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LGBT Angelenos talk Pride and politics, PAGES 04-18

Roundup of Pride events Brandy, Chromeo to perform AIDS/LifeCycle ready to ride


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LA Pride and the #ResistMarch arrive the weekend of June

10. As part of our special coverage, the Los Angeles Blade
interviewed a range of local advocates working in their own
unique ways for change. Their profiles are featured on Pages
4-18 of this Pride edition of the Blade.

Rev. Troy Perry on pain and joy of resistance and Pride




Rev. Troy Perry was anxious. What
if LAPD Police Chief Ed Davis was right The Los Angeles Blade assembled some of LAs
leading activists and allies to talk about what
and a mob of hardhats was waiting to resistance means to them. Watch the video at
descend on parade-goers just as they

turned the corner from McCadden Place Bottom left to right: David Farah, activist and
husband, Alexei Romano, husband and grand
onto Hollywood Boulevard? Experience marshal 2017 LA Pride; Jenny Pizer, Senior
told him police would not protect the gays Counsel and Director, Project on Law & Policy
at Lambda Legal
and may even arrest them for malicious
interference with the downward-progress Top left to right: Arturo Jimenez, a naturalized
U.S. Citizen from Costa Rica; Doreena Wong,
of a hardhats valuable baseball bat. Project Director for Advancing Justice - LAs
Health Access Project; Angela Thompson,
Thats just the way it was in Los Angeles on #ResistMarch organizer and ally; Hazel Jade
June 28, 1970. But unlike New York, which was Prejean, trans youth activist; Brian Pendleton,
founder of #ResistMarch and leading LGBT
commemorating the one-year anniversary of philanthropist; Rory Hunter, #ResistMarch
the Stonewall Riots and the new movement organizer and immigrant; Jerey King, longtime
LGBT Black community AIDS/wellness leader;
for gay liberation with a protest march, Perry Peter Cruz, Asian Pacic Islander LGBT
community leader.
and his Christopher Street West co-founders
Morris Kight and Rev. Bob Humphries, deepened by the end of a romance. Then,
decided to throw a celebratory parade. There an epiphany: Rev. Troy Perry attempted
should be joy in liberation, relief from the suicide but was shaken out of his dark
constant fuel of rage. stupor by an unidentied black woman
But it hadnt been easy. Perry had who stood in his hospital room and said,
Metropolitan Community Church founder Reverend TROY PERRY is a founder of Christopher Street
appeared before the Los Angeles Police West. Here he kicks o the rst LA Pride in 1970 on Hollywood Boulevard, where he will be when the Some of us care about you. She threw the
Commission to secure a parade permit and event returns there with 2017s #ResistMarch. switch that reconnected him to God. He
Davis, who publically called gays faeries, PHOTO COURTESY OF PERRY came to realize that a ministry awaited him.
told him: As far as Im concerned, granting In 1969, with signs declaring were not
a permit to a group of homosexuals to At 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 28, 1970, just to stand on the curb and applaud. afraid anymore, Perry led a nighttime
parade down Hollywood Boulevard would an estimated 1,165 people showed up on No one knew if violence would erupt march down Hollywood Boulevard
be the same as giving a permit to a group McCadden Place, ready to come out and whether from hardhats or the police or an calling for the end to sodomy laws and
of thieves and robbers. party down Hollywood Boulevard. One Gay ordinary citizen outraged at homosexuals a small picket protesting anti-gay job
The Police Commission granted the Liberation Front oat featured a gay man proudly on parade. discrimination, where he met Mattachine
permitif CSW paid a $1.5 million bond. nailed to a black and white cross with a sign Anti-gay violence had already seared Society founder Harry Hay and his lover
American Civil Liberties Union attorney reading: In Memory of Those Killed by the Troy Perrys soul. On Oct. 28, 1968, the John Burnside and had no idea who
Herbert E. Selwyn stepped up, forcing the Pigs. Street performers dressed as fairies Tallahassee, Fla., native started his own they were. In January 1970, he sat in at
commission to drop the excessive fee. with wings pretended they were being church with 12 gay worshippers in his the counter of Barneys Beanery in West
Selwyn also won a court order to have the chased by police brandishing nightsticks. Huntington Park living room. It was an Hollywood, demanding that the owner
$1,500 police protection fee dropped, with The political theater masked the deep act of spiritual resistance against the take down his Fagots Stay Out sign above
the California Superior Court judge declaring anxiety and courage it took to participate Pentecostal church that defrocked him
that homosexuals were citizens, too. in the parade; for some, it was also brave because of his homosexuality, a pain CONTINUES ON PAGE 29
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Forging a path for generations to come



Longtime Human Rights Campaign Thats leadership.

board member and community activist Gwen speaks for everybody. Her voice
Gwen Baba was honored by the Gay carries a lot of weight, said David Bohnett, head
Mens Chorus of Los Angeles, under the of the David Bohnett Foundation upon whose
leadership of new executive director board Baba sits. She also sits on the board of
Jonathan Weedman, at the 6th annual the California Community Foundation.
Voice Awards Celebration on May 20 at the During her acceptance speech, Baba
J.W. Marriot at L.A. Live. noted that her daughter Gabrielle turned
Some longtime politicos think its about 17 on May 22nd, a birthday she proudly
damn time. shares with Harvey Milk. Gabrielle was at
Gwen has been a longtime advocate her high school prom so she missed the
for celebrating womens contributions and festivities, including meeting composer
their impact on causes that matter, says Stephen Schwartz, who was also honored,
R. Christine Hershey, co-founder of Access along with Logo.
Now for Lesbian and Gay Equality (ANGLE) LGBT organizations have long made a
and the Victory Fund, L.A. County Small huge dierence in Gabrielles life, Baba
Business commissioner and of Hershey said, and she was happy when GMCLA
Cause Communications. She was a key came to her school as part of the Alive
voice and my partner-in-crime during the Music Project.
ANGLE years during which we saw a huge Right now, Baba said, the world feels
consolidation of LGBTQ political power. pretty crazy to her, as it does to all of us.
GWEN BABA is pictured here with Prop 8 plaintis LAWRENCE and GREGORY ZARIAN.
She was one of a very small group of Like we walked into a Living Salvador Dali
women doing this work. PHOTO COURTESY OF GMCLA
painting. Were sinking under the weight
Hershey notes that Baba helped bring of alternative facts and outright lies.
women back to the L.A. Gay and Lesbian we looked at her and there was such a big She joined the board of the Human But struggle is familiar. Fighting
Community Services Center, where she sigh, like, Ahhh! New leadership! Rights Campaign in 1996, serving two- alternative facts is nothing new for the
served as a board member. It was the mid- Though the gay environment was terms as board co-chair from 2002 to LGBTQ community, Baba said. Weve been
late 1980s, during the horric AIDS years. originally unwelcoming to women, 2005. There, too, she served on the doing it for decades. No, we cant be cured,
That was a really dicult time in the women were much needed and became capital campaign for HRCs headquarters we cant pray the gay away, were not crazy
community, recalls Baba, who was then in her powerhouseswomen such as Torie in Washington DC and sat on several or sick or perverse or unt to be parents.
late 20s. A lot of our board members were Osborn, who became executive director; committees. Baba has also been an For LGBTQ people, alternative facts
dying and passing away; sta was dying and the late politico Jean OLeary, who moved anchor for HRCs L.A. chapter, a steadfast arent just ridiculous diversions. Theyre
passing away. And it really felt like a war zone. her nationally-recognized, must-attend presence during changing times. designed to control us, to demean us, to
For those of us who came out in the Womens Night to the Center; and current Gwen Baba helped build the Human deny us our joy and our freedom, she
late 70s-early 80s, we had to handle some L.A. LGBT Center CEO, Lorri Jean. Baba, Rights Campaign into the organization said. Theyre promoted by people who
really dicult stu, said West Hollywood a commercial and residential real estate we are today, said HRC President Chad demand we think and behave as they do.
Mayor Pro Tem John Duran, ANGLE co- investor, also helped lead the Centers Grin on a tribute video. But that we will never do. Because we are
founder, former chair of the LIFE AIDS historic rst capital campaign to raise money Gwen was president of HRC from inherently creative, in our activism and
Lobby and GMCLA Board Chair. Back for their new headquarters in Hollywood. 2002-2005, said attorney Diane Abbitt, our art, in our satire and our song.
then, in the late 70s, LGBT people were I grew up with the message that I ANGLE co-founder who headed HRCs Baba brought it home to the artistic
still criminalized. We were considered could do anything but that didnt mean I political action committee and serves on audience. So when politicians want to
criminals; we were considered mentally ill. still didnt feel discrimination, either as a the GMCLA board. Those were very, very defund the arts, they really hope to silence
A lot of us began to tire. And in through woman, or as a lesbian, says Baba. hard times. She led HRC during the time our dissent. They choose not to accept that
the door walked this woman, Gwen Baba. Baba served on the Centers board, with that [President George W.] Bush was in LGBT people are woven into every corner of
And she had such a presence of grace and a term as co-chair, from 1986 to 1997. oce and Karl Rove was running things. this planet. And we will not be quiet.
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Some help in getting to zero new HIV infections



Lets say youre a gay man in Utah, or mailed to the client. For free.
even Riverside, and you want to get on Its this last point that Schukraft
PrEP (preventative prophylaxis) to protect emphasized. People are busy, he said.
yourself from contracting HIV. They dont want to call, or receive a call,
Now lets say your doctor doesnt know but rather a text. 7Zero1 works with
what Truvada is, which tests to run, or how Premier Pharmacy as they oer free
to prescribe it. delivery in all 50 states and dedicated
What do you do? agents you can text or call.
If it were up to West Hollywood resident Schukraft sees the requirement for
and entrepreneur Tristan Schukraft, 38, patients to get checkups every three
you contact him at his new nonprot months also as problematic. We can
organization 7Zero1. increase the number of people [taking
Why? Because Schukraft believes he can PrEP], said Schukraft. A lot of the doctors
improve the PrEP access and maintenance that I work with only require a follow up
model. Thats essentially what I am every six months.
doing, he said. Theres just drop o, Schukraft
In the past few months hes helped explained. People sign up, get on PrEP
about a hundred men start on PrEP, and they dont go back for that three-
including four within the last week who TRISTAN SCHUKRAFT believes PrEP can end HIV transmission. month appointment.
felt they were shamed just for seeking the PHOTO COURTESY OF SCHUKRAFT To get free help from 7Zero1:
medicine. Message them via their Facebook
The name 7Zero1 is many things: a play advocate, Schukraft told me, but I had so Hungton Post reported, 18% of [PrEP page (or use the email or web address
on words, a public health goal, even an many friends that wanted to get on [it]. He survey] respondents never lled their below)
admonition. would send them to the LGBT Center in Los prescription and only 57% were still using They will determine your insurance
Its the number on the pill, Schukraft Angeles or to a doctor only to hear that the [the drug] after six months. coverage. If you dont have insurance,
said, referring to the 701 engraved onto person ran into one roadblock or another. The newly minted social activist would 7Zero1 will seek out cash pricing or
every Truvada tablet. The emphasis is on The great challenge is the doctor visit, say that patient inconvenience is basically alternative access options.
the zero, he added. If we ultimately utilize Schukraft said. Although Truvada can be the reason. You complete some forms
PrEP, eventually we get to zero infections. obtained free of charge, to get a prescription In contrast to other nonprot An appointment is made with a
Its proven eective, [has] nominal side requires seeing a doctor. And that visit can organizations, Schukraft sees 7Zero1 knowledgeable doctor in your area
eects, if any. be costly, especially for the uninsured. helping clients dierently. Rather than Your prescription is sent to a
So theres zero excuses not to be on it, For those without insurance [and in sitting down with a caseworker, which eats pharmacy
Schukraft summarized. LA], weve negotiated cash pricing as low up time, 7Zero1 will focus on convenience. You pick up your medicine, or have it
A former fashion model, Schukraft as $210 with partners like Sunset Walk- You wanna get on prep?, Schukraft mailed to you
likes to improve things, making them In Healthcare in West Hollywood, said asked. Ask them the basic questions, As for 7Zero1 getting funded, does
better, faster and easier. He led his own Schukraft. Acknowledging thats still a lot he continued. Applying for the various Schukraft have a timeline or gure in mind?
online travel company (ID90 Technologies) of money, or a reason to procrastinate, programs oered by the drugmaker, My goal is to basically see what the
employing more than one hundred he added that the clinic oers walk-in or getting approval for their insurance, challenges are for somebody working
people, attempted to save legacy Los appointments and Saturday hours. should all be done over the phone. through [the PrEP process], said
Angeles LGBT publishing brand Frontiers Sometimes clients have to go to a Schukraft admits that what hes doing Schukraft. He estimates that within 90
from extinction, and ran for a seat on doctor that is not conveniently located sounds too good to be true. days his organization will start accepting
WeHos city council in 2013 (he didnt win). or to a community clinic, Schukraft I introduce them to a doctor, Schukraft donations. Schukraft intends for 7Zero1s
Now his goal is to get every person who explained. Both of which can result in said. The doctors oce calls to make services to remain free after they are
wants to be on PrEP anywhere in the hours-long commitments, an example of an appointment. Youre in and out in 45 funded. Learn more about 7Zero1 by
country taking the drug. ineciencies in the system, he says. minutes. The prescription is then received visiting 7ZERO1.ORG or their Facebook
I never thought I would be a PrEP He may be right. In June 2016 the by the pharmacy and the medicine often page at
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Fresno State honors gay foster dad



Eric Calderon-Phangrath does not There are many layers to Calderon- fully understand everything I was saying
see himself as an LGBT activist or as a Phangrath family. First, there are his (because English is their second language),
guy whose goal it is to promote an LGBT parents, who havent always been they got pieces of it. It went full circle.
equality agenda. But on May 19, in front of accepting. His mother is from Cambodia, For Calderon-Phangraths husband,
4,305 people gathered on the Fresno State and his father is from Laos; they both ed Carlos, and their sons Paul, 6, Xavier,
University Campus for a commencement to the United States to escape horrors of who turns 3 in July, and Andre, almost 2
ceremony of the Universitys school of the expanding Vietnam War. The family it was a moment they will not soon forget.
education, he symbolized LGBT Pride, lived in poverty and worked in the elds Married on Aug. 31, 2013, Calderon-
inclusion, and equality. around Fresno to give Calderon-Phangrath Phangrath always wanted a large family.
Standing onstage, an openly gay, rst and his four siblings a better life. Carlos, 36, also a graduate of Fresno State,
generation Laotian-American foster dad, English was not Calderon-Phangraths needed a little convincing. But in 2015,
Calderon-Phangrath, 28, was bestowed rst language, but he succeeded in school. they began the process of becoming foster
the prestigious Deans Medal. The program Growing up, I always felt the need to parents. Now they have three beautiful
notes indicate that he was selected overcompensate in everything I did so that boys, who have various degrees of special
because he is the perfect embodiment of my achievements could outshine the fact that needs. They are the main inspiration for
someone who is dedicated to transforming I was attracted to other boys, he explains. Calderon-Phangraths decision to go into
the lives of others. Being gay was something Calderon- special education.
Sporting an impressive gold medal Phangrath was determined to hide. I Special Ed was something I was afraid
around his neck, Calderon-Phangraths always felt that my sexuality was shameful of doing because I didnt understand it,
trembling hands gave way to poise and and disgraceful to my family. So, I stayed Calderon-Phangrath recalls. Now that
grace as he explained his long, 12-year closeted, and put on a show to prove how Im living it and going through it from the
road to graduation to a rapt crowd. straight I was. parents perspective, I feel like I can be a
In 2005, the then-17-year-old enrolled Eventually, while living in Seattle, greater resource to a parent who has a
at Fresno State, only to leave months into Calderon-Phangrath came out to his special needs child because I can relate.
his freshman year to move to Seattle to family. After an acrimonious this is my Calderon-Phangrath will continue at
care for his older brother, who was injured truth phone call with his mother and Fresno State to earn his Special Education
while serving in Iraq. Several years later, father, Calderon-Phangrath considered teaching credential this fall and already
Calderon-Phangrath said, I came back to ending his life. has two job oers. Whats more, he knows
Fresno and married my best friend and Fortunately, in his darkest moment, he is a proud gay male, modeling for his
biggest cheerleader, my husband, Carlos. We on others. He has the heart and skills to his older brother unexpectedly dropped children and the community how powerful
became foster parents and have adopted become a superb special educator. He by his apartment and, in a life-altering self-acceptance and openness can be.
some amazing boys with unique abilities, due has thrivedin our universitysetting where conversation, Calderon-Phangrath was told The most important piece was for my
to their medical histories and their trauma. we value and support students from all he was loved and accepted for who he was. children to hear their papa tell his story
My boys have taught me to be a better parent walks of life, says Prof.Cheryl McDonald, Calderon-Phangrath soon returned to and acknowledge them and my husband,
and to put their needs before my own. coordinator of the Special Education Fresno, and, with the support of his sisters he says, pausing, lling up with emotion.
Gay marriage. Same-Sex parenting. It Credential Program. and brothers, his parents eventually After it was all over, my oldest son said,
was astounding and important to see I feel like this achievement, this learned to accept their gay son. Once they when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
how inclusive Fresno State, in the middle recognition, has allowed me to show saw me living my life to the fullest, without I had a moment, Calderon-Phangrath
of Californias ultra-conservative San people that just because Im gay, it doesnt any barriers, feeling like I wasnt hiding a says. When the university selected me
Joaquin Valley, was in selecting an openly make me any dierent than anyone else, secret, they saw that I was happy, he says. for this honor, they said, you know there
gay candidate for this award and how Calderon-Phangrath told the Los Angeles And, on the night that Calderon- are no awards or prizes that come with
eusively embracing the audience was of Blade by phone two days after the event. Phangrath received one of Fresno States it. But, that moment with my son is the
his recognition. I let go of all the nervousness, knowing top honors, his parents were beaming. biggest reward I could ever imagine.
Eric Calderon-Phangrath is a highly that I was going to be able to tell my story, My mom and dad were extremely proud,
ethical, gifted, and compassionate he continued. More than anything, I was Calderon-Phangrath, says, beaming
BRAD BESSEY is an Emmy-Award winning
personwho has and will make an impact able to speak to my family. over the phone. Though they still dont television producer, husband and father.
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Meet Bamby Salcedo, trans immigrant activist





In some ways, Bamby Salcedo is pain and the knowledge she gleaned as a In addition to fending o the unchecked took her mother, but upon her release,
the quintessential symbol of the old- survivor. Steadily, Salcedo expanded her and sometimes violent homophobia and the youth claim ICE came back for Claudia
fashioned American Dream the dream experience and service, including running transphobia of the ICE arresting ocers, as retaliation.
that promises second chances and a life a transgender youth program at Childrens the detention guards and other inmates, IYCs Jonathan Perez has been
rewarded for service and authenticity. Hospital Los Angeles and holding trac- LGBT immigrants and undocumented organizing to put pressure on ICE in San
Salcedo survived a poor childhood with stopping protests around the murders of individuals dont have money to post bail. Diego to exercise prosecutorial discretion
a working single mother and abusive trans women of color. Were not powerful monetarily, she and release Claudia to her family. (Call
stepfather in Guadalajara, Mexico, More recently, Salcedo has been says. We have to keep tapping our own 619-557-6117 and ask for ICE eld oce
juggling school, crime, gangs, drugs and helping and mentoring the Immigration community when many of us are struggling director Gregory Archambeault.)
LGBT friends. The cycle didnt change Youth Coalition, an LGBT-inclusive ourselves to meet our own basic needs. It is also important for supporters of
when she immigrated to America, where organization of undocumented youth The activists struggle to raise money undocumented LGBT immigrants to pack
she endured homelessness and a crystal ghting for immigrants rights and against to get people out on bail whove been the court whenever there is a court date.
meth addiction, surviving as a sex worker. criminalization. caught up in ICE sweepsor targeted like If there is community support, a judge
But those experiences served Salcedo The broader LGBT movement doesnt Claudia Rueda, a erce DACA-eligible could do the better thing, like giving
when she got clean and sober and started really understand the issues, needs college student and immigrant rights lower bail bonds, Salcedo says. The
doing HIV prevention and education and policies of LGBT immigrants and activist who, the Immigration Youth LGBT and immigrant communities need
for Latina transgender sex workers and undocumented individuals, Salcedo, who Coalition (IYC) says, was kidnapped by to understand that queer immigrants are
others at Bienestar, under the mentorship also survived as a trans woman in an ICE Border Patrol days after they conducted a being criminalized and arrested and put in
of Maria Roman. She could share her detention facility. raid on her apartment complex. First ICE detention for who we are.
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JEFFREY KING, EMPOWERING HIS OWN COMMUNITY community mobilization eorts that the government would not fund us for. Having that
support is of great importance in our community.
August 1997. To the ineable exhilaration of LGBT America, the combination drug ITMTM is participating in the #ResistMarch and is hosting two upcoming events: June
cocktail was working and the dying and devastation of HIV/AIDS was subsiding. As Black 24, Pre-Pride Celebration at the Redline; August 27: celebrating its 20th anniversary as We
Gay Pride hung in the air, Jerey King stopped, realizing that AIDS wasnt over, even if the Are Family with reception and awards. See Jerey King on Facebook for more.
epidemic wasnt unmercifully snatching lives every moment. KAREN OCAMB
We came out of the dying and found ourselves living, King says. But how do we move
forward? And what are we doing with our lives in the meantime?
King brought together an informal collective of black gay men to wrestle with the PJ ANDREWS IS GLITTERING LA TO THE CORE,
dilemma. They realized they could not wait or expect to rely on someone else to save
themthey had to act on their own behalf. And they had to broaden the focus beyond PJ (Patrick Joseph) Andrews artwork is so popular that he cannot keep up with the
HIV/AIDS to the health and wellness of black gay/bi/same-gender-loving men, many of demand. Andrews, a native of Massachusetts, does not have the prole of a stereotypical
whom bore scars from the homophobia within the black community while also not being artist or a gay man in Los Angeles. At 52, he is a self-taught artist, father of a 28-year-old
fully embraced by the LGBT community. son and speaks with a thick Boston accent. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by
The homophobia, bigotry, racism and elitism was a lot more overt then than it is now, his cheerful and amboyant paintings.
says King. So In The Meantime started as a center or space where black men didnt have Although his immediate inuences are Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, Andrews
to be invited to the table. We set the table. animated work is inspired by cartoons and cartoon characters. He is self-taught in the
Kings circle of gay/bi men included doctors and people with legal backgrounds who folk-art tradition, where his sensibilities blend the world of contemporary pop and folk art
began grappling with how the organization should progress. By 1999, In The Meantime with exuberance and air. Andrews diamond dust technique oers a new dimension
Men (ITMTM) had non-prot status, which they used to secure funding for leased oce never realized within animation art. He uses glitter to create three-dimensional characters
space, sta, and program development targeted to their own community in South Los that seem to rise from the canvas.
Angeles. Over the past 20 years, some of those programs have served as models for His exhibit at the Hollywood Arclight a few years ago was so popular that he was asked to
similar programs nationwide. produce another one. This time, he dazzled them with Icons, a collection of paintings paying
We were very intentional in remaining a grassroots organization. We never had any homage to music and lm legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Tupac
desire to emulate or mirror other organizations, says King, enabling them to create Shakur and the crown jewel, Cher. Almost all the paintings were sold a few days into the show.
links to other services without duplication and design and develop programs specically He recently opened two shows simultaneously at the Mar Vista Art Walk and Book Soup
tailored for black men by black men. in West Hollywood. He zigzags the globe opening shows in Switzerland, France, Belgium,
I have always believed that the community has the answer to our problems, King says. Chicago, New York and San Francisco, all without representation. He wont get a publicist
The arrogance and dismissiveness of some in the public healthcare system omits the simply because he doesnt need one. Last year, a Mighty Mouse painting was snatched at
voice of the people. an auction by celebrity restaurateur Craig Susser, who paid an undisclosed amount for it.
King is grateful for critical funding from sources such as AIDS Healthcare Foundation If the saying, People buy you, not your product is true, then Andrews is a perfect
that helped the organization purchase a mobile HIV testing unit that goes where the gay/ example. Despite his enormous success, he is extremely humble, modest and generously
bi black men are and create unique outreach messages. gives to many causes in the community.
AHFs support allowed us to do a lot of programs and interventions and testing in a way VIC GERAMI
that could reach men who are resistant to testing, King says. Funding from AHF, Macys
Passport and the Weingart Foundation allowed us to develop programs and grassroots CONTINUES ON PAGE 16
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HANY HADDAD HAL BASTIAN is Mr. Downtown Los Angeles


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 If you live or work in downtown, have a business there or simply fascinated in its
evolution but dont know Hal, youre simply missing the point. As a thirty-three year,
commercial real estate veteran, Bastian was instrumental in the renaissance of downtown
LA and its redevelopment into the metropolitan Mecca we now love. His network is as
vast, diverse and priceless - and as gay - as a world-class art collection, admired and
HANY HADDAD SHOWS sought-after by many.
For thirteen years, Bastian was the Executive Vice President & Director of Economic
Development for the Los Angeles Downtown Center Business Improvement District.
Few people in LA are as well-respected, admired and loved as Hany Haddad. Thats He created housing tours for downtown that have been going on for over a decade. He
a bold statement in a city that is lled with great humanitarians, activists and people of helped to recruit more than 300 restaurants, bars, nightclubs and retailers including the
inuence. Hany is not your typical banker; he possesses a rare combination of stately Daily Grill, Bottega Louie, Ralphs Fresh Fare and Urban Outtters. He produced three
presence, exuding charisma and charming humility. special events in New York City targeting the investment bank community to encourage
He is the Vice President and District Manager of US Bank, an organization hes been investment in DTLA developments, including both residential and commercial projects.
with for more than 13 years. Were sure you know his work; in fact, you have likely been a In October 2014, he founded Hal Bastian Inc., his own consulting rm dedicated to
beneciary if you have attended an event Sponsored by US Bank. That would be Hany. building an even better DTLA and helping other downtowners to use the best practices
He directs more than six gures of US Bank donations to various LGBTQ non-prots and he has developed for DTLA in their city centers. It is a downtown revitalization consulting
causes in the greater Los Angeles area annually. company based in and focusing on downtown Los Angeles.
As a result, in Los Angeles LGBT fundraising circuit, US Bank is a ubiquitous sponsor. In 2015, Hal created Whats Up Downtown?, a web based show about all the great
Haddad has been advocating for LGBTQ organizations and important causes for years, things going on in DTLA, including residential and commercial developments, new
contributing both corporate cash as well as his own personal time and resources. He restaurants, bars and nightclubs, old favorites and most importantly, the people.
recently held a reception at the West Hollywood branch of US Bank, honoring ve local Whats Up Downtowns popularity has attracted an impressive list of corporate sponsors
non-prot organizations for their work in the community, including the Los Angeles and can be seen at
LGBT Center, Gay Mens Chorus Los Angeles, the West Hollywood Community Housing VIC GERAMI
Corporation, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the West
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
Haddad is a busy man, serving on the board of several non-prots, including LA Opera, JULIANNA BRUDEKS RESPONSE TO PULSE SHOOTING
The Music Center, LACER Afterschool Programs, Beverly Hills Bar Foundation, Los Angeles
Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
VIC GERAMI Since before Prop 8, Los Angeles has been at the forefront of LGBTQ activism as perhaps the
most dynamic city in the country, inspiring and inspired by artists and activists like Julianna Brudek.
Born in 1979 in Detroit, rst generation Polish American, Brudek has a degree in
HAL BASTIAN, A UBIQUITOUS FORCE IN THE DTLA RENAISSANCE lm from Columbia College in Chicago. Upon graduation, she was one of nine students
selected to participate in the prestigious Semester in LA program held on the CBS studio
Aectionately called Mr. Downtown and Mayor of Downtown, Hal Bastian is a lot. There, she won best short screenplay for her lm entitled Ransom Family.
celebrity in Bunker Hill. From Mayor Eric Garcetti and Eli Broad to retail clerks and janitors,
everyone knows Hal and his dog, Scooter. CONTINUES ON PAGE 18
1 8 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM P RI D E

JULIANA BRUDEK ALEXEI ROMANOFF is grand marshal of #ResistMarch.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 including a woman who dressed as a woman kissed her brother who was dressed in drag
- patrons were arrested and their resulting resistance was met with a wild, bloody beating
that injured dozens of people.
Although she has a diverse resume, Brudek excels in horror lms and has produced three Weeks later, in February 1967, Romano helped organize protests outside the bar
features, including The Bizarre Art of Samantha, Flesh and Blood a Go! Go! and In Furs. that drew dozens of people and inadvertently helping launch a more deant gay rights
From lm to the stage, Brudek is a storyteller and can do it all. She has produced and movement that would spread across the United States. There had been protests before
directed shows for charities such as Broadway to the Rescue and Hope of the Valley. but this was much larger and the energy was very dierent. The resistance was born.
In 2011, she wrote and directed a musical, The Goodship Fellowship, for a LGBTQ Romano drew an unprecedented number of protesters one of the rst mass
community fundraiser. protests in the United States to address police harassment of LGBTQ people at the
However, Brudeks biggest and most ambitious project took place last year. Following corner of Sunset and Hyperion. Romanos eorts helped spark a revolution that made
the Pulse massacre in Orlando, she picked nine members of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Los Angeles a haven for LGBTQ people. A direct line can be drawn from that protest to the
community to go across country for an anti-gun violence rally in Washington, D.C. She the formation of Christopher Street West and Los Angeles rst Gay Pride Parade.
rented a bus, hired a camera crew and lmed the entire trip as a documentary. She In the 1970s, Romano co-founded the Santa Monica Bay Coalition for Human Rights in
combined her passion for lmmaking and activism to produce a powerful lm that will response to the Anita Bryant/Briggs push for discrimination. The failed initiative would have
inspire generations of activists. banned gays and lesbians, and possibly anyone who supported gay rights, from working in
Look for Disarm Hate: The Documentary and the horror lm, The Gardener, to be Californias public schools. The Briggs Initiative was the rst failure in a national movement
released soon, as well as several other projects currently in post-production. to repeal gay rights ordinances, a movement that gained momentum after a successful
VIC GERAMI campaign headed by Bryant and her organization Save Our Children in Dade County, Florida.
In 1983, Romano co-found Avatar Club Los Angeles, an organization that educates
about safer-sex practices. As an AIDS activist, Romano, in the early 1980s, fought for
ALEXEI ROMANOFF, AN LGBT IMMIGRANT research funding and for the civil rights of people with AIDS. He has marched in every
Christopher Street West Pride Parade since the rst one, and has twice been the recipient
of LA Prides Founding Father award (in 2008 and 2014). Romano has also been honored
Alexei Romano could be called the Gloria Steinem of the LGBTQ movement. His by the Mayor and the Los Angeles City Council for his pioneering civil rights work.
pioneering work and uncompromising insistence on full equality for LGBTQ people - and He is, without a doubt, the perfect choice for this years LA Pride Grand Marshal.
the rights of people with AIDS - has been almost unparalleled. Christopher Street West, organizer of LA Pride, is going back to its roots with well-timed
The United States is an immigrant nation, successful because of its diversity and and appropriate changes and Romanos selection is the emblematic of those changes.
Romano exemplies the American dream. Born in Ukraine, Romano immigrated to the #ResistMarch replaces the traditional parade and will start where LA Pride was born in 1970, at
United States during WWII and, by February of 1958, he had found his way to his forever the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Hollywood. It is an intersectional
home, Los Angeles. He became a pioneering local activist and a community organizer and solidarity march in support of our hard-won human rights, both here at home and abroad.
an instrumental force behind the nations rst large-scale LGBTQ protest. Romano, 80, will be front and center at the #ResistMarch on Sunday, June 11. He joins
Even before the Stonewall Riots, a vibrant gay rights movement - a resistance movement a growing and impressive coalition of organizations and government bodies that kick o
- had been born in Silver Lake. Following a New Years Eve celebration at a Silver Lake the march at 9 a.m. in Hollywood and walk to West Hollywood Park.
gay bar, undercover cops arrested fourteen people and cited them for lewd conduct, VIC GERAMI
simply because they were kissing. On that night, Dec. 31, 1966, about a dozen undercover
LAPD ocers inltrated The Black Cat and at the stroke of midnight, when people kissed -
2 0 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM P RI D E

What are you doing for Pride?

Lesbians to Watch Out For: 90s L.A.
Activism, Jun 2 - @ 7pm 9 PM. Opening Dyke March, Fri Jun 9 @ 6 PM (Sal
reception for on view through June 30. ( Guariello Veterans Memorial, 8447 Santa
Plummer Park, Long Hall, 7377 Santa Monica Monica Blvd.) The annual Dyke March
Blvd. ). It also features The Lesbian Avengers: begins with a program at 7 PM, followed by
25th Anniversary traveling exhibition. Free a march down Santa Monica Blvd. at 8pm.
admission. Trans Party and #SIZZLE, Fri Jun 9 @
Time TBD. (West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San
JUNE 3 Vicente Blvd.) This event is free to attend.
Pride is Universal, Fri. Jun 9 @ 9:00 PM
One City One Pride Day of History, - 1 PM. (Universal Studios Hollywood, 100
June 3 -30: As in years past, One City One Universal City Plz) All day access passes
Pride provides an entire day of history on begin at $95. Event tickets, $48.
the Saturday prior to Christopher Street LA Dodgers LGBT Night, Fri. Jun 9 @
Wests LA Pride Festival. 5:30 PM. (Dodger Stadium, 1000 Vin Scully
Drag Queen Story Time, Sat Jun 3 @ 11 Ave) Tickets on sale at
AM. (West Hollywood Library Community
Meeting Room, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd.) JUNE 10
LA Pride grand marshal and #ResistMarch founder and organizer BRIAN PENDLETON (right)
Free. discusses plans for the June 11 march that begins at 8 a.m. near the intersection of Hollywood and
Stuart Timmons LGBTQ History Tour, LA Pride Festival, Jun 10 - 11 @ all day
Sat Jun 3 @ 11 AM to 1 PM. (Shuttles PHOTO BY JON VISCOTT (West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente
depart every 15 minutes from 11am Blvd.). The LA Pride Festival has been
to 1pm. from the West Hollywood City JUNE 6 Friday, June 9, 6-9 pm. Gallery hours 10am- organized by Christopher Street West (CSW)
Council Chambers, 625. N. San Vicente 5pm every day except Monday through since the 1970s. Entertainment includes
Blvd.) Go West (Hollywood) and join us for Los Angeles Sparks Pride Night, in June 18. Free admission. Chromeo and Brandy. Visit www.lapride.
the adventure! (Tours last between 90-120 sponsorship with LA Prides Womens Migration of the Monarchs: Everything org for a full line-up of entertainment and
minutes). party, Jun 6 @ 7:30 PM (Staples Center, in life...transforms , Fri Jun 3 - Jun 10 @ 7 to purchase tickets ($20-$30).
Reel In The Closet, Sat Jun 3 @ 5 PM 1111 S Figueroa St). Tickets range in price PM - 9 PM (Santa Monica Boulevard between
(West Hollywood City Council Chambers, for $10 to $50. Must be 21 years or older. Robertson and San Vicente) A three part JUNE 11
625 N. San Vicente Blvd.) Free admission. conceptual art project involving wearable
art that transforms over the month by Trans #ResistMarch, Sun Jun 11 @ 8 AM - 1PM
JUNE 4 JUNE 7 artist Yozmit. She is the rst artist to receive (Hollywood and Highland to West Hollywood
a Trans Art grant from the City of West Park.) This year a march will take place from
Vox Femina: Woman Rising, A Outfest WeHo Screening of Pride Hollywood: JUN 3 @ 11 AM - 3 PM, Yozmit will Hollywood (where LA Pride was born in 1970)
Taste of Season 20, Sun Jun 4 @ 3 PM Under Fire Wed Jun 7 @ 7:30 PM (West collect prayers and stitch a ribbon or bead to West Hollywood, where LA Pride grew
(Congregation Kol Ami, 1200 N. La Brea Hollywood City Council Chambers, 625 N. onto a TOTEM (wearable art costume) as a up. Instead of a parade celebrating our past
Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038.) Free San Vicente Blvd) Tickets required. symbol of exchange; Jun 9 @ 7 PM - 9 PM, progress, the LGBTQ+ community and its
admission. WALK will be performed as live ambient art allies will march in solidarity with and on the
#LastDance, Sun Jun 4 @ 7 PM JUNE 8 on Santa Monica Blvd; Jun 10 @10 PM, Jun same day as the National Equality March for
(McCadden Place Theatre, 1157 N. 18 @ 1pm and Jun 24 @ 5:30 PM, Burlesque Unity and Pride in Washington DC. Speakers
McCadden Pl.) Show dates: Sun, June 4th Hollywood Fringe / One City One Pride, and Cabaret merge with Victorian esthetics, include U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy
@7pm (press preview); Sun, June 11th Jun 8 - 25 (at various times and venues) Visit Butoh, Kabuki, and Pansori (traditional Pelosi, U.S. Congressman Adam Schi, U.S.
@10:30pm; Sun, June 18th @1pm; Fri, June to Korean singing) to create a cathartic act of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, West
23rd @7:30pm; Sat, June 24th @8:30pm. nd shows taking place in WeHo. experiential research into the psyche of the Hollywood Mayor John Heilman, Activist
Tickets required. LAAA Out There, Fri Jun 9 - Jun 16 performer during the Hollywood Fringe. Bamby Salcedo, HRC President Chad Grin,
@ 10 AM - 5 PM (Gallery 825, 825 N. La Intentions and prayers in part 1 will be used activist musicians Haim, Adam Lambert and
Cienega Blvd.). Opening Reception on during the performance. Margaret Cho. Free.
ay Young
& Heal
& Heal
thy t
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W est Coast residents experience a remarkable luxury Okanagan health and wellness retreat
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advantage of the low Canadian
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Okanagan Valley Vernon, British Columbia, Canada 1.877.275.1556




760.699.2348 | 2DOGSCRUISE.COM
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married in a space with a gorgeous scenic there are those who do not celebrate our
background - green pastures or water in dierences, we should and I do. The world
the background, surrounded by loved ones. is made so much more interesting by having
people who are dierent in some way.
What non-LGBT issue are you most
passionate about? What do you believe in beyond the
I am very concerned and vocal about physical world?

the racial and religious divisiveness of I was raised Catholic and went to
this country. The fusion of nationalities, parochial school but I also believe in
cultures and ethnicities in America is no burning sage and sound healing.
longer seen as a strength but rather as
a scapegoat for all its problems - from Whats your advice for LGBT movement
MARQUITA THOMAS economic to public safety. leaders?
There is a distinct lack of diversity in the
THE LA GAY AND LESBIAN What historical outcome would you change? LGBT movement, there is not enough
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Thats a hard one. I think there have been age diversity, racial diversity or gender
QUESTIONS many times religions and nations have been diversity and we are too quick to reward
on the wrong side of history but I think all the same handful of allies whose only
By TROY MASTERS of history rights itself. To change a historical activism is being present at our galas MARQUITA THOMAS is one of Los Angeles outcome would change whatever legislative instead of recognizing the eorts of
busiest LGBT leaders.
PHOTO COURTESY OF THOMAS and emotional shift that needed to happen to people who do the work daily.
My rst encounter with Marquita create progress, a shift that likely inuenced
Thomas was at a Los Angeles Gay and How long have you been out and who change in another area so Id have to say that What would you walk across hot coals for?
Lesbian Chamber of Commerce meeting was the hardest person to tell? I would not change any historical outcome The end to bigotry. We cannot cultivate a
that was held at Tortilla Republic. I think I had no idea I was gay until 2001, the because all progress is intertwined. healthy and productive society if we are
it was the way she passed the salsa, but it hardest person to tell was my father constantly telling millions of people that
was instantly apparent to me (being new because he was so ensconced in the Whats been the most memorable pop they are terrorists, thugs, the product of
to Los Angeles at the time) that if I was church, I really didnt know how he was culture moment of your lifetime? unt parents, lazy and/or morally bankrupt.
going to achieve anything in this town, I going to take it. I panicked for weeks Prince. Everything Prince. From
needed to go through Marquita. before telling him but he was shockingly Controversy to Purple Rain to every What LGBT stereotype annoys you most?
She commanded the room and knew blase about it. album after. The talent and spectacle of That all gay people are white and look like
everyone. She is executive director of the that man, the passion of his lyrics, his Neal Patrick Harris.
Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Whos your LGBT hero? artistry - he continues to be a pop culture
Commerce, co-chair of the West Hollywood I dont know that I have one but someone moment in and of himself. Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, board I admire immensely who just happens Aimee & Jaguar
member of Christopher Street West, to be LGBT is Diana Nyad, a woman who On what do you insist?
founder of Out and About Events for at age 64 and after 5 tries became the Basic respect. Whats the most overrated social
Women, a writer who has written for both TV rst person to swim from Cuba to Florida custom?
and lm, an organizer of womens festivals, without the aid of a shark tank. What was your last Facebook post or Social custom? Small talk. I abhor small talk
workshops and retreats around the USA, Tweet?
like Serafemme, the Queer women of color Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, I re-tweeted something from the Twitter What trophy or prize do you most covet?
music festival. She achieved major success past or present? account @trumpregrets, an account that The KCET LGBT Local Hero Award I won a
as a promoter of Dinah Shore Lesbian I have lived in West Hollywood for two either re-tweets or posts videos from few years ago
Weekend in Palm Springs. decades and The Abbey continues to be people who regret voting for Donald Trump
The South Carolina native is in love with the go to spot for a quick round of drinks, What do you wish youd known at 18?
SoCal and it has loved her back. Shes lunch or birthday shenanigans. I have seen If your life were a book, what would There are no wrong answers.
opinionated yet charming, has an acerbic several incarnations of the Abbey and while the title be?
and sometimes caustic wit and shes its not perfect, theres no better place to The Joys of Trying Everything Why Los Angeles?
diplomatically confrontational when she start o a Sunday Funday. I came to Los Angeles from South
feels she needs to be. She has a distinct If science discovered a way to change Carolina to go to Occidental College.
and strong point of view. She is not shy Describe your dream wedding. sexual orientation, what would you do? After graduation, I stayed. Who trades in
about making sure people of color issues What makes a wedding a dream wedding No, not at all, absolutely not. We are all Los Angeles weather, opportunities and
are front and center, as they should be. for me is the setting, I would love to get made exactly as we should be and while nightlife to go back to wheat elds?
$6,000,000 | 17520 Revello Drive, Pacific Palisades | 5BD/5BA $2,395,000 | 1018 Roble Lane, Santa Barbara | 5BD/2BA
Dan Urbach | 310.230.3757 Easter Team | 805.570.0403


$1,999,000 | 330 Venice Way, Venice | 3BD/3BA $1,849,000 | 25 Celine Drive, Santa Barbara | 3BD/2BA
Cindy Wexler | 818.416.4889 Easter Team | 805.570.0403

$1,750,000 | 2538 Greenvalley Road, Hollywood Hills | 3BD/3BA $1,549,000 | 3812 Weslin Avenue, Sherman Oaks | 3BD/3BA
Tom ORourke | 310.770.0221 Tim & Miguel | 818.968.8911

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is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS. Sellers will entertain and respond to all offers within this range. CalBRE 01317331
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Brandy, Chromeo lead star-studded Pride lineup



LA Pride will shine with a stellar line-up of musical stars


LAs Pride Parade may be kicking o in LGBTQ and friendly artists, including gay- much like the community itself, is very 11. The Boulevard Stage will be produced
Hollywood and transforming into a human beloved diva and reality star Erika Jayne, progressive. I think people will love how this by B.A.S.H. LA.
rights-focused Resist March for 2017, but rapper Brooke Candy, singer and former years lineup will make for a fun weekend- Latin artists will be the focus of the
make no mistake the star-studded LA teen idol Aaron Carter, rapper Young M.A, long celebration of our community. Plaza Stage, produced by Club Papi. Stage
Pride Festival will go on as usual this year, rapper Kat Dahlia, rapper iLoveMakonnen, Hip hop and R&B will be showcased headliners, Mexican superstar singer
with a diverse slate of popular artists singer and trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, on the Boulevard Stage, with June 10th Ninel Conde and gorgeous hometown
performing across three stages in West Australian singer Starley, singer/rapper headlined by singer-songwriter Sevyn queen Valentina (from RuPauls Drag
Hollywood Park on Saturday and Sunday, Tish Hyman, singer Leon Else, singer Streeter, and June 11th by Missy Elliott Race season 9), will be joined by Graciela
June 10 and 11. Connell Cruise, and singer Jesse Mntana. protge Lil Mo. Other Boulevard Stage Beltran, Ana Victoria, Carmen Jara, LGBTQ
The festivals main stage, renamed the This is our eighth year producing LA artists will include DJ Paulo, Kristii, DJ mariachi band Mariachi Arcoiris, a Selena
Park Stage this year, will be headlined Prides celebration, and I have to say that WZRD, Richie Skye, Rob.B, Kadie, DJ Bad, tribute band, DJ Oscar, and DJ Edgar
by Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo this is one of my favorite lineups of talent Bre-Z, and DJ Sedrick on June 10; and DJ Velazquez.
on June 10, and LAs own homegrown for the festival, says Park Stage organizer Lala, Hym the Rapper, Keviyon, DJ Crystal Tickets for this years LA Pride Festival
superstar Brandy on June 11. Park Stage Je Consoletti. This lineup is edgy, yet Ellis, Micahblu, DJ B. Walker, Georgia Reign, are $25 per day or $35 for both days, and
will also feature a broad array of other balanced with established hit-makers and, DJ Ben Sharaya J, and DJ Wizz Kidd on June can be purchased via


City of West Hollywood

#resist #pride | @wehocity
City of West Hollywood
California 1984
2 6 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Why we ride: The stories behind AIDS/LifeCycle

Worlds largest AIDS Im riding because of him. to their antiretroviral medications, and Hispanic or Latino.
Cedric Terrell, 31, is a Marine veteran and ultimately reducing their HIV viral load to Despite the environment were in, you have
fundraiser a reminder
professional photographer. Hes riding for undetectable levels. The comprehensive to learn to be inspired. As we raise money for
epidemic isnt over his ex-boyfriend who is HIV positive, and to approach is a complex but promising HIV/AIDS and other social issues, if we stay
shut down HIVs racial disparities Terrell is strategy for reducing community viral active, change can happen. You only have one
By REBEKAH SAGER African American. load and ultimately ending HIV/AIDS as an life. If theres an opportunity, take it, he says.
African Americans make up about 12 epidemic in the U.S. This year will be Esther Kims fth AIDS/
Until he started training, Eddie Martinez percent of the total U.S. population, yet In early 2000, Martinez was at a softball Lifecycle ride. Kim doesnt t the stereotype of
hadnt ridden a bike since he was a kid. He account for an estimated 45 percent of new tournament in Palm Springs. He was pitching. someone who is HIV positive.
admits sheepishly to being afraid to ride HIV infections nationally. African Americans The score was tied, and bases loaded. The Kim, 31, was diagnosed in 2001, just after
on the street alongside cars. He says hes also account for 40 percent of everyone batter stepped up, Martinez pitched, the graduating from her graduate program. She
facing his fears and doing the 545-mile epic living with HIV in the U.S., and 53 percent batter hit, and before he could get his glove was a single mother, Korean American, whose
ride in honor of two friends who both died of AIDS-related deaths According to the up, he blacked out. Martinez was hit in the father is a Christian pastor.
of HIV/AIDS. Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 2 gay face by the ball. His jaw was crushed and he I couldnt tell anyone because I wasnt in
Martinez, 48, will join the close to 2,800 and bi black men will become HIV positive lost teeth. His coach was there to hold his a community where it was talked about,
people (including cyclists and volunteer sometime in their lives. In L.A. County, hand through it all. Kim says.
roadies) participating in the 2017 AIDS/ African Americans continue to account for I loved him. He was there to care for The shame and fear of being rejected.
LifeCycle. The ride is a seven-day, 545-mile the majority of new infections. me in that moment and Ill never forget it, For me it was so shameful. I felt like I failed
bicycle ride June 4-10 from San Francisco Ive lost more friends to HIV than Id like Martinez says. my son. I allowed this to happen to me. On
to Los Angeles to raise money for the San to count. Ive been involved in activism since Martinezs coach was HIV positive, and died top of that, I was afraid I would jeopardize
Francisco AIDS Foundation and the HIV/ high school. I wanted to do something, Terrell of complications from AIDS. Martinez says my dads position as a pastor. In the Korean
AIDS-related services of the Los Angeles says. hell be thinking about him on the long ride. community we never talked about this,
LGBT Center. AIDS/LifeCycle has raised When he and his ex were dating, Terrell Martinezs father lives in Sacramento, and and its not talked about in the Christian
more than $236 million since its rst ride entered a drug trial at Whitman-Walker Health although he knows his son is gay, theyve never community either. It left me isolated. I chose
in 2002, making it the largest fundraiser for Center in Washington, D.C. He volunteered to talked about it. Theres a cultural barrier in the to be isolated, suering silently.
HIV and AIDS in the world. be a test subject for a trial drug similar to PrEP Latino community. Theres machismo. You My rst ride was an eye opener for me. I
An East L.A. native whose parents (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), a drug that people just dont talk about that, he says. met so many people who were HIV positive;
emigrated from Mexico, Martinez is the at higher risk of exposure take daily to lower One of six children, Martinez says his mother people who were doing something for the
executive director of Latino Quality Alliance, their chances of getting infected with HIV. accepts and loves him unconditionally, but he cause. They were being proactive. They had a
a non-prot organization that does outreach Terrell is also riding in honor of continued has not yet told her that he was diagnosed HIV voice and they were sharing their stories. They
in the Latino community for LGBTQ youth and HIV/AIDS research. positive in 2003. looked happy, she says.
their parents. Hes been involved in this kind of Although rst discovered in 1981, the AIDS Im not public about my status. Its not easy Kim says she rides for several reasons. In
work for more than two decades. epidemic is far from over. to let the world know. But, also I dont want my part to give back.
I was a club promoter in the 90s, I met a In the seven days it takes the riders to reach mother to worry about me. Im good. I take my When I was rst diagnosed I was so lost
guy who wanted to build an AIDS monument Los Angeles, more than 500 people in the meds. Im healthy, he says. and scared, these organizations were there
in Lincoln Park [The Wall: Las Memorias], U.S. will become infected with HIV. One out of I want to come out, but I dont want to be to help me. If they werent there, I dont know
I started helping him, and that was my every eight people living with HIV nationwide the poster child. I dont want it [AIDS/Lifecycle] where Id be. Now Im in a place where Im
introduction into fundraising and activism is not aware of their status. Currently there are to be about me. I want it to be about the more nancial stable, I can train, and raise
for Latino and LGBTQ issues, particularly 1.2 million people living with HIV nationwide people we lost. I want it to be about a tool to awareness, and ask friends and families
HIV/AIDS, he says. While working on the and an estimated 39,000 will become infected educate the next generation. for donations. I want to help overcome the
monument I learned about the generation this year. Martinezs team, the Psychopaths, stigma, she says.
before me who lost huge circles of friends, like The Los Angeles LGBT Centers HIV has already raised over $70,000. The This years ride is especially momentous
50 to 70 people. Its unimaginable. research is aligned with the National HIV/ money will fund programs such as the Los for Kim. Its her rst publically coming out
Around that same time, I met this guy AIDS strategy focusing on intervening at Angeles LGBT Centers Jerey Goodman HIV positive.
and we became close friends. We came out every stage of HIV infection, from testing Special Care Clinic, which oers people If I can help just one person who looks like
at the same time. But, he got caught up in high risk populations, to linking newly living with HIV comprehensive free or low- me and is HIV positive, Im willing to speak up
addiction and was [HIV] positive, and his body diagnosed people to HIV care, starting them cost primary and specialty medical care. and share my story. Maybe, they wont feel so
just couldnt hold on anymore and he passed on HIV medications as soon as possible, About 2,900 people receive care at the alone and they will nd the courage to get the
away. His name is on that AIDS monument. supporting and increasing adherence clinic each year -- 42% of them identify as help they need.
28 JU NE 02, 2017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE SB L A D E . C O M LO CA L N E W S

Astraea Lesbian Foundation

honors frontline activism
Intersectionality is key
to organizations mission


How many people here have been

tear gassed, out ESPN/CNN contributor
LZ Granderson asked the audience
at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation
for Justices fourth annual Fueling the
Out Black Lives Matter co-founder PATRISSE CULLORS (right) with JONATHAN PEREZ and
Frontlines Awards. The question might Immigrant Youth Coalition members.
have seemed jarring at any other LGBT LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB

fundraiser. But this May 25 event at the

NeueHouse in Hollywood was lled with Coalition activists to issue an immediate Producer of ABCs historical LGBT series
frontline activists who instantly knew he call to action. Jonathan Perez choked up When We Rise.
was describing the demonstrations in talking about how ICE came after their As a journalist ghting for LGBTQI equality,
Ferguson, Missouri after a white cop shot friend Claudia Ruedas mother, who they immigrant rights and human rights, it is not
unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown got out of detention. Then in retaliation, enough to just report on what is happening,
in August 2014. ICE came for Claudia, a beloved DACA- we need to inform the public about whats
Granderson noted that many asked eligible college student. Nudged by Cullors happening and present reality as it is and not
what happens next? The audience and TransLatina Coalition founder Bamby the way we want it to be, said Jorge Ramos,
knew that, too: a movement propelled Salcedo, the youth asked everyone to call who came to the attention of non-Latino
by activists such as performance artist, 619-557-6117 and ask ICE San Diego eld America when he stood up to presidential
freedom ghter and Fulbright scholar director Gregory Archambeault to grant candidate Donald Trump and was forcefully
Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Claudia Sarahi Rueda (A# 213-081-680) removed from a news conference (he was
Lives Matter, one of the most important prosecutorial discretion and immediately eventually allowed back in).
organizations in the past 25-30 years, release her to her family. And the reality is that discrimination is
Granderson said. Astraea has always understood that the still very present in this country, Ramos
#BlackLivesMatter was founded as ght for LGBTQI equality is intersectional continued. As individuals we must
a social media call to action by queer it requires ghting for black and brown take an aggressive stand against those
black women Cullors, Alicia Garza and rights, for migrant rights, economic rights violating the rights of others and we need
Opal Tometi in July 2013 after George and more, said Cullors. Im proud to organizations like Astraea to ensure that
Zimmerman was acquitted of killing be part of the resistance and ready to the rights of everyone are being protected.
17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida. BLM continue the ght. Neutrality only helps the oppressor.
helped organize the protests in Ferguson. Astraea also honored transgender Introduced by famous trans model Isis
Cullors accepted her Astraea award with activist/organizer Jennicet Gutierrez, co- King, Gutierrez talked about the violence
a call-and-response by the late African- founder of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation faced by her trans sisters, reading o
American poet Lucille Clifton, ending with: Movement; critically acclaimed Univision the names of ten trans women who have
Come celebrate with me that every day News anchor and journalist Jorge Ramos died since January. Rest in Power, she
something has tried to kill me and has failed. and his queer daughter Paola Ramos, said, adding, even if you dont invest (in
An Angelino, Cullors called out the former Deputy Director of Hispanic Media the trans community), trust the trans
LAPD and the L.A. Sheris Department for Hillary for America; and out Oscar- leadership of trans women of color.
for destroying black and brown families winning producer Bruce Cohen, a major
and then brought up ve Immigrant Youth marriage equality advocate and Executive CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Rev. Perry reects on heartbreak,

triumph of LGBT movement
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 04 enabling Perry to break his fast. the beach in Santa Monica, with a police
But societal hatred of gays, which the LAPD helicopter overhead. Heartbroken and
reinforced, constantly threatened to ruin in shock, he immediately ew to New
the bar. He also led hundreds of marchers lives. In 1973, for instance, police arrested Orleans, only to nd that even in death,
demanding police reform. 39 gay men in Grith Park as re hazards. the gays were deled.
On March 9, 1970, Perry led 120 marchers That was in addition to the usual bar and Someone said it was just a bunch of
to rally behind the pre-bathhouse Dover bathhouse raids. However, 1973 saw a spike faggots, Perry told a local newspaper. But
Hotel in downtown LA to commemorate in violence, with MCC as a prime target. On we knew them as people, and as brothers
the one-year anniversary of Howard Eand, Jan. 27, the mother church in Los Angeles and sisters, and we will never forget them.
who had been beaten to death by two LAPD was nearly destroyed. A second arson re on No one oered a place to hold
ocers. He attended the inquest and heard April 6 left only the walls standing. But it was memorial services until the black minister
the police explain that one of the ocers the June 24, 1973 re in New Orleans that still of a predominately white Methodist
had fallen on Eand, rupturing his spleen brings Perry to tears. congregation came forward and oered
and that the broken bones and cuts were a There were 36 MCC churches around a July 1 service. No one was arrested,
result of him having fallen out of the police the country by 1973, including one in the though the man suspected of the arson
car, not being dragged feet rst down three French Quarter. After the service, many committed suicide the following year.
ights of stairs after having been beaten members, including straight women with The arson and violence did not end.
up and then kicked. There were two their children, would go to the UpStairs On July 27, 1973, the MCC Church in San
eyewitnesses, Perry says. The City Attorney Lounge for continued worship and to Francisco burned to the ground. But
asked the rst one, a drag queen wearing socialize. We didnt care, Perry said at the instead of surrendering to fear, Perry
female clothes, are you a homosexual? She time. If Jesus could turn water into wine, expanded and by 1985, there were 200
answered, Yes, and the eyes of the jurors hell, we could worship in a bar. MCC churches in nine countries.
closed. They didnt want to hear any more. The free beer party had ended and a The New Orleans re was the worst mass
By May 1970, Perrys Metropolitan doorbell rang, as if someone asked for a gay murder in U.S. history until the terrorist
Community Church held packed services cab. The bartender opened the door and a attack that killed 49 and wounded 53 mostly
at the 350-plus seat Encore Theatre on reball burst in. The stairs leading out were gay Latinos at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando,
Virgil Avenue in Hollywood. already ablaze. Some patrons were able to Fla., in the early morning hours of June 12
The rst-ever Pride parade on June 28 get out the back exit, but many were trapped last year. The organizers of the Christopher
went o without a hitch. Until the end. as ames engulfed the walls and windows Street West LGBT Pride parade had to think
Perry, Carol Shepard, head of L.A. chapter of encased with metal bars. Fireghters found twice about whether to go forward or cancel
the Daughters of Bilitis, and lesbian activist some charred bodies embracing, others the parade out of respect for the dead. And
Kelly Longman sat down on the corner pressed against the windows. MCC leader then came word that Santa Monica police
of Las Palmas Avenue and Hollywood Rev. Bill Larsons body was stuck in between had just arrested a man from Indiana with
Boulevard saying they would not move the barshis body left exposed to passersby. scores of guns and bomb-making material
until someone from city government came Like others who died there that night, Larson in his caron his way to West Hollywood for
to discuss gay rights. They were soon had not come out to his family and his the Pride parade.
arrested for vicious and malicious blocking mother refused to collect his remains. In all, Just like rounding the corner of
of a sidewalk with intent to do harm, says 32 people died as a result of the re, covered McCadden Place onto Hollywood
Perry, whose mentor was civil rights leader by the media, but without mentioning the Boulevard in 1970, it took a tremendous
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The two women site was a gay bar. Survivors had to go to act of courage to resist the fear and go
were released but Perry spent the night in work the next day and not share their grief forward with the Pride parade in 2016. This
jail. When nally released by a judge, Perry for fear of losing their job or housing. years #ResistMarch is a shout out to all the
trekked to the federal building and staged a Perry found out in the early morning outrage the LGBT community has endured
sit-in and hunger strike for 10 days. Finally, of June 25. He had spent the day at the over the years.
City Council member Robert Stevenson 4th annual Gay Pride parade and later
and his wife Peggy came and spoke to him, gathered with around 800 people on CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
3 0 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Bauman makes history

Becomes rst openly For instance, Ellis team, led by Democratic Party?
the rambunctious California Nurses One of the things Ive talked about this
gay chair of California
Association, suggested that Baumans entire campaign is getting this party back
Democratic Party support for the universal healthcare bill, to basics, which means being a party that
The Healthy California Act (SB 562), was is truthful, that is democratic, doesnt just
By KAREN OCAMB lacking, despite its prominence as an issue talk about its values, but lives its values, in his campaign. Additionally, Bauman is Ellis said after losing.
a former registered nurse who met his And yet it was Ellis supporters who
California Democratsfrom Gov. husband of more than 30 years, Michael allegedly launched a homophobic attack
Jerry Brown to progressive grassroots Andraychak, in 1983 in the ICU ward during on Bauman, spreading vicious rumors
advocates working on LGBT equality, the AIDS crisis that started the demand for that he had engaged in inappropriate
immigrant rights and climate change healthcare as a right. behavior with 14- and 16-year-old boys.
have vowed to ght policies being pushed Additionally, Bauman has a long record What theyre accusing me of is being
by the conservative Trump administration. of backing a single-payer healthcare law a child predator!, Bauman told the Los
Serving as the backbone to that resistance with then-Insurance Commissioner John Angeles Blade at the time. I lost it. I started
eort is the California Democratic Party, Garamendi, out former State Sens. Sheila crying uncontrollably, until his husband
now led by openly gay longtime politico Kuehl and Mark Leno, and more recently, helped him regain his composure. Bauman
Eric Bauman. SB 562 co-authors Ricardo Lara, and Toni issued an email to delegates entitled I can
California must remain the bastion of Atkins to make California a healthcare no longer stay silent! In it he fumed: This
resistance against Donald Trump, and sanctuary state. Ellis has no such record. is despicable! This is not the Democratic
the shining beacon of hope, leading the For Ellis and the Berniecrats, having Party! These are Trumpian tactics and it
way, pushing the envelope on progressive deep ties to the Democratic Party is has to stop!
policy for the rest of the nation to follow, ERIC BAUMANs opponent is contesting the tantamount to being a corporate The next attacks were anti-Semitic.
results of the race for California Democratic
Bauman said after being elected CDP Party chair. Democrat and part of a rigged system. Ellis sent her own email: These rumors
Chair on May 20. They conveniently ignored Baumans work are despicable and theres no place in our
Indeed, much of the national eort to to elect Sanders-backed Keith Ellison as politics for such outrageous behavior and I
hold President Donald Trump accountable chair of the Democratic Party. denounce any such type of cruel maligning
is being led by members of Congress challenge she led on May 30 has been Ellis protesters also alleged that there of someones character.
who hail from California: House Minority resolved. The only way the outcome can be was a lack of transparency and ballot- But that was it, as if one statement was
Leader Nancy Pelosi; ranking House changed, however, is if Ellis les a lawsuit. stung during the election for chair, even a sucient declaration of her progressive
Intelligence Committee member Adam The issue revolves around the shocking though the ballots had to be signed and pro-LGBT values.
Schi and his intelligence colleagues, Eric election outcome: Bauman won by 62 checked at tables where representatives Meanwhile, Bauman says he is rmly
Swalwell and Jackie Speier; Trump-Twitter- votes out of more than 3,000 cast. He had from both camps stationed observers. After in charge as chair and is in the process of
troller-in-chief Ted Lieu; and the exciting long been the frontrunner, having spent being denied a recount, which is not allowed reorganizing, hiring sta and moving forward.
#InTrumpsFace queen, Maxine Waters. decades building up the party and helping in the bylaws, Ellis called for the audit. And his progressive values were armed by
Additionally, the Democratic elect Democrats as head of the Stonewall [Baumans] got a problem on his hands: reaction to his election, including an especially
Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Party; the 17-year chair of the This party is divided, Carlos Marroquin, meaningful comment on social media.
which includes out representatives Jared huge Los Angeles Democratic Party; and a Los Angeles resident who organized Somebody left a post on my Facebook
Polis, Mark Takano and Mark Pocan, has Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party. young voters in several states as part page in response to seeing me and Michael
targeted six Republican seats (possibly Ellis, by contrast, is the former of the Bernie Sanders Brigade, told the embracing onstage at the convention after
seven, given Intelligence chair Devin executive director of Emerge California, San Francisco Chronicle. And if theyre my speech, Bauman says. He said, Ive
Nunes controversial actions during their an organization that recruits and thinking about (midterm elections in) been waiting a lifetime to see that. He
Russian investigation) to help Democrats trains women for political oce. And 2018, forget it. Because theyre not going also commented on a campaign mailer I
re-take the House in the 2018 elections. despite her support for establishment to win if theyre divided. sent out featuring our relationship. This
But theres an ugly scratch in this pretty candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, Ellis This is our Tea Party moment, one is the rst time in my life Ive ever seen
picture of Democratic unity. Baumans got the endorsement of Bernie Sanders leading Democratic strategist told Politico. an openly gay politician campaign on his
opponent in the race for chair, Kimberly national movement and its vociferous And its not going away. family values.
Ellis, will not concede until all the ballots local Berniecrats, who unabashedly used But who better represents the It is a standard Bauman has now set for
have been validated and an ocial outright obfuscation to win. progressive values of the California the California Democratic Party.
I know the where, when and why
to buy in West Hollywood.

I live in the city. I play in the city. I work with organizations throughout the city. As Chaiman
of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce I know what is happening now in our city,
and what is planned for the future. This deep and thorough understanding of the West
Hollywood community provides a unique base of knowledge to help clients as they
consider buying or selling in this area. West Hollywood, its my hometown.
CalBRE #01933707
C 323 646 7791 | D 310 888 3714 | | Sunset Strip Brokerage
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LA City Hall honors LGBT trailblazers

Kicking o Pride Month with
new safe spaces initiative


Just as the 2017 LGBT Heritage

Month kicks o June 1, Los Angeles City
Controller Ron Galperin joined Mayor Eric
Garcetti, City Attorney Mike Feuer, Council
members Mitch OFarrell and Mike Bonin
and other members of the City Council at
City Hall to honor four trailblazers in the
LGBTQ community.
Honorees proceeded into the John
Ferraro Council Chamber to a soulful
rendition of This Land is Your Land.
This seventh annual Heritage
Month honored the work of actress ALEXANDRA BILLINGS, and ALEXEI
Alexandra Billings, known for her role in ROMANOFF were among the trailblazers
Transparent, Michael Kearns, recognized
as Hollywoods rst openly gay actor in
the 1970s and a longtime advocate of
awareness for those with HIV/AIDS, actress
Sara Ramirez, known for her role on We dont have a kind of Passover, LGBTQ+ community has never been about dont believe in equal rights. Who believe
Greys Anatomy, and 80-year-old Alexei where we can get together every year and just one person, and one experience and we should be rounded up like cattle and
Romano, a Ukrainian-born immigrant, share our stories of what our community identity. Our struggles are shared and our taken to an island and forget about us.
heralded for his historic civil rights work. has done and how our community has resilience unrelenting, Ramirez said. Those are the people whore ill informed
This years theme is The Art of struggled, and survived. So, our younger Michael Kearns speech was about and spiritually bankrupt. We have to
Resistance. generations dont have the benet of that inclusion, encouraging those in the LGBTQ help them the best way we can, with
Everyone should be free to live their built in heritage, so young people today community to make sure to shine their education with compassion, kindness, and
truth, love who they choose, and nd dont know that our brightest times in lights into neighborhoods theyve never a revolutionary spirit that bore the LGBTQ
acceptance in the place they call home, LGBTQ history proceeded the darkest gone into, taking paths rarely traversed, community from the beginning of time
Mayor Eric Garcetti said to those gathered. times WWII. There are young people today and daring to ruin a pair of shoes. this is who we are. Its in our cells. You
LGBTQ Heritage Month is a time to reect who dont know the horrors and ravages This honor serves as my marching would not have art were not for the queer
on the long march to justice and tolerance, of the AIDS epidemic or how the lesbian papers, Kearns said. community, Billings said.
and to honor those who have devoted community banded together to save their Actress Alexandra Billings made the LAPD Assistant Chief Beatrice M. Girmala,
themselves to building a world that is free sick and dying brothers, Bonin said. suggestion that the crowd assembled Director, Oce of Special Operations and
from hatred and safe for all no matter Singer, actress and activist, Sara gather their strength and reach across Department LGBTQ Outreach Program
their sexual orientation or gender identity. Ramirez, acknowledged the many in the the aisle and talk to each other. Coordinator talked about bringing a safety
Los Angeles takes pride in the activism LGBTQ community those whove inspired This room is easy. Whats happening initiative to Los Angeles similar to one
and accomplishments of our LGBTQ her and help to keep her steadfast in her here is a room lled with great love and recently launched in Seattle.
community, and we will always stand with ght for equality. great joy? Its a safe place, but now we The Safe Space Program, will ask
every Angeleno who is ghting for equality, With our current political climate its hard have to go out of the safe place and participating businesses, located in
respect, and dignity for all people. to maintain hope these days. But, sharing go to the unsafe place. Thats the real Hollywood and East Los Angeles to place
Council member Mike Bonin talked space in a way that celebrates my community meaning of revolution. When we can decals on their windows and doors, as a way
about the LGBTQ communitys need for and all its intersections gives me hope. Im gather together and talk to the people of announcing themselves as a place open
celebrating its heritage and passing along proud to be a Mexican, Irish American- who dont agree with us. Who do want us to LGBTQ community members in need
the rich history to its young people. immigrant, queer and bi-sexual woman. The dead? Who do want us marginalized? Who aimed at creating a safer community.
3 4 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Celebrating the Womans Building

The Feminist Mecca for in Los Angeles was the Womans Building Building hosted the rst conference of
at 1727 N. Spring St., founded in 1973 lesbian artists in 1975. Two years later,
art and culture in LA
by artist Judy Chicago, graphic designer she became co-director, about which she
Sheila Levrant de Bretteville and art wrote in Insurgent Muse: Life and Art at the
By KAREN OCAMB historian Arlene Raven. Until its closing in Womans Building. 1991, the building provided a safe space Loathed to let the vibrancy of that
for artists and writers such as Judy Baca, historic feminist art movement fade away,
Running parallel to the civil rights Rachel Rosenthal, Lily Tomlin, Margaret Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio
and liberation movements of the 1960s Atwood, Alice Walker and Ntozake Shange developed a special project in which
and early 1970s was a counterculture to shape, workshop and presented their fteen emerging Southern California
movement driven by consciousness- work. Madre Tierra Press also enable women artists received fellowships to
raising, freeing and exploring the Chicana artists to give visibility to their create new works using the Womans
imagination. For womenand lesbians, cultural expression. Building and its history as a reference.
in particularshaking o the shackles In the 1970s, lesbians became very The exhibitions, performances, readings
of overt and inculcated male oppression active about promoting and working and discussions under Animating the
promised the daring, bold, sensuous together for their own visibility in the Archives: the Womans Building opened The Naked Lady sculpture by artist Kate Millett
is positioned atop the Womens Building,
thrill of self-expression, stripped of the arts, and the Womans Building was an on May 13 and will run through June 3 at Dec.13, 1978
boundaries and language of man. important center, says lesbian author Avenue 50 Studio, 131 North Avenue 50,
The haven for the feminist art movement Terry Wolverton, noting that the Womans Highland Park, CA 90042. HERALD-EXAMINER COLLECTION

7th Circuit affirms bathroom access for trans student

Court unanimously says Williams writes. Instead, it contends that individual does not conform to the sex
as a matter of law, requiring a biological based stereotypes of the sex that he or
Title IX bars discrimination
female to use the womens bathroom is she was assigned at birth.
not sex stereotyping. However, this view
By CHRIS JOHNSON is too narrow. By denition, a transgender CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

In another legal decision arming

federal law ensures bathroom access for
transgender students, a federal appeals
The 7th Circuit has armed bathroom access
for ASHTON WHITAKER, shown here with his
Cancellation of OutGames
court has determined a transgender
student in Wisconsin must be allowed PHOTO COURTESY OF TRANSGENDER LAW CENTER events prompts fraud probe
access to restrooms at his high school
consistent with his gender identity. by school sta just to use the bathroom, MIAMI BEACH, Fla. Organizers of the World OutGames Miamis decision to abruptly
In a 35-page decision, a three-judge the district courts injunction in September cancel almost all of its sporting events has prompted local authorities to launch a fraud
panel the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of allowed me to be a typical senior in high investigation.
Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of school and to focus on my classes, after- Organizers told participants in an email they sent on May 26 that nancial challenges
Ashton Whitaker, a 17-year-old who school activities, applying to college, and prompted them to cancel the opening and closing ceremonies and sports programming
sued Kenosha Unied School District for building lasting friendships, Ash said. with the exception of aquatics, country western dance and soccer.
requiring him to use a restroom separate According to the court decision, Ashs The opening ceremony was scheduled to take place in Miami Beach on May 27.
from one used by all other students. school informed him after he transitioned LGBT athletes from around the world had already traveled to South Florida to participate
Writing for the court, U.S. Circuit he couldnt use the boys restroom, onlythe in the games that were scheduled to take place through June 4 when organizers made
Judge Ann Claire Williams, an Obama girls restroom or a gender-neutral facility their announcement. The World OutGames Miami Human Rights Conference took place
appointee, determined Title IX of the some distance from his classes. Fearful of as scheduled at a Miami Beach hotel, although attendance was far lower than expected.
Education Amendment of 1972, which missing class and being punished for being We thank everyone who has supported the eort and apologize to those who will be
bars discrimination in schools on the basis late, Ash limited his water intake in school so impacted by this dicult decision, said the organizers in their email.
of sex, applies to Ashs situation. he wouldnt have to use the restroom, but The Miami Herald reported the city of Miami Beach spent $200,000 to sponsor the
A policy that requires an individual to suered health consequences as a result. OutGames and waved permit fees associated with events. The newspaper alsosaidMiami-
use a bathroom that does not conform Ash several times contemplated suicide, the Dade County agreed to reimburse $18,000 in expenses.
with his or her gender identity punishes decision says. The Miami HeraldreportedMiami Beach ocials in recent months grew increasingly
that individual for his or her gender non Williams cites as a precedent for concerned that games organizers were unable to meet their fundraising goals. It obtained a
conformance, which in turn violates Title interpreting Title IX to apply to Ash the memo from City Manager Jimmy Morales on May 25 that said OutGames ocials had not
IX, Williams writes. U.S. Supreme Court rulings in Price paid a $5,000 deposit for event permits and they owed the National Hotel, which was the
Joining Williams in the decision was U.S. Waterhouse v. Hopkins in 1989 and games ocial hotel, a substantial amount of money.
Circuit Judge Ilana Rovner, an appointee Oncale v. Sundowner Oshore Services in The city of Miami Beach is deeply concerned to hear that the World OutGames has
of George W. Bush, and U.S. Circuit Judge 1998, which instructs schools to construe decided to cancel their opening and closing ceremonies and sports programming, with the
Diane Wood, a Clinton appointee. sex stereotyping as sex discrimination. exception of soccer, aquatics and country western dance, said the city of Miami Beach on
The decision upholds a preliminary Also cited is the 7th Circuits recent in May 26 in a statement.
injunction U.S. District Judge Pamela decision in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community City sta has worked consistently for the past several months to assist the event
Pepper, an Obama appointee, issued College, which determined anti-gay bias is producers with special events planning and permitting; fundraising eorts; relocating
in September requiring Kenosha Unied sex discrimination under the law. events to low or no cost venues; assisting with local partners to provide support and access
School District to change its policy. The School District argues that even and providing nancial support to cover police stang costs, it added. As a lead sponsor
Ash said in a statement hes thrilled the under a sex stereotyping theory, of the event, the city also waived all related special event and permitting fees for this event
Seventh Circuit determined that Peppers Ash cannot demonstrate a likelihood and provided cash sponsorship to the OutGames.
decision should stand as the litigation and of success on his Title IX claim because
his studies continue. its policy is not based on whether the CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
After facing daily humiliation at school student behaves, walks, talks, or dresses MICHAEL K. LAVERS
last year from being threatened with in a manner that is inconsistent with any
discipline and being constantly monitored preconceived notions of sex stereotypes,
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for nde
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rk is
r lic
h th
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Macron discusses gay Chechnya Husband of Luxembourgs gay

PM joins NATO spouse photo
crackdown with Putin
French President Emmanuel Gauthier Destenay, the husband of Luxembourgs prime minister Xavier Bettel, caused
Macron on Monday said he a buzz on social media when he appeared alongsideother spouses ofworld leaders at the
discussed the crackdown against NATO summit in Brussels.
gay Chechens with his Russian Destenay was notably the only malein the group as he posed for a picture with the rest
counterpart. of the women smiling from ear to ear.
We discussed the situation of He and Bettel had been in a civil partnership when Bettel became prime minister in
LGBT people in Chechnya, wrote 2013. The pair was married in 2015 when same-sex marriage became legal in Luxembourg.
Macron on his Twitter page after Destenay appeared next to First Lady Melania Trump, First Lady of France Brigitte
he met with Russian President Macron, First Lady of Turkey Emine Gulbaran Erdogan, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Ingrid
Vladimir Putin at the Palace of Schulerud, Desislava Radeva, Amelie Derbaudrenghien, Mojca Stropnik and First Lady of
Versailles outside Paris. I very Iceland Thora Margret Baldvinsdottir.
specically told President Putin A White House caption of the photo omitted Destenays name.
what Frances expectations are. Newly elected French President EMMANUEL MICHAEL K. LAVERS
MARCON raised the ongoing crackdown against
Macron also noted the gay Chechen men during his meeting with
crackdown against gay Chechens
as he spoke at a press conference
Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Taiwan recognizes same-sex marriage

with Putin.
Chechnya is a predominantly Taiwan on Wednesday became the rst Asian country to legally recognize same-sex
Muslim semi-autonomous Russian republic in the North Caucuses. marriage.
Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper, reported last month that The Taiwanese Constitutional Court ruled the provision of the islands civil code that
Chechen authorities have arrested more than 100 gay men since February. does not allow two persons of the same sex to create a permanent union of intimate
Novaya Gazeta has said some of the men who have been arrested have been and exclusive nature for the committed purpose of managing a life together is
beaten, tortured or even killed. Reports also indicate Chechen authorities have unconstitutional.
sent them to secret prisons that have been described as concentration camps. The ruling orders lawmakers to amend or enact relevant laws within two years. Same-
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is a close ally of Russian President sex couples will be able to legally marry if they fail to meet this deadline.
Vladimir Putin, and the Kremlin have downplayed or even dismissed the reports The Associated Press reported same-sex marriage supporters who were gathered
that gay men have been arrested. Novaya Gazeta reported last week that the outside the Taiwanese legislature in Taipei, the islands capital, reacted to the ruling with
Russian government has launched an investigation into the crackdown. rapturous applause.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month raised Chechnya with Putin Chi Chia-wei, a prominent gay rights advocate, rst tried to register a marriage to his
during their meeting that took place in Russia. British Prime Minister Theresa May partner in 1986.
and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are among the other world leaders who have The Taiwanese Constitutional Court ruled against Chi in 2015. He once again
condemned the crackdown. challenged the constitutionality of the islands same-sex marriage ban and the Taipei City
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley in an April 17 statement said the U.S. Governments Department of Civil Aairs joined his case.
remains disturbed by the arrests of the gay Chechen men. The court heard the lawsuit in March.
The State Department last month urged the Russian government to investigate An amendment to include same-sex marriage in the countrys civil code passed a
them. President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have neither publicly preliminary review by the Committee of the Legislative Yuan (Taiwans Parliament) late
commented on the arrests nor urged the Russian government to pressure last year.
Chechen authorities to stop their crackdown. President Tsai Ing-wen is among those who publicly support marriage rights for same-
Macron on May 7 defeated Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front in the sex couples. The Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan continues to
second round of Frances presidential election. oppose eorts to allow gays and lesbians to tie the knot on the island.
Macron accused Russian hackers of targeting his campaign in the days leading After waiting for two months, we nally witness the grand justices marking a new
up to the election. The Russian government has repeatedly denied it sought to milestone in the history of gender movements as well as the constitution of Taiwan, said
inuence the outcome of the French election, even though Putin met with Le Pen the Marriage Equality Coalition, a Taiwanese advocacy group, in a statement after the
at the Kremlin on March 24. court announced its ruling. This is the rst time that an interpretation of the constitution
The rst round of the French presidential election took place on April 23. declares the discriminations embedded in Taiwanese laws against the LGBTQ community
MICHAEL K. LAVERS unconstitutional, as they violate the fundamental rights of equality and marriage freedom
granted by the constitution.

#ResistMarch is about
5455 Wilshire Blvd #1505, Los Angeles, CA 90036

our liberties and our lives

Los Angeles Blade, LLC
310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
public forums in support, donate to their U.S. electorate. FIVE percent! SALES & MARKETING
When they come for one of charities and anything else required. We Imagine the greater percentage and ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE
us, they come for all of us! must resist. power of the LGBT vote in progressive
When the United States Congress votes cities such as Los Angeles. In elections that 310-230-5266 x8095
By BRIAN PENDLETON to repeal the Aordable Care Act, it may are won by a few hundred votes, we can BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.
not aect your health insurance, but it will make the dierence, and more elections
Before we talk about why we resist, impact our community disproportionately. than you can imagineparticularly on NATIONAL ADVERTISING
its important to understand who we are. We must be ready to lend a hand. We the front lines of our ght at the state and, 212-242-6863
Because who we are is at the heart of why must resist. local levelare decided by tiny margins. MARKETING DIRECTOR
we resist, and our understanding of who When the state of Texas or North We must get serious about voting. Like, 202-747-2077 x8077
we are has morphed over time. Carolina passes bills that marginalize or, wearing a seatbelt in a car or wearing a EDITORIAL
Intersectionality is a foreign word to even worse, criminalize our community, helmet on a bike, we must protect our NATIONAL EDITOR
many people, but it is the essence of you may not feel that in Hells Kitchen, on democracy and our lives by voting. It must, 202-747-2077 x8088
who we are as a community. Its time we Lake Shore Drive, in South Beach or the be second nature, and the peer pressure INTERNATIONAL EDITOR
awaken to the simple fact that we cannot Hills of Los Angeles, but we must stand to vote must be overwhelming.
be reduced to ve or even 10 letters. With with our whole community wherever they We are sitting where we are, not because SENIOR CONTRIBUTING WRITER
this new understanding, we can see we call home. We must resist. they got more people to vote for them, but KAREN OCAMB
are part of a much larger, more diverse When desperate gay Chechens are because too many of us did not vote. CONTRIBUTORS
human family than ever before. denied visas to enter the United States We must resist apathy. CHARLES KAISER, ALAN MILLER, TIM MILLER, MAER
We are a beautiful tapestry of concentric despite the obvious human rights abuses You are a member of a colorful and DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
circles. We no longer just belong to the L they are suering, we must resist! incredibly diverse family. Like any family, FADERMAN, ORIOL GUTTIEREZ, SETH HEMMELGARN,
or G or B or T or Q; we belong to those and When people of the Muslim faith are we may not agree on every approach. I ask ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
many other communities. We are people proled and detained simply because of that, in this time of serious political peril, MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
of color and of faith. We are disabled. We how they worship, we must resist. we spend more time listening to each other WINSTON GEISEKE, RICHARD ANDREOLI, DREW
We resist because our work is not and less time convening the circular ring MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
are immigrants of every status. We are CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
DREAMers. We are HIV positive. We have complete. We resist because there is a squad. My way is NOT the only way. Your SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
AIDS. We are educators. We are women, coordinated eort to criminalize us, roll way is not the only way. Every decision is PHOTOGRAPHY
men, allies, friends, and family. We are back our rights and drive us into the closet. not a ght to the death. We must gure CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
teenagers and seniors. We are union We resist because some of our lives might out a way to lock arms and move forward AZERCREATIVE.COM
members. We are wounded veterans be better, but millions have been left together. Our lives and liberties depend DISTRIBUTION
and recent West Point graduates. We are behind. If we dont lend a hand, who will? on it. That is why the rst phrase in our All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
parents and grandparents. Imagine all My good friend Alan Uphold says #ResistMarch mission statement is that law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
the possibilities. No longer do we need something all the time, and it bears we #Resist the eorts to divide us. writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
to identify with a singular silo. We are so repeating: This. Is. Not. Normal. We When Sunday, June 11 rolls around, it necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
much more. We truly are the beauty of must not let the crazy behavior of an is my hope that youll #resist the desire we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the rainbow. extreme conservative minority set us back to stay in bed. I know 8 a.m. on a Sunday the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
Why is this important? At #ResistMarch decades with their nefarious dealings feels early. But your presence is not only any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
we say, When they come for one of us, with the Russians or their unholy alliance requested; it is required. Our community you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
receive a 26-week mailed subscription for $195 per year or $5.00 per
they come for all of us! Its the pact we are with those who would criminalize and is counting on you. Being at Hollywood single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil Rockstroh
at Postmaster: Send address changes to
making with each other as a community. marginalize usor worse. We must not let and Highland will be the unifying moment the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
Even though a law or other action may Donald Trumps erratic behavior, lack of that our community needs. LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
not be aimed directly at me, a cisgender discipline with respect to the crown jewels Join us, our allies, your friends and your positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
Caucasian gay guy, if its aimed at anyone of our national security and work ethic family. Be seen and be heard. Express those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
in our community, I will rally around them become the new normal. We must resist your joy and your hopes. We are a proud Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
in support. Its our very own NATO pact. these things at every turn. people and we will not go back. must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
submissions by e-mail to
When 10 transgender people of color are The best way to resist is to vote.
murdered in the United States since Jan. Chad Grin, president of the Human
BRIAN PENDLETON is the organizing force
1, we must rally around our community. Rights Campaign, told me this week that behind #ResistMarch and is a leading Los
March in the streets with them. Attend our community makes up 5 percent of the Angeles philanthropist and entrepreneur.
V I E W PO I N T W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM JUNE 02, 2017 41

Resistance is the essence of Pride

Highland and Hollywood,
the intersection of equality

TROY MASTERS is publisher and editor of the

Los Angeles Blade. Reach him at tmasters@

Last year on Pride morning, Los Angeles

woke up to the horric news that a madman,
using semi-automatic weapons, had opened
re inside an Orlando LGBT nightclub, killing
49 people and wounding 53 others.
Our shock turned to momentary TROY MASTERS (right), editor and publisher
of the Los Angeles Blade and his partner of 16
paralysis when that news was years, ARTURO JIMENEZ, a U.S. citizen who is a
accompanied by a Santa Monica Police Costa Rican native, and their dogs, 13 year old
Lilly and 9-month-old Cody.
announcement that they had disrupted
an attack on LA Pride, arresting a man
carrying a large cache of semi-automatic
weapons and explosives. We could have
stayed home, but few did.
Instead, we resisted. The past 100-year arc of LGBT rights equality, our progress has been breathtaking. rights event, in 1970. You will meet Bamby
Angelinos poured into the streets of in America and in much of the Western But equally breathtaking has been the Salcedo, a Latina trans activist who is
WeHo, turning their grief into deance world has included periods of extreme realization that none of it is permanent, that passionate about immigration rights.You
and refusing to cower. We turned our persecution and loss of basic dignity. But powerful and very vocal political forces are will meet Jonathan, an undocumented gay
celebration of LGBT Pride into a show of modern notions of civil rights evolved and determined to push us back. man who fears for his life if he is deported
force and a jubilant and loving tribute to more thorough democratic governing What they fail to note is that it has never to his violently homophobic country of
the lives lost in Orlando. principles have given rise to our ability to been possible to defeat us. origin. You will meet immigrants who
At essence, thats who we are. demand and eect social change. Resistance simply means refusing to be have achieved nancial success and who
Over the centuries LGBT people have Along the way our liberation was left behind, to be shoved aside. It is not share their harvest to further equality. You
been deeply persecuted, brutalized, thwarted and our energies sapped by a a dirty word. To criticize use of the word will meet Brian Pendleton, a Los Angeles
burned at the stake and even buried alive devastating plague that killed hundreds Resistance and to denounce equating it with success story who has poured his heart
for daring to love. More than a few times of thousands of us. If you are like me you Pride is to deny the essence of our history. and soul into creating #ResistMarch and
there have been eorts to eradicate us lost dozens of friends, spent hundreds of Resistance is the essence of pride. who has an extraordinary appreciation
from society.Even within the span of the nights in hospitals caring for loved ones, In this issue you will meet people who of our intersectional allies. You will meet
past 75 years there have been several you marched in the streets demanding have refused to give up in the pursuit of many other uncompromising people who
roundup and torture detentions in care, demanding government funding for justice and equality. have dared to make a dierence.
Germany, Spain, Argentina, China, Chile, research and admonishing your friends You will meet Alexei Romano, 2017s What all of them have in common is a love
Peru, Nicaragua, Uganda, Italy, Eastern and families to do the same. We lost LA Pride grand marshal, who battled a of their community and a deeply abiding
Europe, Russia and Cuba, to name a few. careers, jobs, homes, families, fortunes 1966 wave of police brutality against gay commitment that we will never go backwards.
Even today Chechen gay men face the and even our pride. But we fought. We people, organizing one of the earliest large- Achieving liberation and equality is not easy
brutality of concentration camps. Today, in kept ghting. We resisted complacency scale gay rights protests in America. You and cannot be achieved without a sustained
Iran, Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim and were unrelenting, unyielding in our will meet Rev. Troy Perry, who has been at eort to change things and confront
nations, the death penalty is routinely pursuit of equality and dignity. the heart of just about every LGBT battle challenges. It also cannot be preserved
imposed for anyone suspected of having And we achieved results too numerous to of the past 50 years and who created without resistance or without pride.
engaged in gay sex. list. From progress on HIV and AIDS to marriage LA Pride, Americas rst celebratory gay Love wins.

Marvelous, sad
and blisteringly
funny. A brave and
rewarding drama
that speaks to us
all. - The Guardian





wallis1617_thepride_ads_blade_fullpg.indd 1 5/30/17 5:37 PM

Great moments in OutFest history
Direct ors, act ors of the L A LGB T f il m f estiva l reca ll their fav o rite mem o ries


J U N E 0 2 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 0 6 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 4 3

Next to Pride itself, no other summer early days of the movement, Vito Russo
event is as vital to LAs queer fabric as organized movie screenings to bring
Outfest, the citys beloved and iconic the gay community together. To watch a
LGBTQ film festival. This years edition beloved film with fellow LGBT people was
marks Outfests milestone 35th birthday, a unique and empowering experience.
with an action-packed 11-day slate that That night at the Orpheum, I felt Vitos
will kick off on July 6 with the Berlin- and spirit was alive and the seeds he planted
Sundance-winning UK romantic drama were in full bloom.
Gods Own Country, and close on July 16
with Freak Show, an adaptation of the Joe Dietl, actor and co-creator of
James St. James novel, co-starring Bette Where The Bears Are
Midler and Laverne Cox. Throughout my years attending
Outfest Los Angeles will be held July 6-16, screenings at Outfest, two films really
and screens at state-of-the-art venues stuck with me. Both of them were from
including the Directors Guild of America Spain and centered around the bear
(DGA), the historic Orpheum Theatre community, which has become such a big
and Ace Theatre, REDCAT: Roy and Edna part of my life.
Los Angeles Orpheum Theater is one of the citys most iconic theaters and where many memorable
Disney/CalArts Theater, outdoors at the OutFest moments have taken place. The first was 2005s Bear Cub, directed
Ford Theatres, and Harmony Gold Theatre. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LOS ANGELES ORPHEUM THEATER by Miguel Albaladejo. This was a lovely and
With Outfest 2017 just around the corner, touching movie about a gay bear living in
we asked several local film luminaries got to that moment, I was a mess. We all Jeffrey Schwartz, director (I Am Madrid with an active sex life who takes
to share their personal favorite film or were. Being in that room with my people, Divine, Tab Hunter Confidential, and the in his nephew for a couple weeks and
moment from Outfests storied past. witnessing a classic, sobbing at the truth just-released The Fabulous Allan Carr) then fights to become his legal guardian.
of it, experiencing it together for the first Ive been attending Outfest every year It was exhilarating to see big, hairy, gay
Drew Droege, actor and comedian time, I felt beyond lucky and proud to be a since moving to Los Angeles in 1995. This men on screen in lead roles. I had never
A few years ago, Outfest (as part of their part of Outfest. festival is a vital part of the queer film experienced that before. It opened up the
incredible UCLA Legacy Project) screened ecosystem, and brings the community idea that I could do something like that.
a restored print of the beautiful comedy Jamie Babbit, director (But Im together around our shared love of The other film was Juan Flahns hysterical
Parting Glances. I had heard of this film a Cheerleader and Itty Bitty Titty movies. At Outfest, weve all laughed, film Boystown in 2008. This film was
all my life, but was embarrassed to admit Committee) cried and been turned on together and campy, sexy, ridiculous and a mystery
that Id never seen it. I sat in a packed My Outfest memory centers on an thats a beautiful thing! I will never forget centered in Madrid with characters right
theater at the DGA with gay people of all awesome summer night in 2003 Richard Outfests 30th anniversary opening night, out of an Almodvar movie. I attended the
ages and was hypnotized by these entirely Days outrageous comedy Girls Will be when my film Vito had its premiere. We screening with Rick Copp, and we were
human characters, the films hazy 80s Girls. I saw the film at the packed outdoor celebrated Vito Russos life together in one both just blown away. It was so funny, so
design, and the bravery that it took to Ford Theatre, and I was blown away by of Los Angeles grand movie palaces, the well done and it kept us on the edge of our
make a comedy that accurately portrayed the jokes, the hilarious and very edgy Orpheum. Vito Russo was an unapologetic seat. Im certain that it had an influence
our people and our voices in the middle of comedy, and the awesome cast. A triumph Judy queen, so the fact that Judy Garland on our web series, Where The Bears Are,
the AIDS crisis. I was warned about that in comedy that the audience went nuts performed on the Orpheum stage when which just finished filming its sixth season.
moment in the film in which its impossible for. So did I! Only at Outfest could such a she was still little Frances Gumm is
not to choke up, and of course, when we movie be appreciated for how brilliant it is. something he would have loved. In the n CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
4 4 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O U T & A BO U T

Whitney, Bomer and Dahmer head LGBTQ lineup at LA Film Festival



The acclaimed Los Angeles Film Festival sex worker in this tale of a Mississippi man
returns to town on June 14, with a broad who, after the death of his wife, moves
nine-day slate that includes a behind-the- to Los Angeles to be near to his sister
scenes Whitney Houston documentary, (played by Maura Tierney). When he takes
Matt Bomer as a trans sex worker in one of a low-rent apartment in Hollywood, he
four LGBTQ-themed world premieres, and befriends neighbor Freda (Bomer), and
a controversial drama about a teenage despite their vast dierences, the two help
Jerey Dahmer. ll the lonely void in each others lives.
Were showing seven LGBTQ-themed Timothy McNeil directs this adaptation of
feature lms this year, both narratives his GLAAD-nominated play of the same
and documentaries, and also have very name, world premiering at LAFF in the LA
strong representation of LGBTQ voices Muse Competition section.
in our shorts and episodic programs this Whitney: Can I Be Me: This deeply
year as well, says Jennifer Wilson, LAFFs candid documentary looks behind the
senior programmer. I feel really proud scenes at the conicted life of pop
of the LGBTQ lms weve chosen. We legend Whitney Houston, revealing how
want audiences to the come out and see her public life of phenomenal fame and
themselves and their stories represented on success masked her private struggles with
our screens and feel empowered by that. addiction and sexuality. Directed by Nick
Other key titles in the LAFFs LGBTQ Broomeld and Rudi Dolezal and utilizing
lineup include Abu, a moving rst-person three decades of interviews and footage,
documentary that traces the relationship the moving doc makes its LA premiere as
between a father and his gay son as the part of LAFFs Buzz section.
WHITNEY HOUSTON in her own words.
family migrates from Pakistan to Canada; PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LA FILM FESTIVAL Replace: In this stylish horror-thriller,
and Becks, the story of a young lesbian gorgeous young Kira is aicted with a
singer-songwriter (Lena Hall) who returns Abu: Director Arshad Khan shares his own Lahti). As she slowly re-acclimates to the strange disease that makes her skin rapidly
to her small hometown and strikes up an familys very personal story of migration from backward town she once ed, she forges dry to the point of crumbling away, and
unlikely friendship (with Mena Suvari). Ten Pakistan to Canada in this world premiere, an unexpected friendship with Elyse she soon realizes that the only possible
short lms, spread across the festivals six focusing especially on Arshads loving but (Mena Suvari), the wife of her old nemesis. salvation is to replace it with the living skin
shorts programs, also have LGBTQ themes. tricky relationship with his father (or abu Directed by Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and of others. In her quest to stay young, can
Ive been a programmer at the LA Film in Urdu), which grows increasingly strained Daniel Powell, the lm world premieres in Kiras murderous skin-lust evade detection
Festival since 2008, and its always been as Arshad becomes more open about his LAFFs US Fiction Competition section. by the police and her new lover Sophia? In
important to us to showcase both LGBTQ sexuality in his new homeland, and his father My Friend Dahmer: Fresh from its world its North American premiere, the Norbert
lmmakers and lms, says Wilson. In a retreats deeper into conservatism in a society premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, this Keil-directed lm appears in LAFFs Nightfall
world where LGBTQ people are still being that has little use for him. Narrated by Arshad, quirky and creepy but compelling drama Competition section.
persecuted every day, the importance of the tender lm deftly uses a combination stars Disney heartthrob Ross Lynch as And Then There Was Eve: When San
telling their stories and the importance of of family archives and animation to tell its teenage Jerey Dahmer in 1977, when, as Diego photographer Alyssas husband goes
positive representation at public forums story, and appears in LAFFs Documentary a high school senior in Milwaukee, he was missing, she reaches out to his colleague
like our festival cant be measured. Competition section. still just a twisted young gay loner. Based Eve, a talented jazz pianist, to help her
The Los Angeles Film Festival runs from Becks: Young Brooklyn singer- on a graphic novel of the same name nd him. Surprisingly, Alyssa nds herself
June 14-22, with screenings centered at songwriter Becks (Lena Hall) crosses the created by actual Dahmer classmate John captivated by Eves irtatious charm, and
the ArcLight Cinemas Culver City, and country to LA to be with her long-distance Backderf, the lm reveals how not just falling in love again even as she mourns
spread across several other locations girlfriend but when things dont go nature, but also nurture (or lack thereof) the emptiness left by the husband she
around the city. quite as planned, shes forced to return helped create the monster that Dahmer also loves. Directed by Savannah Bloch,
The seven feature-length LGBTQ- to her small hometown and move in later became. the lm is in its world premiere as part of
themed titles at this years LAFF are: with her ultra-Catholic mother (Christine Anything: Matt Bomer costars as a trans LAFFs LA Muse Competition section.
Imagine running a
marathon in stilettos.
While singing your
heart out.
The New York Times

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music
Thu, Mar 15 - Sat, Mar 24 | The Theatre at Ace Hotel


4 6 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MU SI C

Singer LP comes home to play LA



For years, shes had a successful career itll nally chart big at home in the
penning hit songs for others, including United States?
Rihannas Cheers (Drink To That) and LP: That would be fantastic. I
Christina Aguileras The Beautiful People. learned long ago not to have too many
Now, New York native LP (aka Laura expectations, because theyll just bum you
Pergolizzi) has gone from indie darling to out in the end. Im happy for what I have
global star in her own right, thanks to her in general, and I will continue to do more
powerful vocals (and a whistle or two) in of the same and keep trying to connect to
the brilliantly catchy Lost On You a others through song.
song thats already hit #1 in eight countries
including France, Greece and Turkey, and Blade: Im sure you get asked this a
the video for which (with a cameo from her lot, but did you have any idea when
real-life girlfriend, LA singer/songwriter you wrote it that Lost On You would
Lauren Ruth Ward) has been watched resonate so well with the masses?
more than 125 million times on YouTube. LP: No, I didnt. In fact I played it for my
The androgynous, ukulele-playing 36-year- last label and they dropped me rather
old nally released her latest album (also quickly after that, so I had no clue.
called Lost On You) in the US last month,
and its title track has inevitably begun Blade: How have your crowds
rocketing up American charts as well. changed in Europe since the song
We spoke to LP from the East Coast, in became so huge?
the middle of the world tour that will bring LP:They just keep getting bigger. Theyve
her back to her adopted hometown of LA been just as lovely and just as fun but they
for a show at the El Rey on June 12. keep getting bigger, which is awesome.
But I want to be able to touch every
LA Blade: You moved to LA in 2010, is persons hand in the audience, which I
that right? What brought you here? cant. But I still strive to touch everybody
LP: I really started coming back and forth in some way.
here in 2006 with my rst major label deal.
I was living in New York, but coming to LA Blade: The beautiful woman
to write. Then in 2009 when the deal didnt snuggling up to you at the end of
really work out, it got me plugged in as a Lesbian singer LP is the new it girl. the Lost On You video is your real
songwriter and I was getting bigger hits. PHOTO COURTESY OF LAURA PERGOLIZZI girlfriend, singer/songwriter Lauren
I decided to move here in the summer of Ruth Ward, is that right? How long have
2009, and I love it. in? Have you lived in any others in LA? LP: I like going on hikes in Grith Park, you been together?
LP: I started out in Beachwood, and and I like going to one of my favorite bars LP: Weve been together two years this July,
Blade: How do you like living here as I have to say thats where I would like in Beachwood. Its a small place, Im not and yes, she is beautiful and talented. Go me.
compared to NYC? to settle, either Beachwood or Bronson going to say what it is. Hint: its a small
LP: Im very happy that Ive lived in NYC, Canyon. I currently live in Los Feliz, and I place. For the view, I like to go to Soho Blade: Youll be performing at the
and Im from there. Its where I learned love it there. I like when there is a bustle House, the view is incredible. And then El Rey on the day after LAs Pride,
to be strong, and I got my foundation of and an almost urban community, along for some day drinking, going to Venice is which this year will have its parade
culture and fashion. But LA speaks to me as with nature, like Grith Park. Not too always amazing. transformed into a Resist March. Any
a muse, and theres just something about it sprawling and crazy, but nature. chance youll take part in that?
that makes me feel creative and at home. Blade: Lost On You is a brilliant LP: I have a show in Northern California,
Blade: What are a few of your favorite song, and has had a slow build into a otherwise I would be there with bells on
Blade: What neighborhood do you live LA hangouts, and why? massive global hit. Do you hope that everything.
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M JUNE 02, 2017 47


JUNE 24th


CALL 310.630.4647 OR
The Los Angles Lakers are proud to support
LA PRIDE and the LGBT Community.

5 0 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F I LM

Handsome Devil a lively gay romance



a wiz at sports. Because of his size and

manner hes also able to get into the
local gay bar without even having his
I.D. checked. Not the case for Ned. Had
he done so he would have learned what
Conor already knows that their favorite
teacher, Mr. Sherry (Andrew Scott), is gay.
Sherry has been encouraging the boys
to follow the one pursuit that brings them
together music. He helps them rehearse a
song number, a la Simon and Garfunkel, for
the schools talent show. Needless to say, this
is frowned upon by the Rugby coach and
the other students devoted to the game.
Homophobic taunting and physical
bullying are par for the course. And so,
unable to put up with it any longer, Ned
outs Conor in public to virtually the entire
school. Chaos ensues. Conor runs away.
But Ned nds where hes hiding out and
brings him back in time to win the big
game. And this in turn underscores the
paradoxical nature of Handsome Devil.
For while it wants to criticize bullying and
homophobia attendant upon Rugby, it
also wants grand game-winning nale just
like the ones in Horsefeathers and Good
News. Not fully explored is the role envy
and unfullled desire plays in all of this.
Ned and Conor share a room. But Ned
makes sure to construct an articial wall
What happens at a British all-boys school if you dont love rugby? to separate them. This serves to indicate
STILL COURTESY OF HANDSOME DEVIL to the other students that hes keeping
his hands o Conor. But hes also doing
What with If... (1968), Maurice and directed by John Butler centers on a ally but who instead nearly became his victim. it to stave o the temptation of putting
(1987) and both versions of Brideshead pair of gay schoolmates who dont hook Enter that very British form of football known his hands on him. The scene where hes
Revisited (the 1981 TV mini-series and the up or even connect all that much, save for as Rugby. The school the boys attend is barred from the bar that allows Conor
2008 theatrical release) it would appear a mutual interest in music. In fact, for the utterly Rugby- besotted. entry is, in many ways, a turning point. Yet
that British schoolboy romances are a gay better part of the action they might well be So much does the game dominate Butler downplays it to the lms detriment.
sub-genre unto themselves. described as Frenemies. everything that at one point classes are Neds desire for Conor, and
Thats one of the reasons why Handsome Right at the start, Ned (Fion OShea) cancelled so the entire student body can disappointment that he cant fulll this
Devil is such a welcome sight. For rather announces to us that this is a story about his go to cheerleading practice. Ned has no desire should be made clearer. Still
than go through the usual paces of furtive most embarrassing moment. And by that interest in Rugby hes small, non- Handsome Devil is a lively gay romance,
glances, clandestine smooches, tremulous he doesnt mean his own outing, but rather athletic and intellectual. His roommate even though it isnt all that romantic.
declarations and tears, this Irish-produced the very public way he outed the classmate Conor (Nicholas Galtazine) is an entirely Nicholas Galtazine is a handsome
yet British-to-the-core production written who, at the very least, should have been his dierent story, being tall, well-built and devil indeed.
5 2 J U NE 0 2 , 2 0 1 7 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM THEATER

Keep Pride after the festival with The Pride



Pride season is here, and its in full swing. As Arden sees it, however, it can help
Naturally most of the excitement and us learn to ght that battle for ourselves.
expectations are focused on the festival, Just like in any play, these characters
but its also important to remember that are all ghting for what they want. What
Pride is much more than a party. Its a they do to win that ght is shaped by
movement, and this is the month in which their environment, by the age they live in.
we not only celebrate, but renew our That can help us recognize the ways our
determination to participate. own struggles are aected by our current
To help us keep the momentum, its situation. Understanding how progressive
important to be reminded not only of and regressive cultural beliefs are tied to
where we are in the ght, but also of where Rehearsals of The Wallis production of The Pride, directed by Michael Arden (running June 8 July our history helps us to recognize how the
9). Pictured (l-r): AUGUSTUS PREW, MATTHEW WILKAS (at table in background: GILES COOPER,
we have been and this June, the Wallis MICHAEL ARDEN). roots of our current issues reach into past,
Annenberg Center for the Performing PHOTO BY LUBOMIR KOCKA; COURTESY OF THE WALLIS and it can lead to change by allowing us
Arts is oering an opportunity to do just to let go of the burden of shame we may
that with its presentation of Alexi Kaye how do you address such a wide range When we get to scenes set in 2008 New have inherited and instead embrace the
Campbells play, The Pride. Stylish, witty of issues in a manner which can also be York, we can see the ways a dierent social pride we need to live our lives now. Or to
and aecting, it presents a snapshot of two entertaining for its audience? environment has aected gay life- certainly put it another way, quoting a particularly
very distinct time periods by examining A number of ideas were oated, one of for the better, but also with deep shadows colorful line of dialogue from the play, it
three characters- Philip, Sylvia, and Oliver- which was a staged reading of The Pride, still being cast by the less accepting can allow us to stop sucking the dick of
whose fate is governed by their eras. which Arden saw in its original 2008 attitudes of those earlier times. our oppressor.
The Pride alternates between 1958 and production at the Royal Court Theatre In other words, there are direct threads Artistically speaking, you can be sure
2008. In the earlier timeline, Philip and in London, and which he felt would be a between the obstacles faced by the plays that The Pride will be a production created
Sylvia are married, but Philip nds himself perfect match for the Wallis outreach central trio across fty years. As Arden with integrity. Ardens own Pride story
secretly smitten with her colleague, Oliver; eort. Crewes agreed; so much so, in points out, there is a third perspective on dates back to when he was a student at
Half a century later, Philip and Oliver fact, that he decided to go one better and The Pride, created by watching it now- a Julliard, and Sir Ian McKellen came to the
are live-in boyfriends, but Olivers sexual mount a full production of the show. decade after its original debut- from which school to speak. It was not long after
promiscuity threatens their relationship Arden couldnt have been more delighted. we can see that those threads are still intact. the actor had famously outed himself to
and he turns to their friend Sylvia for help. The material resonated with me as a gay The play was written before we had the public (though his sexuality had long
As the play progresses, it becomes clear that man; I connected to the experiences in the Marriage-Equality, so we can observe the been known to his friends and associates),
these three characters are echoes of each play on a personal, emotional level. I felt dierences in our own time from both the and one of the students asked him if his
other across time, all of them struggling to it was a story that hadnt been told before eras we see in the show; but right now we announcement had made his career
make a better life for themselves than the and about an aspect of gay life that isnt are very much in the middle of a time when better or worse. Without hesitation,
one they have known before. widely discussed. theres a strong backlash against the progress McKellen said Better. Much better. By
All of this sounds like a fascinating As to how it relates specically to Pride, that has been made, and there are a lot of being honest about who I am, my work
evening of theatre, to be sure, but does it comes down to a lot more than just a regressive forces at work in the culture that as an actor can also come from a place of
it really have anything to do with Pride? coincidentally appropriate title. When are directly tied to the same prejudices and complete honesty.
According to director Michael Arden, asked how the play reects the spirit and fears that existed in the past.
who is wrapping up his year-long stint as purpose of the Pride movement, Arden Can The Pride teach us a way to battle CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
Artist-in-Residence at the Wallis with this is eager to answer. By viewing these against those prejudices and fears in
production, the answer is Yes, quite a lot. characters experiences in two dierent this era of Trump-fueled socio-political
Arden, along with the Centers artistic time periods, we get to see how things retrogression? Perhaps not; according to TICKETS:
Single tickets: $40 $75 (prices subject to
director, Paul Crewes, wanted to embrace have changed, and also how they havent. its press release, it is a play which explores change)
the spirit of Pride, reaching out to the Remember, part of the play is set in London fate, love, delity and forgiveness, and Online
By Phone 310.746.4000
LGBTQ community through a project in 1958; homosexuality was a criminal asks questions about contemporary life Box Oce Wallis Annenberg Center for the
which would reect the concerns that oense, and that had a huge impact on the (gay and straight), without presuming to Performing Arts Ticket Service
9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA,
aect it. Obviously, thats a tall order; way gay men and women lived and loved. answer any of them concretely. 90210
W WW .L OS A NG EL ESB LADE .CO M JUNE 02, 2017 53

hookup site
I am profoundly grateful to the #ResistMarch
Organizing Committee. These incredible and for the I am profoundly grateful to the #ResistMarch
Organizing Committee. These incredible and
dedicated humans with families, jobs, and
with other responsibilities, singularly focused
on one mission, to unite our community and
allies. #ResistMarch would be nothing with-
app store dedicated humans with families, jobs, and
with other responsibilities, singularly focused
on one mission, to unite our community and
allies. #ResistMarch would be nothing with-
out you. You are the soul of this movement. out you. You are the soul of this movement.
Brian Pendleton Brian Pendleton


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Washington Blade,
Meet our committee at Hollywood Meet our committee at Hollywood
& Highland on Sunday, June 11th at 8 AM newspaper. From the & Highland on Sunday, June 11th at 8 AM freeway to the Beltway,
weve got you covered.
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LAs musical theater scene is upgrade of all things 80s



Actually I had to lose 20-30 pounds the touring company of A Chorus Line, so
for the movie because nobody was that he was joined by fellow cast mates John
big in the 60s, Colt Prattes talks about Carroll and Anthony Wayne. You can see
preparing for ABCs version of Dirty that photo - and several other dirty snaps
Dancing. Three guesses where those 20- of Colts assets - on
30 pounds ended up. Pretty Woman will become a musical for
Lets call this a tale of two shows: The the 2018-2019 Broadway season, directed
Bodyguard and Jersey Boys. LA recently by my beloved Jerry Mitchell. A musical
played host to touring companies of both based on Tootsie is being written by David
shows. The Bodyguard is, of course, based Yazbek, also for Broadway. Rumor has
on the Whitney Houston lm of 1992. Alas, it that a musical based on Soapdish is in
the stage adaptation is short on dialogue - the works for Londons West End starring
or plot. The script seems structured to link Kristin Chenoweth. And maybe its me,
together the 20 songs almost solely sung by but I cant think of a lm less appropriate
the phenomenal Deborah Cox (two songs for musicalization than Gorillas in the Mist.
are sung by others). Given the fact that Speaking of gorillas (and how often does
she is virtually carrying the entire musical one get to say that), Netix signed a deal
and doing six shows a week (no matinee COLT PRATTES transformation is a sight for sore eyes. But only in LA would his before have been in Cannes for the rights to show Bubbles,
considered in need of improvement!
Cox), its almost understandable that CREDIT? a lm about Michael Jacksons beloved
Deborah holds back somewhat. However, chimp. Im all in if that chimp can sing!
I wouldnt be overstating things to say that wondered how he would get through the recalling Pippin? For me, it was Helen For our Ask Billy question, we turn to
her performance had all the energy of a second act - let alone ve shows a week Reddy belting out I Am Woman and Henry from Long Beach: I know youll
latter-day Sunny von Bulow. Even with (like Cox, Ballas doesnt do matinees. He Melissa Manchester singing Midnight make fun of me, but I loved Shake It Up
her abilities in check, one cannot deny that also has something else to do Saturday Blue. Special kudos to my pals Alec Mapa on the Disney Channel. Someone told me
voice. And certainly she dances better than nights). Predictably, Ballas ran into and Wendy Liebman, who killed. You can Kenton Duty is gay. Do you know if he is?
Whitney. But her comatosed performance trouble as the show went on. Unlike Miss get more details on upcoming events at I would never make fun of a fan -
in a show with major structural deciencies Cox, Ballas pushes what limited resources Some clips will especially one who writes me (and is a
made for a wholly unsatisfying evening. But he has to extraordinary lengths. While he inevitably appear on my website. member of my website). The truth is, I
I should add two important points. First, Cox is often painful to listen to, one cant deny And now, Im going to do something had no idea what a Kenton Duty is - but
and company let loose for the post-show that he wants this - and wants it badly. unexpected. I am not going to bash ABCs it sounds like Pepto-Bismol would clear
mini-concert, which was almost worth the And, like The Bodyguard, the show is a Dirty Dancing. But, just to be clear, Im it right up! Upon a bit of research, I nd
price of admission. Second, practically every crowd-pleaser. And, on opening night, not going to praise it either. Im going to that Duty is a hot blond guy who played
performance on the tour has been sold out, the real Frankie Valli came onstage to say, Eh. I have my usual Billy issues - the rather girlie Gunther on Shake It Up
and audiences respond enthusiastically. congratulate Ballas and company. like when a string section comes in and opposite that triple threat, Bella Thorne
Then we have Jersey Boys, led by Mark I was able to go to Seth Rudetsky and there are no strings on the set, or when (who just broke up with a Kardashian-
Ballas from Dancing with the Stars at the partner James Wesleys Concert For people sometimes sing into a mike and in-law, which is neither here nor there).
Ahmanson. Unlike The Bodyguard, Jersey America. Each month, they do a benet other times toss it aside and the sound Whilst I can neither conrm nor deny his
Boys is a well-structured, well-written, and concert in a dierent city to raise money for doesnt change. Ive gotten used to the sexual inclinations (I never worked with
well-directed show. Like The Bodyguard, great charities, nurture grassroots activism, fact that nobody cares about those things him), I dont suppose youd like to see
the brunt of the vocal burden falls on the and deliver stellar performances. For May, except for me. I nd it interesting that a his penis, would you? Cause he joins
star - although he was able assistance by it was Los Angeles Royce Hall at UCLA. What show called Dirty Dancing had very little Id that growing list of young men who have
the rest of the Four Seasons. To say Ballas was the highlight? Marissa Jaret Winokur call dirty or dancing. My former editor videos pleasuring themselves. What he
is not much of a singer or actor would be recreating the opening of Hairspray (and at the now-defunct Frontiers magazine lacks in length he makes up for in girth, as
an understatement. His strain in trying later joining co-stars Laura Bell Bundy, reminded me that way back in 2008, he youll see on
to approximate Frankie Vallis unique Mary Bond Davis, and Paul Vogt)? Chita put Colt Prattes on the cover in some
sound is evident from the rst note. One Rivera returning to Chicago? Ben Vereen skimpy swimwear. Colt was in town with CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM