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Advantages Disadvantages Method of Installation
What is plate lining system.

 Tight sheeting without  Require a large 1. Complete the
 Consists of rectangular
soil movement. machine like an excavation.
plate support with  strong enough to excavator and backhoe 2. Installing the slide rails
adjustable struts at to handle them.
handle the pressure and slotted the plate or
each end.  More expensive
from unstable soil. panels.
 Plate are slot into compare to other
 Easy to set up for a 3. Then, pushed the panels
vertical H-section trench support system.
widest width system. into the ground by
strutted guide rails.  Require more sources
 Provide more machines (backhoe or
 Available in a wide
clearance than standard excavator) as soil is
variety of units sizes trench shield.
 Provide safety while excavated between
up to 5 m long and 2.5
excavating. panels and slide rails.
m high.
 Can be apply for deep 4. Once the sufficient depth
cut excavation. is achieved, the other
 Versatile. panels can be added and
connect together if more
depth is require.
 Designed as safety device in trench support systems. 5. For final corner rails, use
 Provide safe working environment while excavating (protect the corner rail template
workers in the event if that a trench collapses.) to aid in the alignment of
the adjoining panels.