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Adam Rosa
I am a successful and well-rounded clinician and family man with an excellent work ethic and
solid moral footing. I seek to provide excellent patient care to the fullest scope.

I was married in August 2012 to Britney Chugg, we now have a 3 year old daughter named
Josilyn and a 1 year old son named Maverick.

Work Experience
Optometric Technician
Allred Family Eye Care 12/2015-05/2016 Fullerton, Ca
At this practice, I assisted the optometrist with patient care by doing refractions, slit lamp
examination, DFE, contact lens fitting and procedural coding, and in so doing expanded upon
my own experience as I worked with patients and conditions that are not commonly seen as
students at the on-campus clinic. I also helped patients select frames and lenses in optical.
Finally, I checked in the incoming jobs by verifying all aspects of prescription lenses were
generated correctly based on order specification and requesting a remake on jobs that didnt
meet ANSI standards.

Optician/ Lab Manager

Todays Eye Care 10/2012-07/2013 Rexburg, Id
I took over the finishing lab from a retiring employee and drew on previous lab experience to
become acquainted with different instruments and edge lenses in-house for a quicker turn-
around time. This produced happier patients and widened the practices profit margins. As I
prepared to leave this job to attend optometry school, I developed a procedural guideline for,
and instructed my replacement to operate the lab in my absence. My secondary responsibilities
included assisting in managing frame inventory by working closely with vendors and frame
representatives. I also created a data base within OfficeMate to manage the lens inventory.
Lastly, I was able to use my knowledge and experience with a digital measurement system to
transition the office to an Essilor Visioffice digital measurement system.

ABO Certified Optician

LensCrafters 10/2007-10/2012 Idaho Falls, ID and San Diego, CA
This job was my foot in the door to the world of optometry and ultimately led me to optometry
school. I began as a style advisor in optical helping patients choose frames and lenses, then
quickly learned pretesting and moved on to learn how to generate, polish, coat, edge and
mount single vision and multifocal lenses in a fully equipped lab. After 6 months I undertook the
studying and testing prerequisite to getting ABO certified. Over the years at LensCrafters I filled
many different roles such as a Remake Coach where I monitored the stores remake
percentage, identified trends and causes and then coached the sales and lab team to improve
store performance. I also spent some time as a supervisor which required strong demonstration
of leadership abilities, opening and closing the store, counting, logging and depositing daily
profits, and making adjustments to employee scheduling as required.

Adam Rosa

Other Positions California Optometric Association Student Section Chair 05/2015-05/2016

As COSS Chair I coordinated between the California Optometric Association and the student
body at SCCO to encourage student participation in California Optometric Association events
with hopes that it would lead to post graduate involvement with organized optometry. I attended
the House of Delegates as a delegate for the student section and participated in discussion to
share the opinions of Californian optometry students with the body of the House. I was also
able to attend other COA functions such as Monterey Symposium, Presidents Council,
Legislative day and work with COA and AOA officers.

Clinical Naval Air Base, Lemoore Ca

Rotations The focus of this rotation is building speed, as exams are fast paced and the patient count is high.
Due to the healthy military population, this rotation also helps student clinicians develop a mental
catalogue of what normal and healthy eyes look like.

Veterans Affair Hospital, Salt Lake City Ut

The Salt Lake VA is a great site to see more disease and degeneration in an older population base
with a high incidence of diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. Additionally, students
have the opportunity to spend a day a week in a specialty contact lens clinic and gain valuable
experience with more complicated contact lens fits.

Utah Valley Optometric, Provo Ut

As a very successful private practice, this site offers the opportunity to see optometry in a
practical and real world setting with a wide variety of patients requiring various levels of care.
This rotation is a well-rounded and realistic preparation for entering the job field.

Ketchum Health, Anaheim Ca

This academic setting enables clinicians to rub should with some of the best and brightest
optometrists. Practicing at this institution is an opportunity to learn and be coached by very
knowledgable and accomplished mentors who are invested in your success.

References Roger Riensch- Family Friend 831-956-8216

Nick DuRee- Manager 714-525-3355

Paul Johnson-Bishop of Congregation 714-586-8745

Skills Experienced with various electronic
medical record keeping systems

Fluent in both English and Spanish

Glaucoma Certified

ABO Certified 2008-2012

Education Southern California

College of Optometry Doctor of Optometry 08/2013-05/2017
BYU-Idaho B.S. Communication 2009-2012