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Classroom procedures to be explained, practiced, and reinforced

1. How to enter the room

a. Enter quietly
b. Take out materials
c. Begin bell work
2. Dismissal at the end of the class
a. The teacher dismisses you, not the bell.
b. Do not start packing up prior to the bell.
c. Wait until the teacher finishes and dismisses you with "Have a nice
3. Entering Tardy
a. Enter quietly
b. If excused, place the slip in the basket on teacher's desk
c. If unexcused, sign the tardy notebook
d. Have a seat and take out your materials
4. Getting students' attention
a. Teacher will stand in front with hand raised.
b. Students should:
i. Freeze
ii. Turn and face the teacher, pay attention, and keep eyes on the
iii. Be ready for instruction
5. To obtain teacher's attention, raise
a. Index finger: "I wish to speak."
b. Two fingers: "I wish to leave my seat."
c. Three fingers: "I need the teacher's help."
d. Cross two fingers: "I need to use the restroom."
6. Moving around the room
a. You must ask permission
b. Do not ask during a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency
7. Leaving class to use the bathroom
a. Write name and time out on sheet in bathroom notebook
b. Take pass from beside notebook
c. When back, write time in on sheet
d. Leave pass beside notebook
8. Students must fill out a Pink Slip when homework is not done
a. Fill it out
i. Name of assignment
ii. Reason for not turning it in
b. Sign it and date it
c. Turn it in with the other homework papers
9. What to do when finished early with an assignment
a. Work on an unfinished assignment for this class or another class
b. Read a book
c. Write in a journal
d. Study notes
e. Work on tonight's homework
10.How to catch up on missed work after an excused absence
a. Copy the homework from the homework notebook
b. Retrieve any handouts
c. Sign the notebook
d. Make-up work for unexcused absences is not available
11.Scheduled check-out
a. Please let me know as you enter the classroom, I will be at the door.
b. Quietly raise your hand to get my attention.
c. Pack your materials and leave at the scheduled time.
12.Turning in papers
a. Place your paper on the desk next to youLeft side
b. If/When you receive a paper, place yours on top and continue passing
the stack to the left
c. Teacher will come by and collect all stacks
13.Classroom discussion
a. Raise your hand and wait to be called on
b. Please participate
c. I want to hear what you have to say
d. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion
e. If your question or comment is off the topic, write it down and bring it
up later