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Board of Education Meeting Observation report

Prepared By: Latifa Rahman Bidita

Lake Washington School Board of Education Meeting

Program based on Culture and the Arts

Mission of the Program

Each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding responsible life as a contributing

member of our community and greater society.

Vision of the Program

Every student future ready

Prepared for college
Prepared for the Global Workplace
Prepare for the Personal success.

President's Role

The president of the Board ensures the integrity of the Boards processes and normally serves as

the boards official spoken person. Accordingly, the president has the following authority and


Monitor Board behavior to ensure that it is consistent with its rules and policies and those

legitimately imposed upon it from outside the organization.

Make all interpretive decisions that fall the topics covered by Board policies on

Governance process and Board, except the Board specifically delegates such authority to

Assure that all members of the board are informed about matters of concern to the full

Facilitate and summarize the evaluation of the CEO
Sign all contracts authorized by the Board.

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Board of Education Meeting Observation report
Prepared By: Latifa Rahman Bidita
Superintendent Role

The superintendent serves as the board chief advisor on educational matters and as the district's

educational leader.

He is responsible for ensuring the board is informed about district operations and activies,

and other about the needs of the district.

Developing administrative procedures necessary the district data today properly and in

conformal with board policy is the responsibility of the superintendent.

These procedures must be following all laws, rules, and regulations that apply to the

district. The superintendent should ensure sufficient information is provided to the board,

so it can make informed decisions and evaluate the results of those decisions.

Assistant superintendent

Coordinate communications between the superintendent and the board of education, the

district administrative team, all school employees, the community and outside

professional associates. Works closely with the coordinate of public information in

coordinating communication efforts with the media.

Prepares reports and drafts of reports for the Superintendent use for transmittal to the

Board of Education or directly to persons requesting information.

Prepare reports and drafts of reports for the superintendent use for transmittal to the board

of education or directly to persons requesting information.

Responsibilities of the school board members and public participation

The school board is the governing body of the school district, responsible for developing a policy

to ensure the proper care, management and control of district affairs, and supporting the mission

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Board of Education Meeting Observation report
Prepared By: Latifa Rahman Bidita
of education our students to reach their full potential. The school's board takes into consideration

comments made by the public at meetings and hearing, questions, concerns, and requests

directed to the board will usually be deferred pending administrative and board consideration.

Great school board members have a clear vision for the district. They have the power of good

comminution. They collaborated well with others and are respectful of the other board members

and superintendent.

Public Opinion of Board of Education Meetings

Speakers must use the microphone so that comments may be picked up on the official recording

of the meeting. Speakers are free to provide the District Clerk with a written summary of

comments. The board may respond to comments in the subsequent meeting if able, and may also

direct the Superintendent to gather information for a future response, when appropriate.

All meetings of the Board of Education where numbers meet to conduct public business are

meetings which are subject to the Open Meetings Law. The public will be given an opportunity

to address the Board at the beginning of the regular business meeting.

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