(Special Agent in Charge of your local Federal Bureau of Investigation Office)

(U.S Attorney for your District (and anyone else to whom you wish to send the complaint)



I name BARACK OBAMA in commission of TREASON. OBAMA conducts an Act of War against the United States and its government by OBAMA’S forcible resistance to the United States Constitution intent upon and successful in setting up a rival unconstitutional government. I accuse OBAMA and OBAMA’S civilian and military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. I name OBAMA and OBAMA’S criminal associates as TRAITORS. OBAMA’S criminal ascension and TREASON manifests a clear and present danger. OBAMA’S TREASON destroys our American constitutional protections. Under OBAMA the United States Constitution no longer works to protect myself or my family from a rival, overreaching, oppressive and totalitarian government. Confident holding OBAMA’S silent agreement and admission, I identify OBAMA as a foreign- born domestic enemy. My duty as a United States Citizen is to stand against what OBAMA stands for. BARACK OBAMA IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! Obedient to the Laws of our Sacred Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation of TREASON, I remain steadfast, and Born fighting,

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The original copy of the U.S. Constitution as drawn up by the Founding Fathers in 1776 THE U.S. CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN TRAMPLED BY TRAITORS AND REPLACED WITH TYRANNY WORSE THAN KING GEORGE III OF ENGLAND! All ye who wish to be free from the enemy government which has been forced upon us, take heed!


Your constitutional rights no longer exist! Here is what must be done to break the chains of slavery…


A retired Navy Lt. Commander has been brought up on false charges, arrested twice, and received an unconstitutional arraignment in Monroe County, TN, with the judge issuing an order denying him what should have been his constitutional right to access court documents to assist him in his own defense. The actions of the court and judge were clear violations of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution which were adopted before the Constitution itself). The grand jury in the case has been proven to be rigged, with the jury foreman having served more than 20 years at the bidding of the judge in violation of Tennessee State Code. However, the court has continued perpetrating its lawlessness upon the citizens of that county. Court employees, lawyers and law enforcement officers are complicit because they have done nothing to stop the usurpation of power by the judges. There is now no law enforcement mechanism in Monroe County, TN. Moreover, what is occurring in Monroe County is happening all over the country. Defendants are being denied their due process rights and innocent people are going to jail because of rigged grand juries, missing court transcripts, and trumped-up charges. If it can happen to Lt. Cmdr. Walter F. Fitzpatrick, III, an innocent man and 25-year veteran of the Navy, it can happen to you or people you know. By now most of the country is aware that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution, (title II, Section 1, paragraph 5.) A longstanding problem which the federal government has perpetrated on its citizens is the Federal Reserve Bank, a private entity, which controls our economy by means of printing money which has become almost worthless and wreaks havoc with what should be a bustling economy. The U.S. Constitution charges Congress with coining money, not a large private banking cartel. Millions of unconstitutionally-collected tax dollars are sent overseas in support of abortion clinics, terrorists, and countries who are declared enemies of the United States. Obama recently designated $400,000,000 to the Palestinian Authority, which is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas. Instead of prosecuting members of The New Black Panther group for voter intimidation, of which they were found guilty, the faux attorney general, Eric Holder, announced that they would not be prosecuted because they are black. Failing to prosecute those guilty of crimes is treason against the Constitution and a violation of the oath of office which every government employee must take. Every member of Congress is guilty of treason for failing to qualify Obama before he was sworn in on January 20, 2009. Despite tens of thousands of letters written to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, they did nothing. While several of them have admitted that there are questions about Obama's eligibility, they have made no move to do anything about it. They could have issued a subpoena for Obama's records before or after he was sworn in, but they didn't, and they still won't. That is treason. They have passed unconstitutional laws which deny citizens their freedom, which is treason. The courts have denied innocent people justice, which is treason. The Congress and courts, including the Supreme Court, are allowing Obama to usurp the office of the presidency, which is treason. The federal government refuses to release information about Obama or his family, in violation of the Freedom of Information Act, and judges allow the secrecy to continue. That is treason. They allow our nation to be invaded by failing in their constitutional duty to protect our international borders, thereby allowing drug smugglers, violent criminals and human traffickers to ravage, kill and maim our citizens while persecuting a governor who is trying to protect the citizens of her state, is her duty. They have established a government foreign to the U.S. Constitution with Obama installed as a dictator, which is treason. Elections are rigged, grand juries are rigged, and there is no longer any law enforcement, which is treason. Because the courts, executive branch and legislative branch of the government are all complicit in their traitorous acts, “We the People” must take action if we wish to live as free people. While much of our freedom has been taken from us, we can act now to throw off the foreign government which has been forced upon us and restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. Therefore, every single American who values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness needs to write the following letter. It will take large groups of people sending in Treason complaints to stop the traitors from advancing their agenda. Distribute this to your PTA, Lions' Club, VFW, PTO, Women's Club, Men's Club, and any other groups you can think of. If we fail to do this now, all could be lost very, very soon, including your freedom to live life as you wish. Time is not our friend. Write your letter today and urge others to do the same. The treason must be stopped.

Does This Sound American To You?
Everywhere you look, the federal government has usurped the limited power it was given by the Framers of the Constitution. Headed by an illegitimate president, the Department of Justice is suing Arizona, a sovereign state, over a law it passed to enforce illegal immigration laws already on the books.