February 2017

Recently I was prompted to look them as most important and putting
back at a time in my life that was full of them ahead of our Heavenly Creator.
turmoil, deep hurt, and enveloped by
hopelessness and sadness. My mind That was “yesterday”. Today, I am
immediately was flooded with the joyful in knowing I am not perfect. I
emotions that I felt during that time but cannot, and will not, be responsible
only for a brief moment. I was asked for others actions. I make thoughtful
what was different about my life and choices, with Christ as my guide, in
relationships now in relation that time determining what He would want me to
years ago. I felt happy, actually, when I do. I still experience hurt and anger from
inventoried my life now and saw how time to time, but knowing my identity
I have been freed from all of those lies with Jesus Christ, I have the tools to
negative emotions that had such a grip confront in a healthy way and be willing
on me. I saw myself as a more confident to forgive as well as ask for forgiveness.
person because I now know that my real Today, I have a choice in my emotional
identity lies in Christ. and spiritual health.
we see how being dependent on Christ
At the Women’s Refuge, we pray for can restore our spiritual and emotional Tomorrow, today will be my
the people that come through our doors yesterday. Tomorrow will bring me
and my specific prayer is a cry for them one step closer to God. Tomorrow is
to really apply the truth of God’s Word another opportunity to be healed and
Codependency is a word thrown
to their lives. I know firsthand how yielded to Christ. Yesterday is behind me
around a lot and many people are
scary it can be; the insecurity of how to without the
unaware of its real meaning. Briefly
confront someone and the uncertainty power of
stated, codependecy is a compulsion
we have inside when facing a new way my past to
of tackling a challenge in our personal to fix everything and rescue every- haunt me.
lives. It’s foreign to us to do something one – even at the expense of our Lewis Carroll
different; out of our comfort zone. We physical or emotional health. I was said, “It’s no
feel so feeble and impotent on our own. enslaved by this condition and use going back
And here’s the key: we’re not alone! We suffered feelings of unhealthy hurt and to yesterday,
have God’s word to guide us and when anger; felt pangs of guilt over things because I was
we make the choice, difficult as it may I had no control over, was living a life a different
be in the beginning, to apply it to our of loneliness and felt responsible for person then.”
others’ thoughts and actions. I was Diane Ludwig
life situation, we find freedom from our
Director of Adminstration
past dysfunction using God’s wisdom ensnared by sin! Yes, sin. I was putting Amen, I say
and direction. It’s a revelation when others in my life above God. Treating to that!
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Intern Natalie succesfully
Another victory in Christ graduates two-year program
Natalie’s life was radically changed by the Women’s
Refuge. For years, she was living a double life, pretending
to be one person in church and another one in private.

“I came for the one month program and ended up staying
for the nine months. I truly learned my identity in Christ,”
she said.

After successful completion of the Nine Month
Program, Natalie was accepted and invited to do the two
year Internship, where she was taught the many facets of
our ministry.
“I’m so grateful for my experience and thank God for every
“I got to work with all the departments. I’m so grate- moment I got to spend at the Refuge. ” ~ Natalie
ful for my experience and thank God for every moment I
got to spend at the Refuge. I would recommend it to every “Then you will call upon me and come and pray
woman out there!” proudly noted Natalie. to me, and I will hear you.” Jeremiah 29:12

Just before Christmas, nearly fifty people gathered here The installation of our security cameras is officially
at our grounds to celebrate Natalie’s graduation. At the finished thanks to a generous donation from Katie &
Refuge, we know God will finish the work He started! Ramie Darling with Darling Construction. The couple
recently saw the need in one of our newsletters. They, in
“...Being confident of this, that He who began a good turn, contacted All Technology Solutions to come and install
work... will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ a security system. Praise be to God for answered prayer!
Jesus.” Phillipians 1:6
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Katie and
Ramie. Your in-kind gift will help keep our residsents safe.

One prayer can change everything Physicians Symposium
Dear Heavenly Father, Your Join us at our 18th Annual Physicians Symposium on
March 10, 2017, where a panel of prominent local physicians
guidance has brought us through
will discuss the latest innovations in their fields and respond
another year. We did not see all to attendees’ medical questions. The event will be held at
the dangers that lined the paths the impressive Oak Harbor Club 4755 South Harbor Drive.
that we took, but Your grace Event host will be Dr. Alan Durkin, Board Certified Plastic
cleared the way. Your goodness Surgeon of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery and our keynote speak-
brought us refreshment and rest er will be Lori McCormick, Director of Oncology Services at
the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center, Indian River Medical Center.
from Your word, Your church and
Your people in the midst of the To RSVP, please call 772-770-4424 by March 2nd. Tickets
trials and testings we encountered. are $120 per person. Learn more at
A heartfelt thank you to our event sponsors: Premier
We experienced Your gracious forgiveness over and Sponsor Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery, Anna Nichols,
over again for our sinful attitudes and our actions. The Agricultural Services International, LLC., Artistic First
grief we felt was felt by You. Our cup overflowed with Your Florist, CenterState Bank, Costa d’Este, Dale Sorensen
generous love, acceptance and comfort. The road lies Real Estate, George E. Warren Corporation, Gould Cook-
sey Fennell, Hale Groves, Helmet House Construction,
ahead with twistings and turns that we can’t even see, but Industrial Services International Inc., Indian River Press
You are with us. Your rod and Your staff lead and protect Journal/TC Palm, National Bank of Commerce, Marshall &
us. You are our Shepherd. We shall not be afraid. Claire Evans, McCall Agency Inc., Patty’s Printing, Perkins
Medical Supply, Ryan Weaver Insurance, Inc., Scully-Welsh
Today is here, tomorrow is around the corner. I can Cancer Center, Indian River Medical Center, The Crockett
Insurance Group, The Peter W. Busch Family Foundation, The
almost see Your glorious eternity out ahead. Donna
Robert F. and Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation, The Wave
Kitchen & Bar, and Vero’s Voice Magazine.