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5/22/2017 CanIlearnhowtoplaythepianoonYouTube?


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Can I learn how to play the piano on YouTube?
There'saYouTubechannelcalled:Lypurandheisteachinghowtotoplaythepianoand HowdoIlearntoplayZeldasongsonpiano?

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2Answers WhatsongshouldIlistento,learn,orplayonthe
Kevin Sy, Pianist
You can certainly learn some of your fundamentals from Lypur, and other YouTube
tutorials. Lypur covers the beginning concepts nicely, and you should be able to nish the
playlist in 2 to 4 months, depending on your pace. The issue with watching Lypur and other
online video though is that it is a one way learning. In one way learning, you receive
instructions, but when you try them out yourselves, there is no one out there to give you
feedback. If you misunderstand something, or if you make mistakes, chances are you wont
know about them until you have played in front of other people.

Another issue I see is that correct concepts usually cant be picked up right away, and have
to be constantly reinforced each lesson. But Lypur is a concept-based tutorial, which means
that each lesson focuses on new concepts, and do not reinforce the previous ones. This kind
of teaching is not iterative. As a result of this, it will be harder to retain good forms and
habits unless you are constantly reminding yourself which involves an extra layer of
meta-thinking that is very hard to do while you are still learning the ropes.

One additional issue with online learning is that the lesson is delivered as a nished
product for a mass audience. This means that it is not tailored to your specic needs. The
lessons do not and will not address your strengths and weaknesses. The lessons cannot be
changed, adapted, organized, or re-planned in order to meet your needs. This means that
you will not have customized solutions proposed for you.


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Bob Lang, former University senior lecturer (retired) at University of the West of
Yes, online lessons can be very helpful, but I think that you should dip your hand in your
pocket and pay a teacher at some point! A teacher can point out any mistakes in technique,
suggest alternative ngerings, give feedback and encouragement - none of which is possible
with online lessons. A teacher can also link you up with other players at your level, give
advice on buying instruments, and much more. 1/2
5/22/2017 CanIlearnhowtoplaythepianoonYouTube?Quora
What you dont want is to learn a bad technique, only to have to unlearn it at some point
down the line. You dont want to buy a bargain instrument which turns out to be a complete SignIn
turkey, either.



















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