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Optimize fulllment with the industrys most

experienced team of TMS professionals
AgileShip , the most advanced parcel
Solutions start with the Agile It is the rst step in a process that
shipment platform, is backed by the Network 3600 Agility Assessment a combines technology, services and
most experienced team of logistics and proprietary analysis that measures negotiation to maximize efciency
transportation management experts. performance across every step of the and provide a continuous return on
supply chain execution landscape. investment.
Recognized by ARC Advisors as the
knowledge network, Agile Network This unique exercise identies With integration experience and
principals share a 25 year history inefciencies and outlines opportunities validated solutions for Oracle
building enterprise shipping solutions to optimize everything from order E-Business Suite and SAP, Agile
and delivering savings for more than processing and material handling Network stands ready to help you AGILE SHIP

1,200 customers in a broad range of through service levels and carrier make the move to AgileShip.
diverse industries.

Operating from 10 ofces across the


Drawing on decades of experience and

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Parcel Shipping Power for OTM
US, Canada and Europe, Agile Network focused on delivering real value, the or call 866.686. 2445
professionals bring a fresh perspective Agile Network 3600 Agility Assessment to speak with a TMS professional.
to parcel shipping solutions. provides a roadmap to revolutionize
your fulllment operations.

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Maximize the value of OTM with AgileShip , the industrys most powerful parcel shipping platform TM


Parcel shipments are usually the most carriers ensuring the lowest charge Rating engine benchmarked at up
critical and essential to business. for OTM service level and delivery to 3.9 million rates per hour
Integrates with a global network of
They include: 7,500 parcel, LTL, TL, ocean and
Samples In the distribution center, AgileShip air cargo carriers
Rush orders operates as a black box solution or
Part replacements attended station utility providing Operates in black-box, attended
Critical documents order detail, verifying pack content, station, and in-motion manifesting
E-commerce shipments handling consolidations, rating DIM modes
weights and printing carrier labels with
Parcel shipments are also the most ease. Integrates with material handling
expensive per pound, with costs that systems and provides real-time
can quickly escalate. AgileShip is integrated with the packaging guidance
most advanced material handling Veries tariffs, screens parties,
Parcel invoices compound the problem systems, including robots, to maximize generates export documentation
with complexity as each carton or throughput. and les with AES Direct
tracking number generates its own
unique invoice. Agile Audit the industrys most Veries material classications and
comprehensive parcel audit and generates hazmat docs
Parcel carriers offer a wide range of reconciliation tool saves money, keeps
services, each with their own time in OTM operating at peak efciency and Additional modules deliver
transits. Understanding and managing provides a constant stream of post-ship, inbound supplier, pack verication
FULLY INTEGRATED, ORACLE VALIDATED SOLUTION (OVI) these correctly can save a tremendous analytics, detailing carrier performance and desktop functionality
amount of money. down to the penny. Single click generates
1 Order Management applications originate orders 8 AgileShip users scan picked orders, conrm contents,
process compliance requirements then generate labels, documentation, shipping label and
Today, most companies process parcel These are just some of the reasons electronic manifest
manifests and supplementary docs
2 The ERP system generates an open order le to start the shipments on stand alone carrier AgileShip powers fulllment operations
planning process 9 AgileShip transmits shipment data to carriers then provides systems or web sites, which offer little for some of the worlds largest brands, Provides in-transit delivery status
ERP with tracking numbers, date/time stamps, and charges visibility and lack the means to route including leading retailers, e-commerce for CRM and eCommerce
3 OTM begins to process the le. for invoicing shipments against your business rules. operators, pharmaceutical rms and applications
consumer product manufacturers.
10 Carriers transmit electronic invoice data to AgileShip for Reduces erroneous charges with
4 OTM collects rates and time-in-transit data from AgileShip processing
for all parcel carriers needed AGILE DELIVERS integrated audit and reconciliation
AgileShip audits invoices for errors then reconciles charges or payment
OTM polls AgileShip to validate addresses and collect against original rating and manifest data It starts with order processing, where
5 Provides complete operations
residential address indicators 12 AgileShip generates and transmits an exception report for AgileShip automatically validates management dashboard, including
carrier credit addresses to eliminate costly carrier report cards
6 With this information, OTM uses the rules established and accessorial fees.
assigns a carrier and service to each order 13 AgileShip transmits audit and analytic data to OTM for
settlement and subsequent planning processes Shipments are then rated against the
7 The ERP transmits individual orders to designated 14 Carriers disburse rebates and credits based on AgileShip industrys largest network of national,
warehouse for picking, packing and shipping audit results regional and international parcel