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Applied Public Relations

Korbaki Ino
Tziliou Charis-Artemis
Comm. 140
Applied Public Relations 2


Ten web sites for reliable reference material are:










Applied Public Relations 3


Bibliography of 10 publications whose primary emphasis is on public relations:

Dilenscheneider, Robert L., editor. Dartnell’s Public Relations Handbook, 4th edition.
Chicago: Dartnell 1996.

Cutlip, Scott M., Center, Allen H., and Broom, Glen M. Effective Public Relations, 8th
edition, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000.

Wilson, Laurie J. Strategic Program Planning for Effective Public Relations

Campaigns. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 1997

Baskin, Otis, Aronoff, Craig and Lattimore, Don. Public Relations: The Profession
and the Practice. 4th edition. Dubuque IA: Brown&Benchmark, 1997

Harris Thomas L.Value-Added Public Relations. Linconwood, IL: NTC

Contemporary Books, 1998.

Wilcox, D., “Public Relations: Writing and Media Techniques”, 5th edition, Pearson.

Botan, Carl H., and Hazelton Vincent. Public Relations Theory. Hillsdale, NJ:
Lawrence Erbaum, 1989.

Coombs, Timothy W., and Holladay, Sherry J. It Not Just Pr: Publication Relations
in Society. Garsinghton, Oxford: Blackwell, 2007.

Center, Allen H. and Jackson, Patrick, "Public Relations Practices," 5th ed., Prentice
Hall, Upper Saddle, N.J., 1995.

Newson, D., Haynes,J. (2008).Public relations writing: form & style.USA:Thomson

Applied Public Relations 4


1) b

2) a

3) b

4) b

5) b

6) b

7) a

8) b

9) a

10) a

11) a

12) c

13) b

14) c

15) b

16) b

17) b

18) a

19) b

20) b
Applied Public Relations 5


Suggested Revision:

a) Johnson stated that the big money sport forces athletes to cheat in school because
they have no time to study.

b) Like other wars this war was largely a result of previous wars.

c) The war would have never begun if today’s communication methods had been

d) The mixture of oil and water produces a heterogeneous layered liquid.

e) Work can take up time but even so much time is available

f) We have met our enemies and have held them captive.

g) The machine can do whatever needs to be done.

h) The company has lost a lot of money in the past 12 months.

i) Due to the regulation the company does not need to apply a year ahead anymore.

j) If compressed natural gas is used by vehicles air pollution will be reduced to below
Environmental Agency.
Applied Public Relations 6


_____________________________HOTEL DEL CORONADO

1500 Orange Avenue Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 522-8490

May 21, 2010

Dear Customer:

Thank you for choosing our hotel to spend your holidays while visiting our beautiful
city. I would like to inform you for your reservation for next week.

Unfortunately, some extensive remodeling will begin next week in the hotel. Due to
the remodeling you might hear some noise and unsightly construction equipment.

The reserved rooms in east wing of ninth floor will slightly hear the noise. I reassure
you that the inconvenience will be kept to a minimum and that you will spend a
wonderful time at our hotel.

Tziliou Charis-Artemis
Applied Public Relations 7


Internal Memorandum

T O: Tsinavalou Nefeli, Stipa Ifigenia, Acharya Santosh, Ajazi Ornela Sophia,

Antonopoulou Konstantina Monica, Baikas George, Dermitzaki Marina, Dilveroglou
Ourania, Georgiou Georgia, Jalloul Hala Julie, Saakian Lousine.

FROM: Tziliou Charis-Artemis, English professor

DATE: May, 21, 2010

SUBJECT: Grammar, spelling, punctuation and keyboard proficiency (typing)


The next grammar, spelling, punctuation and keyboard proficiency (typing)

Test will be given on the 21 of May at 3A Classroom. You can sign up for

these tests in the registrar’s office.

Read all the material we have covered from February 14 to May 21. Please note the


 These tests are prerequisites for taking other skill classes.

 Transfer students who have taken these tests before should notify the

registrar’s and bring necessary document that prove that they have taken

these tests.
Applied Public Relations 8


The university of Indianapolis website is one of the most well-structured and easily

accessible websites I have searched; the content is comprehensive and easy to


The first impression of someone searching the university’s website would be

definitely positive. First of all, it is the colors, the pictures and the links that are

combined very harmoniously. Then, there have been attached basic things about the

university, such History, Philosophy, Mission & Purpose, Graduate and Postgraduate

programs, Calendar of events, and many other useful things.

The way the website is structured and the very informative content that it includes

definitely matches the experience I had so far in the university. The statement “The

University of Indianapolis seeks to prepare its students for life in an increasingly

complex, rapidly changing world. To this end, the University's curriculum encourages

development of the total person, including intellectual, physical, moral, and spiritual

aspects” shows the reality. This statement definitely mirrors my educational

background in this university as well the professors performance and all the facilities

included in it.

The information I found very useful in the university’s website is the “Mission and

Purpose”. It has very clear content and it is very important because it gives the bases

for all the other facilities. “Mission and Purpose” say’s, “The mission of the
Applied Public Relations 9

University of Indianapolis is to prepare its graduates for effective, responsible, and

articulate membership in the complex societies in which they live and serve, and for

excellence and leadership in their personal and professional lives. The University

equips its students to become more capable in thought, judgment, communication, and

action; to enhance their imaginations and creative talents; to gain a deeper

understanding of the teachings of the Christian faith and an appreciation and respect

for other religions; to cultivate rationality and tolerance for ambiguity; and to use the

intellect in the process of discovery and the synthesis of knowledge.” All these things

mentioned in the website are actually practiced.

Another part of the website very useful is the”Uindy Athens Agenda” that includes

a list of events that the university has arranged. The creation of that link is very

helpful because we can be informed any time about the events and attend them.

To sum up, I have to admit that the website is so well-structured that I believe that

there is no information missing or be useless or incomplete. It is understandable and it

has all necessary information that a student need to be aware of and especially a new

Applied Public Relations 10


USA is the country I chose to examine the CEOs. The first blog is by Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch and author of Lead

Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw-Hill) and the B2B Lead Generation Blog.

The second blog that I chose is by Demian

Entrekin who is the founder and CEO of Project ArenaThe third by Brock Blake, CEO of and serial


The similarities of these three blogs are first, the pictures of the CEOS, in the

upper side of the page, with some information about the CEO and the name of the

company. They all write their opinion on a specific subject, on the subject that they

are experts. Also all the blogs have the personal view of the CEOS and comments that

people and especially members could write.

The first blog I examined was by Brian Carroll,

CEO of InTouch and author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw-Hill)

and the B2B Lead Generation Blog. In this blog the main idea is marketing and sales.

Mr. Brian Carroll gives very useful information and exchanges ideas based on

marketing and sales. The blog is well-structured with bright color that makes it easy

for the reader or member to follow.

The second blog is by Demian

Entrekin who is the founder and CEO of Project Arena. In this blog Mr. Demian
Applied Public Relations 11

Entrekin is focusing on giving information about management and how to improve

the performance and alignment of projects and resources.

The third blog I examined was by Brock Blake, CEO

of and serial entrepreneur. In that blog Mr. Blake Block

discusses a lot of issues concerning many issues based on hid work but what really

differentiates him from the other CEO’S is the personal attribution he has and the way

he expresses himself by stating personal things . The blog had videos from YouTube

and pictures and the tone of his articles is very friendly.

I believe that it is very difficult to keep having a blog for a along time. The reason that

makes people devote their energy to keep current their blog is not lose their audience.

Audience is very important because they follows the blog and cares about what a

blogger writes. Also, by maintaining current the blogs shows that the blogger really

likes and care what he does. It shows devotion to their work. It is clear that the people

maintaining the blog have benefits. First of all, they are in contact with people, they

have a form of communication, meaning that in the blog they can write an article and

immediately people can respond and state their opinion. By that they can be aware of

people’s opinion on certain issues. Communication is very important, even in that

form because people get to know each other better and through that people might trust

them more.
Applied Public Relations 12


Technological Advancement Helps citizens!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in the pleasant position to announce you that the organization has received
$500,000 grants which will be fully used to double the computers in the libraries for
public use.

Due to the technological progress it is clear that everybody has to have access to the
Internet. The action of doubling the computers in the library will help low-income
citizens that cannot afford having a computer, to be able to have access in the web
without any charge. Accessing the Internet will enlighten them and give them the
opportunity to explore much information. Job-seekers will also be able to access the
websites that can help them to get a job. Giving a technological tool like computers
without charge helps the whole society to be technologically advanced.

The first computers that have been purchased with the grants will be installed in
the main library in the “ribbon cutting” event. This event is just the beginning of
purchasing computers for the libraries. In the future, more computers will be installed
and citizens will be greatly benefited.

Tziliou Charis-Artemis
Applied Public Relations 13


Newsletters contain news and announcements for a small circulation. The

newsletter I have chosen is the university of Indianapolis newsletter October-

November-December 2009 Vol.14.No.58. . Uindy newsletter contains information

about the Third International Symposium on Service-Learning, the International

Conference “Greece-Poland: Social and Cultural Neighborhood”, Recitals of Uindy

Athens Journey to Greece, the Preparation for the Career Day and information about

the program “Odyssey in Athens”. These are programs related with the university.

The university newsletter informs its reader about recent activities that successfully

took place.

The readers of this newsletter are educated and are aware of the University

system. They are mostly young students of the university that want to be informed

about events that took place in the university. Readers of that newsletter could also be

professors of the university. In addition, like in all organization the newsletter can be

used as means to get more people to know about the university and even apply to

study there.

Because the readers of this newspaper are mainly students and well educated

people, that makes the newsletter to be based on educational issues. The readers adapt

a successful work done by the entire staff of the university. Graduation’s ceremonies

and career day events are some of the university’s best topics that shows the

credibility of the university. The reader of newsletter understands that the university is

cultivating students. The conferences also prove to the reader that the university is

doing a good job in enlightening the students.

Applied Public Relations 14

To conclude with, I would like to say that the University of Indianapolis

Newsletter is well-structured, it contains much information and contents useful for the

students, the professors, people working in the university and other people who might

be interested in registering in the university. It mirrors the effective organization of

the university and the actual purpose of the university, to educate people. From that

team work, readers perceive the organizational success that is the goal of the