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Cancel Signal Interference in Real-Time

with Sig-X Protect

From the Industry Leader in RF Interference

Key Features
Mitigation, Now Detect, Monitor ... and Resolve! Frequency Coverage
Traditional approaches to dealing with (RFI) mitigation strategies have been mostly IF option (70 MHz)
limited to monitoring, detecting and geolocating interference. Actually resolving UHF option (240-320 MHz)
L Band (950-2150 MHz)
it, however, if possible at all, has required the assistance of the interferer: if known
IF Bandwidths
and if cooperative. Up to 54 MHz
Input/Output Power Levels
60 to -25 dBm
SigX Protect empowers SATCOM users with a cost-effective solution that cancels
Protected Modulation Types
uncooperative RFI in real time. BPSK
Resolve Interference at Lower Cost for More Scenarios OQPSK
SigX Protect bridges the gap between monitoring and eliminating interference,
using advanced cancellation algorithms to remove RFI while protecting the 16APSK
integrity of the protected link. The protected link is output from the SigX Protect Field upgradable to support
additional modulation
system, minus any RFI, and is passed on to existing customer hardware for normal
processing. The pass-through approach allows customers to enhance their
networks response to RFI, while optimizing investment in existing equipment. RF Interference Types
Multiple Fixed CW
Multiple Swept CW
In addition, since SigX Protect is installed directly in the communications chain
Mechanical and Environmental
it adds minimal delay or latency into the communications signal. And since SigX 7.7 x 5.7 x 1.2
Protect requires no added bandwidth, it provides dedicated protection with no 1.65 lbs
0C to 50C

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impact on operations and preserves current infrastructure investments.
SigX Protect employs a technique called blind separation on the receive
side of the communications, without the need for similar equipment on
the transmit side, which many existing solutions require. As a result, SigX
SigX Protect Device
Protect works not just on point-to-point networks, but point-to-multi-
point and cross-beam applications as well, providing a far more expansive and cost effective solution set.

SigX Protect works with all existing and new satellites. It provides the highest level of automatic interference protection for
high priority carriers and works for most types and causes of interference, including unmodulated (CW and sweeping CW)

Customer Signal

Interferring Signal


Customer Signal

L-Band LL-Band


Customer Signal
Customer Signal
Kratos approach to signal cancellation provides a level of automatic interference protection to high priority carriers, both multiple unmodulated CW and Swept CW in
Version 1.0 and requires receive site equipment only.

For service providers, satellite operators, teleport operators and high availability services alike, the ability of SigX Protect to
quickly cancel interference in real-time will help assure QoS, interference-free communications and time-sensitive delivery of
critical communications; while continuing to leverage investments in existing infrastructure.

From the Leader in RFI Management

SAT, a Kratos Company, is recognized as having the most comprehensive RF interference (RFI) mitigation products on the

Joining the industry-leading carrier monitoring product, Monics and the most accurate geolocation product, satID, is SigX
Protect, which automatically cancels out unwanted interference from the communication pathway.

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