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DMYTRO KRAVETS (289) 968-7904
GIS GM Student

Skills Software and Geographical Skills
Strong knowledge of ArcGIS, Manifold, MapInfo, QGIS, AutoCAD Map
3D, SAS Planet, MapInfo software.
Confident user of Access, SQL and confident working with
Intermediate knowledge of Python, HTML&CSS,
Proficient of using MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Lightroom
Aware of surveying, cartography and remote sensing techniques

Personal Skills
Bilingual proficiency in Ukrainian and Russian
Working proficiency in English
Elementary knowledge of German and Polish
Productive member of a team with exceptional communication skills

Relevant Trout Unlimited Canada 2016-2017

Experience GIS Analyst - Thesis Project
Undertook a thermal analysis and survey of the Effingham Branch of 12
Mile Creek channel within Short Hills Provincial Park
Continued the data analysis from the already installed thermal
monitoring network,
Using a TUC supplied FLIR camera, Identify, photograph and geo-
locate groundwater inflows along the channel
Designed and created general and thermal maps of the area of interest

Envi-Logic Kyiv, Ukraine 2015-2016

GIS Assistant
Navigated in project GIS and researched electronic document/drawing
Designed maps for internet publication
Monitored soil conditions using remote sensing approaches
Worked with various Engineers and GIS Specialists to develop
products for clients

Dmytro Kravets (289) 968-7904

Education Niagara College 2016-2017
Geographic Information Systems Geospatial Management
GIS Database and Data Warehouse Concepts
Surveying and Geospatial Data Development
ArcGIS Applications

Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv 2016-2017

Bachelor of Geography
Topography and basics of geodesy
Surveying and Geospatial Data Development
Ecological management
Earth Remote Sensing
Economical geography
Touristic and Recreational Geography

Volunteering EdEra Kyiv, Ukraine 2014-2015

Teacher\On-line Course Creator
Created Basic Geography on-line course for children (11-13 years

Agricultural Hackathon Kyiv, Ukraine 2015

Participant-winner of competition
Worked closely with agriculture specialist to find new solutions for
Presented project based on graphene sensors for CO2 measurements
inside greenhouses

Dmytro Kravets (289) 968-7904