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Go to page 8 Workbook New Inside Out Elementary.
1. Complete the sentence with the words in the box

a) Im a writer. I love my Job.

b) Nice to meet you. Is your name Jones?
c) Shes French but her father is from Germany.
d) Is Paul here? His mother is on the phone.
e) Its Persian cat. Its father is from Germany
f) My wite and I are doctors but Our son is an actor.
g) Theyre singers. Their names are Fifi and Peach.

2. Write the words in order to make sentences.

h) This pen your Is??

Is this your pen?
i) Favourite actor my Hes?
Hes my actor favourite?
j) Carla Is name her?
Is Carla her name?
k) Joe with friend his is?
Is Joe his friend with ?
l) New York is from teacher Our?
Our teacher is from New York?
m) grandparents Their Arthur and Joan are?
There are grandparents Arthur and Joan?

3. Complete the table of verb be: present simple.

Affirmative Negative
I Im In not
you youre you arent
he / she / it hes / shes / its he / she / isnt
we were we arent
they theyre they arent
4. Complete the sentences with the affirmative of the verb be. Use contractions
where possible.
a) Im from Poland.
b) My mother is a teacher.
c) My hairdresser is a man.
d) My favourite drink is tea
e) My friends and I are students.
f) My grandparents are doctors.

5. Write the sentences from Exercise 4 in the negative.

a) Im not from Poland

b) My mother isnt a teacher.
c) My hairdresser isnt a man.
d) My favourite drink isnt tea.
e) My friends and I arent students
f) My grandparents arent doctors.

6. Write questions:
a) you / an actor?
Are you an actor?
b) your mother /over 50 years old?
Is your mother over 50 year old?
c) your teacher / British?
Is your teacher British?
d) your phone number / 01807322486?
Is your phone number 01807322486?
e) Your classmates /from Spain?
Are your classmates from Spain?
f) You and your family / from Russia?
Are you and your family from Russia?
6. Write true short answers to the questions in Exercise 6.
Example (a)
No, Im not
a) No, Im no
b) No, she isnt
c) No, he isnt
d) No, he isnt
e) No, he isnt
f) No, they arent