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5/22/2017 Whydidyouwanttolearnhowtoplaythepiano?


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Why did you want to learn how to play the piano?
James Radvan, Teaching myself since early 2014

I realised Id probably peaked in my interest in guitar after not progressing much in 20 Howhardisittolearntoplaypianoasanadult?
years, was inspired by artists such as Tim Minchin, wanted to keep up with my kids both
learning, and that was it.
Never had a lesson, just youtube and daily practice for the last few years. violin,celloandpiano.WheredoIstart?DoIstart
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Hurberg Chew
I didnt want to learn how to play the piano when I was younger.

I just had to. Young and easily persuaded, my mother made me learn to play the piano. I
didnt really appreciate the classical pieces I was playing as I was more of a pop person.

But in high school, taking music classes (I chose that over history, geography and literature)
gave me a better understanding of clasical music. And somehow, I started enjoying playing
the piano a lot more. Back then it was just good music that made me nd it enjoyable. But
knowing the story behind a particular piece, at least to me, makes the music come alive.

It is like reading a book, but you are narrating the story in your own way.


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Penny Sullivan-Nunes
I wanted to learn piano (initially) because I was jealous of my little sister! I grew up one of
seven kids. My parents didnt want us competing with each other, so when it came to
band/music at school, we got to choose the instruments we played so long as it wasnt the
same one as one of our siblings. I played the clarinet, and as a kid I got a lot of attention for
being good at it. I felt like a real musician.

And then, one evening at dinner time, my baby sister announced that she wanted to play
the piano. From my perspective, she had everything going for her already. She was this
adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. She was popular, did art, she did sports, etc.. She was
good at it all for as long as it interested her. My thing was music. In a ash I realized that at a 1/3
5/22/2017 Whydidyouwanttolearnhowtoplaythepiano?Quora
party or family gathering, people were more likely to request to hear the piano than the
clarinet. So, without further thought, I blurted out that I wanted to play the piano, too. They SignIn
said we both could do it. She eventually lost interest, and I discovered something that I
really enjoyed for my own reasons. It all worked out. :)


Gustavo Guardiola, Composer, bass player and professor of music composition

for more than 22 years.
The truth?

I felt in love with piano many, many years after I began playing.

I wanted to be a drummer or an orchestra director since I was 2 or three years old, I actually
dont remember. But for some reason or another my parents put me in piano lessons which I
didnt really like.

I grew up in a very musical and nosy family. In any family party there were always people
playing music, some of my relatives are really good, some of them are professional
musicians. I enjoyed very much playing with them, they were all very nice when playing
with kids, but I specially enjoyed to play with one aunt.

I had many contradictory feelings towards piano in that time. I loved to play The Beatles
and some very easy blues tunes with my aunt, but taking lessons with my teacher was
annoying. I think I was 10 at that time.

Years went by, as I went more on the drum set and began taking lessons, I began getting
away from the piano, until I just quit for a long time. I began playing bass guitar also.

When I was admit to study composition, piano was an obligatory assignature. I didnt have a
choice, in the beginning I was not really enthusiastic about it, but I was very lucky to have a
really good teacher. We began right from the start, and somehow one day I just realized how
happy I was to play piano again.

Piano has been a great companion since that time. It has been a really good tool even if I
think about myself as a composer and a bass player. When one begin to talk about an object
as if it was a very good friend of yours, that means that you are going a little crazy Or that
you love your piano.

















I'm24yearsold,isittoolatetolearnmusic?HowcanIknowifI'mtalentedornot? 2/3
5/22/2017 Whydidyouwanttolearnhowtoplaythepiano?Quora

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