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Grace in a Graceless World

Luke 10:3035
Jamie Rasmussen

We live in a world that longs for grace, but seldom sees it. In telling this
story about gracelessness in all its ugly expressions, Jesus demonstrated that
He knows all about the worlds grace problem. Jesus both blows the
whistle on the most common expressions of gracelessness and exemplifies
what grace looks like in the real world.

Gracelessness in Society and Culture

1. The world has long been graceless.
This man took a dangerous seventeen-mile trek down a twisting,
three thousand-foot descent that was a perfect hideout for thieves
and thugs. Unsurprisingly, robbers violently took advantage of his
being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They stripped him,
beat him, robbed him, and left him for dead.
2. The world is graceless today too.
Gracelessness abounds in business, politics, athletics, and popular
culture. From the mailroom to the boardroom, from the basketball
court to the court of public opinion, its a dog-eat-dog world and
everyone is looking out for himself. People eagerly exploit others
mistakes for their own gain.

Gracelessness in the Church

1. Sadly, gracelessness has been pervasive in religion.
Both a priest and a Levite passed by this badly beaten man.
These were the people set apart by God to be the most loving, the
most serving, the most benevolent of all people, to set an
example for all others to follow. Instead, they crossed to the other
side of the road to avoid interacting with the injured man.
2. Sadly, gracelessness continues to be pervasive in the church today.
The gracelessness common in the church aisles today looks
different but has the same effect. When Christians behave with
judgmental moral superiority, legalism, and exclusivity, we
ostensibly cross to the other side of the proverbial path to avoid
the hurting, struggling people who are desperate for what God
wants to provide to them through us.

Finding Grace in a Graceless World

1. Grace can come from the most unlikely places.
Jesus explained that it was a Samaritana hated neighbor of the
Jewswho was the hero of the story. He bandaged the mans
wounds, took him to the doctor, and fully paid for his extensive
recovery. The Samaritan responded with grace.
2. Grace is how God deals with us and how He wants us to deal with
Grace is unmerited favor and undeserved love. God has gone to
the extreme degree to rescue you and give you a life of meaning.
We call grace amazing because when we experience it, grace
changes everything.

Even if the search for grace in this world leads down many paths, it can
only be found in one source: Jesus. As the sole provider of grace for the soul,
He has determined to lavish grace on you. Just as you are. He sees your
need for grace, and He has it in abundance. Amazing!