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Circle of Change

Start-up Guide

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5 Steps to Starting a Circle of Change .......................................................................... 3

What does it all mean?.................................................................................................. 4

Challenge Day ......................................................................................................... 5
The Organization ................................................................................................ 5
The Program....................................................................................................... 5
Be the Change ......................................................................................................... 6
The Movement.................................................................................................... 6
Be the Change Teams........................................................................................ 6
Circle of Change................................................................................................. 6
Formula for Change............................................................................................ 7

Hosting an Introduction Party ........................................................................................ 7

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Your First Meeting! ...................................................................................................... 12
The Four Step Meeting Process ....................................................................... 12
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First Meeting Check-list .................................................................................... 14

Official Circle Benefits ................................................................................................. 15

Appendix A
Circle of Change Individual Membership Application & Agreement ....................... 17
Circle of Change Agreement.................................................................................. 18
Circle of Change Signature & Information Form .................................................... 23
Circle of Change Registration Fees ....................................................................... 24
Trademark/Service Marks Policy ........................................................................... 25

Join a Circle of Change near you
Before you start a new Circle of Change, first check to see if there is already a
Circle near you.

Check our website at

circle.html to see if there is already a Circle established in your
community. If there is, you can contact the Circle Leader directly to
see how you can join them in Being the Change and creating the
community of your dreams.

There are always Circles in various stages of formation around the

country. If you dont find a circle near you on the website, please
contact us to see if there is a newly forming Circle nearby. Newly
forming Circles are always excited to have passionate people like you
join their efforts.

Please contact Challenge Days Circle Team at 925-957-0234 or

email and let us know what city/closest city,
county, and state you are in. Well be more than happy hear from you
and support your community efforts!

5 Steps to Starting a Circle of Change

You checked our website and spoke with our Circle Team. A new Circle of Change is in
your future!

STEP 1: Youve already taken the first step to becoming a Circle by downloading this
guide, which contains all the basic information you need to start an official
Circle of Change. If you have any questions, contact the Circle Team. Were
here to support you. Additional copies of the guide can be downloaded at :

STEP 2: Share your vision After youve read the Start-up Guide and are familiar with
the process of forming a Circle, contact the Circle Team and share your vision
for creating the community of your dreams. Our Team can help you strategize
the best approach to accomplish your goals and help you brainstorm
appropriate names for your Circle. Circles of Change are dedicated to working
together and sharing resources to create a world where everyone feels safe,
loved and celebrated.

STEP 3: Its time to form your team. Youve probably been talking to people about
Challenge Day and the Be the Change Movement. The possibility of love and
hope that is created by Challenge Day is sometimes hard to describe.
Perhaps you first experienced Challenge Day as an adult volunteer, or maybe
you saw one of our documentaries; either way you know that it is something
that must be experienced. Nows the time to let people know what youre so
excited about. One of the most effective ways to share your inspiration is to
host a Circle of Change Information Night for your friends and family. The
details for hosting an information night can be found on page 7.

STEP 4: Hold your first meeting. Everything you need to host your first Circle of
Change meeting can be found on page 12.

STEP 5: Make it official. Once youve got a name for your Circle of Change, youre
ready to make it official. This is the easiest step, just follow the directions
and fill out the paperwork on pages 17, 22 & 23 and start creating the
community of your dreams!

What does it all mean?

If you have been a friend of Challenge Day for some time, you are probably familiar with
the following terms. However, if you are new to Challenge Day, knowing the following
terms will be helpful as you define your goals and create the vision for the community of
your dreams.

Here are definitions for these commonly used terms:

Challenge Day is the name of our nonprofit organization

as well as the name of our program.

The Challenge Day [501(c)(3)] Organization

The Challenge Day [6 hour] Program

Be the Change is our tagline, motto, or guiding

directive! It is used in the following contexts described
more fully on the next page.

The Be the Change Movement

Be the Change Teams

Circle of Change

Formula for Change

If at any point during your conversations with Challenge Day staff a term is
unclear, please feel free to stop them and ask. We are all committed to clear
communication and a strong intention that everyone who comes in contact
with our staff feels safe, loved, and celebrated every step of the way.
Challenge Day Vision
Our vision is that every child lives in a world where they feel
safe, loved and celebrated.

Challenge Day Mission

Challenge Day provides youth and their communities with experiential

workshops and programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection
through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression.

The Organization
Motivated by memories of their own teen experiences and fueled by the desire to instill
positive change in the world, Yvonne and Rich Dutra St.-John created the
transformational Challenge Day Program in 1987 as Challenge Associates. In January
2001, Challenge Day, the organization, was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt
organization to further their work.
Today, Challenge Day and the Be the Change Movement are pioneering the way to
transform entire schools and communities. Challenge Day is currently providing
programs in almost every state in the US, 6 provinces of Canada, and in parts of the
International School System.

The Program

The Challenge Day 6-hour program has reached hundreds of thousands of youth since
its inception. This nationally recognized, award-winning day-long program has reduced
teen drug, alcohol and tobacco use, student absenteeism, and teasing and violence in
participating middle schools and high schools. The Challenge Day program provides
participants with tools to tear down the walls of separation and inspires them to live,
study, and work in an environment of acceptance, love, and respect.
The Challenge Day program has received numerous awards from the Juvenile Justice
System, the D.A.R.E. Officers Association, government officials, and many school
districts and cities nationwide. Challenge Day was featured in the New York Times
bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Challenge Day won an Emmy in
Children' s Programming for the documentary "Teen Files: Surviving High School" which
aired nationally in 1999. Most recently, Challenge Day was highlighted on the Oprah
Winfrey Show in 2006.

Be the Change Movement ~ Mission

To inspire people to Be The Change they wish to see in the

world for the benefit of the planet and its people.

Be The Change Teams ~ Mission

To be the driving force in creating the school, organization, or community of

their dreams.

Circles of Change ~ Mission

To fuel the flame of the Be the Change Movement and support Be The Change
Teams in achieving their goals.

The Movement
The Be the Change Movement inspires people to notice what' s happening around
them, to choose actions that create positive change, and to act as a living example of
the power of contribution and compassion.

In the face of violence, pollution, poverty, addiction, social oppression, isolation, and
war, many of us are left feeling fearful, victimized or alone. The Be the Change
Movement provides each of us with a clear and powerful way to be a part of the change
we wish to see in the world.

Be the Change Teams

Be the Change Teams are the driving force in creating the school, organization or
workplace of their dreams. They are groups of adults and teens committed to
continuing the work of Challenge Day: to create an environment where every member of
their school, organization or workplace community feels safe, loved and celebrated.

Circle of Change
A Circle of Change is a group of passionate adults and youth leaders who work together
to create the community of their dreams. Circles cover a geographic area, usually a city
or county, and commit to serve their schools and their school-based Be the Change
Teams by:

Living It: Circles model the principles that the Challenge Day
program teaches. They treat each other with respect,
compassion, and forgiveness, and encourage one another
to create the life of their dreams.

Funding It: Circles raise funds to support their schools and Be the
Change Teams to provide Challenge Day programs for
their community.

Supporting It: Circles support their individual schools and Be the

Change Teams as they work to meet their goals. They
provide valuable networking between schools and hold the
bigger vision for the community of their dreams.

Formula for Change

The Be the Change Movement is meant to inspire people everywhere to Be the
Change they wish to see in their own way. Our simple three-step formula for change
has helped to transform the lives of people all over the world.

NOTICE: Wake up!

How are we treating each other?
Do you like the way things are?

CHOOSE: Dream it!

What would it look like if you had the life, family, school,
career and community of your dreams?
Create a clear vision to step into.

ACT: Do something!
Have the courage to do whatever it takes to bring your
dreams to life!

Hosting an Introduction Party

One of the best ways to gather support for your Circle of Change is to host an
introduction event. Its really just about inviting your friends and family to join you in
your inspiration to create the community of your dreams. You can think of it as a party
with a purpose.
The party doesnt need to be elaborate or expensive the idea is to bring together
people you respect, share your vision with them, and invite them to join you in making
your vision a reality.
Heres everything youll need for the gathering:

A copy of our documentary, Surviving High School. (You can order copies
by contacting our office.)
A room large enough to comfortably seat your guests
A TV large enough for your guests to view the documentary
A DVD player
A box of tissues
A timer or stop-watch that beeps
A list of supplies (pens, notepad, chart paper, easel, etc.)

Whats a party without food? You may want to invite your guest to bring a dish or you
may want to provide refreshments yourself. Either way, having food will create an
environment of warmth and sharing before you even start. Set a specific time to start
the official gathering so that everyone can stay for the presentation.

When its time to start the official gathering, invite your guests to find a comfortable
seat around the TV. Once everyone is settled, take a few minutes to welcome them
and share your reasons for bringing them together. Speak from your heart, and let your
guests know how much you appreciate them for coming. Then, share how Challenge
Day touched you, and why you have invited this specific group of people to join you. It
might sound something like this:

I want to take a moment to thank you for coming. I know youve

heard me talking about Challenge Day, and youre probably
curious about what has me so excited. In a few minutes, Im
going to play a 15-minute documentary that will show you what
Challenge Day does, so you can see for yourself, but first I want
to tell you why Ive chosen to invite this group of people here
tonight. I have a lot of respect for every person in this room.
Challenge Day has groups called Circles of Change. They are
groups of friends like us who decide to purposefully work together
to create a positive change in our community. Im excited about
what this group of people can create if we combine our efforts.

After you have given your personal welcome, take a couple minutes to quickly go
around the room and have everyone introduce themselves. Let your guests know that
after you view the documentary you will take time for each person to share a little about
themselves with the group.

Share the Challenge Day documentary, Surviving High School (15 minutes). You may
want to dim the lights for better viewing. Make sure you have the tissue box available.

If you really knew me

When the clip is done, invite your guests to join you in doing the "If you really
knew me " activity featured in the documentary. Youll probably want to use
the timer to make sure everyone gets one to two minutes to share.

One of the main goals of a Circle of Change is to build community. This activity
is a great way to bring even the closest of friends closer. How often is it that we
sit down and focus all of our attention on one person and just listen? As the host
of the party, youll probably be the first person to go. If it sounds intimidating,
dont worry; its all about speaking from your heart. An If you really knew me
might sound something like this:

If you really knew me, youd know that I was a little nervous to
ask you to come here tonight. I know that everyone is busy and I
am so happy that you decided to come.
If you really knew me, youd know that even though I did well in
high school, and I had a lot of friends, I felt like I never fit in. I felt
like I was faking it a lot of the time just to fit in. I can only imagine
what it mightve been like if my school would have had a
Challenge Day.
If you really knew me, I love my job and my family, but Ive
always dreamed of doing something more.
If you really knew me, youd know that as soon as I saw
Challenge Day, I knew that this was the thing Id been looking for.
Even though Im not totally sure what it will look like, I believe that
we could have a great Circle and we could do some really
wonderful stuff for our community.

Remember, the more vulnerable and real you are, the more vulnerable and real
your guests will be, and ultimately the more successful your Circle will be.

Group Discussion (15-20 minutes)

When everyone has had an opportunity to share, open up the floor for a group
discussion. You might want to ask your guests a few leading questions to get the
conversation started. If you already have some ideas about how you would like
to create your Circle and what you would like your Circle to accomplish, now is
the perfect time to share your vision. Remember your guests may have fantastic
ideas youve never even thought of. Unless you have access to unlimited
fundraising, you may wish to start small.

Conclusion (5-10 minutes)

Take a couple of minutes at the end of the group discussion to decide how you
want to proceed. When will you meet next? Who will host it? Would it be easier

for people to participate on a conference call? Have people had a chance to sign
up on the interest sheet (on the following page) so they can be included in follow-
up announcements? Encourage everyone to invite other friends and family to
join you next time.

Appreciations (10 minutes)

Invite everyone to say what they appreciated about the meeting. When everyone
has had a chance to say their appreciations, then thank your guests for attending
and promise to give them an update, including when a Challenge Day program is
being held near you.

Every home event will be unique. Have a great time introducing Challenge Day to
your community! If you have any questions, please contact the Challenge Day
Circle Team.

Circle of Change Interest List
Name Email Phone Staff/Parent/Community

Challenge Day' s vision is that every child lives in a

world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated.
Circles of Change are groups of passionate, caring
adults and teens working together to make that vision
a reality in their own communities.

For more information contact Challenge Days Circle Team at or call the Challenge Day National Office
at 925.957.0234.
Your First Meeting!

Congratulations! Its time to host your first meeting. Every Challenge Day meeting is
held in the following format because we know that HOW we do things is more important
than what the outcome may be. This model is the foundation of everything we do at
Challenge Day, and it will help your group connect in a new and meaningful way.

The Four Step Meeting Process:

STEP 1 Intention/Spirit: Challenge Day takes a holistic approach

(addressing the body, mind, heart and spirit) in all we do. This
includes beginning our meetings by taking a minute or two for
someone to open the meeting in their own way, from their own spiritual

STEP 2 Inclusion: Activities that allow all group members to have a voice
and feel part of the group.

STEP 3 Influence: Activities, discussions, presentations, projects, or plans

that help to shape and influence attitudes and offer leadership

STEP 4 Affection: Always allow ample time to share appreciations,

complements, hugs, and celebrations at the end of every gathering.

Intention: This might be a poem, song, prayer, or a simple statement about your
reason for gathering. It can even be silence. You cant do this wrong;
just hold hands and ask someone to open the meeting in his or her
own way.

Inclusion: A simple and useful inclusion activity for your first meeting is to give each
person one minute to share why they have chosen to attend this meeting
and what they are hoping to get out of it. Use the timer so everyone has
equal time.
Influence: Make sure to accomplish the following tasks at your first meeting:

Define the Geographic Area You Will Serve

Its important for Circles to be realistic when deciding on the area they can
support. Some Circles focus on a single town, while others focus on an
entire school district or county.

Choose and Define your Goals

Its very important that each person feels they are helping to define the
goals of your Circle. If you have a specific vision for your Circle, make sure
you keep an open mind to hear your guests ideas, too. It is possible for
your Circle to have a wide range of goals, but keep in mind that it will be
necessary to prioritize your goals so that each goal gets the attention it
deserves. This will help your Circle be successful in accomplishing what it
sets out to do. When the Circle team checks in with you after your first
meeting, the team will ask you about the following three things:
Your Circles overall vision
Three goals you will accomplish within one year
Your Circles name

Choose your Circle of Change Name

Check out the Challenge Day website for ideas on what other Circles have
chosen for their names. Check-in with the Circle Team (or check the
website) to make sure the circle name you desire is not already taken. Your
name may reflect the geographic region you serve, or it may be a common
symbol for your region. Either way, your groups name will end with Circle
of Change.

Register your Circle of Change Members

Have each person who is joining the Circle of Change complete the "Circle
of Change Membership Application and Agreement. For more information,
see Appendix A, where all forms are located.

Review and Sign the "Circle of Change Agreement"

See Appendix A, at the end of this Guide, where all forms are located.

Choose your Roles

A Circle of Change is team. While Circles can be started with just one or
two people, the time, talents and tenacity of many people are required in
order for a Circle to be most effective. When you determine who will fill the
following positions in your Circle, record them on the Circle of Change
Summary form located in Appendix A.

Circle Leader - The Circle (co)Leaders primary job is to be the

Circles biggest cheerleader! The Leader schedules and
leads the monthly meetings. The Leader is also the Circles
primary point of contact with the Challenge Day office.
(Note: This applies only to Circle matters, and is not the case
for Challenge Day programs in the schools.)
Scribe (can be determined per meeting) - The Scribe supports
clear communication and accountability. The Scribe also
establishes a historical record of the groups activities, so
that future members can easily make use of the lessons
learned by their predecessors.
Timekeeper (can be determined per meeting) - The timekeeper
lets the group know when its time to move on to the next
agenda item.

Vibes Monitor (can be determined per meeting) The Vibes
Monitor helps keep meetings in accord with the principles
and norms of Challenge Day: respect, acceptance, kindness,
compassion, and love. If the Vibes Monitor senses attitudes
or energy moving away from these values, or people
speaking over or interrupting one another, the Monitor job is
to remind the group to pause and take a breath.
Community Speaker/Introductory Presenter(s) The Speaker
conducts presentations about Challenge Day & the Be the
Change Movement.

Affection: Once you have reviewed all you have accomplished, its time to
CELEBRATE! Make sure to allow time for people to appreciate the
contributions each person brought to the meeting. This can be time, talent,
wisdom, connections, patience, commitment, or simply their excitement.
Plan enough time to make sure that everyone in the group receives at least
one appreciation each!

First Circle of Change Meeting Checklist

Define the region your Circle will serve.

Choose your Circles name (remembering to include

Circle of Change).

Define your Circles overall vision.

Define 3 goals your Circle will accomplish within 1 year

(see page 23).

Fill out your Circles agreement (see pages 18-23).

Circle Members fill out Individual Member Agreement

(see page 17).

Take a group photo to send with completed agreements.

Take Circle Leaders photo and write bio / If you really

knew me for the Challenge Day website.

Official Circle Benefits:

Thank you for your vision and commitment to creating the community of your dreams
and for joining us in creating a world where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated.
We are always looking for ways to celebrate you and your Circle. Once your Circle is
official you receive the following benefits:

An official Circle of Change Certificate

Monthly national calls with Challenge Day' s Circle of Change Director,

guest speakers, and the network of other Circles to celebrate and support one

Annual Founder conference call

Listing on the Challenge Day Circle of Change web pages

Website templates (see as an example)

Direct access to and support from the Circle Team

Access to priority booking -- see Scheduling Challenge Days at

2 "Challenge Day Norms" banners

2 "Be the Change" banners

5 DVDs (15-minute excerpt from Teen Files: Surviving High School

documentary and 23 minute The Bully Solution documentary.) Note:
Additional DVDs are available to registered Circles at special bulk pricing as
follows: (all prices plus shipping costs)
2 - 9 $4 ea 10 - 99 $3 ea 100 + $2 ea

Access to guides for living, funding, and supporting your Be the Change
Teams and the Be the Change Movement.

Up to ten individual $50 Discount coupons to attend one "Next Step to

Being the Change" Community Workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area for
each new registered Circle of Change member.

15% off all Challenge Day merchandise at our online store (password

Appendix A

Circle of Change Individual Membership Application & Agreement ............... 17

Circle of Change Agreement............................................................................... 18
Circle of Change Signature & Information Form............................................... 23
Trademark/Service Marks Policy ........................................................................ 24

Circle of Change Individual Membership

Application & Agreement

Applicant Information

Name________________________________________ Date of Birth __________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City, State & Zip _______________________________________ Fax ___________________

Phones: Day ____________________ Eve. ________________ Cell ___________________

E-mails: #1 ________________________________ #2 ______________________________

I hereby apply to become a member of the _____________________________ Circle of Change
(Circle). I understand that this Circle is an auxiliary of Challenge Day, a California nonprofit whose
mission is to provide youth and their communities with experiential workshops and programs that
demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full
expression. I further understand that Circle membership is voluntary, and that no Circle has any paid

As a member of this Circle, I will:

Strive at all times to live in accordance with the principles and values of Challenge Day.
Participate in the activities of the Circle, including attending meetings, raising funds and
supporting Be The Change Teams and Challenge Day programs in my community.
In all my Circle activities or interactions with other Circle members, adhere to the policies,
procedures and guidelines contained in the Circle of Change Startup Guide and the
agreements set forth in the Circle Agreement, both of which are incorporated herein and made
part hereof by this reference.

I understand and agree that Challenge Day may cancel my membership in this Circle at any time if, in its
sole discretion, it deems such action appropriate to the furtherance of its mission or the Purpose of the

Member Signature_____________________________________ Date __________________

Circle of Change Agreement

THIS Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) is made by and between Challenge Day,

a California nonprofit public benefit corporation (Challenge Day) and
_______________________________________________ of __________________________,
_________________________(the New Circle), effective upon the date last executed by duly
authorized representatives of both the New Circle and Challenge Day (Effective Date).

A. Challenge Day has determined that it would advance the fulfillment of its mission to
establish a network of parent/community auxiliaries comprised of individuals who are
willing to assist in promoting and supporting the work of the Be The Change Movement
and Challenge Day in their specified local areas, and has created an organizational system
and structure to establish and support such a network, to be known collectively as Circles
of Change and is more specifically defined below.

B. The individual(s) named above who is/are founding the New Circle wish to affiliate
themselves with Challenge Day and their Be The Change Teams, as a Circle of Change,
hereafter to be known as the _______________________________ Circle of ChangeSM.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants, agreements and representations contained in this
Agreement, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Circle of ChangeA Circle of Change (aka herein as a Circle) is an organized group of
volunteers working together to support Challenge Day programs and the Be The Change
Movement in their community. Each Circle functions as an independent organization on its own
apart from Challenge Day, but is required to adhere to the mission and vision of Challenge Day in
all of its activities, meetings and events. Its members are volunteer members of Challenge Day
and as such, have no legal affiliation with Challenge Day. The network of individual Circles and
their Teams is sometimes referred to collectively as Circles of Change or Circles.

2. Be The Change Teams A group of three or more individuals who are the driving force in
creating the school, organization or community of their dreams.

All committee roles or leadership positions held in a Circle are for the sole and exclusive purpose of
enabling local volunteers to coordinate with one another in furtherance of the Be The Change Movement
and Challenge Days mission, and such positions do not constitute any authority on behalf of Challenge

3. The Missions are

A. The Be The Change Movement exists to inspire people to be the change they wish to see in
the world for the benefit of the planet and its people.

B. Circles of Change exist to fuel the flame of the Be The Change Movement and support Be
The Change Teams in achieving their goals. They do this by living the principles and values
of Challenge Day, raising funds to pay for Challenge Day and other Be The Change
programs at the Circles Selected Schools, or within its local community and provide resource
assistance in the planning, preparation and implementation of those programs.
4. Trademarks/Service MarksThe protected Trademarks/Service Marks are: the name Challenge
Day and the Challenge Day logo; the phrase Be The Change and the Be The Change logo;
and the phrase Circle of Change, as each of these is presented in the Trademark/Service Mark
Policy section of the Circle of Change Guide (the Guide), and all other trademarks and service
marks adopted from time to time hereafter and used in relation to the Challenge Day programs.

5. CopyrightsCopyrights mean any and all copyrightable works, copyright rights, copyright
applications, copyright registrations and like protections associated with (i) the materials used in
marketing the Challenge Day programs; (ii) any and all materials used in the Challenge Day
programs themselves; (iii) any derivative works thereof, and (iv) all other copyrightable material
created from time to time hereafter and used in relation to Challenge Day programs. This
definition of Copyrights includes all such copyrightable works, whether published or
unpublished, which are now or hereafter owned, created, or acquired by or on behalf of
Challenge Day or Licensor, worldwide.

6. Startup GuideThe Be The Change Circle Startup Guide (Guide) is the collection of policies and
procedures created by Challenge Day to be followed by each Circle. Challenge Day may change,
rescind or add to any policies or procedures described in the Guide from time to time in its sole
and absolute discretion. All such changes shall be made in the Guide on line on the Challenge
Day website. Each reference to Guide herein is to the version of the Guide current at the time
the Circle refers or should refer to the Guide.

7. TermThe term of this Agreement shall be for one (1) year, beginning on the Effective Date of
this Agreement, and shall automatically renew annually thereafter.

8. GrantorGrantor means Challenge Day under license agreement with Challenge Associates
(herein Licensor).


9. Grant of Use of MarksChallenge Day hereby grants to New Circle, and New Circle hereby
accepts, a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Trademarks/Service Marks
and Copyrights in connection with the fulfillment of New Circles Mission for the geographic area
in which the Selected Schools, organizations and communities are located, provided that New
Circle will use its best efforts to assure that any such use in public presentation, publication,
materials or media not obtained from Challenge Day will be appropriate to the standards a
reasonable person would deduce as applicable upon a review of the material then currently
available from Challenge Day.

New Circle will not:

A. Use the Trademarks/Service Marks and Copyrights in any manner that might diminish their

B. Use the Trademarks/Service Marks and Copyrights or any imitation of them in a manner
inconsistent with the Trademark/Service Mark and Copyrights Policies set forth in the Guide,
or combine the Trademarks/Service Marks and/or Copyrights with any other mark, name,
logo slogan, or work, except as specifically approved by Challenge Day; or

C. Attempt to authorize or grant the right to use the Trademarks/Service Marks and/or
Copyrights to any third party. This strictly prohibits the development or reproduction of any
products or merchandise using said marks or rights without prior approval or through
approved sourcing.

D. All website development is restricted to the use of approved Trademark/Service Marks and/or
Copyrights templates to be provided by Challenge Day or their duly appointed representative.

New Circle hereby acknowledges that the Trademarks/Service Marks and Copyrights belong solely
and exclusively to Challenge Day and Grantor, and New Circle agrees that it will not independently
attempt to register any Trademarks/Service Marks and Copyrights belonging to Challenge Day or

10. ActivitiesChallenge Day hereby authorizes New Circle and its members to perform such
activities, in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Guide, as may be required to fulfill its
Mission, including, but not limited to, the following:
Recruit members
Hold meetings
Provide local school Teams, organizations and communities with information about the Be
The Change Movement and Challenge Days programs, and designate those schools with
Teams that so request as Circles Selected Schools
Raise funds under Challenge Days 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or another non profit body
Organize and promote events and participatory activities for its members and prospective
Support Be The Change Movement and Challenge Day programs and on-going activities at
Selected Schools, organizations and communities
Celebrate the successes of Challenge Day program participants with awards, incentives and
recognition, including publicizing those successes through local media

Duties and Responsibilities

11. CircleNew Circle hereby agrees to:

Require all New Circle members to execute the standard Circle of Change membership
agreement form provided in the Guide
Maintain, and provide to Challenge Day from time to time, on request by Challenge Day, and
in accordance with the Guide, an accurate roster of New Circles current membership
Require that all members in good standing adhere to such policies and procedures as may
be set forth in the Guide or otherwise communicated by Challenge Day from time to time
Follow all guidelines set forth in the Guide with regard to New Circles formation and ongoing
operation as a Circle
Diligently maintain and practice the principles and values as set forth in the Guide
Keep Challenge Day informed with at least a monthly update of the activities of New Circle,
including reports of all committee activities (particularly fundraisers); notification of all
changes in New Circle or Committee leadership; copies of any ads or promotional materials
used by New Circle that were not obtained from Challenge Day; copies of any coverage of
Challenge Day in the local media; and celebrations (suitable for publication within the
Challenge Day community) of the successes of members and program participants
Diligently protect the Trademarks/Service Marks, Copyrights and all proprietary materials of
Challenge Day, including using them only as authorized in this Agreement and in the Guide,
and returning all such Trademarks/Service Marks, Copyrights and proprietary materials to
Challenge Day on termination of this Agreement in accordance with Section 14.

12. Challenge DayChallenge Day hereby agrees to:

Use best efforts to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws regulating the
conduct of non-profit corporations exempt from income taxation as 501(c)(3) organizations.
Diligently maintain and practice its own principles and values as set forth in the Guide, and in
all ways strive to exemplify the standards it advocates in its programs
Provide reasonable support and assistance, as determined solely by Challenge Day, to the
New Circle in fulfilling its Mission
Train and provide sufficient leaders to meet the demand created by Circles
Refer people who contact Challenge Day about Circle participation within the area of New
Circle to the Circle representative or e-mail address designated by New Circle
Use its best efforts to gather information from other Circles and to periodically update the
Guide, to reflect the current state of the art with respect to guidelines for effective Circle
Maintain an organizational ethic of excellence, recognizing that as a result of their voluntary
association with and advocacy of Challenge Day, the actions of Challenge Day also reflect on
New Circle and its members in the eyes of their community
Promptly post to the Challenge Day website any changes in Circle policies or procedures,
amendments to the Guide, or coverage of Challenge Day in the national media
In all other ways, use its best efforts to support and advance the mission of Challenge Day
and the Be The Change Movement.

Intellectual Property Rights

13. Title and Protection of Grantors Rights

13.1 Challenge Day shall at all times retain sole rights of the Trademarks/Service Marks and
all Copyrights (herein Intellectual Property). New Circle shall not authorize the design
or promotion of additional Copyrights and Trademarks/Service Marks unless approved in
writing by Challenge Day or unless they are otherwise in accordance with the terms of
this Agreement and the Guide. In the event New Circle applies for new Copyright or
Trademark/Service Mark rights, all such applications, along with the resulting
registrations, shall be made in accordance with the directions of Challenge Day. All
materials prepared or developed by New Circle in the performance of this Agreement,
including documents, calculations, sketches, notes, reports, data, models and samples,
and any and all trademarks, service marks and copyrightable material, shall remain, be
and become the sole and exclusive property of Challenge Day, without limitation, when
made or prepared, whether or not delivered to Challenge Day or subject to Challenge
Days right of use thereof, and shall be delivered to Challenge Day upon request, whether
request is made before or after completion or cancellation of this Agreement. Upon
termination of this Agreement, all intellectual property rights associated with the
Intellectual Property, irrespective of whether developed or designed by Challenge Day,
Licensor, or New Circle or its members, shall remain and be the sole property of
Challenge Day and/or Licensor, in accordance with agreements between Licensor and
Challenge Day, and all such Intellectual Property and all evidences of such ownership
rights and all files regarding the Intellectual Property in the possession of New Circle or
its members shall be delivered to Challenge Day promptly.

13.2 New Circle agrees that it and its members shall not during the term of this Agreement or
thereafter, attack the ownership, title or any rights of Challenge Day and/or Licensor in
and to the Intellectual Property.

13.3 Licensor and Challenge Day shall have no obligation to police any of the present or future
Intellectual Property, and shall have no obligation to institute suit or take any other action
on account of any infringements or imitations of the Intellectual Property.

13.4 New Circle shall notify Challenge Day if New Circle becomes aware of any infringements
of the Intellectual Property.

13.5 All provisions of this Agreement applicable to the Intellectual Property shall apply to any
additional trademarks, service marks, logo forms and commercial symbols hereafter
authorized for use by and licensed to New Circle.

13.6 The provisions of this Section 14 of this Agreement shall survive the term of this

14. Probation/TerminationNew Circle and Challenge Day each retain the right to terminate this
Agreement at-will.. Challenge Day reserves the right to place the Circles Charter status on
probation for noncompliance with, or violation of, the Circle Duties and Responsibilities listed in
Section 12 above or for conduct that diminishes the image, effectiveness, or resources of
Challenge Day or the Intellectual Property.

General Provisions

15. GeneralNew Circle and Challenge Day hereby acknowledge and agree that this Agreement
does not represent a franchise, cooperative, partnership, joint venture or other legal agency of

any form or kind. Neither party will be liable for the debts, obligations or liabilities of the other

Each party hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the other party and its officers, directors,
members, employees, volunteers and other agents from and against all claims, demands and
liabilities (including reasonable attorneys fees and costs) asserted by third parties arising from
the indemnifying partys performance of this Agreement, which such obligation will survive the
expiration or termination of this Agreement.

The provisions of this Agreement are severable. The failure of either party to enforce
performance of any part of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to
enforce further performance of that or any other part. The waiver of a breach of any part by either
party shall not be construed as a waiver of a later breach or of a right to future enforcement of
that or any other part of this Agreement. If any part of this Agreement is declared unenforceable
by a final judicial body with authority to act, that part shall be stricken to the least extent possible
to restore enforceability and the remainder shall survive and constitute the full and enforceable
agreement of the parties.

Neither party may assign or otherwise delegate its duties, obligations, rights or privileges to third
parties, except as provided herein.

This Agreement will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of
California. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal
courts located in the city, county and state in which Challenge Day maintains its headquarters for
the resolution of all disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

This Agreement may be amended in writing, executed by both parties. The headings used in this
Agreement are for the convenience of the parties only and shall not be construed as part of the

16. NoticesAll deliveries and notices and requests in connection with this Agreement shall be in
writing and shall be delivered in person or by mail or overnight delivery service, postage prepaid,
or by facsimile transmittal, to the party for whom intended, and shall be deemed made and
received (a) as of the date personally delivered to the party or sent by facsimile transmittal, or (b)
two (2) days after deposited, postage prepaid, in the United States mail, regular mail, or certified
or registered with return receipt requested, or (c) the next business day after deposited with an
overnight delivery service, and addressed as follows:

To New Circle: __________________________________



Facsimile: __________________________

To Challenge Day: __________________________________



Facsimile: __________________________

or at such other address or facsimile number given to the other party in accordance with the
provisions of this Section 17.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto represent that each has authority to bind the entity for which
he/she/it/they is signing, and that the Agreement has been signed by him or her on the date below his or
her name.


___________________________________ Challenge Day

[Circle name], an unincorporated association A California non-profit public benefit

Sign Name __________________________ Sign Name____________________

Print Name __________________________ Print Name ___________________

(Circle Founder) (Circle of Change Director)


1. (Web Contact Information) I also hereby request and agree to have our Circle of Change listed on
the Challenge Day website and to have the primary contact listed as indicated below. We recommend a
circle email address be created rather than using an existing personal account. Circle websites are
subject to review and approval by the Challenge Day Circle Team. Please check with them prior to
launching your own website and review the attached restrictions regarding use of the Challenge Day

Please use the information provided below:

Circle Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Circle Website (URL): _______________________________________________________________
Contact Name:______________________________________________________________________
Contact Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Contact email address___________________________ Contact Phone _________________________

2. (Circle Goals) Our Circle is committed to achieving the following three goals in the next year!








Circles of Change Registration Fees

Please include the appropriate fee with your application. Challenge Days fiscal
year runs July 1 June 30th. More information on financial policies and
procedures is contained in the Fund It Guide. All checks should be made payable
to Challenge Day.

FY 2007-08 Registration Fee (Domestic) $250.00

This fee is effective May 1, 2007 for all new Circles of Change registering in any
state in the United States. The fee covers Circles of Change start up supplies
including curricula, DVDs, Circles of Change start-up guide, and coaching and
support from the Challenge Day staff. The fee also covers Challenge Days
expenses for having a registered agent in each Circle of Change state, which is
necessary for Circles to fundraise within their states.

***If your Circle wishes to hold donations with Challenge Day, Challenge Day must
file with your state and a minimum additional fee of $250 will apply. To find out the
fees for your state please check with the Challenge Day Circle Team.

2007-08 Registration Fee Policy (International) $300.00

This fee is effective May 1, 2007 for all new Circles of Change registering in any
country other than the United States. The registration fee covers Circles of
Change start up supplies including curricula, DVDs, Circles of Change start-up
guide, and coaching and support from the Challenge Day staff. The fee is slightly
higher than domestic Circles due to the additional shipping charges as well as the
international calling cost for coaching and support.

Scholarship Fund

Circle of Change Registration Fees cover the additional cost of services that
Challenge Day offers to Circles of Change and are not intended to be cost
prohibitive. A small scholarship fund has been established to assist new Circles of
Change in covering the fee. Partial scholarships of up to $150 are available by
submitting a scholarship application. For a copy of the application, please contact
the Challenge Day Circle Team.

International Accounting and Fundraising Policy

International Accounting and Fundraising Policy
Challenge Day cannot hold donations or provide accounting services for
international Circles of Change due to concerns surrounding the financial
considerations in the American Patriot Act regarding charitable donations and
money laundering. International Circles of Change interested in fundraising for
their Circle, are encouraged to seek or create their own nonprofit agency (or NGO)
in their country of residence.

Trademarks/Service Marks Policy
The Trademarks, Trade names and Service Marks belonging to Challenge Day (defined
below, and collectively referred to herein as the Marks) represent a substantial
investment of time, money, and attention for their creation, and an even greater amount of
goodwill and public recognition as a result of their past and continuing use. Challenge
Day regards these Marks as proprietary, and is committed to building their value
through appropriate use and protecting them against inappropriate use. Therefore, any
and all uses of these Marks by Circles, under the limited license granted by the Charter,
must conform to the standards set forth below:

Definition of MarksThe following are Trademarks, Trade names and Service

Marks duly registered by Challenge Day:
A. The Trade name Challenge DayTM.
B. The Trademark Challenge Day logo:

or TM

C. The Service Mark phrase Be the ChangeSM.

D. The Trademark Be The Change logo:


E. The Trademark Challenge Day Supporter


F. The Service Mark phrase Circle of ChangeSM
and its plural form, Circles of ChangeSM.
The official logo for Circles of Change is:


Use of MarksThe Marks may be used by Circle in any reasonable furtherance of

Circles Purpose (as defined in the Charter), subject to the Restrictions and Limitations set
forth in paragraph 3, below with the exception that the trademark logos for Challenge Day
(with or without the tag line) may NOT be used on Circle Websites, business cards or
letterhead. The Circle logo (the hands portion only) or the Challenge Day SUPPORTER
logo may be used in their place.

1. Some examples of approved use of the trademarks are:

On posters, banners or notices, in newspapers, newsletters, bulletins or
announcements, in mailings, on handbills, in broadcast media, or in e-mails
promoting a specific Challenge Day program or event the Challenge Day logo
may be present.
On banners or signs posted in a school or other venue relating to the actual
occurrence of a Challenge Day program or event, or reminding and
encouraging program participants of Challenge Day principles and values.
Displayed or referenced in schools, in public gathering places, in public offices,
on public streets, at public events, in the public media or in local businesses, in
any manner consistent with the Circles Purpose providing that any reference to
Circles of Change indicates the group is comprised of volunteers working on
behalf of Challenge Day.
Included in public forums and media for the purpose of recognizing and
celebrating the achievements and successes of program participants and
Circle members.

2. Restrictions and LimitationsThe Marks may not be used:

In association with any group, gathering or organization, or in any forum, the
purpose of which is to exclude or restrict access by, or to denigrate, ridicule,
defame, harm, or cause harm to, any other person or group, or to advocate any
such activity;
To endorse any particular political candidate or campaign;
To advocate any specific religious denomination, organization or belief;
To promote any other philosophy or agenda that is not in alignment with the
Challenge Day principles and values described in the Guide;
In any manner that might diminish the value or goodwill of the Marks;
As an integral part of any merchandise offered for sale, unless previously
approved, in writing, by Challenge Day; or
To raise funds for any separate organization not previously approved, in
writing, by Challenge Day.

3. Additional GuidelinesIndividual Marks should be used as appropriate. For

The Challenge Day Marks should be used when specifically referring to

Challenge Day programs, products, events, materials, communications,
personnel or the Challenge Day organization or community, or when describing
initiatives undertaken by Challenge Day.
The Be the Change Marks should be used in connection with the Be the
Change Movement, Be the Change programs, products, events, activities or
The Circle of Change Mark should be used in organizing, recruiting,
operational, planning, fundraising and supporting activities for and around the
If you have any questions about how to apply these policies in specific circumstances, please
contact the Circle Team at the Challenge Day office: 925-957-0234