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Vibration Monitoring and Machine Protection Systems

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CMCP305 Quick Access BNC Boxes

Condition Monitoring and Custom Products


Low Cost
Simple Installation
Speeds Data Collection
More Repeatable Readings
2 and 4 Channels

CMCP305 Quick Access

The CMCP305 Quick Access BNC Junction Boxes are multiple channel Quick Access centers for
terminating the outputs of accelerometers or other transducer field wiring. They are normally located in
close proximity to the machine to reduce wiring cost and provide convenient access to the vibration
signal by a portable data collector or analyzer.

The CMCP305 Quick Access NEMA 4X enclosures are made of Polycarbonate and are easily punched
or drilled. CMCP305 also features outstanding chemical and temperature resistance.

CMCP305 -XX -XX Description Dimensions:

2 Channel-4.49x2.91x1.93
02 00 Two BNC Outputs (114x74x49mm)
4 Channel-6.06x2.91x1.90
02 01 w/2 CMCP 261-01 Cable
04 00 Four BNC Outputs 2 Channel 9oz
4 Channel 11oz
04 01 w/4 CMCP261-01 Cable
Accepts 12-30 Gauge Standard
Instrument Wire

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