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The Prema Agni Symbol

Prema Agni means "Fire of Divine Love"

This precious symbol comes directly to us from the Masters, and opens the heart for

Love to flow IN and OUT. It can be drawn on anyone, by anyone. On receiving this

symbol, you pledge to donate $7 to a good cause, but not to the person who draws it

for you.

Open the Heart for Love to Flow In and Out

Burns away desire, anger and greed

Opens the Planet for Love

"Spiritual growth calls for restraint on desires. In addition, you also have to get rid of

attachments and aversions. The three great enemies of man are Kama (desire),

Krodha (anger) and Lobha (greed). Desire destroys devotion, anger annihilates

wisdom, and greed poisons every action. These three vices are deleterious to Sath-

Karma (good deeds), Upasana (devotion) and Jnana (spiritual wisdom). The only way

to get rid of them is to burn them in Prema Agni (the fire of Divine Love)." Sathya Sai


Drawing the Prema Agni

Ask the receiver to stand with their back to you. Make sure it is okay to draw this

symbol on the person by asking your Higher Guidance. If you hear silence, it is safe to

draw the symbol on the person. You then draw Prema Agni over the heart chakra on

their back and down the spine as shown below. After you have drawn the symbol,

place your right hand over the heart chakra on the person's back and your left hand

on their left shoulder. Then repeat to yourself three times, "Prema Agni, Prema Agni,

Prema Agni."
It is important that on step two, you draw 9 points, not 8 or 10. Please give a copy of

this to whomever you draw the symbol on, so they can in turn draw it on others, thus

opening LOVE for the Planet.

"Today (Valentine's Day) is the day when the Prema Agni, the most powerful sacred

geometric symbol that has been given to man, is most powerful. The hearts of the

people can open more (easily or rapidly) on this day. So the message is simple: GO

FOR IT and draw the Prema Agni for the world RIGHT NOW. This is the service to the

world that we were born to do, SO DO IT." Derek O'Neill

Step 1: The drawing of the Triangle opens a sacred gateway or portal into your

Step 2: The zigzag line with nine points may feel like a laser beam, a lightening bolt

cutting out anything that doesn't serve you now and pulling it down to the fires of the

Kundalini to be transformed into Light.

Step 3: The Drawing of the Heart is able to pass through the armoring of the upper

back because it is so unexpected that your defenses may be suspended and you may

experience a freedom, or powerful release. For some, this feels like angel wings


The base of the Heart meets the tip of the Triangle and a line or stem of the Heart is

drawn into the Triangle pulling the Heart with it. Because of the small aperture at the

tip of the Triangle and the speed at which the line is being drawn the fullness of the

Heart "pops" into the center and a radiant combination of Divinity and Love vibrates

out into your whole system.

Step 4: The Horizontal Line drawn from the right moves across the back intersecting

the tip of the Triangle on its journey to your left side. As the line finishes, a

remarkable thing may happen. This seemingly one dimensional line may suddenly

arch into the middle of your body at precisely the center point where the Line met the

Triangle earlier. The feel of this new Line may be like an arrow and the power behind

it like the bow of a large ice cutter ship (this boat may cut through anything -

darkness, hesitation, etc.) Incredibly, almost simultaneously the Triangle tips from a

vertical position to a horizontal one, pulled into position by the ice cutter and explodes

Divine Love through and out your heart center. Here is where many experience pure


*As the Triangle is drawn many people lose a sense of physical denseness, and

become aware only of the Triangle as a remarkable entranceway. It may feel like a

timeless oneness with a feeling of tremendous Love, wonder and beauty. A wonder of

miracle proportion and a recognition or memory of every dimension in which our souls

exist. And this is why the zigzag can be so effective because all we are is Light, so any

tool that moves to clear debris is met with no resistance.

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