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Thursday, June 1, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 2 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1
VERONA, WI 608-845-9700

Verona Area School District City of Verona

Lamers aims
for clean, lean
finance operation
JIM FEROLIE comfortable in. While
Verona Press editor he considered it a great
learning experience, he
T h e fi r s t t h i n g y o u was happy switch to a
notice about a visit to the less politically charged
office of the citys new environment in Jefferson
finance director Brian County, where he had four
Lamers is employees and handled
his huge, finances for 22 depart-
clean desk. ments.
Despite a After five years, though
hectic first he wasnt actively look-
two-plus ing, hes downshifting
months on again in some ways. Vero-
the job na has a smaller staff and
catching Lamers
a more hands-on role, but
up on a its a situation he feels
four-month absence in the suits him better, with more
position, including audits variety and complexity.
Photo by Scott Girard
of everything from 2016 I like the bigger (cit-
Sugar Creek Elementary School teacher Jeanette Feifarek is retiring this year after 33 years at the school. On a recent Friday, ies), he told the Press,
she told her students about the importance of reading while introducing Where the Red Fern Grows. he somehow has managed
to find a proper place for n o t i n g t h a t h e s j u s t

Leaving the village

everything. bought a condo in Fitch-
Thats the sort of orga- burg after driving 40 miles
nizational emphasis he from the east side of Mad-
hopes to bring to the ison to his previous job.
finance department, which It was just kind of the
has evolved over the years excitement of knowing
Trio taught at Sugar Creek for 84 combined years from a one-person show
into something much more
where Verona is going.
Its more challenging, a lot
complex, requiring multi- more activity, a lot more
SCOTT GIRARD the veteran teachers who are usually ple people working togeth- things happening.
Unified Newspaper Group
Inside here the latest at the end of the day,
just because there are so many extra
er efficiently. Verona is definitely
that, and its also a recre-
That comes naturally to
It was well past midnight the night things that we like to do that we know Lamers, a Green Bay area ational-heavy community,
before Jeanette Feifarek started her Read about each of this are good for kids but are not exactly native who once over- something Lamers is just
first day at Sugar Creek Elementary years retirees in the curriculum. saw a staff of 93 people as excited about as an out-
School, and she was still setting up Through all of those changes and in Brown County, a job doors enthusiast.
her classroom. Pages 8, 13 initiatives, the three teachers said, he said he essentially fell
She had to call home to let her par- the time with the students provided into but never really felt Turn to Lamers/Page 16
ents know she was OK, so she walked moments that make them smile at the
to the corner gas station to use a individual students who needed a spe- end of many days.
pay phone there were no cell phones cial touch, Feifarek said. You just This little boy, in the last week of
in 1984. remember child upon child upon child school, in front of the whole class, a Inside Verona
Thirty-three years later, Feifarek that you have made such an impact in fifth-grade boy, he asked me to marry Hometown Days 2017
and two other longtime SC teachers their lives. him, Hook recalled with a big laugh. Memorial June 1-4
are preparing for their final days at the Theyve been able to have that I was like, Well, you know Im
school and not expecting any more impact in part because of where Mrs.? Day Inside
New parade route Page 3

theyve all worked for so long, as

Kids events Pages 4-5

nights that late. Getting started photos Music all weekend

Food options
Pages 6-7
Page 8

I dont stay anymore until 2:30 in each brought up how important peo- Fireworks Friday
Wenzel carnival returns
Page 10
Page 11

ple like educational assistants or cus-

Sunday fun runs Page 13

the morning, she said with a laugh. Each of the three took a different Page 2
I never do that anymore. todians are to creating an atmosphere path to teaching, but they all found it
Feifarek, 28-year SC teacher Mar- they loved at Sugar Creek. as their true calling.
garet Fuguitt and 23-year SC teacher In some ways I really think Ill Hook, who grew up in Verona and
Patsy Hook will all retire at the end of miss those individuals the most, said its no longer the Verona I knew Tennis,
this year, leaving the school with an Fuguitt said. I dont think our com- as a child, began her life in education
84-year hole to fill. munity knows the way they help us as a volunteer at her childs school in track
From the beginning (of my time out. North Carolina. teams
here), each one of them have incred- Over the years, though, the job has She was hired as an aide the follow-
ible traits, said principal Todd Brun- not gotten any easier, they said, as the ing year and the principal there told going to
ner. You cant replace those people. education world continues to evolve her to go into teaching, so she did, state
The teachers are finding that end- leaving them to adjust with each though it took awhile to get through
ings are really hard for them, as well, new initiative while still using what the required courses as she moved Page 9
Feifarek said, especially after having worked from past experiences. around with her military husband.
worked together for so many years. It becomes more work, because Fuguitt, on the other hand, always A special supplement to the Verona Press

I look at Patsy and I look at Mar- the more you know about teach- knew early on that she wanted to
garet, and I have so many memories ing the more you can do, and its so Hometown Days schedule
of seeing both of them work with hard not to do it, Feifarek said. Its Turn to Retirement/Page 7

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2 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Photo by Evan Halpop

Veterans aim and fire during the Memorial Day observance at the cemetery.

Verona observes Memorial Day

Veronas American Legion Mason-Lindsay Post 385 held its annual Memorial Day
On the Web
See more Memorial Day photos:
Photo by Evan Halpop
Veterans, including Don Wuthrich, attended the Memorial
Day observances at the Verona Cemetery on Monday.
tribute to veterans at the Verona Area High School gym and the Verona Cemetery on
Monday, May 29. A community potluck followed at Legion Hall.

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Now - June 6
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Its our way of saying thanks for making us part of your family and community!
Thursday, June 1 $1 Corn Dogs
Strolling Balloon Artist from 5-8 pm (free)
Friday, June 2 $1 One Scoop Waffle Cones Photo by Evan Halpop
Saturday, June 3 $1 Short Chocolate or Vanilla Shakes Megan Stern plays the bagpipes at the end of the Memorial
Day ceremony at Verona Area High School on May 29.
Sunday, June 4 $1 Short Coolers

Monday, June 5 $2 Cheese Curds

Strolling Balloon Artist from 5-8 pm (free)
Tuesday June 6 $2 One Scoop Turtle Sundaes 7th ANNUAL
Face Painting from 5-8pm (free)
Culvers of Verona 430 E.Verona Ave. 608-845-2010
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Celebrating 21 years as Hometown Veronas #1 place & Thrivers
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Special Summer Program for beginning students!

Join cancer survivors, those living with cancer,
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Offer good until 7/30/2017
Karate America Verona 1-3PM RAIN OR SHINE!
Be Part of the Tradition!

845-1333 535 Half Mile Road Verona, WI 1104 JOHN NOLEN DR, MADISON June 1, 2017 The Verona Press
City of Verona

Hearings include ordinance

changes, bike shelter
JIM FEROLIE Court was discussed by the Commission
Verona Press editor last month, with some questions about
the nature of the bike-sharing program
In addition to the likely controver- its designed to accommodate but mostly
sial review of a proposed Festival Foods welcoming comments.
grocery, the city Plan Commission will One ordinance change would put the
hold a series of public hearings Monday citys rules in line with the city-town
evening on changes to its ordinances, a boundary agreement that went into effect
rezoning and a proposed bicycle facility. last summer. City planning director
The grocery store is at the initial review Adam Sayre equated it to a housekeeping
Photo submitted stage and will not have an opportunity for move.
Local finalists of the New York Times student essay contest include, from left, Storm Murray, public comment yet. Though it wont be Another ordinance change might
Kathryn Porter, Maya Castronovo, Amelia Worley, Ragini Bora and Daina Kalnina. on the Common Council agenda the fol- require more discussion, as it would

VAHS student places in

lowing week, that meeting will have a remove the maximum size of the Com-
public comment period. munity Residential zoning code. The CR
The rezoning will allow the last zoning is the smallest in the city and was
remaining open area just east of Epic designed to promote affordable housing,
to be divided into 11 single-family lots. but Sayre explained that people making

top 10 in NYT contest The Cross Point plat, which has residen- additions and upgrades to homes often
tial bordering it to the south, west and run afoul of the living space limitation.
east, had been mostly gutted when Epic The change was discussed in 2016 but
bought a large part of the area to build postponed after commissioners expressed
Essay on lockdown Campus 5. some concerns about doing so.

ineffectiveness Essay contest The 20-stall indoor bicycle facili-

ty connected to True Studio on Keenan
Email Verona Press editor Jim Ferolie at
SCOTT GIRARD Top 10: Stopping Bullets With Locked Doors and Silence
is Already Pulling the Trigger, Daina Kalnina
Unified Newspaper Group
Honorable mention: Last Man Standing, Kathryn Porter; Send it in!
A 15-year-old Verona Where Are All the Rainbows? Storm Viridian Murray We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be everywhere. And we know you
Area High School student Round 3 finalists: Its Not Just Black or White, Amelia all have cameras.
wrote one of the 10 best Worley; The Asian Illusion, Ragini Bora; Deflating the So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the community might
essays among the nearly Achievement Gap, Maya Castronovo be interested in, send it to us and well use it if we can. Please include contact information,
8,000 entries in a New York whats happening in the photo and the names of people pictured.
Times student editorial con- You can submit it on our website at, email to editor Jim Ferolie at
test this year. or drop off electronic media at our office at 133 Enterprise Drive.
Daina Kalnina, who We really like this con- procedure, Kalnina pro- Questions? Call 845-9559.
entered her essay as part of test because it asks stu- motes the ALICE, or
the high schools Advanced dents to look closely at
their world and find some-
alert, lockdown, inform,
counter, evacuate method.
See something wrong?
Placement Language and
Composition class, wrote thing, large or small, they She points out that ALICE The Verona Press does editor Jim Ferolie at 845- so we can get
about the ineffectiveness of want to change, the win- encourages movement, not sweep errors under the 9559 or at veronapress@ it right.
high school lockdown drills ners announcement said. distraction and most impor- rug. If you see something
for school shooting situa- Change starts with notic- tantly, it encourages direct you know or even think
ing, thinking critically, and action from students and is in error, please contact VERONA AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT
To say that the drills
today are relevant is a mis-
starting meaningful conver-
sations and thats what
these students have done in decreases the number of
take, Kalnina wrote. They
do more than just offer their editorials. lives lost and helps me
5'x10' $38 Month
very little protection; they Kalnina decided to look sleep a little bit better at
10'x10' $60 Month
A Citizen Budget Input Session for the 2017-18
also endanger students and closely at school shoot- night knowing that if the Verona Area School District budget will be held on
ings, partly brought on by time ever comes, Im not 10'x15' $65 Month
teachers more so than ever 10'x20' $80 Month June 7th, 2017. The meeting will begin at 5:30 pm

before. a nightmare of a school idly waiting to become
10'x25' $90 Month in the Board Room of the District Administration
shooting, she wrote, that Swiss cheese, she wrote.

Two others from the class

she realized sitting in the Its unnerving that the stu- At Cleary Building Corp.
received honorable men- 190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI Building, 700 N. Main Street, Verona.
tion and three others were dark as shes been taught dents of this country must (608) 845-9700
among the round three over the years actually learn how to cope with
finalists in the four rounds tell(s) future active shooters active shooters.
of grading. exactly where were going Its even more unnerv-
Kathryn Porter and Storm to be cornered. ing that current procedures
Viridian Murray both fin- My school is full of say that they should sit,
ished among the 45 hon- able-bodied kids, and sur- wait and die.
orable mentions for their prisingly, a great chunk To find out more about
essays, and Amelia Worley, that has had experience the contest and read Kaln-
Ragini Bora and Maya Cas-
tronovo were among the 58
with self-defense and even
marksmen training, she
inas full essay, visit http://
Our Patients Say We Are The Best!
wrote. So why sit and Contact Scott Girard at

round three finalists.

The contest, in its fourth wait? Dr. Joe Beyler Dr. Steve Beyler
y e a r, a s k s s t u d e n t s t o Citing two news articles and follow him on Twitter Schedule Your Appointment Now!
write about any topic they and a scholarly article about @sgirard9.
choose. an alternative lockdown 115 ENTERPRISE DRIVE, VERONA 845-8860

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months from the last sale of securities by the issuer in connection with this offering, any resale of the securities shall be made only to persons resident
Verona, WI 53593

within the State of Wisconsin. This investment opportunity is described in more detail in a Disclosure Statement. No investment commitments will be
accepted until an investor receives a copy of the Disclosure Statement and a subscription agreement for the investment. Any investment will involve a
high degree of risk, including the risk factors that will be described in the Disclosure Statement. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please
contact or call 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement.
4 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Letters to the editor

Mount Horeb teacher suspension
example of male dominated society
Sexism and racism are at the tape contained audio of Don-
root of many of our domestic ald Trump bragging about how
problems in this country. It was powerful he is and allows him a
appropriate that Beth Maglio, sexual entitlement to aggressively
a Mount Horeb teacher in a grope, kiss and grab them by the
Social Problems class, used puy it should be an indicator
an award-winning documentary of how women are routinely mini-
which demonstrated the gender mized and subjected to the will of
inequalities and maltreatment of men. Trump was acknowledging
women. that he routinely commits sexual
I was saddened to see that assault.
Maglio was suspended by Mount This revelation should have dis-
Horeb district superintendent qualified him in the eyes of most
Steve Salerno after complaints voters if we live in a moral nation.
that the video contained visuals What did we do in the election?
that some might find offensive Trump was voted in as president
for including nude and graphic of the U.S. Women are over 50
images. percent of the population. Is this
The video has been rated example enough of how women
acceptable for anyone 14 years are minimized in our country?
and older. It is, yet again, an I would suggest that Maglio
example of how our white male have a class showing the above
dominated society is threatened discussed documentary be
by something that explores how required for the Mount Horeb
women are underrepresented in school board, superintendent Sal-
positions of power and influence ermo, all teaching staff and any Community Voices

Deflating the achievement

in America. interested Mt. Horeb residents.
A social problems class is a It appears this would be the best
perfect setting to explore how way to proceed for a culture that
sexual and racial stereotyping are has not dealt effectively with the
used to maintain the status quo of abuse and minimization of wom-

gap starts with your kids

a hierarchy dominated by white en.
men and the related attendant Bob Menamin
problems that are created. City of Verona
When the Access Hollywood

Send it in!
We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be everywhere.
And we know you all have cameras.
F or $6.50 an hour, I oversee
racial segregation.
As a party attendant for
children, I help host birthday
parties on the
gaps, according to the New
York Times article, Integra-
tion Works. Can It Survive the
Trump Era? Researchers found
that segregation, especially
Black and Latino children here
have become increasingly iso-
lated, with 85 percent of black
students and 75 percent of Lati-
no students attending intensely
So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the weekends in neighborhood segregation, exac- segregated schools schools
community might be interested in, send it to us and well use it if we can. a warehouse erbates the racial test score gap. that are less than 10 percent
You can submit it on our website at, email to editor filled with My coworkers and I admitted- white.
Jim Ferolie at or drop off electronic media at bouncy inflat- ly uphold neighborhood segrega- I know what youre thinking:
our office at 133 Enterprise Drive. Questions? Call 845-9559. ables. Ive tion in our workplace. We make test scores are miniscule in the
been doing lazy assumptions about a childs grand scheme of life. But racial
this for a ethnicity and class background gaps in test scores are alarming
year, and in as soon as they walk through the symptoms of racialized poverty.
between cut- Castronovo door. A vicious cycle results:
ting slices of These kids wont take the SAT achievement gaps heighten race-
Thursday, June 1, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 2 frosted sheet for 10 years, but their scores based disparities which, in turn,
USPS No. 658-320 cake and blowing up balloons, I seem predetermined. Data about limit educational opportunity
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices. have sadly noticed the lack of the great score divide com- and social mobility for minori-
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, racial diversity at these parties. piled by Brookings Institution ties, according to a Stanford
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
Seldom are kids of different shows that Asian and white University, Racial and Ethnic
The Verona Press, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593. races white, African-Ameri- students outperform blacks and Achievement Gaps.
Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593 can, Asian, or Hispanic invited Latinos on the SAT. But before Kids in a bounce house are
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to the same party. Before a child jumping to dangerous con- not thinking about their class
Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550 reaches his or her sixth birthday, clusions, we would do well to background or futures. Right
e-mail: racial separation has become remember that the test score gap now, they probably all try hard
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892
not only a daily occurrence, but is actually a result of segrega- in school. But, for minority chil-
something worth celebrating. tion, not individual achievement. dren, the deck is stacked against While a birthday party of only The racial homogeneity of them.
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper. one race in the Midwest is a birthday parties is an example
rather innocent affair, it reflects of the voluntary societal group- Maya Castronovo is a soph-
General Manager Circulation larger societal inequalities with- ings that contribute to student omore at Verona Area High
Lee Borkowski Carolyn Schultz in the United States. achievement gaps. According School. Racial segregation contrib- to another Times story, in New
Sales Manager News utes to student achievement York Citys public schools,
Kathy Neumeister Jim Ferolie

Millers is more than a grocery store

Jeremy Jones
Donna Larson
Assistant Editor Ms. Bass letter to the editor was concise, but If your group needed to raise money, you had a
Scott Girard not enough. place to set up and make it.
Diane Beaman At one time into the 1950s, Verona had four If you had a funeral and luncheon, Millers grocery stores: Millers, Paars, Grubandt and would donate meats and buns for the meal and
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick, Mani and Kuntsmans. All small, but catered to have done this for years!
Monica Morgan Anthony Iozzo, Amber Levenhagen, the families in and around the community. If you were in 4-H and had animals at the fair Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang
Millers has stood the test of time and has for sale, Millers would buy them.
grown and catered to the whims and needs of the Through the years, Millers has invested more
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of community. time and more money into Verona than any other
Could Verona handle another store? Probably, business. If Verona was a mall, it would be the
Woodward Communications,Inc.
but before you jump on that bandwagon, look at anchor store.
A dynamic, employee-owned media company what Millers does for the community and ask, Most of those who have grown up in Verona
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results. will the other step up to the bar and follow suit? know this, but many who have moved into this
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville Theyve taught outrageous numbers of young community dont. You give up on whats brought
people the rules of work and how to deal with you here and soon, you wont have that. Youll
people. If they were challenged, mentally or just have impersonal big boxes who take your
NATIONAL NEWSPAPER physically, they had a job. profits and send it elsewhere.
ASSOCIATION If you were challenged by wrongdoings but Too many other cities have had that happen.
were mending your ways, you had an opportunity Some have learned and changed that around,
SUBSCRIPTION RATES with a job. others havent. Lets hope Veronans dont have to
One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37 If youre sick or old and cant get out, theyd have this to do some years down the road.
deliver your groceries.
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45 If youre retired and wanted a part-time job, Bill Paar
Verona Press you got it. Town of Verona
Oregon Observer Stoughton Courier Hub June 1, 2017 The Verona Press
Shakespeare group presents Summer of reading fun
Library program
Taming of the Shrew kick-off June 10
While you never know
If You Go
What: Summer Reading
Program kick-off
Comedy performance exactly what kind of weath-
er Wisconsin is going to When: 10a.m. to noon June 15: 1p.m. and
2:30p.m., Construction
at VAHS June 3-4 bring you, summer always Saturday, June 10
and Demolition with Mad
seems to bring a good sea- Where: Verona Public Science of Iowa
The Fair Verona Shake- son for reading, whether its Library, 500 Silent St.
speare Company will books or Nooks. June 22: 4-5p.m.,
Info: veronapubliclibrary. Stuntology with everyday
present its second show of Wi t h s u m m e r a n d org
2017 this weekend, with apparently summer weather objects
Exploration Academy stu- still a few weeks away, June 29: 1p.m. and
dents Kelsey Pacetti as the Verona Public Library 2:30p.m., Animal Quest
director and Morgan San- is giving people a head start Build a Better World, live animals
dler as tech director. on their book list. which library assistant July 6: 1p.m. and
Ve r o n a A r e a H i g h Registration begins director and head of youth
School and EA students 2:30p.m., Truly Re-
Thursday, June 1, for the services Julie Harrison said
will be performing Wil- librarys summer reading is woven into many of the markable Loon comedy
liam Shakespeares com- program, which runs from weekly programs, includ- juggling show
edy, The Taming of the June 12 to July 21. Kids ing the drop-in crafts and July 13: 1:30p.m., Yid
Shrew, at 2 p.m. and and teens complete reading creative experiments, as Vicious dance and folk
7p.m. Saturday, June 3, logs for coupons and prizes, a way to give back to the music
and 2p.m. Sunday, June and adults can enter to win community. Teens can also July 20: 1p.m. and
4, at the VAHS Performing $50 gift certificates to local make toys for shelter ani- 2:30p.m., Super Awe-
Arts Center. businesses each week they mals or blankets for kids in some Yo-Yo Day with
According to a news read a book. need and do other acts of Mark Hayward
release, the show is about There will be plenty of kindness, she said, such as
a Lord (Isabela Oliveira) activities for the whole writing inspirational notes
who comes upon a drunk family to enjoy the next and sticking them in library
Christopher Sly (Rory six weeks at the library. books. Nearly 2,000 kids and
Swanson) and decides to It all starts with the kick- The Friends of the Vero- teens registered for the pro-
deceive him into believing off event from 10a.m. to na Public Library will also gram last year, and Harrison
that he is actually the lord noon Saturday, June 10, be donating $500 to Heifer hopes more people sign up
of a wealthy household. Photo submitted
featuring snow cones, face International for the pur- this year and take advantage
The Lord dresses Sly in Natalie Long performs her lines as Katherine during paint, a scavenger hunt, chase of one cow or two of all of the events.
the finest clothes, has his rehearsal for The Taming of the Shrew. crafts and balloon show by goats for a family overseas T h e r e s s o m e t h i n g
servants serve him, and Half Twisted-Half Knot at at the end of the summer almost every day, she said.
entertains him with a play. 11a.m. reading program. Harrison For a list of
In this play, there are two Petruchio, as well as that
sisters who both want to of Bianca and her suitors, If You Go Then the library will host
more programs each Thurs-
said kids will get to vote on
which animal is purchased
u p c o m i n g eve n t s , v i s i t
wed. Bianca (Alex Per- in a fun and comedic battle What: Fair Verona day afternoon, such as a by placing a sticker on the
ouansky), a fair young of wits. Shakespeare Company live animal show, music and paper cow or paper goats Scott De Laruelle and
lady, has many suitors, but Other main characters in presents The Taming of yo-yo and juggling comedi- display by the childrens Samantha Christian
none may marry her until the show include Lucentio ans. desk when they finish their
the Shrew
her older sister, (Katherine (Caulden Parkel), Tranio T h i s y e a r s t h e m e i s reading record.
Natalie Long), also known (Tianna Beckler), Grumio When: 2p.m. and 7p.m.
as a shrew among the (Isabela Oliveria), Gremio Saturday, June 3, 2p.m.
townsfolk, is wed. (Hannah Amell), Hortensio Sunday, June 4
In order to marry Bian- (Daphne Buan) and Bap- Where: Verona Area
ca, one of Biancas suit- tista (Seasmus Angell). High School Performing Easily
ors sets out to find a man The cost is $7 for adults Arts Center, 300 Richard renew your Ever get a helping hand?
who is willing to take on and $5 for students and subscription Why not give one?
St. online!
a shrew as a wife. Such children.
a man is found by the For information, visit Tickets: $7 adults, $5 Be a Foster Parent!
name of Petruchio (Kirk fairveronashakespeare students It only takes a few clicks
Grimes), and he is quite Info: fairveronashake- to renew your
the match for Katherine. spearecompany.weebly. newspaper subscription adno=524835-01

The play unfurls the love Samantha Christian com electronically with our
secure site at:
Community Care Resources, Inc.
story of Katherine and A Wisconsin Child Placing Agency 866-776-3759

11th annual Spring Fling June 4

Fundraiser for Andrea Lytle, Tyler Joppa, Richards, Lucy and Laure-
Rhapsody Arts If You Go Brandon Mortimore, Alex
Matzke, Annika Larson,
lin Jacobus, Caitlin Deutsch
and Julianna Olajos.
What: Spring Fling Gillian Cartwright, Asiah For information, visit
Amateur and professional fundraiser for Rhapsody Doyle, Seamus McWil-
musicians alike will share Arts Center liams, Claire Rohn, Jay fling-2017, email info@
the spotlight this weekend Hebert, Dakota Stewart, or call
for a fundraiser at Grays When: 4-6p.m. Sunday, James Bradley, Cecylia 848-2045. adno=524841-01
Tied House. June 4
Rhapsody Arts Center Where: Grays Tied
will hold its 11th annual
Spring Fling Party for the
House, 950 Kimball Lane visit:
Arts: The Band is Back! at
the restaurant, 950 Kimball
Cost: Suggested donation
of $20 per family
Lane, from 4-6p.m. Sun- Info:,
day, June 4. 848-2045
The event will feature
live pop music performanc-
es by Rhapsody students g u i t a r ) , D ave P e t e r s o n
and a professional back-up (drums), Ron Vogel, (gui-
band. There will be a silent tar) and Michelle Gra-
auction, drawings, prizes, bel-Komar (vocals). Ripp,
food and beverages, and who plays with Piano
kids and adults can also Fondue, and also recently
dress up like rock stars for a played in Fuzzy Side Up
costume contest. with Peterson and Vogel.
The end-of-school-year Also performing is Phil
fundraiser, which is open Smithburg, a solo acoustic
to the public, will benefit performer and bass player
Rhapsodys new and exist- from Philadelphia. Check out energy-saving tips for your lifestyle.
ing community outreach Student soloists and

See new technologies at work in our community.

programs. The suggested ensembles performing
donation is $20 per family will include Emma Hiet- Explore how we can create a more sustainable future - together.
at the door. pas, Mia Schroeder-Oyler,
The back-up band will Lynn Trinkl, Noah Litwin,
include Jim Ripp (pia- Denali Kraemer, Karson Learn more about our energy future.
no), Phil Smithburg (bass Baumgartner, Sean and GS3108 2/3/2017
6 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Paoli
Town facility tour Listening session June 7. 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Dane County Sheriffs Deputy Keith (608) 276-7729 Verona
The Town of Verona will hold an Rep. Dianne Hesselbein will hold a Kelly and his K-9 Rico, who will be Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
open house celebration for its new listening session in the 79th Assembly retiring soon from his job to track nar- Pastor Rich Johnson a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
Town Hall community center and pub- District from 5-6 p.m. Tuesday, June 6, cotics and people, will demonstrate
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.
St. James Lutheran Church
lic works facility, 7669 County Hwy. at 7669 County Hwy. PD in the Town how they work as a team fighting crime. The Church in Fitchburg ELCA
PD, with tours every half hour from 4-9 of Verona. The dog is very social, so seniors are 2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg 427 S. Main St., Verona
p.m. Friday, June 2. Constituents who cannot attend encouraged to bring their grandkids to (608) 271-2811 (608) 845-6922
Town Chair Mark Geller will speak are welcome to contact the office at
the event. Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m. Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
at 5:30 p.m., and entertainment will be 266-5340 or Rep.Hesselbein@legis. For information, call 845-7471. Narum
provided by J.EDS. Free appetizers and Fitchburg Memorial UCC Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-
a cash bar will be available. For infor- Healthy habits 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8
mation, visit Transforming fear (608) 273-1008 a.m.-noon Wednesday
The Alzheimers Association will Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
Kyira Hauer, owner of Kinda
Post office cleanup Kreative, will hold an interactive work-
present, Healthy Habits for a Health- Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
ier You at the library from 7-8 p.m. Salem United Church of Christ
Anyone interested in assisting with shop called Getting Comfortable with Wednesday, June 7. Good Shephard Lutheran 502 Mark Dr., Verona
the cleanup and beautification of the Being Uncomfortable from 6:30-8 They will discuss the benefits of a Church ECLA (608) 845-7315
Verona Post Office can attend an orga- p.m. Tuesday, June 6, at the library. wholesome diet, exercise, cognitive (608) 271-6633
nizational meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Hauer will uncover the ways in which activity and social engagement, as well Central: Raymond Road & Whitney Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
June 5, at the library. For information, we inadvertently let fear guide our lives, Way, Madison Laura Kolden, Associate in Min-
as use hands-on tools to help you incor- Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m. istry
contact Steve Reinen at 335-6033. and will help participants discover how porate these recommendations into a West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
to explore their own barriers, shift their Mound Road, Verona Fellowship Hour: 10:15 a.m.
Wedding memories perspectives and transform fear to lead
plan for healthy aging. Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.
For information, call 845-7180. Springdale Lutheran Church
The senior center invites people to them toward a more authentic life. Damascus Road Church West ECLA
share their wedding memories from Stepping On program
For information, call 845-7180. The Verona Senior Center 2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
12:30-2 p.m. Monday, June 5. 108 Paoli St., Verona Mount Horeb
People can bring photos, a story, their Meet K-9 Rico
The senior center is offering infor- (608) 819-6451 (608) 437-3493
mation about the Stepping On program,
wedding dress, veil or tuxedo. All items The senior center will feature a from 10:30-11 a.m. Thursday, June 8. Pastor Jeff Jacobs
will be displayed. Cake and punch will canine presentation for its next TRIAD For information, call 845-7471. Pastor Justin Burge Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
be served. To RSVP, call 845-7471. meeting from 10-11 a.m. Wednesday, Sunday: 10 a.m.
Sugar River United Methodist
Memorial Baptist Church Church
201 S. Main St., Verona 415 W. Verona Ave., Verona
Community calendar (608) 845-7125
(608) 845-5855,
Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Thursday, June 1 4654 Maple Grove Dr., iceagetrail. Lane, 848-2045 Sunday: 10:15 a.m. Pastor Gary Holmes
Verona Hometown Days org 9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
Monday, June 5 Redeemer Bible Fellowship worship.
9 a.m., Summer reading program 8:30-9:15 a.m., Boot Camp for a
Cause, Hometown USA Community 12:30-2 p.m., Wedding Days 130 N. Franklin St., Verona Sunday School available during
sign-up begins, library, 845-7180 Reception (RSVP), senior center, (608)848-1836 worship. Refreshments and fellow-
10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Red Park, 622-9100 ship are between services.
845-7471 Pastor Dwight R. Wise
Cross Blood Drive, library, red- 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitch-
en free community meal, BPNN, 6:30 p.m., Plan Commission, Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship West Madison Bible Church, 1-800-733-2767 Verona City Center, 848-9943 2920 Hwy. M, Verona
6-7 p.m., Evening Caregiver Sup- Resurrection Lutheran Church (608) 845-9518
port Group (repeats first and third 2 and 7 p.m., Fair Verona Tuesday, June 6 WELS
6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
Thursdays; refreshments 5:30-6 Shakespeare Company presents 3:30-7:30 p.m., Verona Farmers (608) 848-4965 Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
p.m.), senior center, 845-7471 Taming of the Shrew ($7 Market, Hometown Junction Park, Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
adults, $5 students, kids), Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant
Friday, June 2 VAHS, 300 Richard St., 5-6 p.m., Listening session with
Pastor Benjamin Phelps Zwingli United Church of
Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Christ
Verona Hometown Days fairveronashakespearecompany. Rep. Dianne Hesselbein, 7669 Sunday: 9 a.m. Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
1-3 p.m., Friday Movie: A Dogs County Hwy. PD, 266-5340 (608) 832-6677
Purpose, senior center, 845-7471 Sunday, June 4 6:30-8 p.m., Getting Comfortable
St. Christopher Catholic Parish Pastor Brad Brookins
St. Andrew Church Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
4-9 p.m., Verona Town Hall open Verona Hometown Days with Being Uncomfortable, library, 301 N. Main St., Verona
house, 7669 County Hwy. PD, town. 845-7180 St. William Church Zwingli United Church of 8:30 a.m., Robs Sugar River 1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli Christ
5:30-8:30 p.m., Library brat sale
Ramble, Grundahl Park, Mount Wednesday, June 7 (608) 845-6613 Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
Horeb, Through June 28, Purl the Ped- (608)845-5641
fundraiser, Wisconsin Brewing Fr. William Vernon, pastor Rev. Sara Thiessen
Company, 1079 American Way, 2 p.m., Taming of the Shrew, aler and her Yarn-Bombed Bike art Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship
845-7180 VAHS, 300 Richard St., display, library, 845-7180 Verona
fairveronashakespearecompany. 10-11 a.m., TRIAD Meeting: Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William,
Saturday, June 3 Canine presentation, senior center,
Verona Hometown Days 4-6 p.m., Spring Fling for the Arts 845-7471
8 a.m., Ice Age Trail Alliance hike- Rhapsody Arts Center fundraiser, 7-8 p.m., Healthy Habits for a
a-thon, Badger Prairie County Park, Grays Tied House, 950 Kimball Healthier You, library, 845-7180 Emptying the Dishwasher

Whats on VHAT-98 I recently had houseguests who stayed with me for

several weeks. It was a blessing to share my house with
Thursday, June 1 Boys Basketball Senior Center 10 p.m. Identity Theft at these good friends who I have known and loved for many
7 a.m. Identity Theft at 1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Senior Center years, but our different habits of loading and unloading
Senior Center Football Football 11 p.m. Storytelling at the dishwasher became a source of real annoyance. It
8 a.m. Zumba Gold 4:30 p.m. Local 6:30 p.m. Plan Commission Senior Center wasnt that they were leaving dishes in the sink, but that
9 a.m. Daily Exercise Archaeology at Historical Live Thursday, June 8 they had the habit of turning the dishwasher off before
10 a.m. Storytelling at Society 9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 7 a.m. Identity Theft at they left the house, so I couldnt always tell whether the
Senior Center 6 p.m. Common Council 10 p.m. Identity Theft at Senior Center dishes had been done or not. Eventually we had to talk
2 p.m. Zumba Gold from 5-08-17 Senior Center 8 a.m. Zumba Gold about it and figure out a way to keep all of us happy.
3 p.m. Daily Exercise 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 11 p.m. Storytelling at 9 a.m. Daily Exercise Loading and unloading the dishwasher is one of those
4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk Boys Basketball Senior Center 10 a.m. Storytelling at ordinary acts of kindness and consideration that goes
at Senior Center 10 p.m. Local Archaeology Tuesday, June 6 Senior Center a long way towards keeping our relations smooth and
5 p.m. Harp Music at at Historical Society 7 a.m. Identity Theft at 3 p.m. Daily Exercise friendly. These are the kinds of things that considerate
Senior Center 11 p.m. Storytelling at Senior Center 4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk people do as a part of their everyday life. Never underes-
6 p.m. Salem Church Senior Center 10 a.m. Zumba Gold at Senior Center timate the importance of these minor things like loading
Service Sunday, June 4 9 a.m. Daily Exercise 5 p.m. Harp Music at and unloading the dishwasher. What else in your every-
7 p.m. Natural Nutriants at 7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 10 a.m. Storytelling at Senior Center day life has the potential to irritate those around you?
Senior Center 9 a.m. Resurrection Senior Center 6 p.m. Salem Church Christian love is sometimes seen in the smallest details,
8 p.m. Daily Exercise Church 2 p.m. Zumba Gold Service such as whether you hang up your coat when you come
9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep 10 a.m. Salem Church 3 p.m. Daily Exercise 7 p.m. Natural Nutriants at inside, or whether you replace the roll of toilet paper.
Changes at Senior Center Service 4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk Senior Center Christopher Simon
10 p.m. Local Archaeology Noon Common Council at Senior Center 8 p.m. Daily Exercise
at Historical Society from 5-22-17 5 p.m. Harp Music at 9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep Therefore, as Gods chosen people, holy and dearly
Friday, June 2 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Senior Center Changes at Senior Center loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness,
7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk Boys Basketball 6 p.m. Resurrection 10 p.m. Local Archaeology humility, gentleness and patience.
at Senior Center 4:30 p.m. Local Church at Historical Society Colossians 3:12 NIV
1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep Archaeology at Historical 8 p.m. Natural Nutriants at
Changes at Senior Center Society Senior Center
3 p.m. Verona 91-92
Boys Basketball
6 p.m. Common Council
from 5-22-17
9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep
Changes at Senior Center
Support groups
4 p.m. Harp Music at 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 10 p.m. Local Archaeology AA Meeting, senior cen-
Senior Center Boys Basketball at Historical Society ter, Thursdays at 1 p.m.

5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 10 p.m. Local Archaeology Wednesday, June 7


Football at Historical Society 7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk Caregivers Support

Group, senior center, first 430 E. Verona Ave.
8:30 p.m. Men of 11 p.m. Storytelling at at Senior Center
Blackhawk at Senior Center Senior Center 1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep and third Tuesday, 10 a.m. 845-2010
10 p.m. Identity Theft at Monday, June 5 Changes at Senior Center Healthy Lifestyles
Senior Center 7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Group meeting, senior Call 845-9559
11 p.m. Storytelling at at Senior Center Boys Basketball center, second Thursday
Senior Center 1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep 5 p.m. Common Council from 10:30 a.m. to advertise on the
Saturday, June 3 Changes at Senior Center from 5-22-17 Parkinsons Group, Verona Press
8 a.m. Common Council 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 7 p.m. Capital City Band senior center, third
from 5-22-17 Boys Basketball 8 p.m. Men of Blackhawk Friday at 10 a.m. church page
11 a.m. Verona 91-92 4 p.m. Harp Music at at Senior Center adno=509310-01 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Photos by Scott Girard

Margaret Fuguitt, retiring this year from Sugar Creek Ele-
mentary School after 28 years teaching there, reads Aman- Patsy Hook, a Verona native who will retire this year from Retiring Sugar Creek Elementary School teacher Jeanette
da Beans Amazing Dream to her students on a recent teaching at Sugar Creek Elementary School after 23 years, Feifarek asks her students to give a thumbs up on a recent
Thursday morning. works with Reed Crunk on a recent assignment. Friday morning outside.

Retirement: All three retirees started with callings for helping people in different industries
Continued from page 1 to kids, I absolutely loved to be that, Brunner said. advancement, theres plenty else eyes and see that theres value
around kids. He called Hook a consummate thats changed that has a direct in a varied approach, Feifarek
teach and started her career in volunteer for her work on ini- effect on the way their students said. Children are so varied, one
A village tiatives outside of her normal job learn. approach doesnt fit all.
Ohio. At that first job, she was
hired the day before the first day Once they had all settled on duties, labeled Fuguitt an expert Its incredible, Fuguitt said, Through that recognition, each
of school, leaving her scrambling teaching, though, they needed at evaluating processes and ensur- recalling having to reserve mov- has been able to make a differ-
to set up her classroom and pre- to find a place that fostered their ing lists and communications are ies and projectors months ahead ence in hundreds of lives and
pare for school. passions. Decades later, its clear complete before they go out to of time. When I think about all experience moments that made
Since coming to Sugar Creek, Sugar Creek was that place. parents and described Feifarek as the technology thats in just our all of the work and adjustments
shes taught almost every grade This is a great school, Fei- warm and loving and all-encom- everyday life now as educators worthwhile. Feifarek recalled on
Im licensed for, and enjoyed the farek said. Everyone just cares. passing of her kids. that we never had before. a recent Thursday how a student
different experience with kids at You get that feeling the minute Those are attributes I hope to Those advances have also had made a day full of little hard
varying ages. you walk in, added Hook, who find in any new person they come with what Feifarek called moments for her much better by
Feifarek also felt a calling early began here as a building substi- just each in their own way go to the cyclical nature of teaching the time the bell rang by sharing a
on for helping people, but it led tute before becoming a full-time an extreme, Brunner said. That philosophies going in and out of poem he had written.
her instead to nursing school. teacher. comes from years of being a mas- style throughout the years. He wrote, as his ending poem,
In her last semester at nursing Fuguitt said she has the experi- ter teacher. You as a veteran teacher have a tribute to me about why it had
school, though, she realized she ence to know what a good school this eye that you know there were been such a good year because I
did not love the job, and decided looks like, as well, having taught Changing times certain things from each approach had taught him reading and learn-
to start over and work toward her at a poor, urban school as well Their time in education has that were quite nice, Feifarek ing were good things, she said.
teaching degree to be around kids as a private, more upscale setting seen plenty of changes, includ- said. Sometimes that key is bal- Even though he was happy for
again. before coming to Sugar Creek. ing that a trip to the corner store ance. summer, he was never gonna for-
As a young girl, I was like this She found the school to be a good wont be required if they have to That idea helps them reach each get me.

Mary Poppins of my neighbor- blend of whats important in edu- stay late. of their students using whatever Contact Scott Girard at ungre-
hood, she said. I loved to read cation. While phone accessibili- the kids responded well to. and follow
They each deserve credit for ty is one area of technological You have to look with sage him on Twitter @sgirard9.

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8 The Verona Press
June 1, 2017
Retirement Questionnaires

Sheila Stenseth
Hometown: Viola
Kim Elizabeth Schwenn
Hometown: Crivitz perform their favorite songs in front most of a teachers energy, which isnt
Education: UW-Madison, Bachelors Education: Bachelor of the entire school, with props and the way it should be.
in Secondary Education of Science Degree in all! It was great to see an entire school What will you miss about teaching?
Position: Teacher Elementary and Special laugh and share their silliness what I will miss teaching the students that
School: Exploration Academy High Education UW-Eau an incredible, memorable experience. are excited about learning. Along with
School Claire; Masters Degree It created a positive atmosphere with- that, I will miss being an active mem-
Years in education: 22 in Educational Adminis- in the school and was quite the morale ber of the VASD family, advocating for
Years in VASD: 21 tration National Uni- builder with staff and students alike. a strong and successful education for all
What inspired you to get into educa- Stenseth versity Palm Springs, Schwenn What are some of the top challeng- students.
tion? CA es facing educators today? Why are you retiring now?
I have always loved learning and working with kids. Position: 7th grade Language Arts Unfortunately, there are many chal- I am not retiring because Im tired of
Teaching was always my passion. teacher lenges that face educators today. I teaching. Unfortunately, I am retiring
What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD? School: Savanna Oaks Middle have taught for a long time and have because of the challenges teachers face
Years ago during Homecoming week, the female staff School never quite experienced what we are every day with minimal support. We
would play the class winner of the girls flag football Years in education: 36 wonderful facing in our schools today. There is need leaders that have previously taught
competition. It was a great rivalry and the students years a lack of respect towards staff mem- in a classroom only then do they
loved trying to beat us. Kelly Meyers was our star Years in VASD: 30 bers, discipline problems, with no real understand the ins and outs of what it is
quarterback and no one could stop Cindy Suess or Rita What inspired you to get into edu- consequences to change the behavior, like on a daily basis. You are not, only
Mortenson. cation? phones are a constant distraction, lack a teacher but a counselor, confidante,
What are some of the top challenges facing educa- I was a high school tutor for students of mental health services for teens, disciplinarian, communicator, entertain-
tors today? with special needs and thats when I support systems for teachers have fall- er, and above all, a person that wants to
I believe providing flexible, learning environments knew my calling was in education. My en by the wayside, the stress level of make a positive difference in the youth
to meet the needs of individual learners is one of the goal was to make a positive difference teachers (due to the fact that more and of today, because, after all, they are our
biggest challenges. We need to move away from the in the lives of children and to be the more responsibilities are being put future.
assembly line model in education and recognize that all best teacher I could possibly be. on us, with nothing ever being taken What are your plans for retire-
students do not thrive or do well in the traditional class- What is a favorite memory of your away), and class sizes are way too large ment?
room model. We need to provide a variety of learning time in VASD? to teach students the way they need to My plans for retirement are to relax
environments to meet their needs similar to Exploration Quite a few years ago, at Badger be taught. Many students arent tak- and enjoy my family, friends, and life,
Academy. We have taken some steps forward, but there Ridge Middle School, we had a week ing responsibility for their learning in general. I am waiting to see what the
is still much work to be done. designated to finding your natural high or behavior, which is very frustrating future holds for my next endeavor. As
What will you miss about teaching? in life. We would hold a lip sync con- for the teacher, as well as, the students they say, When one door closes, anoth-
Building relationships with students. I love my for- test where students and teachers would within the class. Those students take up er one opens.
mer students and still stay in touch and spend time with
many of them. Some of my former at-risk kids became
my kids and I was their teacher and their mom. These
are relationships that will last a lifetime. Mary Moldenhauer
Hometown: Leavenworth, Kan.
Cheryl Gulbrand
Hometown: Stillman Valley, Ill.
Why are you retiring now?
It feels like it is time for new adventures and to start Education: St. Mary University, Leaven- Education: Bachelor of Arts - Elementa-
crossing some things off my bucket list. worth, KS Bachelor of Science in Busi- ry Ed/Special Education Certification in LD,
What are your plans for retirement? ness Administration EBD, ID
Read, play golf and pickleball and be a snowbird. Position: Administrative Assistant / Read- Position: 9th/10th grade cross categorical
I dont like cold weather, so I am looking forward to ing Assistant / Educational Assistant instructor
heading south to play some golf during the winter. School: Glacier Edge / Country View School: Verona Area High School
Years in Education: 25 Years in education: 40
Years in VASD: 25 Years in VASD: 17 Gulbrand
What inspired you to get into educa- Moldenhauer What inspired you to get into education?
Other retirees tion? At a young age, I babysat all the time and learned that I
After volunteering in my childrens classrooms, the Vero- enjoyed spending time with kids. I loved looking at the world
The following people have also retired from the Verona na District was hiring additional Educational Assistants. I through their eyes. It was instructive and inspiring to me.
Area School District this year. Some retired mid-year enjoyed the educational approach I experienced while vol- What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD?
and were not sent a questionnaire, and others did not unteering and found it very beneficial as a parent. I was able I remember driving in one morning and Ken, our janitor,
return their questionnaire: to work during the time that my children were in school and was on a sweeper machine cleaning the parking lot. I just
be at home when they finished their school day. came from McDonalds and started throwing my trash out
TEACHERS What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD? the window in all directions. He didnt know it was me right
My experience as a whole was so rewarding because I away which was hilarious. I loved seeing him smile.
Chris Benetti: 21 years in VASD loved working with so many kind and dedicated people. It What are some of the top challenges facing educators
Holly Dowling: 14.5 years in VASD was a joy to spend each day helping the children and seeing today?
their advancement from year to year. One of the major challenges facing educators is for soci-
What are some of the top challenges facing educators ety to build the capacity to keep teachers in the field for lon-
SUPPORT STAFF today? ger than five years. Some serious work needs to be done in
Mariann Kropp: 19 years in VASD The family unit is different in todays world; we are expe- examining the obstacles of this profession to make it more
Patricia Bowman: 33 years in VASD riencing more health and behavioral issues than ever before. appealing to enter the field as an undergrad student and also
Carol Zimmerman: 25 years in VASD Teachers have so many more facets to be responsible for in for new teachers.
their students. What will you miss about teaching?
What will you miss about teaching? I will dearly miss all of my wonderful colleagues and I will
I will absolutely miss all the wonderful people and friends also miss the daily energy of being in an environment filled
I have made over the years. with young people. Its an amazing microcosm of our larger
Why are you retiring now? society.
I feel it is time to take a different direction and be more Why are you retiring now?
available to my husband, children and extended family. My career has been so satisfying and rewarding but I also
What are your plans for retirement? realize that its important to create space for new staff, new
Family, grandchildren, spending time at our cottage up energy, and new ideas.
north, travel and staying fit to enjoy the next stage of my What are your plans for retirement?
life! This fall I plan to continue my education by becoming a
senior guest auditor at UW-Madison and take classes of my
Read more retirement questionnaires choosing. I also plan to ride my new retirement road bike,
join a book club, learn drumming, secure a part-time job and
Page 13 hopefully travel to see friends on the off season to finally get
the great deals!

CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170 Mary Greenlaw-Meyer

Hometown: Mount Horeb
Education: Bachelor of Science, UW-Ste-
vens Point, Masters Degree. UW-Madison
Position: 7th grade teacher
School: Badger Ridge Middle School
Years in education: 37
Years in VASD: 34
What inspired you to get into education?
DOUBLE SAVINGS SALE! I was a kid who loved school. I cant recall Greenlaw-Meyer
seriously ever considering anything else.
What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD?

SAVEE $500 $
For many years during Fine Arts Month at Badger Ridge
we had a Concussion Ensemble performance.
What are some of the top challenges facing educators
on a New Bath
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New orders only. Minimum purchase required.
Meeting the needs of each child will always and forever be
the top challenge of educators.
INTEREST FREE FINANCING What will you miss about teaching?
m 2 tto 4 YEARS! Intelligent, compassionate, awesome colleagues; curious
kids; supportive families
New orders only. With minimum purchase and approved credit.
What are your plans for retirement?
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continue as a volunteer dog trainer for Pets for Vets, complete
windows com my CNA license/work in Elder Care or Hospice Care, learn
Tai Chi, compete with my Aussie in agility, travel.
Jeremy Jones, sports editor Thursday, June 1, 2017 9
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Boys track and field

Player of the week
From May 23-30

Name: Leah Remiker

Grade: Freshman
Sport: Track and field
Highlights: Remiker finished third
in the 800 Thursday in the WIAA
Division 1 Stoughton sectional to
advance to state for the first time,
reaching the finish line in 2 min-
utes, 21.6 seconds
Honorable mentions:
Sieanna Mitchell (girls track) made
state in the 100 and 200 Thursday
Hunter Bourne (boys track) had a
personal best throw to make state in
the shot put Thursday
Jordan Hutchcroft/Vivek Swam-
inath (boys tennis) qualified for the
Photo by Anthony Iozzo WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis
Freshman Paul Natzke races in the 100-meter wheelchair race Thursday in the D1 Stoughton sectional. Natzke advanced to state with a time tournament
of 27.31 seconds. He also advanced to state in the wheelchair shot put with a throw of 10 feet.
Meghan Anderson (softball) tossed

Hes got wheels

two innings for the win against Madi-
son Memorial. She struck out out four
Jack Bates (boys golf) shot an 80
to lead the Wildcats to sectionals as a
team on May 23
Former wheelchair athlete love of sports and their shared mother reached out to Russell throw of 10 feet, 2 inches) Jeff Bishop (baseball) had two RBIs
disability spina bifida. Now about coaching her son a and the 100 (27.31 seconds) at in a 3-1 win over Sun Prairie on May
returns to mentor another both share something else. freshman on the Verona track Thursdays WIAA Division 1 24
at Verona Area H.S. Both are WIAA wheelchair team. Stoughton sectional.
track and field state qualifiers. Although Russell is still I t s b e e n a l o t o f f u n ,
JEREMY JONES Russell, 22, was the first finishing school and had only especially with Luke as my
Sports editor
WIAA wheelchair athlete to been able to practice only coach, Natzke said. Basi-
compete in Wisconsin and
is still the Verona Area High
Tuesdays and Thursdays until
the semester ended a couple
cally, hes been saying, Go as
fast as you possibly can on the
Boys tennis
Tennison, 1 dubs
Paul Natzke and Luke Rus-
sell met about 10 years ago School record holder in the of weeks ago, he was able to track and throw as far as you
while being pushed around 100-, 400-, 800-, 1,600-meter help Natzke qualify for state can.
races and shot put. It was in in both the 100-meter dash Russell has helped Natzke

return to individual
on the ice by members of the
Badger womens hockey team. part because of those accom- and shot put. with his form and using the
T h e t wo h i t i t o ff r i g h t plishments and their exist- Natzke finished third in
away, connecting over their ing friendship that Natzkes both the shot put (with a Turn to Natzke/Page 12
state tournament
Boys track and field JEREMY JONES

Herkert, Biddle lead Cats to state

Sports editor

Verona boys tennis won first-round

matches at Nos. 1, 2 and 3 singles and No.
1 doubles but finished runner-up in all four
JEREMY JONES flights. The Wildcats had a shot to return
Sports editor to the state tournament had they won three
of the four championship matches but
Verona boys track and field instead the team finished second to Mad-
finished in the top three at sev- ison West 35-30.
en different spots Thursday to The Wildcats entered sectionals trail-
qualify for the WIAA Division ing Madison West by two points, but the
1 state meet in six events. Regents won title at Nos. 3 and 4 singles
The Wildcats finished third and No. 2 doubles and finished third at
at the Stoughton sectional with No. 3 doubles.
70 points 22 behind Kenosha I thought it was going to be close,
Indian Trial (92) and Madison even though we lost those first couple
La Follewtte (88) - thanks in matches to Memorial and West, Vero-
large part to Jack Herkert and na coach Rick Engen said. I thought we
Jared Biddle. were improving all year, and I thought we
The seniors brought their played well toward the end of the season.
goal of both medaling in the We were right there all day until the last
110 hurdles at the WIAA Division couple of matches.
Turn to Boys track/Page 9 West is a good team. They play dou-
bles really well and got some singles

State qualifiers Turn to Tennis/Page 11

Jack Herkert (Sr.): 110 hur-
dles, long jump, high jump) State qualifiers
Jared Biddle (Sr.): 110 Photo by Anthony Iozzo Junior Jordan Hutchcroft (doubles)
hurdles) Senior Jack Herkert (left) and senior Jared Biddle race in the 110 high hurdles Thursday in the WIAA Junior Vivek Swaminath (doubles)
Hunter Bourne (Sr.): shot put Division 1 Stoughton sectional at Stoughton High School. Herkert won in 14.89 seconds, and Biddle took
third in 15.14. Both advanced to state. Sophomore Will Tennison (singles)
10 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Boys golf Girls track and field

Mitchell qualifies in first opens, 4x2

Sports editor
Sieanna Mitchell has
quietly developed into one qualifiers
of the top sprinters in the Sieanna Mitchell (Sr.):
100, 200
Mitchell swept all three
sprint titles at the Big Con- Teeasia Hoye (Sr.):
ference meet last month 4x200
and Thursday the face of Emily Lichty (Jr.):
the Verona girls track and (4x200)
field team qualified for
state in a pair of open races Ally Kundinger (So.):
Photo by Anthony Iozzo for the first time Thursday 4x200
Garhett Kaegi tees off on the 18th hole Tuesday at the at the WIAA Division 1 Andrea Wheaton (So.):
WIAA Division 1 Reedsburg sectional. Kaegi shot a 78 Stoughton sectional meet. 4x200
and won the first playoff hole to be the second individual A four-state qualifier Tamiya Smith (Fr.):
state qualifier. The Wildcats missed state as a team by two (twice on the 4x100, and
strokes, finishing third with a 320. 4x200
once each in the 4x200
Megan Touchett (Fr.):
Kaegi reachs state
and 4x400), Mitchell
qualified for the June 3-4 4x200
WIAA Division 1 state Leah Remiker (Fr.): 800
meet in both the 100- and
in bittersweet ending 200-meter dashes. She also
helped lead the Wildcats
4x200 back to state. Whats next
ANTHONY IOZZO Verona finished eighth
Assistant sports editor Whats next out of the 18 teams com- Verona travels to UW-
peting with 40 points. Ore- La Crosse for the WIAA
It was an emotional end- The WIAA Division gon won the meet with 70
ing to the Verona Area High points three more than Division 1 state tourna-
School boys golf season 1 state boys golf tour- the host Vikings. Kenosha ment Friday and Satur-
Tuesday in the WIAA Divi- nament is June 5-6 at Tremper (61) took third day.
sion 1 Reedsburg sectional at UW-Madisons Univer- place.
Reedsburg Country Club. sity Ridge Golf Course. Mitchell (25.62 seconds) Division 1 prelims in
Junior Garhett Kaegi sur- and Oregon sophomore the 100, 200 and 4x200
vived a three-person play- Division 1 tees off Scarlet Egwuonwu (25.29) and the finals in the 800
off for one of the final two at 7a.m. Monday and renewed their rivalry at Photo by Anthony Iozzo
individual state spots, but he sectionals as Mitchell fin- Senior Sieanna Mitchell races with Oregons Scarlet are on Friday. Events be-
had to endure his teammate
noon Tuesday. Egwuonwu in the 200 Thursday in the WIAA Division 1 gin at 4:30p.m.
ished runner-up in the 200.
senior Steven Kellermans She placed third in the 100 Stoughton sectional at Stoughton High School. Mitchell fin-
loss in the second playoff (12.46) behind Kenosha ished second in 25.62 to make state and also advanced to The finals for the 100,
hole. Jon Rebholz said. At some Tremper freshman Maddy state in the 100. 200 and 4x200 are on
Obviously, I wanted to point, we are all going to Troy (12.3) and Egwuon- Saturday, with events
go back to the Ridge. That is look back and realize that we wu (12.38). Kenosha Tremper junior Kenosha Indian Trail starting at 10:30 a.m
just my goal every season, were fortunate to be where Sophomores Andrea Riley Hansen won the 800 earned the final state quali-
Kaegi said. It is bittersweet. we were. And the guys did Wheaton and Ally in 2:19.52 with Fort Atkin- fying in 50.52.
It is hard playing your guy in really battle. Kundinger, junior Eme- son junior Arianna Man- Janesville Craig won the
a playoff, but I know what I They had a little bit of a lia Lichty and freshman savage (2:21.39) placed event in 50.04 with Madi- Schraufnagel and fresh-
needed to do to get through. rough go of it early on, but Ta m i y a S m i t h fi n i s h e d second. son La Follette (50.1) tak- man Rachel Witthuhn fin-
It was hard watching Steven everybody kind of got back second to Oregon in the Wheaton and Kundinger, ing second. ished eighth (last) in the
go down, though. on track. 4x200, qualifying for stat Lichty and Smith finished L i c h t y, K u n d i n g e r , discus (101-5) and shot put
Both nearly made it with It is just a sad ending. in 1:46.58. .07 away from the third Remiker and Mitchell fin- (31-1 1/2).
the entire team, as well. The Verona was in the first The Panthers won the and final state qualify- ished fifth in the 4x400 Tamiya Smith (13.15)
Wildcats finished in third group of teams and battled race with a 1:44.85. ing spot, taking fourth in with a time of 4:07.99. took eighth in the 100.
with a 320, behind Madison through windy conditions Freshman Leah Remiker 50.59. Throwers Grace
Memorial (317) and Wauna- that came and went through- finished second in the 800
kee (318). out the day, especially on the run to earn the final state
It sucks to be so close
and not get there, coach Turn to Golf/Page 12
qualifier with a time of
2:21.6. Mitchell seeded to make finals in 200 dash
JEREMY JONES Mitchell is seeded 13th in top time at sectionals, posting
Sports editor the 100 dash. Waueksha North a 1:41.35 a full second faster
R OD DIO room

junior Michaela Pryor has than second-seeded Muskego

T TU Bed
EN A , s

Senior Sieanna Mitchell the top time of 12.18, while (1:42.49).

S 3

is seeded to make the finals Brookfield Central junior Lexi The Wildcats only other
in the 200, entering the meet Romero and Waukesha South state qualifier, freshman Leah

ninth. Milwaukee King enters junior Armoni Brown posted a Remiker is seeded 23rd in the
state with the fastest quali- 12.19 and 12.22, respectively 800. Waterford junior Haleigh
fying time of 24.6 while the Veronas 4x200 relay Reindl (2:14.61) and White-
defending state champion of Andrea Wheaton, Ally fish Bay senior Cami Davre
Wausau West sophomore Kundinger, Emelia Lichty (2:14.75) clocked the top
Brooke Jaworski clocked the and Tamiya Smith are seeded qualifying times.
Minutes walk to everything second fastest time at 24.67. 23rd. Milwaukee King had
yet a country like setting.
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Softball Girls soccer

Playoff hopes unravel with errors Cats open regionals at Mukwonago

The Verona Area High 6:30p.m. Thursday in the
JEREMY JONES later scored on a two-out error School girls soccer team regional semifinal. The
Sports editor to push Verona ahead 3-0 opens the WIAA Division winner will most likely
before Kleinseks home run. 1 playoffs at Mukwonago. will travel to top-seeded
Verona softball dominated McChesney and Rainey The No. 9 Wildcats take Middleton on Saturday in
at the plate in a pair of WIAA both singled to set the table for on No. 8 Mukwonago at the regional final.
Division 1 playoff games last Kleinsek, who ripped a shot
week, but the teams defense over the right-field fence.
ultimately cost the Wildcats a Central went down in order
shot at sectionals. in the first three innings, get- Baseball
Cats get ready for regionals
ting to Anderson with three
Verona 16, Memorial 1 runs in the fifth inning. A
(3 inn.) walk, error, hit batter and two-
run single by Leah Kramer ANTHONY IOZZO
Savanna Rainey hit a grand-
slam as part of a 14-run first
drove in the first two runs and
a second error allowed anoth-
Assistant sports editor Whats next
inning Thursday to propel er to score.
the fifth-seeded Wildcats to a The Verona Area High Verona hosts the win-
Ashley Larue, batting at the School baseball team trav-
16-1 victory over 12th-seeded bottom of the order, sparked ner of No. 6 Madison
Madison Memorial. The game eled to Janesville Craig on
photo by Todd K. Olsen
Centrals rally with a lead-off Thursday for a potential Memorial and No. 11
was called after three innings. single in the bottom of the
Alina Yazek (3-for-3), Senior Sydney Schaefer (30) consoles pitcher Meghan
seventh. She came around to
sectional final preview and Stoughton at 5 p.m.
Emma Kleinsek (3-for-4), Anderson after the Wildcats 7-6 loss at La Crosse Central. dropped the game, 7-1. Thursday in a WIAA Divi-
score on a fielders choice. Coach Brad DOrazio said
Meghan Anderson (3-for- traveled to fourth-seeded La runs on errors as part of a Lead-off Leah Peterson sion 1 regional final.
3), Tatum Geier (2-for-3), the Cougars are really good,
Crosse Central for a WIAA four-run seventh. doubled, Emma Trygges- and playing them twice, as
Amelia Hust (2-for-3), Mol- regional final game on Friday Verona took a one-run lead tad reached on an error and If the Wildcats win,
ly McChesney (2-for-4) and well as the rest of the Big they will host sectionals,
and fell 7-6 in the bottom of in the first winning when Gei- Kramer walked to load the Eight schedule, should hope-
Rainey (2-for-4) had mulitple the seventh inning. er doubled to drive in one run. bases. Verona committed two which begins at 11a.m.
hits for the Wildacts. fully prepare the Wildcats to
The Wildcats lead 6-1 Amie Rudnicki ledoff the more errors. play their best baseball. Tuesday, June 6
Yazek drove in three runs through 4 thanks to a three- game with a single. Rainey Keyes (2-for-4),
and Kleinsek, Anderson and You have to play smart
run home run by Kleinsek in followed being hit by a pitch McChesney (2-for-4), Yazek and do the little things, he
Hust each plated two. the top of the fifth inning, but before Geier plated the games (2-for-4), Geier (2-for-4) and
Anderson tossed two said. You cant make mis- Now the Wildcats look to
five errors proved to be the first run. Rainey (2-for-4) each collect- takes because, in the play- get another shot at state after
innings fo the winning, giving teams undoing. McChesney singled to lead ed multiple hits for Verona.
up one run on two hits. She offs, no one wants to go making three straight sec-
Central, which had just five off the third inning and came Anderson went 6 1/3 and home. tional finals. First up is the
struck out out four. hits, answered with three runs around to score on Geiers took the loss. She allowed The Cougars pitched their regional final Thursday.
Central 7, Verona 6 of its own in the home half of two-out single her second one earned run on five hits No. 1 Evan Spry, but Verona Verona will be playing
the fifth, however, and then RBI of the game. Kasie Keyes and three walks with 12 strike didnt have its No. 1 pitcher the winner of No. 6 Madi-
F i f t h - s e e d e d Ve r o n a scored the tying and go-ahead doubled to start the fourth and outs. on the mound. And six of son Memorial and No. 11
Janesvilles seven runs were Stoughton. The Wildcats
scored on errors. beat Memorial twice in

Tennis: Individual state tournament begins Thursday

The only Wildcat run was close games this season, and
from Tyler McClure, who Stoughton beat Verona by a
scored on an error. run in another close game.
Continued from page 9 Tristan Largent took the Regardless of who they
Whats next loss. He allowed an earned
run on six hits and a walk in
play, DOrazio said with
several guys having experi-
players that are good hitters. five innings, striking out one. ence in these type of games,
Sophomore Will Tennison Verona travels to the Brandon Ellestad allowed he feels good about the guys
(25-3) was coming off his first WIAA Division 1 state no earned runs on a hit knowing what they gave to
victory over Madison Memo- boys tennis tournament and two walks in 2/3 of an do.
rial junior Colt Tegtmeier (27- June 1-3 at Nielsen Ten- inning, striking out one. Pitching-wise, Brad
2) and had cruised through the Gaelon Combs allowed no Laufenberg, Reagan Klaw-
first two rounds at sectionals. nis Stadium in Madison. earned runs on two hits and iter and Jeff Bishop are all
He was looking for a sec- Will Tennison has a a walk in 1 1/3 innings, strik- options. There might even be
ond straight win over Tenni- ing out one. a combination of all three if
son to lock up the No. 2 seed bye and plays at 4p.m. Spry earned the win for the matchup calls for it.
at state. Thursday. Jordan Hutch- the Cougars. He allowed no All three are really differ-
Tennison was unable to croft and Vivek Swam- earned runs on two hits and a ent pitchers, and it depends,
ignite the same fire he had inath play at 2:30p.m. walk in four innings, striking
at the Big Eight Conference Tuesday. out one. Turn to Baseball/Page 12
tournament. He fell 6-7 (5),
6-4, 13-11 in the sectional photo by Jeremy Jones
championship. Vivek Swaminath (at the net) and Jordan Hutchcroft qualified
Will played hard today. He for the WIAA Division 1 individual state tennis tournament. Verona didnt score any
was really out of gas by the Verona finished second to Madison West 35-30 to go back points at No. 4 singles, as
end, Engen said. He beat to the team state tournament. Fan, who had won the No. 4
Colt fairly handily last time singles title at the Big Eight
(6-4, 6-2), and I think that was hit the ground running this they will continue to hit Conference tournament, was
in his head, but hes a fighter. season as a No. 1 doubles together, and hopefully can unable to get through subsec-
The Verona sophomore beat team, having played in a cou- come back and play at an even tionals, falling 5-7, 6-1, 7-5
Milton sophomore Zach Rich- ple of offseason tournaments higher level next year. despite being up 5-2 against
ards 6-0, 6-0 in the opening and hit together at Hitters Sophomore Chris Queoff Madison Memorials Kevin Li
round to qualify for state. Sportsplex in Middleton after (19-11) fell 6-2, 7-6 (2) to in the final set.
Its good to get through learning that Queoff wanted Oregon senior Charles Dono- Things kind of slipped
your first match and get all to make the switch to singles van in the No. 2 singles cham- away from him, but its a
of your nervous energy out, following last season. pionship match. His chance of young team, Engen said.
Tennison said. Im just try- They followed up their earning a state qualifier now Hell learn from it.
ing to focus on my flight and state-qualifying victory with a rests on his ability to earn a Still, to finish second at sec-
doing the best I can to help the 6-2, 7-5 victory over Madison special qualifier. Queoff won tionals after graduating five
team. Im cheering for them, Wests Evan Oriel and Ezra his first match over Elkhorn seniors meant the Wildcats
and hoping they do well. Carrel (18-13). junior Colin Passler (14-5). had to outperform expecta-
He went on to add a 6-2, 6-1 Winning that match puts Engen put in a request to tions throughout the postsea-
victory over Oregon senior us into the finals and I think it get Queoff a special qualifier son.
Calvin Schneider (21-7). will help the team out a lot, or one of the states at-large I actually didnt think
Calvins a good player. Hutchcroft said. bids. Playing against Tenni- we would be this good this
Ive hit with him for a long It was the fourth time the son though, Queoff didnt get season after graduating the
time, Tennison said. Hes a doubles teams played this year a ton of matches against top number of seniors we did last
grinder who gets a lot of balls with Verona going 3-1. competition. Monona Grove season, Swaminath said. A
back. Hutchcroft and Swaminath No. 1 singles player Cole lot of people really worked
Junior Jordan Hutchcroft (21-11) were unable to close Lindwall earned the special hard over the winter. Guys
qualified for his second con- things out with a sectional qualifier, and no at-large bid like Kush and Kevin really
secutive state tournament at championship, however, fall- was selected from the Madi- worked hard to help get us to
No. 1 doubles with first-time ing 6-2, 6-1 to senior Mono- son Memorial sectional. this point.
state qualifier Vivek Swam- na Grove Andrew Zhou and Freshman Kush Nagpal Other area singles qualifi-
inath with a 6-2, 6-2 victory freshman Jacob Munz (23-1) (21-14) finished second, fall- ers included Oregon seniors
over Janesville Parker junior in the title match. The teams ing 6-0, 6-1 to Madison West Calvin Schneider and Charles
Max Kisting and senior Gavin went to a 10-point tiebreaker junior Quinlan Gallagher (25- Donovan. Monona Groves
Buus. in their previous meeting with 5). Nagpal opened the day Andrew Zhou and Jacob
Its special for me to be MG prevailing 6-2, 4-6, 10-4 with a 6-0, 6-2 win over Nick Munz took top doubles hon-

able to get back to state, at the Madison East invite. White of Elkhorn. ors, while Madison La Fol-
Hutchcroft said. Hopefully, They have another year Kevin was playing a kid lettes Evan Loken and Kevin
this time we can get a little together, so individual state from West that hits the ball Dunn also qualified.
further into the bracket. is just going to be a plus for really well, Engen said.
Hutchcroft and Swaminath them, Engen said. I know Hell be ready for next year.
12 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Boys track: Herkert jumping for chance at three medals Golf: Kaegi heading to state
Continued from page 9 Continued from page 10 twice on that first playoff hole but
three-putted. Kellerman two-putted to
remain alive.
back nine. The Wildcats went into the
Whats next clubhouse three strokes behind the
However, the second playoff hole
was similar for both Kellerman and
Spartans but were in the mix for the Zucker. Kellerman was in the rough
Verona travels to UW-La second team spot until the end. on his tee shot and had to punch the
Crosse in the WIAA Division Kaegi and Kellerman were big rea- ball out to the fairway. Zucker was on
sons for that as each finished with a 78 the green in two.
1 state track and field tourna- to lead Verona. Kaegi finished third Kellerman once again two-putted
ment Friday and Saturday. overall in a scorecard playoff. Keller- for a bogey, but Zucker was able to
man was sixth overall. tap-in for a par to get the final state
Finals for the long jump, I am proud of our team and what
high jump and shot put begin spot.
we did this season, Kaegi said. He not only put himself in that
at 4:30p.m. Friday. The pre- Today, whenever I had a bad shot I position, he put the team in that posi-
lims for the 110 hurdles are had my team in the back of my mind. tion, Rebholz said. It was a struggle
also Friday. Photo by Anthony Iozzo I couldnt be selfish and get down on getting out of the gates for some of us,
Senior Hunter Bourne launches the discus in the finals Thursday in myself and just had to grind it out for Steven included.
Events begin at 10:30a.m. the D1 Stoughton sectional. Borune didnt advance in the discus, but them. Junior Jack Bates finished tied for
Saturday, including the 110 he threw a personal-best 52 feet, 7 1/2 inches to win the shot put and Kaegi was on the green in two 16th with an 81, and freshman Cale
make it state. shots during the first playoff hole. He Rufenacht was tied for 23rd with an
hurdles finals. two-putted for a par to make state.
to earn the Stanford recruit another fifth in 44.06. The Ifediora brothers 83. Senior Will Zunker ended his high
Rebholz said Kaegi had a bulldog school career with a 90, but his score
sectional title. were joined by sophomore Mason mentality after the first nine holes at
1 state meet one step closer to real- Senior Hunter Bourne had a 2 Jordan and junior Jared Jenkins didnt count for the team.
regionals, and he continued today. Reedsburgs Dylan Brown (76) was
ity. Herkert bested his teammate 1/2 foot personal-best to win his to fall one spot shy of state in the He was just steady the whole way
with a time of 14.89 to win the first sectional title in 52 feet, 7 4x400 relays in 3:26.08. the first individual state qualifier.
around, Rebholz said. His tempo of Kaegi now prepares for his second
sectional title. It was his first time inches. The discus didnt go as Senior Austin Schwartz fell one his game, the tempo which he walks
qualifying for state in the 110 hur- well as Bourne had hoped, finish- spot shy of reaching his first state opportunity at the D1 state tourna-
and goes through his process and tem- ment. Last season, he finished 99th
dles. ing fifth with a toss of 143-10. Fort meet in the shot put, finishing 49-6 po of hitting the ball is quick. I think
Biddle, who finished eighth at Atkinson senior Riley Walter (159) . overall, and he hopes to get a little
that makes him a good playoff player revenge on the field this time.
state last year, placed third at sec- won the meet followed by Milton Veronas 4x800 relay of seniors too.
tionals in 15.14. senior Isaac Philips (156-9) and TJ Manning and Corey Pedersen I would like to think of myself
Middletons Andy Zucker was on as one of the top competitors, Kae-
Herkert (21-6 1/2) finished sec- Westosha Central senior (153-6). and juniors Jared Jenkins and Peter the green in two, as well, and Kell-
ond to Kenosha Indian Trail senior Twins Chudi and Obi Ifediora Barger finished fifth in 8:09.27. gi said. I definitely want to avenge
erman needed to punch out to the myself from last years state run
Armani Carmickle (22-4 1/2) to returned from hamstring injuries to Senior Will Haessig (11.67) fairway and get on the green in three
also qualify for state in the long run on the 4x100 and 4x400 relays placed seventh in the 100 as did and just represent Verona well and
shots after his tee shot went right into make sure Stevens loss doesnt go to
jump for the first time. but neither qualified for state. sophomore JT Hawkins (5-6) in the the rough.
The defending state champion in The 4x100 team of Biddle, high jump. waste.
Zucker had a chance to make state
the high jump, Herkert cleared 6-4 Haessig and the Ifediora twins took

Natzke: Freshman reaches WIAA state track and field meet

Continued from page 9 several camps at the Universi-
ty of Illinois Champaign-Urbana,
which has one of the best colle- About spina bifida
proper techniques, something he giate wheelchair track and field Spina bifida is a birth defect in
himself struggled with five years programs in college history. Its which a developing babys spinal
ago as a member of the Wildcats. coached by Adam Bleakney a mul- cord fails to develop properly.
I didnt have the luxury of hav- tiple-time Paralympian, who has It occurs when the bones of the
ing an actual wheelchair coach, also done several marathons.
spine dont form properly around
Russell said. I only had able-bod- Luke is someone I look up to, Photo submitted by Ed Fink
and its been a lot of fun having part of the babys spinal cord.
ied coaches that tried to help me, Tyler McClure takes a swing Thursday against Janesville
but they could only help me with him as my coach, Natzke said. I Spina bifida can be mild or Craig. Verona lost the Big Eight Conference game 7-1.
my workout. They couldnt help me would like to get to state and try to severe.
with my technique.
Russell had, however, attended
break some of his records. The mild form is the most com-
mon and usually doesnt cause
Baseball: Cats host on Thursday
problems or need treatment. Continued from page 11 Verona scored twice in the

Wheelchair track pioneer

first inning against the fifth-
Children with the most severe ranked Cardinals. Bishop dou-
form often have spine and brain DOrazio said.
It helps that the Wildcats bled home Largent and Tuck-
issues that cause serious prob- er Teskey, who both reach on
JEREMY JONES school principal wrote a letter to the lems. will be home for the regional
final and hosting sectionals for singles with two outs.
Sports editor WIAA accusing them of discrimi-
They may have little or no feeling the first time at Stampfl Field. McClure ended up 2-for-4,
nation, that and wheelchair athletes
were welcomed by the governing in their limbs, so they may not be We are really excited about and Bishop added his second
Luke Russell first tried track in able to move those parts of the RBI.
seventh grade but was unable to body of Wisconsin prep sports. it, and it will be a lot of fun
body. They may also have bowel to host, DOrazio said. It Bishop was pitching for
compete out of fear that his chair That was 2009. Verona on Tuesday and
might injure the other athletes. That year he competed at every problems or fluid buildup on the should be an incentive for the
brain. guys to play on their home allowed a hit in two innings,
He was able to participate at a meet, the only stipulation being striking out two.
couple of meets the next year, but that the host school had to be given The exact cause of the birth defect field one last time.
Laufenberg earned the win
couldnt score points. advance notice of a week or two all is unknown. Verona 3, Sun Prairie 1 on Wednesday. He pitched
Russell said it wasnt until his the way until the conference meet. four innings and allowed an
freshman year, after his middle The Wildcats defeated the
Cardinals 3-1 on May 24 in a earned run on four hits and
game that was delayed in the two walks, striking out three.
third inning on May 23. Klawiter earned the save
with a strikeout in one inning.

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Retirement Questionnaires Obituaries
Continued from Page 8
Gregory R. Miller Thursday, May 18, 2017, at He loved everything about Friday, June 2, at the
home with his cat, Rocky. sports and his yard and American Legion Hall, 207
Susan Doing He was born on June
2, 1949, the son of Keith
He is survived by his sib-
Legion Street, Verona.
In lieu of memorials,
Hometown: Danielson, Conn. S. and Dorothy J. (Bahr) lings, Adrian (Diane), Bon- please bring a special
Education: B.S. Education, B.A. French, Miller. He graduated from nie Enloe and Carl; and memory to share about
University of Connecticut Verona High School in nieces and nephews. Greg. To view and sign
Position: Music Teacher 1967 with honors. He He is preceded in death this guestbook, please vis-
School: Country View r e c e iv e d a b a c h e l o r s by his parents; and his cat, it www.ryanfuneralservice.
Years in education: 25 degree in biology from Midnight. com.
Years in VASD: 18 UW-Stevens Point in 1971. A special thanks to Kelly
What inspired you to get into educa- Greg worked for the Dvorak for all she did for Ryan Funeral Home
tion? Doing family business, Miller him and put up with. Also & Cremation Services
Ive always loved being around children, and Sons, until he opened thanks to the rest of the
his own business, Gregs Senior Helpers and Gregs Verona Chapel
and I spent a lot of time as a teenager babysitting. I started Gregory Miller
taking guitar lessons when I was twelve. I went to a Cath- Card Locker. Greg loved neighbors. 220 Enterprise Drive
olic middle school where we didnt have band or choir, his family, friends, cats A Celebration of Life (608) 845-6625
G r e g o r y R . M i l l e r, and the Verona community. will be held from 4-7p.m.
but my 6th grade teacher encouraged me to sing and play age 67, passed away on
at as many school functions as I could and that made a
huge impression on me. She was a real inspiration and the
reason I became a music teacher.
What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD?
My last concerts here at CV in April were very special
the students and staff showered me with notes and flowers
and so many kind words; I felt very loved and appreciated.
What are some of the top challenges facing educa-
tors today?
Meeting the individual needs of diverse learners with
ever increasing class sizes.
What will you miss about teaching?
I will miss the look on students faces when they have
played an instrument for the first time, or when theyve
laughed with joy during a movement activity or a sing-
ing game. I will miss watching them discover something
extraordinary about themselves when they try something
new. I think I will actually miss them saying, What are
you doing, Mrs. Doing? I will also miss my colleagues,
who totally rock. I work, every day, with extremely tal-
ented and caring people, and Im very grateful for their
patent support for our music program over the years.
Why are you retiring now?
I feel like its the right time to explore other opportuni-
ties and to see what life is like outside of school between
September and June!
What are your plans for retirement?
My husband and I have planned to go on Safari in
South Africa in August. After that Im looking forward
to expanding my garden, travelling more (especially in
the winter), and visiting more frequently with my Mom
in Connecticut and my kids in California, Minnesota and
here in Wisconsin.

Rita Goddard
Hometown: I grew up in Lone Rock. I live in Verona now!
Education: High school graduate
Position: Cook
School: Badger Ridge MS/Core Knowledge
Years in VASD: 19
What inspired you to get into education?
I wanted to work with kids. It was close to home, and it
allowed me to be with my kids during holidays and summer.
What is a favorite memory of your time in VASD?
All the funny things the kids have said to me in the past 19
What will you miss about Food Service?
The kids and the staff.
Why are you retiring now?
I want to be able to spend more time with my family and
What are your plans for retirement?
Traveling to see parts of the United States that I have not
been to yet. Do whatever I want to do when I want to do it!!

CALL NOW 1-800-661-2240

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Value Basket Meal
430 E. Verona Ave.
Verona, WI 845-2010

430 East Verona Avenue, Verona, WI Offer expires 6/30/17 845-2010

14 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

CORRECTION 5(c)(1)A. of the Code of Ordinances, City the amount of $ 710,871.04. Motion car- utes from May 2, 2017 ings, please contact the Town of Verona ***
In the notice of applications for al- of Verona, Wisconsin. Motion carried 7-0. ried 7-0. 6. Public Hearing, Discussion and Clerk @ 608-845-7187 or jwright@town. TOWN OF VERONA
B. Public Safety & Welfare Commit- (2) Discussion and Possible Action possible action re: Renewal Applications Please do so at least 48
cohol beverage licenses for the period
tee Re: Resolution No. R-17-24 Approving for liquor licenses for Blackhawk Bow- hours prior to the meeting so that proper BOARD OF REVIEW
from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018
that have been filed with the City Clerk, (1) Discussion and Possible Action a Lease Agreement between the City of hunters and Ole Duffers Pub. arrangements can be made.
CITY OF VERONA, published in the May Re: A Special Event Permit Application Verona and Verona Area Community The- 7. Discussion and possible action Mark Geller, Town Chair, Town of Verona. 6:30 PM
25, 2017 Verona Press, the last line of for Hometown Days, June 1-4, 2017, from ater, Inc. for Land Located at 103 Lincoln re: Approval of Operator Licenses for the Posted: May 26, 2017
Le Jordan of the Verona Area Chamber Street in the City of Verona. Motion by year ending 6/30/2018. Published: June 1, 2017 TOWN HALL,
the notice is corrected to read: ANYONE
HAVING AN OBJECTION to the granting of Commerce. Motion by Reekie, sec- Doyle, seconded by Linder, to approve 8. Discussion and possible action WNAXLP
of such licenses shall file that objection onded by Touchett, to approve a special Resolution No. R-17-24 Approving a re: Resolution 2017-2 for the WI DNR VERONA, WI 53593-1035
in writing with the City Clerk, City of Vero- event permit application for Hometown Lease Agreement between the City of Compliance Maintenance Annual Report *** 1. Roll Call
na, 111 Lincoln Street before June 9, 2017 Days, June 1-4 2017, from Le Jordan of Verona and Verona Area Community The- 9. Reports and Recommendations TOWN OF VERONA 2. Election of Chair
during regular office hours. the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce ater, Inc. for land located at 103 Lincoln A. Plan Commission: 3. Call to Order
Ellen Clark with the contingency that Wenzel Amaze- Street in the City of Verona. Motion car- i. Update on comprehensive plan- SPECIAL TOWN BOARD 4. Approval of Agenda
City Clerk ments provides a list of workers to the ried 7-0. ning activities MEETING 5. Announcements
Published: June 1, 2017 Police Department. Motion carried 7-0. (3) Discussion and Possible Action B. Public Works: FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2017 A. Purpose and Rules for Board of
WNAXLP (2) Discussion and Possible Action Re: Resolution No. R-17-025 Approving a i. Update re: 2017 road projects Review
Re: An Application for a Temporary Class Transit Service Agreement between the ii. Discussion and possible action 6:25 PM i. Quasi-Judicial review of assessed
*** B Retailers License from the Fitch- City of Madison and the City of Verona. re: equipment purchases TOWN HALL, valuation of property within the Town of
burg-Verona Rotary Club for Hometown Motion by Doyle, seconded by Diaz to ap- iii. Discussion re: approach to drive- 7669 COUNTY HIGHWAY PD, Verona; proceedings are recorded
CITY OF VERONA Days, June 1-4, 2017, at Festival Park, 111 prove Resolution No. R-17-025 Approv- way approvals ii. Presentation of sworn testimony
MINUTES Lincoln Street, Scott Seid, Agent. Motion ing a Transit Service Agreement between iv. Discussion and action re: agree- VERONA, WI 53593-1035 by complainant and Assessor
by Reekie, seconded by Touchett, to ap- ment with the City of Madison for Ray- 1. Call To Order
COMMON COUNCIL the City of Madison and the City of Vero-
2. Pledge of Allegiance iii. Determination by Board of Re-
prove application for a Temporary Class na. Motion carried 7-0. mond Road view members
MAY 8, 2017 B Retailers License from the Fitch- 10. Old Business C. Natural and Recreational Areas 3. Approval of Agenda
4. New business iv. Confirmation of certified member
VERONA CITY HALL burg-Verona Rotary Club for Hometown A. Discussion and Possible Action Committee: training
1. Mayor Hochkammer called the Days, June 1-4, 2017, at Festival Park, D. Financial Sustainability: A. Discussion and action re: tempo-
Re: Selection of a City Council Repre- v. Appeal options
meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. 111 Lincoln Street, Scott Seid, Agent con- sentative to the Plan Commission. Alder i. Discussion of town hall landscap- rary Class B license for the sale of fer-
B. Confirmation of Posting of Public
2. Pledge of Allegiance tingent upon record checks being com- Touchett nominated Alder Linder. Alder mented malt beverages and wine for the
Town of Verona, 7669 County Highway Notice for Open Book and Board of Re-
3. Roll call: Alderpersons Diaz, pleted by the Police Department. Motion Doyle nominated Alder Diaz. Roll Call E. Ordinance Committee: view
Doyle, Gaskell, Linder, Reekie, Stiner and carried 7-0. vote: Alder Gaskell-Diaz, Alder Linder- F. EMS Commission: PD, Open House event on June 2, 2017.
B. Discussion and action re: tem- i. 2017 Assessment Roll available
Touchett present. McGilvray was absent (3) Discussion and Possible Action Linder, Alder Reekie-Diaz, Alder Stin- G. Town Chair: for review by the public during regular
and excused. Also present: City Adminis- Re: A Special Event Permit Application er-Linder, Touchett-Linder, Alder Diaz-Di- H. Supervisors: porary Class B license for the sale of
business hours since April 6, 2017; No-
trator Mikorski, Director of Planning and for the Hop Haus Brewing Company 2nd az, Alder Doyle-Diaz. 4 votes Diaz, 3 votes I. Clerk/Treasurer: wine for the Jewish Federation of Madi-
tice posted on the same date and sent to
Zoning Sayre, City Attorney Kleinmaier, Anniversary Party on Saturday, June Linder. Motion failed. J. Planner/Administrator: son at the Goodman Center, 7662 County
listserv subscribers
City Engineer Montpas, and Deputy Clerk 17th, 2017, for Phillip Hoechst. Motion by 11. New Business i. Report a problem log and other Highway PD, Hava Nagila Picnic on June
25, 2017. ii. Open Book held April 20, 2017
Licht. Reekie, seconded by Gaskell to approve A. Discussion and Possible Action reports from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM; Notice pub-
4. Public Comment: a special Event Permit Application for Re: Approval of Operator Licenses. There ii. Possible action re: new committee 5. Adjourn
lished April 6, 2017
5. Motion by Reekie, seconded by the Hop Haus Brewing Company 2nd An- were no licenses to approve. members Regular board agendas are pub-
iii. Board of Review Notice pub-
Doyle, to approve the April 24, 2017 Com- niversary Party on Saturday, June 17th, 12. Announcements 10. Motion to go into closed session lished in the Towns official newspaper,
The Verona Press. Agendas are also lished May 18, 2017
mon Council minutes. Motion carried 7-0. 2017 12:00p.m.-10:00 p.m., for Phillip 13. Motion by Reekie, seconded by per Wis. Stats. 19.85 (1) (e) for delib- iv. Confirmation that Instruction-
6. Mayors Business: Hoechst. Motion carried 6-0 with Alder Doyle, to adjourn at 8:22 p.m. Motion car- erating or negotiating the purchase of posted at the Town Hall, Miller & Sons
Grocery, and the Verona Public Library. If al Material About the Assessment and
7. Administrators Report: Touchett abstaining. ried 7-0. public properties, the investing of pub- Board of Review Procedures was Avail-
* The POLCO survey regarding swim (4) Discussion and Possible Action Holly Licht lic funds, or conducting other specified an agenda is amended after publication,
able During Open Book for Information
facilities showed that most residents Re: A Temporary Premise Description Deputy Clerk public business, whenever competitive the official sites for notice of the final ver-
sion are the Verona Public Library, Town on How to File an Objection and the
wanted a swimming pool and improve- Amendment for Class C Wine License Published: June 1, 2017 or bargaining reasons require a closed Board of Review Procedures under Wis-
ments made to Firemans Park. session. Hall and Miller & Sons Grocery. Agendas
on Saturday, June 17, 2017, for the Hop WNAXLP
are also posted at consin Law
8. Engineers Report: Haus Brewing Company, LLC, 231 S. i. Discussion and possible action 6. Election of Alternate Board of Re-
Main Street, to include the front parking pertaining to the sale of 335 N. Nine Use the subscribe feature on the
* AECOM has completed utility de- ***
Towns website to receive agendas and view Member
sign for the CTH M Project. lot. Motion by Reekie, seconded by Gas- TOWN OF VERONA Mound Road. 7. Swear in Complainant and Asses-
* Traffic signal design at Whalen kell, to approve a Temporary Description 11. Motion to return to open session. other announcements via email. Notice is
and Old PB is complete and should be Amendment for Class C Wine License REGULAR TOWN BOARD 12. Action and discussion on issues also given that a possible quorum of the sor
8. Hear Testimony in the Order Com-
installed by the end of the month. MEETING Plan Commission and/or Public Works,
on Saturday, June 17, 2017, for the Hop discussed in closed session plaints were Received (see attached)
9. Committee Reports: Haus Brewing Company, LLC. at 231 S. TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017 13. Approval of payment of bills Ordinance, Natural and Recreational Ar-
9. Determination
A. Planning Commission Main Street to include the front park- 14. Adjourn eas, and Financial Sustainability Com-
10. Confirmation that Determination
(1) Discussion and Possible Action ing lot. Motion carried 6-0 with Alder 6:30 P.M. Regular board agendas are pub- mittees and could occur at this meeting
Notice(s) Will be Sent to Complainants by
Re: A Planned Development Concept Touchett abstaining. TOWN HALL/COMMUNITY lished in the Towns official newspaper, for the purposes of information gathering
Return Receipt Mail
(5) Discussion and Possible Action The Verona Press. Per Resolution 2016- only.
Plan Located at 102/104 Lincoln Street CENTER 11. Adjourn
that would allow for the Construction Re: A Premise Description Amendment 2 agendas are posted at the Town Hall If anyone having a qualifying dis-
of 113 Apartment Units. Discussion fol- for Class B Fermented Malt Beverages 7669 COUNTY HIGHWAY PD, and online at ability as defined by the American with If anyone having a qualifying dis-
ability as defined by the American with
lowed regarding height, density, traffic VERONA, WI 53593-1035 Use the subscribe feature on the Towns Disabilities Act needs an interpreter,
and Class B Intoxicating Liquor Licens- Disabilities Act needs an interpreter,
and rent levels. It was suggested that the es for Verona Woods, 958 Liberty Drive, 1. Call to Order/Approval of the website to receive agendas and other an- materials in alternate formats, or other
materials in alternate formats, or other
developer meet with the neighbors to dis- to include an Outdoor Patio. Motion by agenda nouncements via email. accommodations to access these meet-
accommodations to access these meet-
cuss their concerns. Reekie, seconded by Touchett, to ap- 2. Pledge of Allegiance ings, please contact the Town of Verona
Notice is also given that a possible
Clerk @ 608-845-7187 or jwright@town. ings, please contact the Town of Verona
(2) Discussion and Possible Action prove A Premise Description Amendment 3. Public Comment - This section of quorum of the Plan Commission and/or Clerk @ 608-845-7187 or jwright@town.
Re: Ordinance No. 17-892 Amending Sec- Public Works, Ordinance, Natural and Please do so at least 48
for Class B Fermented Malt Beverages the meeting provides the opportunity for
hours prior to the meeting so that proper Please do so at least 48
tion 13-2-5(c) of the Code of Ordinances, and Class B Intoxicating Liquor Licens- comment from persons in attendance on Recreational Areas, and Financial Sus- hours prior to the meeting so that proper
es for Verona Woods, 958 Liberty Drive, items not listed below over which this arrangements can be made.
and Creating Sections 13-2-5(c)(1) and tainability Committees and could occur arrangements can be made.
13-2-5(c)(1)A. of the Code of Ordinanc- to include an outdoor patio with the governing body has jurisdiction. Com- at this meeting for the purposes of infor- Mark Geller, Town Chair, Town of Verona
es, City of Verona, Wisconsin. Motion by contingency that the patio must close at ments on matters not listed on this agen- mation gathering only. Mark Geller, Town Chair, Town of Verona. Posted: May 26, 2017
Linder, seconded by Touchett, to approve 10:00 p.m. Motion carried 7-0. da could be placed on a future meeting If anyone having a qualifying dis- Published: June 1, 2017
Ordinance No. 17-89 amending Section C. Finance Committee agenda. ability as defined by the American with Posted: May 26, 2017 WNAXLP
13-2-5(c) of the Code of Ordinances, and (1) Discussion and Possible Action 4. Announcements Disabilities Act needs an interpreter, Published: June 1, 2017
Creating Sections 13-2-5(c)(1) and 13-2- Re: Payment of Bills. Motion by Doyle, 5. Discussion and approval of min- materials in alternate formats, or other WNAXLP ***
seconded by Linder, to pay the bills in accommodations to access these meet-

342 Boats & Accessories 436 Office Admin. & Clerical 444 Construction, 449 Driver, Shipping HALLINAN-PAINTING OREGON- 4695 Holm Rd. June
24' PONTOON Boat with 50 HP Evinrude ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT-Maximum Trades & Automotive & Warehousing WALLPAPERING 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 8am till 5pm. Garage
and Trident Trailer. $5700. Aluminum Hoist 20 hours per week. The Administrative **Great-Spring-Rates** Sale. Living Room Set, X-large Men's
HORIZON MANAGEMENT is hiring a CDL-A DRIVERS OTR: $1200 $1300/ 35 + Years Professional
$800. 608-884-1177 or 608-365-2941 Assistant will provide administrative sup- clothing, fishing poles, exercise
part-time Property Manager in Verona. wk! Dedicated runs! Out one week at a Interiior-Exterior
port to the pastor and the director of Little equipment, In-Fisherman Magazines,
402 Help Wanted, General Pilgrims Christian Learning Center. The
Please Apply Online: time! Benefits. Pneumatic. good MVR. Free-Estimates
Ice Cream Maker, Puzzles, books,
position would suit a candidate with efficient 319-754-1944 x112 References/Insured
GROWING CONCRETE company Arthur Hallinan Roll away bed, Banjo, Movie Screen,
looking for EXPERIENCED Flat work office management skills, knowledge of NEEDED FULL Time Sding Installer with LOOKING FOR Pickup Truck Driver. Oil Lamp, Luggage Carrier and Misc
MicroSoft Office, and good communication 608-455-3377
finisher Competitive wages, insurance or without experience. Madison area. Must have CDL, prefer cattle hauling
benefits. 608-289-3434 skills. The candidate must be able to work 608-219-0481 experience. Good driving record with RECOVER PAINTING Offers carpentry, STOUGHTON- 508 S Van Buren, 6/2,
independently and be trusted with confi- good work references. Pays weekly, $12/ drywall, deck restoration and all forms of 8am-6pm, 6/3, 8am-2pm. Vintage, rare
NEED HANDYMAN. Full-time, basic dential matters. A background check will be ROUGH CARPENTERS Looking for
2-3 individuals for residential framing, hr plus benefits. Serious inquiries only. painting Recover urges you to join in the items including Avon Blue Classics dish-
skills, plumbing, drywall repair, and other required. Interested persons should send Please reply to: fight against cancer, as a portion of every ware, tin dollhouse w/furniture, 1960's
apartment repairs. Need own vehicle. resume with cover letter to heritageoffice@ Experience preferred, but will train. Pay job is donated to cancer research. Free
based on experience and Driver's license or call Mattel rocking horse, Disney Pinocchio
No after-hours calls. $18-$20/hour. Meyer Heritage Church, 3102 estimates, fully insured, over 20 years of
Prairie Road, Madison, WI 53719. required. Call 608-513-7618 608-523-4712. mirror, and more! Many newer household
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452 General ing,more! See Craigslist for photos.
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Our Sportsmen will Pay Top $$$ to hunt your land. Call for a lift with an ACORN STAIRLIFT! Call now for $250 OFF your STUFF. EVERYTHING MUST GO! MOV-
stairlift purchase and FREE DVD & brochure! 1-855-750-1951 A&B ENTERPRISES RIGHT HAND MAN SERVICES lawn
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Over 17 years experience. 608-352-1044 ment, fixtures cabinets, stereo, speakers,
A PLACE FOR MOM. The nations largest senior living referral No job too small hardware and lots of other cool stuff
HELP WANTED- HEALTH CARE 608-835-7791 652 Garage Sales including a 1965 Dodge Polara, and the
service. Contact our trusted,local experts today! Our service is
Now Hiring: RNS, LPNS/LVNS, CNAS, Med Aides. $2,000 FREE/no obligation. CALL 1-855-385-8739 (CNOW) garage with the house.
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As a cook on Epics culinary team, you will be

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Locally Owned - Verona
guests. Our menus change daily to reflect a MOFA Global has available
variety of regional, seasonal, international positions in Verona, WI: STATE-LINE CONSIGNMENT AUCTION
dishes, often striking a balance between Shipping & Receiving Clerk SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2017 @ 9:00 AM
accessible and esoteric food. Youll learn Process & fill orders accurately for 101 E MURRAY ST - BROWNTOWN, WI 53522
new dishes as you rotate through the Grill, suppliers & products (1st shift)
Entre, and Soup/Salad/Sandwich stations. Packaging & Assembly Associate QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS WANTED
Youll also flex your creative muscles by Perform general assembly & packaging of Lawn & Garden Recreational Equipment UTVS &
contributing to daily specials. Our culinary consumable plastic products (1st shift) ATVS Boats & Jet Skis Construction Equipment
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conditioned kitchen and enjoy consistent, (part-time) flexible hours 3-5 days a Advertising Deadline: Fri., June 16, 2017
full-time hours and full employee benefits. week starting 3-7 pm or 4-8 pm Consignment Deadline: Tues., June 27, 2017
Production Technician I Live & Online Bidding Available:
Please apply online through Operate equipment and produce plastic or

products (1st shift) (There will be a 10% Buyers Premium for online purchases only 10% Buyers Premium will be
capped at $1,500.00 per item purchased online)
If interested apply in person Powers Auction Service: (608) 439-5761 or (608) 966-3767

at 419 Ventura Ct, Verona, WI Dan Powers: (608) 214-1883 Mike Powers: (608) 214-5761
Join the MOFA team and become part of 2445 E. State Highway 11 South Wayne, WI 53587
cutting edge technology in the Ag Field. 608-439-5761 or
adno=524219-01 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press
STOUGHTON - 889 Gallagher Lane Fri- VERONA 1&2 Bedroom Apartment
day June 2 4pm - 7pm, Saturday June 3 $655-$820. Available May 1 and June 1. 10x10 through 10x25
8am - 5pm, Sunday June 4 7am - 10am. Small 24 unit building. Includes heat, hot Located behind month to month lease
Canoe, kayak, desk, saxophone, vio- water, water & sewer, off-street parking, Stoughton Garden Center Call Karen Everson at
lin, home decor, home security camera, fully carpeted, dishwasher and coin oper- Convenient Dry Secure 608-835-7031 or
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x-country skis and boots, life vests, chil- ated laundry and storage in basement. Veronica Matt at 608-291-0316 Drive Locally andWages
Support your Community
drens games and sporting equipment, Convenient to Madison's west side. Call Bank Cards Accepted Excellent
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Paid BusTraining
power washer, and more!! home. Oak Opening Dr. behind
CDL Sign-On Bonus for Van Drivers
Stoughton Garden Center
6x10 thru 10x25
602 Antiques & Collectibles 720 Apartments Call: 608-509-8904
Market Street/Burr Oak Street $500 Sign-On Bonus
Signing Bonusfor Qualified School Bus Drivers
ROSEWOOD APARTMENTS for Seniors in Oregon Positions
Paid Training and Available
Bonus to get in
your CDL

55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available Madison
Full and and
Part-Time Verona
Positions Available
starting at $795 per month. Includes Convenient location behind
MUSEUM heat, water and sewer. Professionally Stoughton Lumber. Apply Locally at: 219 Paoli St., Verona, WI
"Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall"! managed. Located at Clean-Dry Units Call: 608-845-2255 or Go Online:
10x10 - 10x15
Customer Appreciation Week 300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI 24 HOUR LIGHTED ACCESS 10x20 - 12x30
20% DISCOUNT June 5-11 53589 608-877-9388 5x10 thru 12x25 24 / 7 Access
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF 608-335-3337
VERONA 514 Topp Ave, 2 bedroom, Security Lights & Cameras
200 Dealers in 400 Booths
spacious, off street parking, A/C. Laundry Credit Cards Accepted
Third floor furniture, locked cases FRENCHTOWN
hookup, heat included. Available July 15.. 608-835-0082
Location: 239 Whitney St SELF-STORAGE
$725 rent/security deposit. 845-7057 1128 Union Road
Columbus, WI 53925 Only 6 miles South of Oregon, WI
920-623-1992 Verona on Hwy PB.
Road Construction Hwy 151 Exit 120 740 Houses For Rent Variety of sizes available now.
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road
always open to Antique Mall STOUGHTON- HOUSE For Rent.. 2 bed- 10x10=$60/month room, 1 car garage. nice neighborhood. 10x15=$70/month
760 Mobile Homes
Oregon Manor, a 45-bed skilled nursing facility, is
$795.00+utilities. 608-795-0050 . 10x20=$80/month
688 Sporting Goods 10x25=$90/month STOUGHTON. 2010 Fairmont Mobile
seeking a flexible full-time Housekeeper/Laundry
& Recreational 750 Storage Spaces For Rent 12x30=$115/month Home for sale. 72'x14', 3br/2ba, w/car- Aide. Position includes every other weekend/holiday.
Call 608-424-6530 or port/shed. Call 608-205-6351.
FOR SALE: FLEETWOOD CAMPER ALL SEASONS SELF STORAGE 1-888-878-4244 Full-time benefit package included. Experience is not
TRAILER 34ftx8ft, good shape. $4000. 10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30 801 Office Space For Rent
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14x40 with 14' door for
In Oregon facing 15th hole
696 Wanted To Buy Credit Cards Accepted RV & Boats. on golfcourse or

WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks. CALL (608)444-2900 Come & go as you please. Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
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514 S ACADEMY, Stoughton. Large 883 Wanted: commercial and municipal drain cleaning
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Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently 990 Farm: Service data entry, invoicing and general office duties.
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
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OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet, well-kept Dont sit back and spin your wheels aimlessly. Drive posthole auger, landscape rake, concrete Must have a good driving record
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appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking, broom, teleboom, stump grinder.
laundry, storage. $200 security deposit. purpose as a respected member of the Schneider team. By the day, week, or month. Roto Rooter
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STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct. Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411 608-256-5189
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$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4035. Get traction in your career
VERONA- 2 bedroom apartment. All 800-44-PRIDE

appliances, private W/D, fireplace, 1 car

garage. No Pets or Smokers. $850 +
security deposit. Available June 1st. 608- Work with clients to install, configure and test personal computer operating
832-4815 or 772-0484 systems and application software; perform application packaging on
personal and networked computers within an information technology

system; integrate a variety of software packages within Windows 7, including
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint,
Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft InfoPath, and a variety of anti-virus software;
install, configure and test networked peripheral hardware including
printers and scanners; provide customer service to clients employees by
isolating and resolving computer hardware and software problems, and
Excellent Starting Wages and Benefits communicating with Microsoft Help Desk for issues which cannot be locally
resolved; and, organize computer systems using Microsoft Active Directory
Employee Travel Discounts and Microsoft Active Directory Group Policies.

Required: Bachelors Degree in Information Technology or

Engineering and three years of experience as a network engineer.
In addition, the following specific skills are required:
2 years of experience with desktop administration techniques;

2 years of experience with automated software distribution and patching systems

2 years of experience with Microsoft Active Directory Group Policies;

515 W. Verona Ave. Verona, WI 53593 613 W. Verona Ave. Verona, WI 53593 2 years of experience with Microsoft desktop operating system patching;
608-497-4500 608-845-3000
2 years of experience installing, configuring and testing personal computer
Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites operating systems and application software;
are currently hiring for the following positions: 2 years of experience installing, configuring and testing networked
peripheral hardware including printers and scanners;
(Full-Time or Part-Time) 2 years of experience isolating and resolving computer hardware and
software problems;
Front Desk/Guest Services
Background check;
(2nd Shift - 3pm-11pm)
Work to be performed at various unanticipated worksites within Wisconsin.
Breakfast Host
(Part-Time or Every Other Weekend) 40 hours/week, salary between $68,000 and $88,000 per
Weekend availability is required for all positions year. Qualified U.S. workers are encouraged to apply for

Email your resume or request an application at this position. Please send your resume, including job history, via e-mail at
16 June 1, 2017 The Verona Press

Lamers: New finance director interested in continuous development Verona Area

Continued from page 1 talk to, whos got the knowledge.
School District

2 minutes
Thats not a simple thing now
Its a super nice community, that the city has turned over its
he said. You look at bike trails, administrator, finance director,
and all the activities going on, and public works and building inspec-

or less
all the parks. tor, clerk, assessor and engineer
For all the new, modern ame- in an 18-month span. Which is all
nities in a city increasingly dom- the more reason to make financial
inated by a growing technology information more understandable
company, the finance department and accessible something Lam- Monthly drills help
has remained old-school. Lam- ers has already started.
ers predecessor, Cindy Engelke, You might have something that fire evacuation
works for (one person), but when
was another meticulous sort who
was the citys first finance director somebody new is coming in, you process become
and after 17 years was still storing want it to work for (them, too), he second nature
much of the financial information said.
in her own head. Thats just one part of his inter- SCOTT GIRARD
Lamers hopes to modernize the est in continuous improvement Unified Newspaper Group
department, which now has two through the Lean process, a philos-
assistants and constantly chang- ophy that focuses on eliminating One minute, 55 seconds.
ing financial situations. There are wasteful activities and constant- Thats how long it took
tax-increment financing districts ly rethinking systems to identify Sugar Creek Elementary
opening and closing, complex trouble areas. and New Century schools
developer agreements and new That sort of change doesnt to evacuate and account for
positions and millions of dollars always go over well right away all 700-plus people in the
worth of construction each year, with employees, but so far its been building during their May
meaning a ton of debt manage- well-received. Hes enjoyed his fire drill.
ment. time so far with his new co-work- The drills, run once a
Compared with Jefferson Coun- ers as they all pulled together to m o n t h a t eve r y s c h o o l
ty, theres a lot more going on close out the books on last year. around the district, serve
(with) day-to-day activity, Lam- Everybody really gets along to make the evacuation
ers said. here, he said. process second nature,
Its been a lot of learning, he Email Verona Press editor Jim Photo by Jim Ferolie though no one hopes to ever
said. Even just trying to find the Ferolie at veronapress@wcinet. Verona finance director Brian Lamers is enjoying the day-to-day variety of run- need that familiarity.
information and find out who do I com. ning a more hands-on department than the ones hes been in before. Sugar Creek principal
Todd Brunner and the fire
department are the only
ones to know ahead of time
T in a given month, with a
For hank few exceptions for students
who might be sensitive to
A J You the noise (and in this case,
ob F the Verona Press).
We arm Its a surprise to every-
ll D ers body, Brunner said just
one minutes before the hallways
! filled with children walking
out of their classrooms as
a loud buzzing noise filled
the building.
He has deputized four
staff members to take on
Re leadership roles, one at each
rs Come and Visit Wisconsins Premier Grower of as of the exit points. Those
e on
om Quality Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets staffers go to their designat-
o Beautiful Town of Dunn ble P
ed spot and look for teach-
Bl ers holding up an E sign,
l ity 1828 Sandhill Rd. Oregon
ric which means they have a
ua es student missing or an extra
Q student from another class
WI 53575 608-835-7569 they need to notify Brunner
In Stoughton youll find our Growers Outlet
Teachers are trained,
located at the Dollar General parking lot. you tell them, Im miss-
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-7:30 pm; ing Johnny Depp, or I was
Saturday 8:30 am-6 pm; Sunday 9 am-5 pm leaving the building and I
Directions from Stoughton: picked up (Susan) Saran-
Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugsters don, Brunner explained.
Visit the stoughton Farm Market, one mile and turn right on Sunrise
Rd. Go one more mile then turn left on Town
Those leaders then text

Line Rd. Continue on to Sand Hill Rd. (approxi- or call Brunner to let him
AreA FArmers mArket mately one mile) and turn right. know what theyve heard,
Directions from Fitchburg: . with an all here or names
on F ridAy mornings Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood
Road. Turn left and go into Oregon past of students who are in
Walgreens to a left on Sand Hill Road.
H another location or on a
in Front oF Directions from Verona:
field trip.
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right
After everyone is
dollAr generAl and go to Netherwood Road. Turn left at
Netherwood Rd. into Oregon past Walgreens accounted for, Brunner
to a left on Sand Hill Rd.
gets on the loudspeaker and
gives the all clear.
This concludes the fire
Dairy Days Save up drill, he announced, head-
OFF ing to the doorway to greet
Kopkes Koupon

Kopkes Koupon

Kopkes Koupon

Specials to $5.00 students with a smile on

Hanging their way back into the
$2.00 OFF Perennial Flowering
Brunner said the drill
ALL Special
Wall usually takes about two
minutes, so he was pleased

50 off each Pouches with the timing of this one
as were the firefighters in
Limit 10.
Limit 1 koupon per kustomer per day.
No Limit. attendance, with one excep-
Valid May 31-June 5, 2017 Valid May 31-June 5, 2017. tion: Many class doors,
Valid May 31-June 5, 2017 While supplies last.
which are supposed to be
#1334 #1251 #1335 closed, were left open.
That message went out
Check out our Kopkes Greenhouse USDA Certified Organic line of to teachers in the days after
Vegetable Plants, Seeds, Soils, and Fertilizers! the drill as a reminder.
But otherwise, as one
firefighter on scene told
Brunner as he watched the

process unfold, Thats

Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

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