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In this paper we defined certain probability distribution functions: probability density

function, cumulative probability function and mass function of probability. Also there
is some probability functions that are highlighted in engineering applications,
binomal distribution and Poisson distribution. Binomal distribution is closely linked
to the Bernoulli experiment, while Poisson is boundary condition binomal.
Distribution of probability is showing the way how is overall probability distributed
on some individual values probable variable.
Main words: probability, distribution, function, cause, experiment, probable variable,
binomal distribution, Poisson distribution.

1. Introduction

Theory of probability is mathematical discipline who studies random terms, such

empirical fenomens who's outcomes aren't strictly defined. Main model of theory of
probability is experiment by whom in nature and society research is done, to study
relations between cause and consequence. There are many conditions which whom
affects on experiment. If we repeat our experiment many times under the same
condition it will show certain regularity in set of outcomes. Theory of probability
studies these regularity by introducing certain quantitative measures in form
realistic unnegative number -probability. Which whom are estimated possibility or
impossibility of outcome.
The developement of theory of probability begins in 17 century and for names of
French mathematicians Pascal i Fermats. They were studing problem for some
gambiling game and theirs study from 1654 is considered as begining of
developement theory probability. It is hard today to find some scientific discipline or
human activity whom we can calculate directly without applying theory of
probability or mathematical statistic which is based on theory of probability.
Probability distribution functions were studied very early and they have strong
theoretical background and wide spectar of practical applies. We can find many
examples which has been solved by theory of probability in past and today. For
example we use theory of probability in architecture, biology, economics, computer
science, mechanical engineering and agroculture and many other fields. Interesting
use of distribution function or Poisson distribution in the past is in second world war
when Germans bombed London: Britan goverment was powerless and they called
mathematicians for help, experts in statistic. They came to conclusion that Germnas
can't use V-1 bombs to destroy, only to make panic and disturb. Today binomal
distribution is used to automaticly assing IP adresses to computers.