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41260 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

139 / Thursday, July 20, 2006 / Notices

member of the public may attend and amended (NEPA) (42 U.S.C. 4321 et address or telephone number indicated
provide information. An announcement seq.), the Council on Environmental below. The Draft EA is also available at
of the dates, times, and locations of Quality Regulations for Implementing
those sessions will be posted in the the Procedural Provisions of NEPA (40 cev_draftea.html.
docket, available as described above. CFR parts 1500–1508), and NASA
After consideration of the assessment policy and procedures (14 CFR part
report and public comments on it, the 1216 subpart 1216.3), NASA has Mario Busacca, Mail Stop: TA–C3, Lead,
FHWA will file in the same docket a prepared and issued a Draft EA for the Planning and Special Projects
summary of its review of the results of Development of the CEV. The Proposed Environmental Program Office, NASA,
the OAC program neutral conflict Action is to develop a new human-rated Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899;
assessment. space vehicle, the CEV, which would be telephone 321–867–8456, electronic
Information on the FHWA OAC the U.S. vehicle to transport humans to mail, or
program is available online at http:// Low-Earth Orbit and to the International facsimile 321–867–8040. Space Station, Moon, Mars, and to SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In his
out_ad.htm or by contacting the FHWA destinations beyond. The Draft EA January 14, 2004 address to the Nation,
at the address listed above. Additional addresses the potential environmental President George W. Bush announced a
OAC resources include: National impacts associated with the new vision for space exploration. In
Alliance of Highway Beautification development of the CEV, including its pursuing this new vision, NASA has
Agencies,; design, component fabrication, and been tasked with developing the
Outdoor Advertising Association of assembly. However, it does not cover spacecraft, launch vehicles, and related
America,; and flight testing and operation of the CEV, technologies necessary to travel and
Scenic America, http://www.scenic. which will be the subject of future explore the solar system. The CEV
org/. NEPA documentation. The only represents an important building block
Comments received after the comment alternative to the Proposed Action in this future exploration architecture.
closing date will be filed in the docket discussed in detail is the No Action The CEV, an Apollo-like capsule,
and will be considered to the extent Alternative where NASA would not would consist of a Crew Module, a
practicable. In addition to late develop the CEV. Service Module, and a Launch Escape
comments, the FHWA also will The CEV would be able to transport System. If NASA proceeds with CEV
continue to file in the docket relevant up to six humans and cargo to space development, the Agency would
information that becomes available after after the Space Shuttle is retired, which contract with a commercial firm to serve
the closing date, and interested persons is currently scheduled to occur no later as the prime contractor, with specific
should continue to examine the docket than 2010. First human flight involving design, component fabrication, and
for new material. Names of persons or the CEV is planned for no later than assembly activities to be clarified as the
entities that the assessors should 2014 with initial access to Low-Earth CEV Project matures. CEV development
consider contacting as part of the Orbit and to the International Space activities would occur at multiple
assessment that are received by the U.S. Station. Human missions to the Moon NASA facilities including, but not
Institute after the comment closing date are planned for no later than 2020 with necessarily limited to, Johnson Space
also will be considered to the extent missions to Mars and other destinations Center in Houston, Texas; Ames
practicable. in the following decades. The CEV Research Center in Mountain View,
(Authority: 23 U.S.C. 131; 20 U.S.C. 5601 et would likely be launched from NASA’s California; Marshall Space Flight Center
seq.) Kennedy Space Center in Florida. in Huntsville, Alabama; Glenn Research
Issued on: July 13, 2006. DATES: Written comments on the Draft Center in Cleveland, Ohio; Langley
Christopher L. Helms, EA must be received by NASA on or Research Center in Hampton, Virginia;
Executive Director, Morris K. Udall before August 21, 2006. and Kennedy Space Center; and at yet
Scholarship and Excellence in National ADDRESSES: Written comments should to be named commercial facilities
Environmental Policy Foundation. be addressed to Mr. Mario Busacca, Mail throughout the United States. These
Frederick G. Wright, Jr., Stop: TA–C3, Lead, Planning and activities would be expected to be
Federal Highway Executive Director. Special Projects, Environmental consistent with each facility’s mission
Program Office, NASA, Kennedy Space statement and scope of normal
[FR Doc. 06–6355 Filed 7–19–06; 8:45 am]
Center, FL 32899. Although hardcopy operations.
comments are preferred, comments may Environmental impacts associated
be sent by electronic mail to Mario with the development of the CEV would
Busacca at be expected to be minor (i.e., within the
or by facsimile at 321–867–8040. permitted quantities of airborne
The Draft EA can be reviewed at the emissions, waterborne effluents, and
[Notice 06–046] following NASA locations: waste disposal at each of the involved
(a) NASA Headquarters, Library, facilities) and consequently both the
National Environmental Policy Act; Room 1J20, 300 E Street, SW., short- and long-term environmental
Crew Exploration Vehicle Washington, DC 20546–0001; impacts are expected to be within the
AGENCY: National Aeronautics and (b) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Visitors limits of all applicable environmental
Space Administration (NASA). Lobby, Building 249, 4800 Oak Grove statutes, regulations, permits, and
ACTION: Notice of availability of the Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109. licenses. No adverse impact on the local
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES_1

Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) Hard copies of the Draft EA also may infrastructure (e.g., utilities, roadways)
for the Development of the Crew be reviewed at other NASA Centers (see near the involved facilities is
Exploration Vehicle (CEV). SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION below). anticipated. There should be little
Limited hard copies of the Draft EA incremental impact on employment
SUMMARY: Pursuant to the National are available, on a first request basis, by levels at the facilities involved in CEV
Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as contacting Mr. Mario Busacca at the development. Thus little or no

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 139 / Thursday, July 20, 2006 / Notices 41261

incremental socioeconomic impacts to Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA95) [44 and engaged citizenry. IMLS builds the
regional economies are anticipated. U.S.C. 3508(s)(A)]. This program helps capacities of libraries and museums by
The Draft EA may be examined at the to ensure that requested data can be encouraging the highest standards in
following NASA locations by contacting provided in the desired format, management, public service, and
the pertinent Freedom of Information reporting burden (time and financial education; leadership in the use of
Office: resources) is minimized, collection technology; strategic planning for
(a) NASA, Ames Research Center, instruments are clearly understood, and results, and partnerships to create new
Moffett Field, CA 94035 (650–604– the impact of collection requirements on networks that support lifelong learning
3273); respondents can be properly assessed. and the effective management of assets.
(b) NASA, Dryden Flight Research The Institute of Museum and Library According to its strategic plan, IMLS is
Center, Edwards, CA 93523 (661–276– Services is currently soliciting dedicated to creating and sustaining a
2704); comments concerning proposed nation of learners by helping libraries
(c) NASA, Glenn Research Center, evaluation research of Partnership for a and museums serve their communities.
Cleveland, OH 44135 (216–433–2755); Nation of Learners (PNL) Round I grant Libraries and museums are key
(d) NASA, Goddard Space Flight applicants. resources for education in the United
Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (301–286– A copy of the proposed information States and promote the vision of a
4721); collection request can be obtained by learning society in which learning is
(e) NASA, Johnson Space Center, contacting the individual listed below seen as a community-wide
Houston, TX 77058 (281–483–8612); in the address section of this notice. responsibility supported by both formal
(f) NASA, Kennedy Space Center, FL DATES: Written comments must be and informal educational entities.
32899 (321–867–2745); submitted to the office listed in the Current Actions: The Institute of
(g) NASA, Langley Research Center, addressee section below on or before Museum and Library Services and the
Hampton, VA 23681 (757–864–2497); September 18, 2006. Corporation for Public Broadcasting
(h) NASA, Marshall Space Flight IMLS is particularly interested in (CPB) are partnering under a
Center, Huntsville, AL 35812 (256–544– comments that help the agency to: Memorandum of Understanding to make
1837); and • Evaluate whether the proposed competitive grants and support
(i) NASA, Stennis Space Center, MS collection of information is necessary capacity-building for community
39529 (228–688–2118). for the proper performance of the partnerships among museum, library
If and when developed, the CEV functions of the agency, including and public broadcasting outlets and
would undergo testing and flight whether the information will have other community organizations to meet
certification prior to operational use. practical utility; locally identified community needs in
These actions would be the subject of • Evaluate the accuracy of the an initiative titled Partnership for a
future NEPA documentation. agency’s estimate of the burden of the Nation of Learners (PNL). The initiative
Written public input and comments proposed collocation of information includes professional development
on alternatives and environmental including the validity of the resources such as videoconferences and
issues and concerns associated with the methodology and assumptions used; Web-based materials for potential
development of the CEV are hereby • Enhance the quality, utility and applicants, grantees, and their partners.
requested. clarity of the information to be IMLS administers the grants process and
collected; and CPB contracts for and manages the
Olga M. Dominguez, • Minimize the burden of the professional development and initiative-
Assistant Administrator for Infrastructure collection of information on those who level evaluation functions. IMLS seeks
and Administration. are to respond, including through the clearance for the partnership to collect
[FR Doc. E6–11522 Filed 7–19–06; 8:45 am] use of appropriate automated electronic, and analyze information related to
BILLING CODE 7510–13–P mechanical, or other technological evaluation of the PNL initiative.
collection techniques or other forms of Overall, IMLS and CPB expect that as
information technology, e.g., permitting a result of PNL, museums, libraries, and
NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE electronic submissions of responses. public broadcasters will:
ARTS AND HUMANITIES ADDRESSES: Send comments to: Karen 1. Collaborate more frequently.
Motylewski, Evaluation Officer, 2. Design and deliver projects that
Institute of Museum and Library Institute of Museum and Library contribute significantly to solving or
Services, Proposed Collection, Services, 1800 M Street, NW., 9th Floor, addressing community needs.
Comment Request; Partnership for a Washington, DC. Ms. Motylweski can be 3. Develop skills and knowledge
Nation of Learners (PNL) Evaluation: reached by telephone: 202–653–4686; required for effective collaboration.
Applicants 4. Increase community knowledge of
fax: 202–653–8625; or e-mail:
the public value created by library,
AGENCY: Institute of Museum and
museum, and public broadcasting
Library Services. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: initiatives.
ACTION: Notice. Background: The Institute of Museum PNL awards were made in September
and Library Services (IMLS) is an 2005 and 2006. As part of the PNL
SUMMARY: The Institute of Museum and independent Federal grant-making evaluation, a survey will be sent to
Library Services as part of its continuing agency authorized by the Museum and applicants who did not receive funding.
effort to reduce paperwork and Library Services Act, Public Law 104– This survey will give unsuccessful
respondent burden, conducts a pre- 208. IMLS is charged with promoting applicants an opportunity to provide
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES_1

clearance consultation program to the improvement of library and museum feedback to IMLS and CPB on the
provide the general public and Federal services for the benefit of the public. application process. The evaluation will
agencies with an opportunity to Through grant-making and museum also yield information on what
comment on proposed and/or services, IMLS seeks to assure that applicants learned through the
continuing collections of information in libraries and museums are able to play application process, their current
accordance with the Paperwork an active role in cultivating an educated partnering activity, and their future

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