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Brave New World 2008 Programme

University of Manchester Tuesday 1st – Wednesday 2nd July
Arthur Lewis Building All sessions take place in 2 floor boardroom. Lunch and registration on 4th floor.

Tuesday 1st
11.30-12.30: Registration and lunch 12.30-2.00: Plenary session 1: Chair: Professor Hillel Steiner Professor Cecile Fabre – ‘Legitimate Authority and the Just War’ 2.00-2.15: Coffee break 2.15-4.00: Session A Panel 1 Chair: Tom Goodwin Rights and Bodies 1. David Rhys Birks (Manchester) – Wellbeing, schizophrenia and experience machines. 2.Fiona Ennis (Cork) – Justification for a right to bodily integrity. Panel 2 Chair: Legitimacy & Justification 1. Christine Bratu (Munich) – Liberalism as the right to be irrational? How contextualism might help liberalism avoid a serious personality disorder. 2. Cord Schmelzle (Berlin) – Legitimacy in non-state polities.

3. Jeremy Williams (LSE) – Wrongful life and abortion. 3. Marco Verschoor (Nijmegen) – Why do all social contract theories evaluate political structures in terms of the classic model of the nation-state? 4.00-4.30: Coffee break 4.30-6.15: Panel 3 Panel 4 Session B Chair: Dr Steve de Wijze Chair: Richard Child Democracy Global Justice I: Site & Scope 1. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (Manchester) – The force of the better argument: appeals to emotion in democratic deliberation. 2. James Gledhill (LSE) – The democracy/contractualism analogy reconsidered: rejecting ‘Rawlbermas’ and rescuing proceduralism. 3. Joshua Forstenzer (Sheffield) – Deweyan democracy and the fact of reasonable pluralism. 7pm onwards: Conference dinner at East Z East restaurant 1. Adam Daniel Etinson (Oxford) – Cosmopolitanism and ethnocentrism. 2. Gabriel Wollner (UCL) – On the grounds of justice: do obligations of egalitarian justice arise only between and solely in virtue of individuals sharing a common institution?

Wednesday 2nd
9.30-11.15: Session C Panel 5 Chair: Theories of Distributive Justice 1. Arabella Millett (Edinburgh) – Leftlibertarianism and land-rent as taxation. 2. Robert Jubb (Oxford) – The basic structure and luck egalitarianism. Panel 6 Chair: Dr Kimberley Brownlee Conceptions of the Self and the Family 1. Irene Pronk (Nijmegen) – Justice and gender within the family reconsidered. 2. Raymond Glenn Critch (Edinburgh) – After the self: what’s left of the communitarian critique? 3. Michele Loi (Rome) – Can justice as fairness be fair towards the deaf? 11.15-11.45: Coffee break 11.45-1.30: Panel 7 Session D Chair: Dr Zofia Stemplowska Global Justice II: Form & Content 1. John Pearson (LSE) – Against cosmopolitan democracy: equality and inclusion in global politics. 2. Ambrose Lee (Stirling) – Special obligations and cosmopolitanism. 3. Mario Solis (Essex) – The demands of global justice: the sufficiency threshold. 1.30-2.30: Lunch 2.30-4.15: Session E Panel 9 Chair: Dr Jonathan Quong Constructivism 1. Michele Bocchiola (Rome) – Constructivism between realism and antirealism. Panel 10 Chair: Sex, Autonomy & Human Nature 1. Kathy Butterworth (Kent) – The possibility of a decentred autonomous subject. Panel 8 Chair: Autonomy & Responsibility 1. Milla Vaha (Florence) – Victims or perpetrators? Child soldiers and the vacuum of responsibility. 2. Piero Moraro (Stirling) – Autonomy and the duty to promote it. 3. Francois Hudon (Louvain) – Can a preference-based conception of freedom make sense?

2. Nat Coleman (Michigan) – The political 2. Tamara Jugov (Berlin) – Rawlsian power of sexual preference. constructivism and non-ideal global problems. 3. Chris Hughes (Manchester) – Politics in the 3. Katy Dineen (LSE) – Is Onora O’Neill’s absence of a universal human nature. cosmopolitanism normatively substantive? 4.15-4.30: Coffee break 4.30-6.00: Plenary Session 2: Chair: Professor Alan Hamlin Professor Jerry Gaus - TBA 6pm Conference close