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Jessica Garcia

English 28

Holly Batty

2 May 2017

Animal Testing: Youre Beautiful, Theyre Dead

Animal testing has been a huge issue in many healthcare industries. Medical research

institutions use animals as test subjects. They are subjected for experiments or even modification

to help Ill people in hospitals. Animal testing is mainly focused on experiments, medical

research, and modifications on the animals that are not giving any time of consent for them to do


In many industries they use animal testing to make sure that the product that they are

using is not harmful when humans come in contact with it. A huge company that deals with

making sure that its not harmful are cosmetic companies. Some cosmetics companies that use

this type of testing are: ex) Covergirl, AVON, MAC, Benefit cosmetics etc.( Peta . Animal

Testing 101. PETA, Peta, 20 Apr. 2017). The use of these cosmetics are tested on poor

animals such as rabbits, mice, and rats.More than 100 million animals suffer and die in the U.S.

every year in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests as well as in medical training

exercises and curiosity-driven medical experiments at universities(PETA). Rabbits are used for

this testing because of the sensitive eyes that they have. Their sensitive eyes are said to be as

sensitive as our own so therefore they drip corrosive chemicals it their eyes to make sure it is not

harmful to us. Mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes to see as well if it is harmful or not

to us. Before buying any of these brands make sure you do your research to make sure that your

makeup is cruelty free.

Modifications in animals are also a big part of animal testing. Recent studies have shown

a modification of a rat with a human ear growing on its back. Also, a pig hybrid which is pig and

human together they crossed genetics of them and tried to see if a pig hybrid can come about

this. Researchers do modifications because they feel its needed in our society and itll help us.

Another way of genetically modifying a species is by cloning it. Cloning species consists of

somatic cell nuclear transfer which deals with DNA. Cloning is the use of DNA and making it

exactly the same code (Ormandy, Elisabeth H., Julie Dale, and Gilly Griffin. "Genetic

Engineering of Animals: Ethical Issues, including Welfare Concerns ). Genetically modified

animals have consisted of farm animals, wild, and animal models for research. The main use of

gm is on farm animals.Genetically engineered farm animals can be created to enhance food

quality (Griffith). These animals get modified by steroids to be bigger and full of meat.

Research is a way that scientist get they're hands on animals to do testing. Animal

models of human disease are valuable resources for understanding how and why a particular

disease develops, and what can be done to halt or reverse the process ( "Genetic Engineering of

Animals: Ethical Issues, including Welfare Concerns.") Scientist know that using animals they

do not have a say on what and what cannot be done on them. Unlike humans, they have a say and

can stop any type of research but there was this one woman who did not give consent on doing

research with her body cells. That lady was Henrietta Lacks. Her cells were taken from her

without acknowledgement. Her cells were used for polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in

vitro fertilization, and more. She never gave consent but yet doctors have used her cells for

various reasons and have been bought and sold by billions of others around the world. This is

the same issue with animal testing, these poor helpless animals aren't giving consent to letting
them use them as subjects to testing. Overall, I still believe that using these poor animals for

testing for research is a bad thing because were killing them just to make us beautiful.

Animal testing is considered of experiments, modifications, and research. Industries like

to make sure that their products are not harmful to us but se animals to prevent this for us. So

next time you buy health products or cosmetics make sure they are cruelty free because if they

are not you are supporting animal testing. Modifications are always being made on many species

especially what you are eating. Research that is being done kill many animals because of the

harmful test they use. Animals dont have a say in this because they cant talk obviously but

Henrietta Lacks did, just the doctors didnt get a consent and it was too late for her to say no or

yes. So next time you buy makeup, eat that good piece of chicken or bacon, or even see the

vaccines that are being used on you ask yourself.. Is this all worth it for a poor innocent animals


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