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worship june 3 , 2017 11a

experience We welcome you! May you remember today that no matter the challenges you may

the divine
be facing in your life, the battle is not yours, but Gods. 2 Chronicles 20:15
Todays Flowers are given by Perry and Liberata Ashilevi celebrate their second
wedding anniversary. May the Lord continue to richly bless your marriage!
Experiencing the Divine: Pastor Jonathan Henderson, former CHC Young Adult
Prelude Angelica Prodan
pastor, and now PaciGic Union College Chaplain, will preach in our church the Girst
four Sabbaths in July on a most important subject, PRAYER! We are praying God will
Praise The Kebaso & Bautista Families

favor us with the presence of 500 guests each Sabbath. This is a faith generated
Intercessory Prayer Tom Gibson
Childrens Song Riley & Sidney Curtis
PrimeTimers (55+) are invited to attend the last potluck get-together for the season
Childrens Story Nancy Dobrota
on June 11 at noon in the Hammond-Jewell Music Center. Hope to see all of you there.

Worship in Giving George Dobrota

We congratulate our 2017 graduates - High School: Victoria Pakpahan, Vionna Joy
Manzala, Eegan Mengistu, Olivier Uzabakiriho, Win Pasaribu, Valeria Juarez, Jurell
Oertory Viana Vidales Dial, Jazmin Alfaro, Ricardo Antonio Montaez,
A Shield About Me"
Heaven Leigh Hubbert, Caitlyn Pascasio CHURCH BUDGET - MAY
Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:3-13 Shiphrah Fepuleai
Undergraduate: Michelle Saucedo, Cristina Beginning: 558
Butoiu, Sasha Birt-Moody, Emily Garcia de la Vega
Special Music Eveline Marin Budget Offerings $54,390
In Christ Alone"
Masters: Hazel Alvarenga, Manuel Gonzales,
Andrae Chambers, Adwoa Wiafe, Mpagi Hight Budget Expenditures ($50,310)
Experiencing the Divine Julio Tabuenca
Doctorate: Lance Hundley, Kabbyo Chawdhury,
Ending: $4,638
Closing Song: The Kebaso & Bautista Families Josue Esperante.
Showers of Blessings #195

Study Time - 10:00 To Serve You

Benediction - Gabriel Katrib
Julio Tabuenca, Sr. Pastor: 909.771.4179
Welcome & Prayer - Janetta Rhoads
Postlude Angelica Prodan
Lesson Study: Prophecy and Scripture
Cristian Iordan, Worship, Media: 909.553.3996
Campus Hill Adventist Church 11057 Hill Drive, Loma Linda, CA 92354
909.796.0222 | |
Class 1: William Wright Shiphrah Fepuleai, Young Adults, Women:
Class 2: Don Johnson 760.224.4404
Class 3: Emmanuel Ogunji Viana Vidales, Youth, Children Coordinator:
For Online Live Streaming Scan Here:
Class 4: Mothers Room - Tom Gibson 760.670.6220
Scan Here for Church Website
Class 5: North Wing - Dorothy Donesky Gabriel Katrib, Visitation: 909.478.9707
Young Adults: Rose Room - Pastor Shiphrah Lourdes Gudmundsson, Head Elder: 951.522.5210
Youth: Davids Chapel - Andrae Chambers Judi Wright, Administrative Asst.: 909.796.0222