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10-07-28 RE: Fine v Baca (09-A827) -Additional Evidence for Fraud at the US Supreme Court

Attached are:
1) 10-07-25 Online docket of the US Supreme Court in Richard Fine v Leroy Baca, Sheriff of Los
Angeles (09-A827), and
2) 10-07-28 Declaration of George McDermott in re: Records of the US Supreme Court file in the case.
Case history:
The Application was first submitted to Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. The online docket noted denial
on March 12, 2010, and Richard Fine received a notice to that effect. Albeit, the notice was by Danny Bickell,
who was not authorized as Deputy Clerk. Moreover, the copy of the notice in the Court file was unsigned, and
was never stamped “FILED”. Moreover, there was no valid denial by Justice Kennedy to form the legal
foundation for such notice. [1]
Former US prosecutor then re-submitted the Application to Associate Justice Ruth Ginsburg, who in turn
referred it to US Supreme Court conference, scheduled for April 23, 2010.
Prior to the April 23, 2010, Mr Danny Bickell, again – with no authority at all, eliminated from the court file
records filed in the case, which included evidence, including, but not limited details of his March 12, 2010
invalid notice. Mr Bickell’s conduct relative to the March 12, 2010 notice and the consequent elimination of
records from the Court file were subject of a complaint filed with US Attorney Office, Washington DC. [2]
On April 23, 2010, outcome of the conference remained unknown. However, on April 26, 2010, a note
appeared in the US Supreme Court online docket, (attached) indicating denial of the Application.
On July 26, 2010, copies of the records from the US Supreme Court were obtained, (attached) which showed
no legal foundation at all for the April 26, 2010 denial note in the online docket.
Information obtained from the imprisoned Richard Fine indicated that he had never received any notice at all
of the April 23, 2010/April 26, 2010 denial by the US Supreme Court conference. There is no evidence in the
Court file that any notice was ever served pertaining to the purported April 23/April 26, 2010 denial, either.
Therefore, it is alleged that the case documented repeated publication of false and deliberately misleading
notes in the US Supreme Court online docket, issuing of false notices by US Supreme Court staff, and failure
of the US Supreme Court Justices to dispose of matters before them.
[1] Alleged fraud in US Supreme Court records in Fine v Baca (09-A827)
[2] Complaint against US Supreme Court Counsel Danny Bickell Alleged Public Corruption and
Deprivation of Rights

Digitally signed
by Joseph Zernik
DN: cn=Joseph
Zernik, o, ou,
email=jz12345@e, c=US
Date: 2010.07.29
02:36:36 +03'00'

No. 09A827
Richard I. Fine, Applicant
Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff, Los Angeles County, California, et al.
Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
Case Nos.: (09-56073)
~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mar 1 2010 Application (09A827) for a stay, submitted to Justice Kennedy.
Mar 12 2010 Application (09A827) denied by Justice Kennedy.
Mar 30 2010 Application (09A827) refiled and submitted to Justice Ginsburg.
Apr 7 2010 Application (09A827) DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 23, 2010.
Apr 7 2010 Application (09A827) referred to the Court.
Apr 26 2010 Application (09A827) denied by the Court.
~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~Phone~~~
Attorneys for Petitioner:
Richard I. Fine 1824367
Men's Central Jail
441 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Party name: Richard I. Fine
Attorneys for Respondents:
Paul B. Beach Lawrence Beach Allen & Choi PC
100 West Broadway Suite 1200
Glendale, CA 91210
Party name: Sheriff, Los Angeles County, California, et al.
7/25/2010 Untitled Document
. .
George E. McDermott.
143 N. Huron Drive
Forest Heights, Maryland 20745
secretj ustice1?r@yaboo. com
Sharon V. Galloway
5634 Mt. Gilead Road
. Reisterstown; MD 2'1136
svgalloway@gmail. corn
Fax number
Phone number
Re: .
' ~ . " " " ~ ·; .. "'·-;··i··../· ~ ~
July 28, 2010
Joseph Zurich
Judicial Rights Advocate
Follow-up to earlier affidavit regarding unsigned
orders received from the United States Supreme Court July 26, 2010.
Joseph here is my affidavit attesting to the visit at the
Yours in truth George McDermott. Current candidate for United States Congress
Number of pages including cover sheet 7 _
Declaration of George McDermott
Re: Richard I Fine v. Leroy BIUU, Sheriff ofLos Angeles County (09-A827)
Documents obtained from the Supreme Court of the United States on July 26, 2010
T, GEORGE MCDERMOTT, hereby declare as follows:
Instant Declaration was written at the request of Joseph Zernik, as a memorandum
of my July 26, 2010 visit to the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Coun of the United
States in Washington DC and as authentication ofthe records I provide to Joseph Zernik.
I have personal knowledge ofthe facts set forth herein, which I know to be true _
and correct, except as to those matters therein stated as based-upon information and
belief, and as to those matters, I believe them to be true and correct as well. If called as a
witness, I could and would competently testify 'with respect thereto.
On July 26, 2010, around 10:00 am, with Mr Guy Babineau, whose mailing address is: and
whose email is: M)' contact info is Guy Babineau, 45 SOllthampton Drive, Toronto,
Ontario. MIK 4V6. Tel: 416-264-5819 email.@L1!abineaurQ)yahoo.comAtt, 5
1) as my witness, I arrived at the Office of the Clerk of Supreme Court of the United
States at One First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.
2) I requested the Deputy Clerk of duty to inspect and to copy the court file of Richard I
Fine v. Leroy Baca, SheriffolLos Angeles County (09-A827).
3) Upon opening the Court file, referenced above, I discovered four records on the left side.
4) Exhibits 1-4 are true and correct copies of the records, which were discovered in the
Court file, referenced above.
5) No other record, which would be a signed order of the Court or signed notice by the
Clerk ofthe Court, was discovered in the Court file, referenced above.
6) I therefore asked the Deputy Clerk for copies of the signed orders of the Court in the
case, referenced above.
7) The Deputy Clerk then empharically srated that the Court did not issue signed orders in
any case and that therefore rcould not be provided with such records.
I declare under penalty ofpeljury under the laws ofthe United States that the
foregoing is true and correct.
Executed this 28 day in July, 2010, in theTown eights, State of Maryland,

143 North Huron Dr., Forest Heights, MD 20745
Phone: 301-839-5816; Cell: 301-996-9577
': ..
, .' . ' ..
. .
• RichardT. Fine····
',' '
.. v;
, .
.. .,..: . , , . '.: ,
Leroy,D, Baca, Sheriff, LosAngeles Co@ty, et al. •
• Justice Kennedy·
Application for Sta:y
. " . , . .,.., .', .' .".,', ' ' ' ,
Note; The Ninth.Circuitdenied applicant/s petitionfor rehearing and
rehearing en bane February 10,2010 (CA9'sorder attached to the application
by the Clerk's Office). Applicant has not submitted a petition for awrit of'
certiorari or a petition fora writ of mandamus. .
.' DFA't'··
. . '/::,
·".'/'11 K· ...
·A.. ),IF'c!
, ','
.. ,. "..
March 9,2010 .
" .
", .' '
Danny Bickell X3024
Supreme Court of the United$tates
, Office of.the"Cletk
,Washillgton,DC 2 0 5 4 3 ~ O O O l
Mr, Paul B., Beach "
Lawrence Beach Allen & Choi PC
,100 West Broadway Suite 1200
March 12, 2010
, WilliamK. Suter
, .. Clerk of the Court '
, (202) 479·3011, '
Re: Richard L Fine
V. Leroy D., Sheriff, Los Angeles County, California, eta!.
,Application No. 09A82'7 ' ,',
, . ,
Dear .Mr, Beach:
The application for a stay in the above·entitled case has been
presented to Justice Kennedy, Who on ,March 12, 2010, denied the,
. . .'
, . '. ". '. ,'. . ... , '" ,""... .' ',,' ". ,
This letter has been sent to those designated on the attached
notific.ationlist, ' "
,Sincerely, '
, .' '
'VVilliamK Suter, Clerk
Danny Bickell
Staff Attorney, '
Supreme Court of the United States
Office of the Clerk
Washington; DG20543-0001
Mr. Richard 1. Fine'
Prisoner ID 1824367
Men's Central Jail
441 Bauchet Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
March 12, 2010
. WillilUll K. S';ter
Clerk of the Court
Re: Richard 1. Firie "...
v. Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff, Lo&Angeles County, California, et al..
Application: No. 09A827 ". .
Dear Mr. Fine:
., . .
(or astaym the case ·has been
presented to Justice Kemiedy, who on March 12, 2010, denied the
application. . .
. '. '. .
This letter has been sent to those designated on the attached
. notification list. . . .
. Sincerely,
. William It. Suter, Clerk
Danny Bickell .
. Staff Attorney
. :'.
'". ".
, -
. . .
Supreme Court of the United States
No.. 09A827
Richard 1. Fine,
.' . I .
Leroy D. Baca,' Sheriff, Los Angeles County, California, et al. ".
ON CONSIDERATIONofthB application for stay addressed to Justice
. .
Ginsburg and referred to the Court,
. '.
. .
IT IS ORDERED by this Court thatthe saidapplication is denied..
, . . . .
April 26, 2010
A true copy WILLIAM K. SUTER .
. T h ~ '. .... '. .
Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States
By --...,..__
.. ',': .
Re: need your contact information
From: Guy Babineau <> @.
Add to Contacts
To: George McDermott <>
Sorry George, I was planning to leave you some of my business card on Jvlonday but
that Supreme Court stuff got me detracted. My contact info is Guy Babineau, 45
Southampton Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M[K 4V6. Tel: 4[6·264·5819 email
gUV babineau(J\
Thank again to both ofyou for all your kindness during my stay in Washington.
Working on a number of projects. Will keep you informed. Do you have unlimitted time
on your cell. I have a 24/7 telephone plan that covers both the U.S. and Canada. If you
want to reach me by phone you can leave me a message and will return your calL The
same could apply when I am in my office and receive you call. 1could call you back.
... On Wed, 7/28/10, George McDermott <,secretjusticep1@j-'>wrote:

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