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1958 : Pb. Act 181


ACT, 1958.
1. Short tirlc and cummenccmcn!.
1. Definitions.
3. lnrcrprerarion.
4. Exrcnsion of certain l a w s ro translcrrcd rcrnrorics.
5. Construction or cerlain refercnccs.
6. Rcpcals and savings.
7. Powers of court<and other aurhoriries for purposes of facilitaiing applicalbn
of the enactment$ specified in Schedule 1 or L1 or rules, erc.
8. Power lo make rults, etc., not to be affected.
9. Power to remove dificulties.
Schedule I
Schedule I1
Schedule III

1958 : Ph. Act 181 L A W(EXTENSION NO. 4) 285


ACT, 1959.

[Received the usselll of rlie Pi-esidenr ofltrdiu 011the

9rh May, 1958, atld wns first publislled it1 tile
Piinjab Govcnlnzent Gazerre (Ex~rnordi~~ut-y)
of the 15rh May, 1958].
1 2 3 4

Year No. Short lilte Whnher repealed or oherwisc

affected by legislation

1958 18 The Punjab Laws

(Extension No. 4)
Act, 1958

I to provide for the extension of certain laws to the territories

which, immediately before the 1st November, 1956,
were comprised in the State of Pa tiaIa and
East Punjab States Union.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of [he State of Punjab in the N i n ~ h
Year of the Republic of india as follows :-
I . ( I ) This Acl may be called the Punjab Laws (Extension Shon lirle and
No. 4) Act, 1 9 3 . commenccmcnt,

(2) It shall come into force at once.

2. In this Act,- Definitions.
(u) "Schedulet'means a Schedule appended to this Act ;
( b ) "transferred territories" means the territories which,
i'mmediately before the 1st November, 1956, were
comprised i n the State of Patiala and East Punjab Stares
I . For Staternen1 of Objccts and Rraso~is,see A ~ ~ r j r rGn~.c~~.rrlrret~r
h Grrzt,/tr,
(Ex~raordinarp),1957. p a p bY9.

286 L A ~ V S(F.XTENSION NO. 4) [1958': Pb. ~ t t ' 1 8

I i ~ t e r p r e lion.
~a 3. The Punjab General Clauscs Act, ,1898. shall apply for the
interpretation of his Act as i t applies for h e interpretation of a Punjab
Act. .,
Extension of 4. (1) All the enactments, as'arnended from time to time,
laws specified in Schedule I and so much ofany ofthe enactrncnts;as amended I
from time to time, specified in Schedule 11 as extends'to the temitories
which, immediately before h e I st November, 1956, wire comprised in
the State of Punjab and relares to.mallers with respect to which Ihe State
Legislature has power to make laws for a Stare, and all mle~;regulations,
notifications,orders and by-laws madc, and all directions or insrructions
issued, thereunder, which are in force imdcdiai'ely bcfore the
commencement of this ACLin the said tem torics arc .hereby,extended LO,
and shall be in force in, the ifansferred temtories.
(2) The amendments specified in Schedule E shall be mnde in
the aforesaid enactments.
Consmciion o i 5. In the enactments, or rules, regulations, notifications, orders
crrlain and by-laws made, and directions or instructions issued, thereunder. as
refcrred to in section 4, any reference :-
( I ) to a law whic-h is not in force in lhe transiei-rcd
territories shall in relalion to such lerritories, be
construed as a reference to the corresponding law, if
any, in force in such [em tories; and
(2) to the State of Punjab, by whatcver form of words,
shall be construed as inchding a reference to the
transferred territories.
Hcpeals and 6. If immediately before the commencement of this ~ c t there , is
savings. in force in the transferred territories any law corresponding to any of he I

cnaclments or rules, regulations,noti ficalions, orders and by -laws mnde,

md direcrions or i~~structions issued, thereunder, extcnd to those territories
by scction 4, that law, including Ihe enactments specified in Schedule
111, shall on the commencement of this Act, saveas otherwise expressly
provided in this Act, stand repealed : . ,
Provided that such repeal shall ,not affecr-
.;. ,
(clj Lhe previous operation of any law so repealed or
anything duly donc or suffered thcrundel- ; orn
I h ) arty right. privilege, obligation or liability acquired or
i n c u ~ r e dunder any law SO repei~lcd; or

1958 : Pb. Act 181 LAWS (EXTENSION XO. 4) 287

( c ) any penally, forefcilure or punjshmcnt i n c u m d in

respect of any o k n c e commitled againsl any law so
repcaled ; or
- -- . - . .

(cl) any investigation, lcgal proceeding or remedy in

respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability,
penalty, forefei ture or punishment as aforesaid ;
.. . .

and any such invesrigation, legal proceeding or rerncdy may be instiiuted,

continued or enrorced, and any such penalty, forfeiture or punishment
may be imposed, as if this Act had not been passcd :
Provided further that anything done or any action taken undcr any
law so repealed shall be deemed to have been done or taken under the
corresponding provision of the enactrncnt extended by section 4 to the
transferred territories, and shall continues to be in force accordingly,
unless and until superseded by anything done or any action taken under
the enactments so extended.
7. For purposes of facilitating rhe applicarion in the translerred Powtr or COW
rerritories of any enactment specified in Schedulc I or Schedule II or of acd 0 t h
any mIe, regulation, notification, order, by-law, direction or instruction -auho"'ies for
referred to i n section 4,any court or olher authority may consme the, purposes
same wilh such nlteralions, not affecting the substance, as may be applicarionof
necessary or proper to adapt it to rhe rnattcr before thc court or othcr rhc enactments
authority. specified in
Schedules I or
U or rules, elc.

8. Nothing contained in this Act shall aifect the power of the Sfate Powcr!o make
Government or of any officer or a u t h o n ~ y ,exercisable undcr the "1es7ca.7n0t
to he affccted.
enactments specified in Schedules 1 and IT, to add to, amcnd, vary or
rescind the rules, regulations, notifications, orders and by-laws made,
and directions or instruclions issued, as extended by section 4 10the
t ransfemd territories.
9. If any difficulty arises in giving effect i n the transferred Power ro
territories to ihc provisions o f any enactment specified in Schcduk 1 or remow
Schedule 11, h e Stale Government may, by order notified in the Oificial dillicul tics.
Gazettc, make such provisions or give such dircc~ionsas appear ID it to
be nccessal-y or expedient for [he rzmoval of tl~cdifficul~y.

LAWS [(EXI-EYSION NU. 4) 11358 :Pb. Act 18

Schedule I
- Extension of Yunjab Acts
(Src seclion 4)
Sr. No.of Amendments

No the Acc

-1 4 . :

1. {IV oC 1572) The Punjab Laws

ACI. I877

2. (I1 of 1900) The Punjab Land

Presrrvarion Act.

3. The Rcdemplion To the Proviso i o sub-

ofMqrigages section ( 3 ) of section 1,
(Punjab) Act, add the words "ur thc
1913 Patiala Alienation of
Land Acr. 1972 Bk."

4. The Punjab FuresL

(Sale of Timber)
Act, 1913
5. The Punjab Excise
Acl. 1911

6. The Punjab Juve-

nile Smoking
Act, 1918
7. The Good Conduct
Prisoners' Yroba-
rional Release
Act, 1926

S (XIof 1926) The Punjab Dorsral

Act, 1926
9 (IV of 19351 The Punjab Restitu- 1. The following words
. tion aF Marrraped shall be added at the
I.nn~lsAct. 1938 cnd or section 2
- . :-
"in he terrizories
which imrnediaiely
I b'cfurc: th-e Is!
November, 1950. \rere
comprised i n Ihc Srate
of Punjab and prior 11)
- 17th Fcbruwy. 1915 in -

1958 :Pb. ~ c 18)

Year No.of Short title
- the Act

2 5
the territories which
immediately before
the 1st Novcmber.
1956, were comprised
in lhe State of Potiala
and Ek~stPunjab States
2. 'l'he fofluwing words
sllsll be added at the
end of the Explanation
to scction 2 :-
"or. in ~ h ecase of a
mortgage in the
territories .which
immediately before
rhe 1st Novcmber,
1956, were comprised
in the State o f Patiala
and East Punjab States
Union betore [he dale
rlln which !his PLC! is
extended to those
' The ~unjahSupp-
ression of lndqcnt ,

Adveriisements Act,
The Press and Regis[-
: ra~ionof Books
(Punjab Amcnd-
rncnt), Act, 1942, as
amended by Punjab
Act 15 of 1957
The East Punjab
Nalionnl Jrolunleer
Corps Act. 1947
Thc Eas! Punjab Policc
(Prateclion PI
ways) Acl, 1947

LAWS (=TENSION NO. 4) [I958 : Pb. Act 18

- -
Sr. Year No. of
No the Act
I 2 3 4
Thc E a s ~Punjab Cotton
(Swlis~ics)Act, 1948
The Eas! Punjab
trrban Rcnl Restriction
Acr, 1343
'l'he East Punjab Agri-
cultural Pesrs. Diseases
and Noxious Weeds
Act, 1949
The East Punjab Tractor
Cul!ivation (Kcxovery
of Charges) Act, 1949
The Ear Punjab Drugs
(Control) ACL,1949
Thc Punjab Sccurity
of the State Act, 1953
The Punjab Sugarcane
(Kegulatron of Purchasc
and Supply) Act, 1953
The Pun.iab Colto~i
Ginning and Pressing
Factories .kc[, i.353
Thc punjab Land 111 sub-secrion ( l j o f
Reifc~uq(Special section 3, afte.r the
Assessmen0 Acr, ' figure " 1955" the
1955 words "in the territnries
. . . I
1. maa..aa ~!~;!~ir~isiL~y
belore rhe 1s1
November, 1956. were
comprised in the Srare
ol' Punjab, and from t l i ~
f i x i f hmcsr, 1957, i n
rhe re.rritor-ic-s which
irnmcdi~tely bcfr~rc
that datc, were
comprised in [he Slate
, o f Pariala and East
Punjnb Slates Union"
shall be inserted.
'The Punjab Industrial
Housirlg Act. 1956

1958 ;'Ph. Act 181 LAWS (EXTENSION NO. 4)

Extension of Central Acts
(See Seclion 4)

Sr. Year No. of Shon titIe Amendments '

No. the Acl

1 2 3 4 5
1, 1860 (XXI of 1860) The Snc~ericsRegistrarion
Acl, 1860, as xrncnded by
Punjab Act No.31 of 1957

7. 1567 ((IUof 18671 The Public G a b l i n g Act,

1967, as ancndcd by
PflnjzS Act Yo. 1 of !02?
3. 1876 (XlXof1876) The Dramatic Perfor-
mances Act. 1876 a s
amcndcd by Punjab
A n No.48 d 1956
4. 1890 (XIoflSgO) Thc Prcvcnrion of Cruelly
to Animals Acr, 1890
5. 1897 ( V Uof 1897) Thc Reforma!c?ry Schools
Acl. 1597.

(See section 4)

Nr?. i i
no.of Snort due 1 Alneudnn.&

-4 5
A. 1923 (XI1or 1925) The (:oitnn Ginning and
Pressing Faclorics Act.
2. 1983 8k. (Notification Home Departmenr. His
No. 9 of 1953) I-Iighness' Government,
Paliala notification No. 9
dated 3-3-1983 Bk.
sanclioning [he appli-
cation o f the Punjab
Excise Acr, 1914. to rhe

292 LAWS (EXTENSION NO. 4) [1958: Pb. Act 18

Sr. Y car No. of Short title Amendments
No the Act

erstwhile P a ~ i a l aState
with rctrospectivc effect
from the 13th Octobcr,
1391 Bk. 'The Patials Gambling
Act, 1991 Bk.

1996 Bk. (IXof 1996) The Patiala Juvenile

Smohng Act, 1996 Bk.
1999 Bk. The Patiala Sele of
Timber Act, -1999Bk.
2E2Ek. Secreizlry, Lcgisiation
and Legal Remembrancer.
Patiala's nolification No.
Legll37, dated 9th
February, 1346128- 10
2002, published in the
Gazette, dated 27th
Phagan. 20021 101h
March, 1946. in so far as
it relates to rhc
enforcemeni of [he
P . z f r : w t ; : ~ScFl-li
~ hii
1897, nlrttafir;n ~ i r t m ~in
Lbe former ?a tia!a S:a:c

7LQ3 Bk. The Redernpiion of

hilorigages (Patiala) Act,
.-, ., 7,

n.>n. n 1
LIAH Ur,. 'i ne lJatiala Home Guards
Act, 3,004 Bk.

2005 Bk. The Patialli and East

Punjah Slilres Union
Cotton (Stalistics)
Ordinance. 2005 Bk., as
amended by Pcpsu Colton
(Slatis tics) Amendment
Act, 2008 Bk.

(VII of2006) The Pepsu Public Safety

ordinance, 2006 Bk.

1958 :Pb. Act 181 LAWS (EXTENSION NO. 4) 293

I Year I
: ; : IP,
I Short title
I Aniendmcn ts

' 2006 Bk.

1 The PatiaIa a n d East

Punjab States Union
Urban Rent Restricrion
Ordinance, 2006 Bk.
The P a ~ i a l a and ~ a s t
Punjab Slates Union
.,., ,..,, < C u ~ i : c i >-21-Ji

nance, 200G Hk.

2008 Bk. The.Pepsu Suppression of

indecent hdverrisemen~s
2008 Bk. (XXof 2008)
Act, 2W8 Bk.
The Pepsu G d Conduq
Prisoners ~ r o b a t i o n a i '
Release Act. 2008 Bk.
Thc Pepsu Societies
Registralion Act. 1954
The Pepsu Dramalic
Performances Act. 1954
The Pepsu P-gricultural
P , Diseases and
Noxious Wccds .Art, !?54
~ n cPcpsu Sugarcane
(Resulation of Supply and
Purchasc ) Act, I954
The Pepsu Cluukidari
.kt, 1955