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In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu
Yes it is true Ramadan is ending soon & Eid ul Fitr is fast approaching, however I feel a sense of sadness, a feeling of losing something I so dearly cherish, the love & the closeness to Allah (swt). We do not need to feel that way, we need to keep that feeling of closeness in Allah (swt) forever in our hearts. The compulsory fasting for the month will stop & the exciting Iftaar’s all around will fade but the reward we have gained through out Ramadaan will be with us until the last day. Remember the beautiful nights in Ramadaan, the mosques & musallah’s, breaking fast with your brothers & sisters, reading Qur’an, standing in Qiyam ul layal, making duah, pushing yourself to the limit, remember these nights of Ramadaan and reflect and you shall truly get your reward.

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Eid ul Fitr
Eid ul Fitr
The month of Fasting is ending now, O Muslims, join in praise! Allah has given us al-Qur’an to make us strong in faith. The message that He sent to us, O Muslims, heed the call- is that we live in brotherhood, in peace and love with all. The month of Fasting is ending now, O Muslims, mind your souls. The world's temptations we resist, Islam is our goal.

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Upcoming Events
Brought to you by the author of one of the best Hajj books going around “getting the best out of Hajj” & the new released book “the ultimate guide to umrah”. Everything you need to know to prepare, plan, & perform your Hajj. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to discuss & find out the secrets of the blessed lands. Date: Sunday 5th November Time: 11.30am to 5.30pm Venue: GIYC Centre Cost: Free all welcome (lunch sold on the day) Contact: Abu Muneer on 0403 278 861


Its time to show us what skills you’ve got! Have you got the stamina? If you answered yes! than this day is for you. A full day of footy with your brothers that will have you grasping for air. So join now so that you can be put into a team. 7 players per team. Who will be the champs this year? Date: Sunday 12 November Time: 9am to 2pm Venue: Woodward Pk, Liverpool Cost: $20 per player includes lunch & t-shirt Contact: Zubeen on 0410 617 905

Ladies dress up! Its our annual dinner which is sure to please. Get an update on our new centre project plans, watch the fashion parade, listen to singing, bring your money to join in the auction or try to win some prizes. Date: Friday 24th November Time: 6pm to 10.30pm Venue: Emporium Function Centre, Bankstown Cost: $60 per person (12yrs + no children over 1yr) Dress: Formal, modest Contact: Gheda on 0424 084 262 or Taahirah on 0405 981 415


Play the ultimate outdoor laser combat adventure game at the largest laser skirmish fields in Australia. This is a high tech, adrenalin pumping, team building exercise, sure to provide you with hours of fun & excitement. Date: Sunday 26th November Venue: Campbelltown Battlefields Cost: $45 per person (13yrs + BBQ Lunch provided) Contact: Shan on 0403 309 557 or Zubeen on 0410 617 905

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Issue 3

GIYC Bookstore
Step right up... Gifts for Eid !!!!!!!!!!!!! This month the Bookstore has great gift ideas for Eid ul-Fitr, not only will you be giving a book as a gift to someone but you will be giving them knowledge as well. Gift packs are also available, so come in now to beat the Eid rush. Book of the month: ‘Kindness & Gentleness’ By Dr Fadl Al– Ilaahi Cost: $15.00

Everyday Duahs

O Allah! Pardon all my mistakes and faults. O Allah exalt me, enhance my life and sustenance, give me guidance for good actions and morals, as none gives guidance for good actions and morals except You. There is no deity besides you. You have no partner, You are sublime O Allah I seek Your forgiveness of my sins and Your mercy.

What is the legal ruling concerning taking children aged 6 years or under to the Masjid?
Scholars have different approaches towards this matter. Imam Ahmad, for one, use to judge that very young children should not be allowed into the masjid. But if we survey the Seerah and the Hadith’s of the Prophet (saw) we will find evidences that he did allow little children to come to the masjid. It was reported that he once walked into the masjid carrying his granddaughter Umamah and actually started the salah while carrying her. When he bowed or prostrated, he would put her down, then carry her again when he stood up for the next rak’ah (Bukhari and Muslim). Also Abdullah ibn Shaddad narrated that the Prophet (saw)'s grandson Al-Hassan once jumped on the Prophet (saw)’s back while he was in sujood causing the Prophet (saw) to remain longer than usual in sujood. When the salah was over, the companions said to him “Oh Messenger of Allah (saw), your sujood was so long we thought something was wrong with you or that you were receiving revelation!. The Prophet (saw) answered, ‘No, noting of that happened, but my grandchild was having fun riding on my back and I didn’t want to interrupt his play.” (Nasa’i). From these Ahadith one can conclude that the Prophet (saw) did not mind little children coming to the masjid. However, these Ahadith combined with other Hadith indicate different instructions from the Prophet (saw) such as forbidding one entering into salah while food is present or when one really needs to go to the bathroom (Muslim) lest he or she loses the focus and attentiveness necessary for a meaningful salah. These Ahadith and their likes clearly indicate that conditions in the masjid should be conductive to having a distraction-free salah. Thus, little children are permitted to come to, and be present in the masjid. It is however, highly recommended that they be supervised. It is unquestionable that the children's presence in the masjid helps them connect to it as well as learn about salah and other good things, but their presence should in no way compromise the adults’ salah, worship and any other activities which are among the most important functions of the masjid. Allah (swt) knows best. Compiled by Dr Ahmad Al-Khaleel. (Al Jumuah, issue 4)

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Issue 3

Special Edition
Ramadaan Day/Date Activities: Suhoor Fajr Adhaan Fajr Iqaama Dhuhr Salah Jumuah Asr Salah Iftaar Maghrib Salah Qur’an lesson Eshaa Salah Taraweeh Salah Tahajjud I’tikaaf 8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am 1:15pm 4:00pm 6:07pm 6:17pm 20 Fri Oct 13 I’tikaaf starts 3:15am 3:48am 4:05am 21

I’tikaaf and Laylatul Qadr
22 Sun Oct 15 23 Mon Oct 16 24 Tue Oct 17 25 Wed Oct 18 26 Thu Oct 19 27 Fri Oct 20 28 Sat Oct 21 29 Sun Oct 22 1 Mon Oct 23 Sat Oct 14

3:15am 3:47am 4:05am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:45am 4:05am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:44am 4:05am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:42am 4:05am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:41am 4:00am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:39am 4:00am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:38am 4:00am

3:15am 3:36am 3:55am 1:15pm

3:15am 3:35am 3:55am 1:15pm Date: To be Confirmed EID Salah @ 8:00am **

1:15pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 6:08pm 6:18pm 4:00pm 6:09pm 6:19pm 4:00pm 6:10pm 6:20pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 6:12pm 6:22pm 4:00pm 6:13pm 6:23pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 6:14pm 6:24pm


6:21pm 7:00pm


8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am

8:00pm 8:15pm 1:00am


Join us for I’tikaaf and night prayer (Tahajjud)

**Eid Salah will be held at Woodward Park, cnr Hoxton Park rd and Hume Highway**
Breakfast, drinks, jumping castle, lollie bags, come & enjoy the experience of Eid in the park

Literally, Zakaat means to “purify”. It refers to the purification of a Muslim’s wealth and soul. Zakatul-Fitr must be paid before the very day of Eid ul-Fitr and is obligatory upon every free Muslim person who is adult, sane and free at the time of sunset on the last day of Ramadaan and is also not dependant upon others for means of subsistence. Zakatul-Fitr is the right of the poor and the needy and can be spent for those purposes only. Narrated by Ibn Umar, Allah's Apostle (saw) enjoined the payment of one Sa' of dates or one Sa' of barley as Zakaat-ul-Fitr on every Muslim slave or free, male or female, young or old, and he ordered that it be paid before the people went out to offer the Eid prayer. (One Sa' = 3 Kilograms approx.) Bukhari

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Issue 3

“(Fast) for a fixed number of days, but if any of you is ill or on a journey, the same number ( should be made up) from other days. And for those who can fast with difficulty, (e.g. old man), they have (a choice either to fast or) to feed a Miskin (poor person) for everyday (Fidya) . But who ever does good of his own accord, it is better for him. And that you fast is better for you if only you know. ” Al Baqarah 2:184 This year the Fidya has been set at $8 per day missed. Please contact Australian Zakaat Fund Inc. for further information on 9602 1900 or 0404 896 846.

Some Rulings on Eid for Women
1. The Prophet (saw)’ s command to bring women out to Eid prayers. The Eids are among the symbols of Islam during which the Muslims gather together. Hence the Prophet (saw) commanded that the women be brought out to the Eid prayers as stated in the Hadith of Umm’Atiyyah (ra) who said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) commanded us to bring them out on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha, the virgins and menstruating in seclusion, but the menstruating women were to keep away from the prayer place itself and were to witness goodness and the Du’aa of the Muslims. Narrated by Muslim2/606. This applies when it is more likely to be beneficial and there is no fear of negative consequences. If a woman wants to go out, she should go out wearing her normal clothes, not adorned or wearing her finery, as Ibn Al Mubaarak (ra) said “If she insists then it is permissible for her husband to forbid her to do that, in order to ward off evil. (Fitnah).” 2. Singing on Eid and its regulations. It is permissible for women to express joy at the coming of Eid within the limits of Shariah, such as singing songs. Songs that are innocent and free of any mention of immorality, obscenity or anything that is not permissible according to Shariah, and that this singing is not accompanied by musical instruments or among any men as well as any other acts that are forbidden in Islam. This is indicated by the Hadith of the Mother of the Believers ‘Aisha (ra) who said: Abu Bakr entered upon me and with me there were two young girls of the Ansaar who were singing songs of the Ansaar about the day of Bu’aath. She said: And they were not singers as such. Abu Bakr said: “ Musical instruments of the shaytaan in the house of the Messenger of Allah (saw). And that was on the day of Eid. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said; “O Abu Bakr, every people has a festival, and this is our festival, Eid” However this does not mean that it is permissible to enjoy immoral songs that provoke desire, or temp someone to use musical instruments, or to hire professional singers for that purpose. None of these things are permissible. The Hadith indicates that the two young girls were simply singing traditional songs as an expression of joy on the occasion of Eid. that were free from any mention of love, immorality or descriptions of beauty. Complied by “Amr Abdul –Mun’im Saleem. Author of Important Lessons for Muslim. Women

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Shawaal is the tenth month of the Islamic calendar and the first day of Shawaal is the day of Eid ul-Fitr. Fasting 6 days of Shawaal: Abu Ayyub al-Ansari reported that the Prophet (saw) said: "Whoever fasts during the month of Ramadaan and then follows it with six days of Shawaal will be [rewarded] as if he had fasted the entire year." (Muslim) {(30 x 10 = 300 for Ramadaan) + (6 x 10 = 60 for Shawaal) = 360 - One Hijra year} Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (ra) reported Allah’s Messenger (saw) as saying: “He who observes fast for a day in the way of Allah, He would remove his face from the Hell to the extent of seventy years distance.” (Muslim)

Eid Colouring Competition
Giyc is having an Eid colouring competition for the young children of the community. Winners will be rewarded a prize which will be handed out on Eid Day at Woodward Park Liverpool. We have provided a box at the GIYC centre where you can put your entry forms into. There is 4 age categories which are: under 5yrs, 5-7yrs, 8-10yrs and 10-12yrs. Please fill out your name, your age, your guardians name and contact number. Happy colouring.

Name: Age: Guardians Name: Ph Number:

Sample Only
Grab a Copy from GIYC Centre & place finished copy in box provided. This copy will not be judged.

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Issue 3

Teach Me A Hadith

Returning after the Eid prayer a different way to which he came Narrated Jabir (ra): On the day of Eid the Prophet (saw) used to return (after offering the Eid prayer) through a way different from that by which he went. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 986, Chapter 24 Offering of salah before or after the Eid prayer Narrated ibn Abbas (ra): The Prophet (saw) went out and offered a two rak’at salah (Eid prayer) on the day of Fitr and did not offer any other salah before or after it and at that time Bilal was accompanying him. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 989, Chapter 26

What’s Been Happening Around The Centre?
Ladies Afternoon Tea & Ladies Arabic Classes–Strengthening the Sisterhood
The second annual afternoon tea. was wonderful, with around 65 registrations and 6 organisations represented. Representatives shared information about regular, past and upcoming activities and events. The afternoon ended with a great spread of cake and tea, and a good opportunity for the sisters to bond and spend some time together. Insha Allah, we hope that next year more organisations will commit to participate so that we can meet sisters from more Muslim organisations in Sydney. We have kicked off ladies Arabic classes with a bang. There has been great interest shown in this course & the ladies are turning up with their note pads. Check new timetable for more details.

Girls Pyjama Party
The young girls had a blast. Its amazing to see how competitive under 12yr olds can be. The girls played games such as Islamic trivia, sack bag races, tug of war, and even limbo. We shared pizza together and had yummy deserts. We would like to thank all the mothers that made their girls look absolutely gorgeous in all there colourful pyjama’s and fancy slippers and we would like to thank all those who contributed to the night. Due to the success of this night we will be holding this event on a annual basis Insha Allah.

Zakyfest 2006
Once again this event proves to be a huge success among the younger generation & their families. There was a live performance from our Madrassah choir, who did us proud, our bookstore was on display, loads of games & rides & not to forget our kids got to meet ZAKY. All kids who entered a received a free school backpack & inside was a few goodies to keep them interested. Looks like it will be bigger & better next year, watch our upcoming page so you don’t miss out.

i-slam Basketball Tournament
This tournament brought back the memories of the hay days, when we use to be able to jump & shoot the ball into a basket. The competition was tough & physical. Even though we were mates, on the field we were competitors. It took a lot to bring the winners down to earth as most of them were 6ft plus, $1000 prize money went down well. Keep posted for the next date, start practicing now.

Sydney Cup 06
Survival of the fittest or what??? From 9.30am till 9pm, if after this event you weren’t sore the next day then you were probably one of two people, either you didn’t play or you were peeling oranges. One of the most enjoyable short versions of the outdoor soccer game. Grinners are winners & all the glory & $5,000 prize money went to an Auburn team called Lions. Our soccer team showed up but put on their boots a little too late. Insha Allah we look forward to training hard to win the next event, hint Sydney indoor cup 06.

Men's Project Dinner
As we approach that slow time of year, the men put on a Dinner to raise some funds to help cover some of the rent for the next few months & the rest put into our project fund. All praise is due to Allah (swt), the night ran successfully & all had a entertaining evening. One of the highlights were the children from the Madrassah who sang gallantly & then backed it up with their intelligence to answer some questions from the crowd. Most people walked away saying they can’t wait till the next dinner, which will be sometime next year.

If you didn't make it or want to contribute more, our Account details are as follows: CENTRE FUND St George Bank Acc Name: Global Islamic Youth Centre BSB: 112 879 Acc No. 067 847 548 PROJECT FUND Commonwealth Bank Acc Name: Islamic Cooperative Finance Aust Ltd BSB: 062 191 Acc No. 1017 9618 Agent No. 920 357

We also have an EzyPay option which allows you to donate to the centre on a regular basis i.e. weekly or monthly

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Please dispose of this newsletter in an Islamic manner due to Allah (swt)’s name being within. Jazak Allah Khairun

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