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1. Executive Summary

2. Resume

3. The Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life SWOT Analysis highlights the
organizations vision, mission, what donations are used toward,
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and a recommendation.

4. The second KFHfL memo is from after presenting ideas to the client.
This memo mentions the ideas proposed, feedback from the client
about the ideas, the timetable for the campaign and how we would
evaluate the success of the campaign.

5. The KFHfL FAQ has seven questions that answer what the organization
is, its mission, what the organization educates about, where the
organization gets donations, how you can get involved with the
organization, how you can sponsor the organization, and how you can
learn more about the organization.

6. The KFHfL Media Advisory is for the organizations Beat the Heat
Summer Swing Golf Tournament. It answers what the golf tournament
is, when the tournament is, how to register for the tournament, where
the tournament is, whom the tournament is for, and why KFHfL is

7. The KFHfL News Release is for the organizations 19th annual Kendrick
Fincher Hydration Celebration T-shirt. The news release tells when
voting begins and ends and how to vote.

8. The KFHfL PSA includes three PSAs. One is for the organizations cool
huts. The second one is for the organizations 5K Hydration
Celebration. The third one promotes the organization and its mission.

9. The KFHfL Social Media Plan contains a suggested media platform to

use to reach a particular target audience. This plan also contains a Star
Wars May the 4 themed meme for the organization to use.

10. The KFHfL Civic Points highlights the vision and mission of the
organization, events they are a part of, events they put on, and an
emotional appeal.

11. The KFHfL Full Communications Plan contains information about

the situation, research, objectives, audience, strategy and tactics,
calendar/timetable, budget and evaluation.
12. The KFHfL Presentation contains an overview PowerPoint
presentation of the projects communication plan.

13. The Social Media and Narcissism Thesis paper is about the
correlation between narcissism and social media.

14. The Capri Sun Analysis is an analysis on Capri Suns media

budget, updated campaign, new product, target market, and a
recommended campaign.

15. The Capri Sun Support Media Objective and Magazine

Advertisement talks about the Capri Sun objective, support media
objective, and features the Capri Sun magazine advertisement my
group made.

16. The Lululemon Athletica Creative Brief states the objective,

target audience/target profile, key consumer insight, current position,
reposition, promise/support/RTB, message, mandatories, brand
personality, tonality, media and evaluation.

17. The Lululemon Athletica Positioning Statement outlines the

positioning statement and the brand personality of Lululemon

18. The Chase Mastering Life Questionnaire is designed for Chase

Bank and two commercials they have aired. It features various
questions on topics, such as screening, preference/purchase intent,
awareness, attitude, recognition and recall, questions about the two
commercials and demographic questions.

19. The Chase Bank Moderator Outline is created for Chase Bank to
use on a focus group. It contains background information on the client,
purpose of the study, location of the groups, how many groups per
market, who the participants are, criteria for participants, date and
times of focus groups, an introduction, questions with probes, and a

20. The University of Arkansas Parking and Transit Public Relations

Project is a campaign that was created to affect an overall change UA
Parking and Transits image to students. It includes the situation,
research summary, objectives, strategies, tactics for the two
strategies, budget, timetable, and evaluation.

21. The 112 Drive In Copy Platform is our campaign for the 112 Drive
In theater located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It includes the campaign
goal, demographics and psychographics, key attribute, information
about the 112, history of drive ins, what the selling proposition is, who
the competition is, the strategy type, Maslows hierarchy of needs, how
it compares to traditional theaters, where the drive in sits in the
targets mind, the affective model and advertising vehicles.

22. The 112 Drive In Magazine Advertisement was created for the
112 Drive In.

23. The 112 Newspaper Advertisement is the advertisement was

created in Black and White for the 112 Drive In.

24. The Outreach Campaign was a campaign created for the

University of Arkansas and Lemke Department of Journalism. The
campaign goal was to increase the amount of Hispanic students from
two local counties to attend the university and become a part of the
journalism department. It includes the situation, objectives, audience,
strategies and tactics, budget, evaluation, and research.

25. The Email Assignment is an assignment that proves I can write

professional emails.