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Sudhir Power Projects Limited

Instrument Amount in Rs Crore Rating Action

ST Scale NFB Limits 116.60 [ICRA]A1+(SO) reaffirmed

ICRA has reaffirmed [ICRA]A1+ (SO) (pronounced ICRA A One plus Structured Obligation) rating to
Rs 116.60 crore non fund based limits of Sudhir Power Projects Limited (SPPPL).* The letters SO in
parenthesis suffixed to a rating symbol stand for Structured Obligation. An SO rating is specific to the
rated issue, its terms and its structure. SO ratings do not represent ICRAs opinion on the general
credit quality of the issuers concerned.

The rating take into consideration the credit enhancement in respect of the captioned debt programme
by way of a guarantee given by Sudhir Gensets Limited for repayment of the principal, interest and
other charges payable for the captioned debt programme. The rating addresses the servicing of the
loan to happen as per the terms of the underlying loan and the guarantee arrangement and the rating
assumes that the guarantee will be duly invoked, as per the terms of the underlying loan and
guarantee agreements, in case there is a default in payment by the borrower.

Recent results

SPPL has made a PAT of Rs 2.81 crore on operating income of Rs 230.35 crore in FY11 as against
PAT of Rs 4.26 crore on operating income of Rs 223.57 crore.

Company Profile

Sudhir Power Projects Limited (SPPL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Sudhir Gensets Limited. It is
engaged in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction jobs of Gensets and allied electrification
works. The company was incorporated in 2007 and it took over the business of two other group entities
having similar line of business namely Power Concepts and Sudhir Engineering Company.

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