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Solidarity is a revolutionary

What does Solidarity do?


Solidarity is best known for our work in the
socialist organization with members and

labor movement but we are also active in
branches across the country.
communities and on campuses. We see
Today, we are active in strengthening a working-
the renewal of movements with working–
class fightback to the economic crisis, demanding
class leadership independent of the two
an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and
capitalist parties as the basis of a movement
building the labor movement, struggles for self-
determination of people of color, women and
for socialism. Along with branches, we have
LGBTQ and the fight for environmental justice. national working groups that organize in
a particular movement, such as the labor
The socialist future that we fight for has
movement or the anti-war movement.
democratic, working–class power as its bedrock.
We emphasize the need for socialists to build We promote a lively culture of discussion,
movements for their own sake. At the same time, debate, and learning through regular
we hope to foster socialist consciousness through branch meetings, study groups, national
linking isolated struggles, opposing the logic of conferences and retreats organized
capitalism and making the case for revolutionary regionally or for specific activist and
organization. political interests.

How can I get in touch? I want to join Solidarity!

If you’d like to work with Members are expected to have an activist
commitment and participate in the
Solidarity or learn more about
organization – through joining a branch,
our ideas and what we do, don’t becoming active in a working group, and
hesitate to: paying monthly dues. If you don’t yet meet
these requirements you may also apply for
• Find a list of branches on the
formal sympathizer status.
web: www.solidarity–
To join:
• Email a national organizer:
• Find a branch on our website at:
• Call our National Office at: • Or contact a national organizer at:
313-841-0160 info@solidarity–
what does solidarity stand for?
{ In our activism and in our organization, we are guided by the best of many traditions. }

AS FEMINISTS, we fight for a revolutionary transformation of
society by and for the working-class majority. AS ANTI-RACISTS and
we are committed to all struggles against
gender oppression and recognize that “the
Change will not come from politicians, ANTI-IMPERIALISTS,
bureaucrats or charismatic leaders but from
personal is political.” Revolutionary feminism we defend oppressed peoples’ freedom
determination and unity at the grassroots.
recognizes the diversity of women’s experiences struggles; we are inspired by liberation
and connections with other liberation struggles. movements in the US and abroad.

people of color, and other
oppressed people have the right to
self-organization in our organization and
society as a whole; this kind of autonomy
We seek to overcome the counter- Democracy and balancing united
is essential for nurturing solidarity and
productive divisions on the Left that leadership by the oppressed. action with respect for minority points
decrease our ability to win either of view are an important part of our
short term struggles or build the organization and, we believe, essential
revolutionary capacity of social to left unity.
movements and the working class. We are guided by traditions of
“socialism from below” that project a
society that prioritizes human needs
and rejects the violence, hierarchy, and
profit-driven nature of today’s world.