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The ,Codex Vaticanus of the New Testament^ which; after so

many years of anxious expectation, has at length been made

available in its entirety to scholars by the issue of Cardinal

Mai^s edition, recently published at Rome, is believed to be

the most ancient manuscript of the New Testament in exist-

ence. Both Professor Tischendorf and Dr. Tregelles ascribe its

date to the middle of the fourth century; indeed, the latter

would seem to assign it even to an earlier period, for he adds,

" how much older it may be we have no means of determining."

Whether it was preserved in the Vatican prior to the division

of the Roman Empire under Valens and Valentinian, or found

its way thither after the capture of Constantinople by Mahomet

the Second, in 1453 ; whether it existed as early as the days of

Constantino the Great, and the Council of Nice ; or whether its

execution must be placed nearer to the period when Alaric the

Goth plundered Rome but spared the Christian Churches, are

questions which none can answer. All we know of it is, that in

the sixteenth century it was generally held throughout Europe

to be the most venerable manuscript of the New Testament.

When Bentley issued his prospectus and specimen of an

edition of the Greek Testament in 1731, he had access to the



MS. vicariously^ and obtained collations from three different

sources. Tlie most complete of tliese was made by an Italian
scholar of the name of Mico, and was published at Oxford in

1799. Another was made by Rulotta, the missing sheets of

which, preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge,

Tischendorf was allowed to transcribe; and both he and

Tregelles have made use of them ; but they represent only those
passages in which the original writing has been altered. The
third collation is that of Thomas Bentley, the Doctor's nephew.
It extended only to three chapters, and has never been used,
nor is it known whether it is any longer in existence. Birch's

collation, published in 1788, 1798, and 1801, omits two of the

Gospels. Bartolocci's earlier collation is preserved in MS. at

Paris, and has been used both by Tischendorf and Tregelles.

Lachmann's readings, from the Vatican Codex,

. are taken

entirely from Mico's and Birch's collations, and form the sub-
stratum of Buttmann's recent edition of the Greek Testament

but Buttmann himself claims no higher authority for them than

that they were adopted by his predecessor, and Tischendorf

greatly impugns their value. As to Tischendorf 's collation of

the MS., his own words {Prolegomena, p. 143,) show the rapidity
with which it was made. He was allowed to have the Codex

itself, on two successive occasions, for six hours in his hands.

During that short period he prepared four facsimiles for publi-

cation, and also ran through the whole " universum librum

attente percurrissem" are his words, Without any wish to

detract from the merit of this extraordinary man, the fact is

merely placed on record, leaving the reader to form his own

judgment whether such a rapid collation should command

implicit confidence.

Indeed/ the Codex Vaticanus of the Greek Testament has

always been too carefully guarded to allow any foreign scholar

suflScient time to collate it fuUy^ and when Tischendorf had it

placed in his hands in 1843_, Mai's edition was already in print,

and was shown to him by the Cardinal himself; but Gregory XVI.
would not permit a single copy of it to be issued, for which
various reasons have been assigned, but none of which can be

considered satisfactory. It need not, therefore, be wondered at,

if all the collations hitherto made are full of discrepancies, which

the greatest critical acumen has been unable to reconcile.

For the last fifteen years the printed text has been guarded

with no less vigilance than the MS. itself, and in presenting

it to scholars in the separate portable form of an octavo

volume, instead of the cumbrous and expensive quarto in

which it has recently been issued authoritatively, as an in-

separable adjunct to the Greek Septuagint, the Publishers

hope to have done good service both to literature and the cause
of truth, by enabling every one who would judge for himself to

compare the entire text with the various readings to which

reference has been made, and which have hitherto rested solely

upon the responsibility of the parties by whom those collations

have been furnished.

It must be obvious to every scholar, that the first publication

of so venerable a text of the New Testament in a complete form,

cannot fail to present us with many fresh readings, more parti-

cularly when we bear in mind the almost impossibility which

hitherto has existed of obtaining access to the manuscript itself.

The British Quarterly Review furnishes the following, as a small

sample of what a careful collation of the text of the Codex

Vaticanus will supply : Matt. vi. 13, the Doxology is omitted;



Mark iii. 29, reads, aioaviov a/jLaprrjfiarof; eternal siia ; Mark

xvi. 9 30, is entirely wanting, but a page is left blank, stowing

that it was purposely omitted ; Luke ii. 14, corresponds with, the

Alexandrian MS., and reads evBoKia^} Luke viii. 54, the whole

clause, K^aX(ov e^co 7ravTa<i Kai, is left out ; iMke xi. 3, presents

a remarkable variation in the Lord^s Prayer; John i. 18, reads

fiovoyevT)^ 0609, which corresponds with the Peshito Syriac .

John V. 3, is wanting, the MS. beginning with the fifth verse

John vii. 53, to viii. 13, is entirely wanting ; Acts viii. 37, is also

absent; ^cifs xx. 38, agrees with the majority of cursive MS S.,
as has already been stated by Dr. Tregelles; and 1 Peter iii. 15,

bears testimony to the divinity, of Christ, and reads, Kvpiov he

Tov Xpiarov a/^taaere.

With such a sample before him, it is hoped that the biblical

critic will consider this accurate reprint of the lioman edition of

the Codex Vaticanus of the New Testament, where access can-

not be had to the costly original, indispensable to a right under-

standing of the text ; more particularly when he recollects that

the collations hitherto made of the Codex itself, and to all of

which reference has been made, differ from each other in up-

wards of two thousand instances.

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KATA MA00AION* ';<,"."

KE$. A.

1 SlBJ02'yevs(}E(x)g'l'r}C>ov XQLdtov, Viov ^ccvsld,ViOv'j[fiQaa}i. ^' '

2 'y^^QKCc^L iyivvYi^EV xov 'l<3aa%. 'l0aa% ds iyivvrjiSsv tov'IaKoap. la-

3 %GiP ds iyivvtjcisv tov 'lovdccv, xal tovg ddsX(povg avtov. lovdccg ds

iysvvrjasv tovd^aQsg xccl tovZaQs etc t'^gdfiaQ.0aQEg dh syEVvrj^sv >~, i^i-f) '^

4 TOV 'E0Q(a[i. 'E0Q(D[i ds iyEWTjasv tov^Aqcc^. 'jQccfi ds iyEvvriGEV tov

'/^(lELvaddp. 'A(iEivadcc dhiyivvTiGEv xov Ncck<j0(ov. Naa06av ds i- B

5 yEvvri^EV tov Ua^iicov. Hal^avdE iysvvTj^EV tov Bosg in f^g'Pa- vS^^'c

%dfi. Bosg ds EyEvvYi6Evtov^lG}PYld i% tilg'Povd'. 'Si^rid dh iyEvvri- ^fl

6 (J Ev TOV 'l66at. 'lEG0al 8e syivvYiGEv TOV ^uveWtov ^aGiXicc. Ja-

7 vEid 8e iysvvTjGsv tov UoXoficova sxT'^g tov Ovqelov. 2Jo2,o^av ds

8 iyivvYiijEv xov 'Po^od^. 'PojSoKft 8s syivvriaEV tov 'A^id. 'Aptd ds

syEvvriGfsv tov 'A^dcp. 'Addcp ds iyivvrj^EV tov 'Ioaa(pdt. 'icoGatpuT

9 ds syivwi^EV tov ^laqdji. 'Ioqcc^ ds iysvvriGEv tov Ot^siav. Ot,Eiag

Se iyr'vvi](jEV TOV 'I(X)dd'a[i. 'lodO'afi d^ syivvYi^EV tov "A%ttt,. "A%at,

10 ds iyivvYiGsv tov'E^sx/av. 'ElsiCiag ds syswrjCjEv tov MavaGG'^, Ma-
li va06^ ds EysvvriGEv Tov'A^mg. 'Aficag ds iysvvi]0Ev TOv'IcoGsLav.'Ico-
GsLccg ds iyivvYiGsv tov 'Is%ovLav xal Tovg ddlq)Ovg avTov, STtl Trjg

12 iisTOL7is0iag Bcc^vXavog. Metu ds ttjv (iSToacsGLav Ba^vlavog,

'jE%oviag ysvvd tov UsXa^L'^X. ^sXa&L'^X ds ysvvd TovZoqo^d^sX.

13 ZoQo^d^El ds ysvvd tov 'A^bovd. 'A^iovd ds syswrjOEv tov 'EXta-
14 xEi(i. 'Ehcacsl^ ds syEVvrjGsv tov '4t^Q- 'A^(x>q ds iyEvvTjGsv tov

Admonitio orthographica. In codiee praetermittitur iota, quod dicimus

subscriptiim accentus autem et adspirationis notae non posteriori sed priori

diphtiiongorum litterae apponuntur. In his ego palaeographiam codicis con-

servandam non censui, Secus fero frequentem diphtliongum st pro t prae-
sertim producto constanter retinui, quamqnam secundamanus diplithongmn
in codiee passim siistiilit.

I. Uadcojc. 2adcoK ds iyivvri^EV tov 'A%el^. ^AxeI^ de iyevvTi^ev tov

EXiovd. 'Ehovd ds sysvvTjOsv tov 'EXsd^aQ. 'EXsa^aQ 8s ifivvTi- 15

^^^ "'^^^ Ma%'Q'av *. MaQ-d'av 6s iyswr^asv tov 'laxco^. 'laKCofi ds 16

iysvvrj(3sv rov Ic3(}'r}(p tov avdQtt MaQcag , i^ rjg iysvv^d'rj'lriijovs

A Xsyo^svog XQL6t6g. Uadat ovv at ysvsal aitb 'A^Qaafi sag ^a- 17

Psld, ysvsal dsicatE(}(3aQsg. nal ccTto ^Javsld sag f^g (istotxsiJLag

BafivXfSvog ,
ysvsal dsnatsGSaQsg' nal cctco trig ^stoMsGCag Ba-
^vXavog sag to.v JC^kJtou, ysvsal dsaave^^aQsg.
E Tov ds XqKStov 'iriGov 17 ysvs^ig ovtag yiv
^vriGtsvd'Si^rig f^g 18 v C

[irjtQog avtov MaQuag ta 'ladrjcp, tiqIv vj GvvsXd'Stv avtovg, sv-

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tijg, dUaiog av, ocal j^irj ^s/^av avtrjv dsLy^tL6aL, i^ovX'^d'i] ld~ ^t y *

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Xog avQLOV %at ovuq scpdvri avta, Xiyav' 'la6'r^<p viog ^avsid^

liYi (po^rjd'fjg TCaQaXa^stv MaQiav trjv yvvatxd (Sov' to yccQ ivavtrj

ysvvrid'EV , ix %vsv^at6g s(3tiv ayiov. Ts^staL ds vlov, %al jca- 21

Xidsig to ovo(ia avtov 'ItjGovv '

avtog yccQ 6a6si tov Xaov avtov
aTCo tav dyuaQtiav avtav. Tovto ds oXov yiyovsv, Lva TtXrjQad'fl 22

to QTjd'sv VTto xvQiOv did tov jtQOCf'^tov Xsyovtog Idov ' tj Ttaqd's- 23

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avtov 'E^fiavovTjX ' sdtiv {isd'SQiiTjvEvo^svov, ^isQ^ rj^av 6 d'sog.

5 ^EysQQ-slgds 6 'laOrjg) dno tov vtcvov, snoiriGsv ag 7tQ0(3Stai,sv av- 24

ta 6 dyysXog xvqiov, otal naQsXa^sv trjv yvvatxa avtov. Kal 25

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avtov Ifi^ovv.

KE<&. B.

J' Tov ds 'lijOov ysvvTjd'svtog iv BTjd-Xssii tijg 'lovdatag sv ruisQatg 1

'HQcidov tov ^adiXs'ag, Idov (idyoc aTCo dvatoXcov jtaQsysvovto stg

"isQOGoXv^a, Xsyovtsg' tcov sdtiv tsxd-slg ^aOtXsvg tav lov- 2

daiav ; stdo^sv ydq avtov tov d(3tsQa sv trj avatoXij, aal fjXd'O-

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^XsE(i, y^^Iovda, ovda^ag iXa%C<}X'Yi el iv rotg TjyEfioaLV lovda'

f'l* <iov yccQ i^eXsvciEtai T^yov^Evog, oGttg not^avst tov Xaov (lov *l'^'
7 tov'lijQcc^L Tots HQcad^jg, Xad-Qcc naXiiSag tovg ^ayovg^ tizqeC- H
8 ^(x)6v* Ttaq avtav tov %q6vov tov (pcciVOjiEvov diStBQog. KalTts^- ^M()t,

ipag avtovg Big B7jQ'Xe[i, eltcev '

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TtEQl tov Ttaidbov' EJtdv ds EVQi^tSy ccTtayyEiXats [lOL, OTtcog accya

9 iXd'av TtQOCjxvv^Gca avta. 01 ds, duovOavtEg tov ^a^LlicDg^ iito-

QEvd'7i<jav' nal tdov 6 ddtriq^ov eI^ov ivf^ aVatoX'^y TCQorjyEvav-

10 rovg, C3g iX&cov idtttd-'r) ETtdvco ov rjv to TCaidiov. 'Jdovtsg ds tov
11 aiStSQU, ixd^rjOav xkqccv ^sydXrjv 0cp6dQa. Kal iXd'OVtsg slg trjv

olnCav, Eidov to Ttaidtov yustd MuQiag tijg ^TjtQog avtov' xul the-

Govt Eg JtQodsicvvTjtjav avta xal dvot^avtsg tovg d'lqiiavQGvg avtav,


12 TCQOij'^VEyKav avta dcoga, %qv(3<>v, nal Xl^avov, %a\ (S^vQvav. Kal

XQYj^atcdd'svtEg Kat ovaQ ^rj avaxd^ipai TtQog'HQcodrjv, do dX~

Xtjs odov avE%(aQYi6av slg tTjv %coQttv avtcov.

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dta 7tQ0(pritav, otl Na^coQatog xXvid-i^GEtai,.

KE$. r.

CAP. in. ,

'Ev ds talgTHiEQaig ijcELvaig TtuQaysCvEtaL* 'Icadvrjg 6 ^ajcti^f^g, 1

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ir djcQidsg Kal ^eXl dyqiov. Tots i^EJtOQEVsto TtQog avtov 'IeqoGoXv- 5

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dri^ata /3(?TaG'at ' avxog v^ag ^aTttidEi iv jtvEv^atu ayCa accl

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2 m.

avtov' TO ds a%vQov zatanavOsi tivqI a0^iGt(p,

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16 dg)C7}0iv avtov. BaTtttGd'Elg ds 6 'Iri^ovg Ev&vg dvi^o] dno tov v8a- IE

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17 ta^aivov dxjsl TtEQiatsQccv, eq%6^evov ETt avtov. Kal tdov (pcov^

EX tcav ovqavwv, liyovGa' ovtog i^tiv 6 viog ^ov 6 dyajcrjtog, iv

G) EvdoxYiGa.

KE$. A.

1 TotE 'li]Govg dvri%%"ri etg f^v EQrjfiov v%o tov TtvEVfiatog, vcel- ^^^- ^^*

2 QaGd'yivai v%o tov dia^oXov. Kal vfjcftsvGag rj^EQag tEGGSQccxov-

3 ta*xalvvxtagtG6Qdxovta,v0VEQOv i7tELva(3EV. KalTtQoGEld-cov


7CElQd%G)V ElTCEV avtip' eI ViOg EL TOV d'sov, ElTteXva Ot XiQ'Ol ov~

4 TOt tt^TOt yivcovtaL. "O ds ccTtoxQid'slg, eItcev '

yiyQantai, ovx iit

ccQtip (i6vc3 tpqGEtaio ovQ'QaTtog, dXX' etvI Jtavtl Qi^^ati ixjto^Evo-

5 ^ivG) did Gto^iatog d-Eov. Tots naQaXa^^dvsi avtdv 6 dcd^olog IZ

sig typ dylav TCoXiV , xal EGtfjGEv avtov inl to TttSQvyiov tov ts-

6 Qov. KalXiyEi avta' si viog el tov d'sov, ^dks Gsavtov xdtG)

ysygaTttaL yaQ, oTt tolg dyyiXoig avtov EvtsKEltai tceqI Gov,

xal ETtl %SLQav aQOvGL GE, fi'^Jtots TtQOGxojprjg jtqog XCdov tovTtoda

IV. aov. E(pYi avra o ^Itj^ovg ' TtdXiv ysyQaTtraif ovx ixTtSLQcccisig kv- 7
IH QiovTovd'SoviSov. ndlLV TtaQccXa^^dvsLavtov odid^oXog sigoQog 8

'i^fv^ov Xelccv*) xal dsC%vv6LV avrip Jtd(3ag rag ^a6iXELagxov %o6-
iiov not xYiv do^av avrav. KaX eItzsv avta tavzd
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Oco, idv 7tE<3(av :tQO(3iCvv'^(}7]g fiOL. Tots XiyEiavra o Iri^ovg' vjtcc- 10

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KE$. lA.

CAP. XI. j^^'^

iysvEto ots itiXs(3SV 6 'lrj(30vg diatd06(Dv totg dcodma [la- 1

d"rjtatg avtov, [lete^T] sxt&sv,tov dt3d(iXSLVicalx'r}QV(}aELV ivtatg

tioXeGlv avtav. O dh 'loavrig d%ov6ag iv ta dEij^icotrjQLO) td ^ya 2

tov Xqlgxov, %E^il}ag did tav [laO'Titav avtov, eItcev avta 6v '
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jtEtE. TvcpXol dva^XiitovcjLV, xal %caXol TtEQiTtatov^iv, XetcqoI oca- 5

d'aQitfivxai, not xcocpol aKOvovGiv, ocal vejcqoI iyEiQOVtai, nal TCtco-

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xXoig tceqI 'Icsdvov ' ti i%i\X%'at Elg trjV Qri(iov Q'd(5a6%'ai ; ad-

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Q-Qditov iv [laXaxotg 7i}ig)LE(3[iEvov; dov ot td [laXaicd (poQovvtsg,


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xov ^anxiGxov' 6 ds (iSLJCQOxsQog* ivxr] ^aGiXsCaxav ovQavav, ^ac- * ^-

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13 Giv avxr(v. IlavxEg yuQ ol TCQO(pYixai %ai o vo^og Ecog laavov ^ etcqo- Qos(pr'ix,

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18 (DQX'i]GaGd'E ' id'QTjvrJGaiiEv, Kol ovx EXOipaGQ'E. 'HXQ-Ev yUQ 'ladvrjg

19 p,T^tE aGd-iav, (I'^XE tcelvcov ' * %al XsyovGiv, daiiiovtov e%el. 'HXQ-ev * ,-

6 VLog xov dvd'QaTtov EGQ-icov %al TtEivcov ' 'nal XiyovGiv Cdov av-

Q-QCOTtog (pdyog %al oivonoxvig, XEXcovav cpiXog aal d^aQxaXav' xal

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idiicaLad'T] iq Gocpta dno xcov EQycov * avxijg.

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21 Gxai dwd^sig avxov, OTt ov ^exevotiGuv. OvaC GoiXoQat,Elv, ovai

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XI. v[ov st (irj 6 Jtar7}Q' ovds tov natsQa tig iTtLysivd^iCEL , eC (irj 6

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%cctg v(i(Sv. 'O yccQ ^vyog [lov %Qij()v6g , xal to (poQtLOv ^ov i^a- 30

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KE $. IB.

CAP. XII. (2/ ixELVC) ta KKLQip STtOQEvd")] 6 'irjdovg totg Ca^^dtoig dice tav 1

GjtOQL^tov ' oC ds ^ad'Tjtal avtov ETtsCva^KV, xal ^Q^avto tCXKelv

* 2. m. 0td%vag %al e(3Q'Ceiv. OlSe ^aQEcOatOL* IdovTEg, slnav ccvt^' Idov 2

oC ^ad'rjra^ Cov jtOLOv^iv o ovx ^^eGxlv tcoleIv ev Sa^^dto}. 'O de 3

ELJtSV aVtOtg, ovx dvdyVCOtE t E7tOL7J0V ^aVEld , OtS ETtELVa^SV,

xkI o[ fiEt' avtov; Tccog std'^Xd'Ev slg tov olxov tov %'Eov, xal'i
* iia cod. tovg aQtovg trig TtQO&E^Ecag Ecpayov *, o ov% i^ov '^v avta cpayEtv,
ov ds totg (ist' avtov, si ^rj totg IeqevGlv ^6voig\^'H ovx dvi- 5

yvatE EV tip vo^G), otitotg (jd^^adtv ot tsQEtg iv ta Ceq^ to <7o;/5-

fiatov ^E^rjXovGLV, xal dvaittoi e16iv; Asyca ds v^itv, oto tov Q

[eqov [let^ov E6tlv cods. El ds syvcoxELts tC E0tLV, ^Xsog Q'ikco xal 7

ov d^vciiav, ovx av xatEdixdGats tovg avattCovg. KvQiog ydQ eg- 8

tLV tov Ga^^dtov o viog tov avQ-Qaitov.
OZ Kal (lEta^ccg exeiQ'Ev, '^X&ev Elg f^v avvaycuyvjv avtcov. Kal
idov avQ'QCOTtog %EtQa e%cov ^rjQdv ' xal STtriQcot'rjGlav avtov, Xiyov-

tsg' El E^sGtb totg (jdfi^aGb d'SQaTtEVEiv; 'iva xatrjyoQi^GcoGiv av-

tov. 'O ds slitsv avtotg' tCg sGtat a| v^(Bv avd-QOTtog, og e^sl 11

TCQO^atov 'ev, xal sav ifiTtEGr] tovto totg Ga^^aGiv sig ^od'vvov,

ov%l xgati^GsL avto xal iysQEt; IIoGco ovv diaipiQEL avQ-QC07Cog%QO~ 12

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OH Tco dv&QcoTta) ' sxtsivov Gov tr^v %EtQa xal s^itsivEV, xal ajtsxat-
* 2. m. '

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15 Xiov Ha^ov icat' avtov, ojtcjg avtov ccTtoXedcixSLV. O ds 'Ji]6ovg XII.

yvovg ccvxcoQri0sv itcst^ev ' xal rinoXovQ-ri^av avta jcoAAol, ical

16 id'SQccTCSvasv avtovg Tcdvrag. Kal ijtetSL(ir}dsv * avzotg, iva firj ^nstCyb.

17 (pavEQOv avtov TCOiriOcaaiv. "Iva TtX'^Qwd'yto qijO-sv Slcc Haatov tov

18 jtQOcp'^TOv kiyovtog' ^^ idov 6 Tcalg (lov, ov rjQ8TL(ja' o ayanrjtog

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19 jjjfal %Qi(3iv toZg bQ'vsGlv aTtayysXst. Ova igLOsi*, ovds XQav- j*g^/gj

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21 jjov 6^86EL, EG)g av Ex^d^i] Eig vstxog f^v %ql0lv. Kal ta 6v6- xrj'vov.
, , ^ Haecasleri-
..Uatt avtov E&Vr] EATtLOVCJlV.*,.
in cod.

22 TotE TCQOij'^VEyxav avta daLfiovL^o^svov tvcpXov xal xcocpov' 00

23 xal id'E^ccTtEvdEV avtoVf ca6tE tov xoq^ov KaXstv nal ^Kbtcslv. Kal
i^Cotavto TtdvtES oC o%Xol , xal ^Xsyov ' iir^ti, ovtog i6tlv o viog
24 /JavEid; Ot d\ ^aQELdatoi, * d%ov(3avtEg eItzov '
ovtog ovx ixfidX- ^c^gl^\

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21 ^aOiXsCa avtov '^ Kal el iyco iv Bss^s^ovX i%^dllai td dui-

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29 dab^ovia, dga Eq)d'a6EV ego' v^dg 7} ^aGiXEia tov %'eov. ^^H nag
dvvatai tug sl^Ehd'Etv Etg f^v olziav tov 1(5%vqov, xal td OzEvrj
avtov aQTtddai, idv }i7j TtQcotov driGr] tov l^xvqov; ocal totE trjv

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ndiSa a^aQtia %al ^Xadcprjiiia dcpEQ-i^GEtaL v^tv totg avd'Qcojcoig

32 Tj ds tov TtvEVfiatog ^Xa^q^Ti^ia ova d(pEd"^0Etat. Kal og idv sl'Ttf]

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sl'Ttr] natd tov jtvsv^atog tov dytov, ov d<pEd"^ avta ovts iv eatk'm ex

XII. rovrra tc3 al^vij ovts iv tco ^iXXovti. ^H Ttoiri^azs xb divdQOV 33

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2. m.
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(*) In editionibus versiculi 39 sunt. At in vaticano codice, aliisque ali-

quot, fortasse ob similitudinem initiorum ovai, praetermittitur versiculus 14.

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2. m.
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I. 111.

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2. III.
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avxov. "O ds 'iriGovg dq)ELg cpavriv ^EydXfjv e^ejivevGev. 37

(*)Deest versiculiis 28. in codzce nostro 1209., quo utimur, et In panels

aliis. Seel tamen praeclarum vaticininm a famosis aliis codicibus patribus-
qtie confirmatum ab hac editione abesse noluimus.


38 Kal to itaxanitaGina tov vaov i6%Cdd-7i aig 8vo, ait ova- xv.
39 ^sv sag xdtco. 'Idav ds 6 xsvtvQLCOv 6 itaQSOtrjicas ilsvccvtiag

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40 vlog Q-sov 'Tjv. 'Haav ds xal yvvatzsg a%o ^kkqoQ-bv Q'saQOvdab

iv alg nal MaQia^ -rj MccydaXrivij, xal MaQia rj 'Jaxco^ov tov fiEt-

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i.aia *, ':^xoXoV'd'ovv avtat J aal diTjicovovv avta' %al alXai tcoX- raid.

Xal at (jwavafiaGm avta sig 'JsQOOokv^a.

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43 %QO<5d^^axov *) eKQ'Giv 'Icj&rjcp ccno ^^QSL^aQ-aiag *, sv^xw^'^ ngdg

^ovXEVTrjg, og %al avtog ^v 7tQ06ds%6^vog xriv ^aaiXsCav tov *2:m.
^sov^ ToX[i^0ag Ei^rjXd'SV TCQog tov nsiXdtov, %ai i^t^^ato to 0a~
44 fia tov 'Ii]<jov. 'O ds nsiXdtog id-av^aOsv et ^dr} ts&vrjXEV' aal

7tQO(j%alE6d[iiEvog tov XEVtvQiava, STtTjQcotTiaEv avtov eI ^dr] UTtd-

45 d'ttVEv. Kal yvovg cctco tov ZEvtvQiojvog, idwQ'^6ato to ntca^a tco

46 'icoofj. Kal dyoQa^ag 0iv86va, zad'EXcav avtov, ivEtXtjcjsv trj 6lv-

dovb ' xal ed-yjiCEV avtov iv fiv^^ati, o fjv XElaro^iri^ivov ix nitQag

47 %ai7tQ06EicvXi(jEV kid'ov inl triv Q-VQav tov ^vrj^Etov. H SsMaQua
7j MaySakriVTi, aal Magta tj. 'laarjrog, id'EcoQOvv Ttov tEO'sitai.

KE$. I5.

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MaQoa Y] tov laxca^ov, %al HaXco^vi, rjyoQaOav aQCo^iata, Lva iX- ^cvi*
2 d-ovGat dlEi^adLv avtov. Kal Xsuav * TtQOt }itd tcov (Sa^^dtov xlav.

3 sQiovtai ijtl TO ^VTj^EiOv, dvaxEiXavtog tov riXCov. Kal sXEyov

^Qog iavrdg ' tig ajtonvXiOEL tj^lv tov Xi%ov i% trig ^'^Q^'o tov

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Vfm'"'' "^l^^S ^^S Tfiv FahAataV * iast avtov ojp(j'd-, xcc^cag SLTtsv v(itv.
I aUX.
j^^i^ i^eXd-ovijaLy scpvyov a-Jtb tov (iv7](iecov ' eI%ev yccQ avtag tqo- 8

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xav d-avdat^ov xi tcloolv, ov ^tj av- 18
* ^,^- xovg ^XdilJEL ' * ETtl d^QcaGxovg %EiQag E%i%"YiGov6LV^ %al xaXag e-

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sig xov ovQKVOv , %al ixdd'LGEV i% ds^iav xov &eov. 'Ekelvol ds 20

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Xoyov ^E^aiovvxog did xav STCaocoXovd'Ovvxcav Grj^sicov. A^iqv.
Sequens Marci clausula in eo quern nos exscribimus codice. vat.
(*) ,

1209. omittitur, relicta inmembranis pura pagina. Ees est notissima, et in

aliis quoque nonnullis codicibus observata. Ceteroquin pericopam sine dubio

retinendam esse propter aliorura codicum testimonia, atque' alia multa sa-
crae criticae argumenta, exploratissimum est. Neque est heic reticendum
Severi antiocheni scholion, etsi iamdiu cognitum de hac pericopa. 'H^isSg ,

8s l| d%QL(Sv avvLyqacpcov, cog sv nXsiGxoig svQovrsg, avra, -nard to itaXai-

CTLvaiov EvayysXiov MaQnov, cog ^%si ri dX-^^sid, avvvE&E^naiiEv rrjv sv
avt(3 SsaTtozmrjv dvdaxaGiv [isrd to, itpo^ovvvo ydg. Item aliud scholion.
'Ev TtoXXotg <? %al zavva cpsqszai, dvactdg k.t.X. Textusautcmnosterhuius
pericopae sumitur ex codice vat. palatino 220 saeculi ferme decirai , , unde
eusebianas quoque qnaestiones ante lios annos evulgavimus.

K A T A A T K A N.
KE$. A.

1 'EotSid'^TCSQ TCoXXol i7tE%EiQri0av avata^aGQ'aL diTJyriGLV jzeqI tcov A

2 TtSTcXrjQOtpoQrj^svcav iv tj^lv TtQuy^dtav , Ka&cog ircaQsdoaav r^Liv

3 OL ccTt ' ccQX'^g avTOTtrai nal VTtTjQEtai, ysvo^Evoi rov Xoyov ; sdo-

lE,EV aa^olf TCa^rjxoXovd'rjzoTL dvcad-Ev ndsiv azQEt^cag *, aa^E^^g *^ "g

4 (jol YQaifjui, %Qdti0tE EocpUs^ iva ETtiyvag TtEqii cov nuxriiri&rig

Koycov Triv aOcpuXEiav.

5 ^EyivEXO Ev tatg ruiEQaig HqcoSov fia^ilicog r^g 'lovdatag, B

IsQEvg teg 6v6{iati ZaxccQLag, i^ iq^rjiiEQcag * ^A^iu' %al yvvrj, *!' ,

avta E% T(3v d'vyatEQCov '^kqcov, seal to ovofia avr^g ^EXelgu- "?

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7 Keel ovu iiv avTotg ts'xvov, xad-ozc i^v EXsccjd^Et 0TEiQa, aal

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ds EV tip lEQatEVELV avTov EV f^td^Ei f^g icprjfiEQiag avtov svav-

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11 Xaov TtQoOEVxo^Evov lc<3 tfj Sqk TOt; O'v^id^atog. ^'Sltpd-rj dl

avta dyyEXog kvqlov iGtag e% Se^h^v tov Q'vGiaGtTiQiov tov Q'V-

12 ^tdiitttog, Kal EtaQdiQ"ri Za%aQiag Idcov, %al (po^og EJtEitEGev

13 E7t* avtov. EiitEV d\ TCQog avtov o dyyElog ' ^rj cpo^ov^ Za%a-
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diOTt Ei(37i%ov6d-Tfi 7j difiGig 6ov ' nal rj yvvY] Gov 'ElEtGd^st

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Oivov zal 0L%sQa ov ^rj tclt]' %al TtvEv^atog ayCov TcXyidd-riGstai



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rec. m.
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1. ni.
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*2. m.
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Sic et infra.
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* 2. m.
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Sic el infra.

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Sic el infra,
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(1) Versiculi duo 43. et 44. de angelo et de sudore sangiiineo desi-

derantiir in codlce ; sed eos catholici critici satis iamdiu adseruaruut.

XXII. TO ovg avTov to ds^LOv. 'AjtoxQid'Elg de 'ItiCiovs, ELJtsV iars 51

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* 1. m.
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(1) Versiculus hie 17. desideratur in codice.



ov yciQ otSttdLv ti noLovdi (^). ^la^EQitpnEvci ds ta C^aTta avtov, XXiir.

35 B^ttXov kX-^qov. Kal i6tri%Ei 6 Aaog dscoQav ' i^s^vzrrJQL^ov ds

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38 yovTEg ' eI 6v el 6 ^aGiXEvg tav 'lovda^av, dadov (jsavTov. Hv
39 ds %al EitiyQacpYi E7t '
avta ^aGuXEvg tav ^lovdaicov ovtog. Elg ds PMZ
xav xQE^ttdd'EVTCsv zaKOVQycov i^XaCicp'^fiEL avtov' ovj(), Gv el 6

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(lav avta, Eq)ri ' ovdh cpo^fj Gv tov d-Eov, ott iv ta avta :cQt(iatL

41 El', Kal TjiiEtg ^EV dixaiog' a^ia yccQ av EJtQa^aiiEv ccTtoXa^^d-

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%(p ' d^^v Gov Xiyca , Gyhieqov ^Et i^ov eGt] ev ta TtaQadEiGa
44 Kal rjv ^dfj (oGeI Squ SKtrj, ocal Gxotog iydvEto icp' oXriv trpf yrjv, PMH
45 Ecog S^ag ivdtrjg tov rjXLOv i^XEiTtovtog. ^EG'iCgQ'ti ds to nataTts-

46 taG^a tov vaov ^isGov. Kal (pav^Gag cpcovfj ^EydXrj 6 'iTjGovg sl-

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ds slTtav e^etcvevGev. 'Idcov ds 6 EzatovtdQ%7jg to ysvofisvov, ido-

48 lat,EV rov d'sov, Xiycav ' ovtcog 6 av&QCOTtog ovtog dtxaiog 7}v. Kal
Ttdvtsg 01 GwTCaQaysvoiiEvoi o%Xoi etcI trjv Q'soQiav tavfrjv, * ^-

49 d'EaQYiGavtsg td ysvo^Eva, tvTttovtsg td Gt'^d'7] vnsGtQscpov. Ei-

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xsg at GwaTcoXovd'OvGat avta dno T'^^g raXsiXaiag^ oqaGai tavta.

50 Kal idov, dvfjQ ovofiati'laGritp, povXsvtrig vjcdgxcov, dvrjQ PM0

51 dyad'og dCnaiog' Ovtog ovk vv GvvxatatEQ-EiaEvog* trj BovXrj nal ' '
*2. m.
tfj TtQd^SL avtcov djto '^QSifiad-aiag TCoXscag tav 'lovdatav' og
52 7tQoGEds%Eto triv ^aGiXstav tov d-Eov. Ovtog TCQoGsXd-cov ta TIsi-

53 XdtG) , ritriGato to Gco^a tov 'irjGov. Kal icad'sXcov evevvXi^ev

avto GivdovL, %al sd-TjxEV avto sv (iv^^atL Xa^Evta, ov ova tjv

(1) Hie item versleuliis 34. desidcratur in codice iisqne ad vocalju-
lum Tcoiovai. Vide de hoe et praecedcntibus ciusmodi locis, ct praesertim
de vers. 43. et 44. eap. xxii. Scholzii catholici perdoctam n. t. editionera.

XXIII. ovdEig ovTCG) xL(iBvog. Kal '^{ieqcc jJv TtaQa^KSVTJg, nal 6a^^atov 54

ijteg)C3(3XEv. Kataaokovd'YiGa^ai de at yvvatKsgy aitivsg '^cfav 6vv- 55

EXriXv%-viaL ix zrjg raXsLXcctag avra, id'EccGavto x6 (ivfj^stovy aul

(hg ized-rj to (Jafia avtov. 'T7to(jTQSil)a&ai, ds TitoC^aGav ciQc6[iarcc 5G

zal (ivQa ' xal to ^ev 6d^^atov 7i6v%a(Sav icata t^v ivtoXi^v.

KE^. KA.
XXIV. ,^^ , ^ ^ , y ^ r
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ds ^la
tav Ga^^dtcav, OQd'QOV fiad-Ecag
inl ro ^vij}ia, ^1- 1
* 2. 111.

7]\&ov. Q-av * (psQovGttL a 'TjTOL^aGav aQco^iata. Evqov ds tov It&ov uno- 2

'KS'KvXkjubvov ccTto tov ^vrj^SLOv. EiOsX&ovGai ds ov% evqov to 3

Ca^a TOV xvQLOv 'ItjGov. Kal iyivsTO iv Tip ccTtOQEiO&aL avTccg 4

tceqI tovtov, aal dov, ccvdQsg dvo ETtE^rriGav avratg iv iGd"^Tb

2. m.
dotQanTOvGri. 'Evgyo^cov * ds ysvo^ivcav avTcov, xal xlstvovdcov 5

Tcc TCQoGOTta sig t^v y^v, SLTtav JtQog avTccg ' tl ^rjtEttE tov ^avta

fiETa Tcov VEXQCOV; Ovx E(3tiv (ads, dXka '^ysQQ'Tj. }iVT^ad'7}Ts cog

EXaXri^sv v^lv , etl cov ev trj FaXsLXaia, Aiyav' tov vibv tov 7

dvQ'QaTCOv OTL dst TcaQadod-^vat slg %siQag dv&QCOTttav a^aQTO-

Xmv, xal OTavQcad-ijvaL , xal tfj tqCtti tj^equ ccvaGT'^vaL. Kal 8

E^VYi0Q'7i0av TCOV Qij^ccTcov avTOv. Kal v7to<3TQETpaGab ano tov 9

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cuiu'liupiki XoiTtotg. 'H6av ds r] MaydaXi^vrj Magta xal 'Icodvva *, xalMaQLa 10

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Xovg TavTa. Kal scpdvTjoav svcoTtiov avtcov aGsl X'^Qog to: Qvi^aTa -H

TavTa, xal rjTttdTOvv avtatg. 'O ds HsTQog dvaGTCcg MQafisv iitl 12

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(oafxovv oVofca 'Eii^aovg'

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KCil avxois.Tovg xau 6vvc,r]TFLv ^ avtovQ , Iijdovg eyyioag (jwettoqevexq


16 civtotg. Ot ds 6(p&aX(iol avvcov ixQaxovvro tov ^irj sTayvavaL XXIV.

17 avvov. EiJtEv ds nQog avtovg' ttveg ot Xoyot ovtoi ovg avti^dl-

Ketb JtQog akX'^lovg 7CEQi7Caxovvtsg\ %kI i<jtccd'i^(}ccv Gxvd'QcoTtol'

18 '^TCOKQiO'slg dh stg ovo^att KXsojtag, alnev TtQog avrov ' Ov fiovog

jtaQOLXstg 'IeqovGccIthi , xal ova syvog ta yEvo^isvcc iv avrrj iv

19 tatg Tj^sQaig tavtaig ; Kal eItcev avtotg ' Ttota ; ot ds siTtav avta'

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ovtag xad'cag at yvvatxEg eltcov '
avtov ds ov% Eidov.
25 Kal avtog eItcev TCQog avtovg' co dvoritOL nal^QadEig trj

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nQocprjtav, dLrjQiirjvEvGEV avtotg iv Ttd^aig tatg yqacpaig ta tceqI

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XXIV. Eig lEQ0v6akr}}i^Kal evqov rjO-QOLCusvovg Tovg evdsxa %al xovg <Svv

avtotg, Aiyovtag ' on ovtcog TjysQd-T] 6 zvQtog, %a,l acpd-rj Ul^covi. 34

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KE $. A.

1 'Ev KQxfj riv 6 Xoyog, %al 6 Xoyog rjv TtQog tovd'EOv, xccl d'sog a
^ rjv Ji.6yog. Ovtog iiv iv aQxy TtQog xov d'sov. Ilccvta dc' avtov

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(1) Verba omnia qiiac seqiuiHtiir usque ad Tjr ds xiq av&Qconog exclu-
sive, desuut in codice. Confer licic itcrum Scliolzii 'iiQLVL'iicozdvijv ed'tioncm.
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^ / . w f , r .V \ \ t n/r '^~ in codice.
TOV TCatSQK 6tLV o xatrjyoQcov viicofv TtQog tov TtatsQCC Mc3vor]g,

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