hope that You will rescue us again and again. Sponsors or jobs for residents
On behalf of our board, staff and the people we serve -
John Newton wrote, “No strength of our own and no Thank you Regency Park, for your recent donation! In
goodness we claim; yet since we have known of the this picture, Deborah Hollenbach, Regency's Executive
Savior’s great Name, in this our strong tower for safety Director and Carrie Jones, Regency's Director of Life
we hide: the Lord is our power. The Lord will provide.” Enrichment, are presenting a $1,000 check to Donna
In His Name, Amen Robart (standing in the middle) Women's Refuge
Founder. ~ Brenda Sposato