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Observation Report Using Danielson Language

Prepared by Latifa Rahman Bidita

March 7, 2017

Dr. Aliya Holmes,

Oakdale Campus, Room 209

St. Johns University

Dear Ms. Holmes:

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, I visited your class Developing Curriculum Materials for the Web at

5:00 pm. When I entered your class, it was a presentation day for the students were busy with

their presentation slide and oral representation. When presentation starts, I observe every student

are well presented their topic regarding uses technology, software and application for learning

and developing gradually. I amazed the way they present each research which rapidly develops

implication and classroom applications. Contemporary conceptions of curriculum theory, design

and development are studies and applied to the development of web-based curriculum materials

is effective learning for creative learning.

During my visit to your classroom, I noted some effective attributes to this lesson:

Component 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport: Respect the classroom

environment is important for relationships among the students in the classroom. In this lesson,

the Professor and students relationships are friendly and warm welcoming. This was evidenced

by the way you appreciated students for their work and telling them with a clap, Nice work,

Carry on, good going.

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Observation Report Using Danielson Language
Prepared by Latifa Rahman Bidita

Component 2d: Managing Student Behavior: Management of the student and their behavior is

the effective communication with the classroom manner. One of the ways Professor respond the

students warmly and welcoming late coming students very nicely. This was demonstrated in your

lesson when you smile when one boy who was late coming when presentation already started

and its in between. Your friendly smile makes me more attentive to observe the presentation.

Component 2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning: In classrooms with a strong different culture

people for learning the same thing in class is an appropriate environment in which learning is

valued. Your classroom environment represents a good and humble culture for students web

learning. In your classroom, there were Hi-tech computers for using the web for developing

learning tools for successful students.

Component 3b: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques: Questioning techniques while

presentation with a way in which to engage students in the learning process and check for

understanding. Your questions provided the opportunity for same students to be involved in the

learning process. I observe most of the students are understandable and quick learner while

questioning. It is very important to respond the question and understand the answer. Regarding

the questions, students learn for the application uses for teaching and learning for future is quite

impressive. How powerful web tools are important to learn more about the education and the

classroom learning is important.

It was amazing to observe your class. I look forward to visiting again in future and will learn

more about web tools for developing the curriculum.


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Observation Report Using Danielson Language
Prepared by Latifa Rahman Bidita

Latifa Rahman Bidita


Dr. Holmes, Room 801

Cc. Dr. Ranier W. Melucci

Signature Date

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