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Hello Juan

o Hi Andrea
How are you?
o Fine thanks
o And you?
Very good
o Im glad
Where were your last vacation?
o I was to Veracruz
Really? How was it?
o It was quite scenic
Tell me about your good experiences
o My vacation was very relaxing , i ate seafood and drank tepache, i
went to swimming at the beach i climbed to Banana and bungee, i
visited aquarius finally got back the hotel very tired
So tell me about your bad experiences
o I stoled in the beach, some one stole my purse. The people were
unfriendly and the hotel was terrible.
o Oh no!
Did you climbed to tirolesa?
o Yes i did
o But, i didnt meet people because the people were unfriendly
o What about you?
o Did you have a good time?
Yes i did
I went a small town in the mountains, the trip was very long, i stayed
five days
o No kidding! Tell me about your good experiences
Sure! the cabins was beautiful , the food was delicious, the people
were warm, i rider a hourse, the weather was wonderful, i met fantastic
people and i visited a river terrific
o Wow its amazing
o And what about your bad experiences?
I fallen in the river and hurt my back and i losted all my money
o Ho no!
o Did you find your money?
No i didnt
o That bad!
o I didnt move all day
o Take care and recover soon
Thanks you too.